Introduction to South Africa -- The Critical Issues

One Hundred Thousand challenged to seek the Almighty Creator at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013

This website evidences the impending utter destruction of South Africa and challenges those who can grasp the seriousness of the situation to come before the Almighty in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013 to cry out for deliverance -- see page page



I am an English speaker of British descent born and bred in South Africa and, until recently, passionately patriotic about this country.  I consistently opposed and voted against Apartheid and welcomed the Regime Change that took place in 1994.  Until recently I was confident of a bright and positive future for this country and had every confidence the “New South Africa” would succeed.

I regret that this is NO LONGER so, I am alienated and planning to leave and believe that this country is destined for economic collapse followed by a massive popular revolutionary uprising resulting in massive genocidal slaughter of all persons who are regarded as non-South African which means ALL people of European and Asian descent as well as all those from the rest of Africa outside the borders of the current South African state.  As far as I can see, by the time the killing is over most the educated “Indigenous African People” (Government speak for black South Africans) will have been killed and most of the smaller tribes currently resident in South Africa will also have been destroyed.

You may think that is extreme, five years ago I would have agreed with you, so, a short history:

1.    Born here, most of my life here although travelled widely internationally.

2.   About five years ago could NOT understand when close Afrikaans friends – both educators who had borne the brunt of harsh Affirmative Action in their respective institutions – started to make plans to leave.

3.    About three years ago, when they left following a harsh and totally irrational racial incident I still thought it was an isolated bad experience.  BUT THEN, I started to encounter others who had had bad experiences.  One such was a white executive who spent three days being grilled by a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, was accused of racism for defending technical professional standards, and returned home grey and devastated from the ordeal – I was deeply shocked at his appearance and his story.  I still believed that the situation would improve and wrote articles on “Creating Wealth in the New South Africa” and “What is an Economy – REALLY?” as my contribution to seeking to inform those in power of important principles (these articles are included later in this book).

4.    Then, about two years ago I started to be touched personally – clients were affected by Cadre Deployment, mass departure of customers, Government agencies that failed to perform their tasks resulting in major business loss and disruption, projects were terminated unexpectedly, and then, finally, personal experience of irrational, incompetent affirmative action that drove me out of client work.  I suffered considerable financial loss.

5.    Late in 2011, I came to realize that the anti-“white” rhetoric of Malema and others was going to ultimately lead to inflaming an anti-white uprising – see separate section on “Words – Harder than Concrete”.  I was also greatly angered by comments that “the white man brought nothing to South Africa” – refer separate article “What the White Man Brought to South Africa”.  In the process I found that everybody I approached was too scared to publish these articles.  It was then that I finally understood that reports that Malema was, in fact, the official mouthpiece of the ANC and was used to propagate ACTUAL ANC policy which it was NOT politically expedient for the formal leadership to espouse publicly, were valid.  Note that Malema’s disciplining related ONLY to what he said about President Zuma and Botswana, NOT what he said about whites.

6.    During 2012 I progressively became aware of accelerating deterioration of the economy, accelerated harsh Affirmative Action, increasing white poverty, the outright sadism and brutality of farm murders, often of elderly and defenceless people that could ONLY be viewed as political intimidation, etc.  The final blow was delivered late in 2012 when, on Google, I found a link to President Jacob Zuma at the ANC Centenary Celebrations at Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on Sunday 8th January 2012 leading thousands of people, including the leadership of the ANC, including Cabinet members, in the singing of “the Cabinet will kill the Boer with the machine gun” – see             


Also available for viewing on the website or can be downloaded off the website or download direct from




I was stunned and realized that this was NOT a “struggle song”, there was NO Cabinet that would kill whites with machine guns during the “struggle” – this was a current song and a clear statement of ANC Intent that violated the Constitution, the High Court Ruling in 2011 regarding singing of such songs, Zuma’s Oath of Office, etc – it was a declaration of WAR.  I heard subsequently that white reporters were blocked from attending this session and that Zuma has been heard to declare his intention to “avenge Blood River”.

There are further videos and discussion of this topic at

7.    I have also received various prophetic messages which confirm that destruction is at hand and also noticed that Zuma and the ANC sacrificed a bull to the Ancestors on 6 January and that Zuma has called on the Ancestors publicly subsequently in a witchcraft rite thus formally cutting himself off from any form of religion in which he can claim to be a Christian, let alone a believer in the Almighty.  Most specifically one prophecy says that 75% of whites will be killed – refer “The Almighty Speaks on South Africa” – I received this the day BEFORE Zuma sang “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” as reported above so, when I came across the video it was a double whammy and had a great impact on me.

8.    Note that the limp wristed agreement to stop singing these songs in October 2012 does NOT alter what happened above – the PRESIDENT led the singing, the PRESIDENT violated his Oath of Office and the PRESIDENT AND CABINET violated the Constitution and gave a CLEAR INSTRUCTION to tens of thousands of their supporters to shoot Boers and, since the Afrikaners are inter-married with, in business partnerships with and live amongst those of European descent from OTHER lines this is a clear instruction to apply machine guns to ALL whites.  Only a formal public apology by the President on National Television and a clear instruction, broadcast repeatedly, retracting these statements constitutes reasonable grounds to conclude that the President does NOT have murder as his intent – this message must be broadcast REPEATEDLY until ALL who heard the song and its previous singings clearly understand that murder is NOT acceptable.

9.    Note that it ALSO appears that President Zuma did the same at the ANC Conference in Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on Sunday 16th December 2012.  On SABC news that evening, after delivering the opening speech he commenced singing the first few words of “shoot the Boer” before the broadcaster cut it short – it was subsequently reported that they sung “struggle songs”.  A number of people noticed this.  Again all whites who were NOT members of the ANC were banned from the session.  This violates the accord reached in October and further points to a level of treachery that is cause for huge concern.  And yet there is NO outcry.

10.   During the last few months I have also become aware of the fact that much of what is being laid at the door of “Apartheid” is flagrantly false and does NOT correlate with my personal experience during those years at all – in response to this, in addition to the documents cited above, I have undertaken various other analyses and these are also presented in this book for your consideration.  I also read the book “Bulala – A True Story of South Africa” by Cuan Elgin which reinforced this understanding – available on Amazon at: 

“Bulala” is Zulu for “kill”, here used in the context of “kill the white men” – as per Dingaan’s treacherous and brutal murder of Piet Retief and his men AFTER signing a peace treaty – as I see it a foretaste of what is now looming.

11.   In response to Zuma’s declaration of war and my continued experience that many are trapped in the faint hope that somehow things will NOT be as bad as they appear to be, I have decided to publish these items in this book and website and notify people by email in the hope that people will wake up and do something.   As far as I can see our options are:

a.    Raise a HUGE international protest until the killing stops, the President withdraws the song above and publicly and repeatedly withdraws the instruction to shoot / kill, aggressive affirmative action is HALTED, etc – all that is necessary to stabilize the country and prevent collapse;

b.    Actively campaign for a radically different political situation in South Africa;

c.    Stay here, watch the economy collapse and then be brutally murdered;

d.    Move to the Western Cape and hope you can avoid the holocaust;

e.    Leave the country as soon as possible but definitely in NOT MORE than five years – go almost anywhere, you will be safer than you are here; or

f.     A huge number of those who are threatened turn to the Almighty with massive prayer and fasting on a sustained basis and believe for a miracle.

As far as I am concerned (a) is NOT a viable option – I do NOT think there is the will to make enough noise and fear of ANC violence is a MASSIVE inhibitor – I also doubt that the International Community will react fast enough to prevent disaster.  (f) will require such a massive mobilization that I cannot see it happening – if you disagree I suggest that YOU take the lead in mobilizing the people to fast and pray for peaceful deliverance as a matter of extreme urgency.

I encourage you to read what is contained in this book or on the Website and then take a considered view of which of the options above you are going to aim for and then GET ON WITH IT.

The rest of this book contains information which, I hope, will enable you to formulate a sober and unemotional opinion on your future direction.

Simplifying Complexity – my Analytical Approach

In order to make sense of this book you need to understand my approach:

1.    Extreme Value Analysis

Extreme value analysis – the extremes of the spectrum – worst and best case – bracket the complexity – the tails of the distribution are much easier to understand than the body.

2.    Reduce to Critical Issues

Reduce to critical issues – 5 to 10 – stick to the headlines – helicopter view – limited bullet points – concise and precise language – CRYSTALIZE the REAL issues.

3.    Decompose into Specific Questions

Decompose into narrow and specific focus areas and questions and analyse these distinctly – each section in this book correlates to one of these.

4.    Huge Ranges of Knowledge and Experience

In every area of human endeavour there are HUGE ranges of knowledge and experience on any one subject such that, if two people do not have substantial overlap in knowledge and experience, communication may be impossible – a person who grew up in the flat, featureless expanses of the Western Free State will have difficulty discussing mountains with someone who grew up climbing Mount Everest – make the range visible.

5.    Massive Diversity of Subjects

In the entire domain of what is discussed here there is a massive diversity of subjects such that two people can both be mature and experienced and yet have almost nothing in common – there is MUCH in this book which may differ MASSIVELY from your knowledge and experience – give yourself time to digest BEFORE you reject what I say – rather say “this does NOT make sense to me, I will think about it” than summarily rejecting it.

6.    Seek Understanding

In everything that I do I seek understanding at a fundamental first principles level.  This greatly facilitates and expedites analysis and results in much more accurate and reliable findings.

7.    Precise Language

I am very precise in the use of language – if I have used a particular word or expressed myself in a particular way this is probably intentional – if I have NOT said it, then I have NOT said it and that is ALL I have said about it – I have NOT been diplomatic or beaten around the bush in this book – I have called a spade a spade – there is NOTHING between the lines.

8.    Things that Work

I profoundly believe that there are things that work and things that do NOT work and that there are things that ARE TRUE and things that are NOT true so I have put a lot of sober thought into what is written and therefore nothing is written lightly, rather I have a deep conviction that, notwithstanding that I DO make mistakes, the essence of this book and its message is fundamentally the way things are.

9.    NOT Easy – Challenging

The book has NOT been written to be easy to read, it has been written to be RELEVANT and challenging on a range of VERY CHALLENGING issues.

Who AM I?

1.    White English South African

White South African of British Descent.

Been deeply committed to this country all of my life but in the last two years become increasingly disillusioned with and disaffected by ANC Government conduct, culminating with the video of President Jacob Zuma leading tens of thousands of ANC leaders and members in singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with Machine Guns” referenced above.

There are indications that he did this again subsequently, most recently in Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on 16 December 2012 but all whites were allegedly excluded from the meeting so there is no record apart from a slip on the part of the editors at the SABC.


2.    Formerly Liberal

I grew up in a liberal family.

I voted against Apartheid throughout my life.  During the days of the Pass laws I used to run through the streets warning Africans of the approach of Police Vans.  I cheered when Mandela was released and was confident that the new dispensation was the RIGHT way to go.  I regarded the peaceful handover of power in 1994 as a miracle.

However, in recent years I have found that the claims of the ANC and African people generally do NOT correlate with my experience and I have found the increasingly strident anti-white rhetoric and harsh Affirmative Action to be contrary to my values and norms – one of the major reasons for my decision to write this book, albeit anonymously.


3.    20 Years in the Citizen Force

Notwithstanding the above I served for twenty years in the Citizen Force, firstly because I had to but in the last years as a volunteer because I truly believed that change was taking place and that I could be an agent for constructive change.

I commanded a Citizen Force (part time) Regiment for four years and deployed soldiers in African areas to keep the peace.  We were acknowledged for our role in keeping the peace by the communities we served – at a time when the ANC dictum of “Liberation before Education” was resulting in blacks hacking blacks to death with garden spades.

In this capacity I was privy to confidential Command Conferences from 1980 onwards at which it was determined by the South African Defence Force that peaceful regime change was the only viable option and in which urgent Affirmative Action and the dismantling of Apartheid was initiated and ran throughout the 80’s.  What happened in 1994 was initiated by the Armed Forces in 1980 and was NOT in any way the result of ANC initiatives or actions.  The ANC just happened to be the only visible party to negotiate with and they came to power through NO material military action on their part.

As a consequence of this experience I also know that most of the claims made by the ANC regarding 1988 being the “height of Apartheid”, etc are completely without foundation and do NOT correlate at all with what was really happening behind the scenes.

At NO time in that twenty year period did I even ONCE hear any Commander speak of dealing violently with blacks, yes, we DID hear of isolated incidents but our Commanders NEVER approved or condoned that behaviour.  On the contrary, in 1988 we told our soldiers to serve “as the FRIENDS of the people” and to “keep the peace”, which we did – the ANC were responsible for killing blacks in 1988 NOT the whites.  It is the ANC first and foremost who must take responsibility for the deaths of blacks at that time.

4.    Committed Believer in the Almighty Creator

I have been a deeply committed believer in the Almighty Creator for several decades with dramatic experiences that have clearly shown me that He is real and wants a personal relationship with every one of us.

I have also come to understand that He hates Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship, which is the worship of demons and also hates the hidden agenda of the ANC and, for this reason, He has rejected them as his agents for rule in South Africa with the caveat that there is NO other group of people in the Country who He currently regards as suitable to rule as a consequence of major sin in all those groups.  This topic is touched on only in passing in this book as my objective is NOT to write a religious book – there are other writings which deal with this aspect in more detail which are on the website.


 5.   Always Treated African People Well

Throughout my life my family and I have treated black people well, remunerated well above the norm, tried to educate, sponsored education, given practical and sometimes expensive gifts, etc.  I have been to Central Africa on Ministry trips and have lived in poverty with them on occasion in trying to uplift them.

As I have agonized with my observations of the last few years I have had to conclude that NONE of my efforts materially or sustainably uplifted any African to a level that was commensurate with the investment.  On one occasion my father gave a former worker a new vehicle with a view to assisting him to develop a transport business but, after ten years, the worker was still working for a boss and the vehicle was worn out – a sizeable investment to no sustainable benefit.


 6.   Business for my Own Account for Several Decades

I have also been in business for my own account for many years operating at a strategic and executive level.  In this role I have increasingly seen how ANC Policy is crippling and breaking down the South African economy – another major factor that has prompted me to write this book.


 7.   Highly Educated

PhD, dozens of published thought leader articles and papers in my chosen field, spoken at numerous public technical conferences, written a book in my technical field, developed software and methods and built considerable intellectual property.  All of this knowledge and experience has been brought to bear in preparing the material for this book and it is therefore important to understand that there is material academic and intellectual substance behind what is presented here.


 8.   Highly Analytical

By inclination and training I am highly analytical – I deal with what works and what does NOT work – increasingly I am seeing that what the ANC is doing does NOT work and is fundamentally destroying the South African economy

I have also found that most people do NOT see the level of severity in the situation that I see and, for that reason, I have written this book.

What I am Feeling (same as most Europeans?)

I think it is constructive to recognize what I am feeling in this situation and, from what I can gather, what a large number of Europeans are feeling...


1.    Numb

Much of what we hear and read about we do NOT relate to, do NOT understand, cannot compute, do NOT want to understand – we are shutting things out because the FULL implications are beyond what we can handle if we dig beneath the surface – perhaps the way that many Jews felt in Germany before the Holocaust?


2.    Angry

Anger, DEEP anger, anger that at times is consuming, that keeps one awake at night at the totally unjust and false statements that are made about “whites”.

Anger at Malema’s “whites are thieves and criminals who brought NOTHING to South Africa”.  And Anger at the total SILENCE of ANC leaders at such outbursts which has to signify their agreement with his statements – note that Malema was ONLY corrected relating to his statements regarding Jacob Zuma and Botswana – ALL his other statements were left standing – see the article on “Words are Harder than Concrete”.

Anger at Jacob Zuma and the entire ANC leadership and tens of thousands of followers singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns”, “too many whites in industry”, “Apartheid this …” and “Apartheid that …”, “oppression” – things I never did, that I do not know anyone who did, that I never saw any evidence of even though I believed the allegations then and would have actively taken measures to prevent such behaviour if I had ever been exposed to it.


3.    Disillusioned

I WAS a liberal, I voted AGAINST Apartheid and FOR Universal Franchise.  I welcomed 1994 but now I realize that the Afrikaners were MUCH closer to the truth about the African people than my English forebears.


4.    Discouraged

It seems hopeless, I see collapse as inevitable, I can get out but there are millions with nowhere to go – what is the point of continuing to try?  And, yet, I feel I must present the situation clearly in the hope that others WILL find constructive measures, whatever those may be.


5.    Demotivated

What is the point of working hard only to see my tax money squandered, stolen, misused and abused and the services that I am paying for delivered in sub-standard manner or NOT at all.  What is the point of savings that can be stolen and trashed by some incompetent Affirmative appointee?


6.    Resigned

I cannot see any way to change things, I might as well pack my belongings and leave while I can and leave behind the country I love so much.


7.    Scared

For the first time in my life I distrust blacks, I wonder what hidden agenda or murderous intent they may have towards me, fuelled by Jacob Zuma’s hate filled singing.  I have been shocked by the extent to which whites are too scared to publish articles which challenge the ANC.  My Internet Service Provider panicked when he heard about this book and threatened to shut my service down if I tried to use his infrastructure to distribute it.

Evidence of Impending Collapse

As I have engaged in commerce over the last few years I have been very forcibly exposed to what is going on “under the hood” in the economy.  This document seeks to lift out the key observations that I have made that to me indicate that the South African economy is likely to collapse at the level of the Stock Exchange, the Rand and the Property Market followed by comprehensive collapse and revolution that will see almost the entire population obliterated.


1.  Structural economic damage

It is in the nature of my work that I get exposed to the issues that are NOT necessarily publicly visible.  In the past two years I have encountered numerous businesses in trouble for diverse reasons – negative impacts of Cadre deployment in Government agencies and Parastatals that prevent them from meeting quotas, customers leaving the country, reduced sales, etc, etc.

A recent report indicates 300,000 jobs lost in the manufacturing sector – these job losses are blamed on the international economy and some may be caused by this, but MOST are caused by what the ANC is doing to the economy.

The mining sector is in decline and recent reports suggested that virtually all Gold Mines will close within five years if present trends continue.


2.  Loss of knowledge and experience

There is an on-going and accelerating loss of knowledge and experience as educated people, primarily People of European Descent, but also Indians, Coloureds and even African people with education are leaving South Africa.

Many of these people have been driven out by harsh Affirmative Action, others have “seen the writing on the wall” and are getting out while they can.  Estimates vary from 1 to 3 million and it seems that Government is either not trying to count them or does not want the statistics to be known but, either way, there are a very considerable number who have left.  One reports says there are a million South Africans in Australia alone.

This is coupled to what is known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect or Syndrome which is described in Wikipedia as:

“The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes” – refer to:

for a more detailed discussion of the phenomenon which has been recognized by various authorities through the ages.

Through my own painful experiences with this phenomenon I have concluded that it might be more accurately called “Arrogant Incompetence” or “Arrogant Ignorance” – it is rife in South Africa amongst Africans, particularly those in position of leadership in the ANC and throughout Government and Non-Government organizations where deep seated Cadre Deployment, Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment have occurred.

The average highly knowledgeable and skilled person does not know how to handle the aggressive pride of the average incompetent ANC Cadre and, for the most part, we back off and walk away rather than face the confrontation.  Coupled to this, it is almost impossible to defend oneself because one is immediately branded as a racist so, the best defence is to leave the country.

There is much talk of “the skills shortage” – roughly translated this means “the huge number of highly competent, primarily European, people who have been driven out of organizations and in many instance the country and been replaced with people who do NOT have the knowledge and experience to even partially do their jobs”.

It takes decades of relevant experience to develop the knowledge and experience necessary to perform any mid-level to executive level management or leadership task – one of the great myths of South Africa today is the belief that any person can be put in any job irrespective of knowledge and experience taking account only of skin colour and political affiliation and they will know what to do.  The press is rife with reports of failed examples of this.  We even believe we can change the President at the drop of a hat!


3.  Apartheid obsession

Despite the fact that legally Apartheid has been dead for 19 years and (in practice it has been dead a lot longer) we continue to be bombarded by the ANC and Africans generally with stuff about “Apartheid this” and “Apartheid that”.   Yet Japan and Germany made substantial recoveries within twenty years after being obliterated during World War 2.


Hiroshima AFTER the Atomic Bomb.


Hiroshima today – they are NOT whining about what the Allies did to them and using it as an excuse!

Yes, there WERE things that were wrong about Apartheid and what was done in the name of Apartheid BUT they are nowhere near as extreme as they are made out to be – refer separate section on “What was Apartheid – REALLY?

The reality is that Africans have a lack of education because when the Europeans arrived in South Africa, “indigenous African people” had no meaningful knowledge that was relevant commercially, technically, scientifically, or in any other shape or form – refer separate article “What the white man brought to South Africa”.  All that the Africans have today of any value was given them by the Europeans.

The reason there are so many European males in business and industry is because the Europeans conceptualized and built those businesses and industries from scratch – that is NOT discrimination, and it is NOT Apartheid, it is a reflection of the fact that the Africans are incapable of doing it themselves and Europeans ARE highly capable.

To see the evidence of this visit any outlying rural African settlement and notice that while there is NO evidence of Europeans oppressing them or stopping them from prospering they have next to nothing – they have vacant land that they do not cultivate, they have virtually no commercial enterprises, they sit at home and do nothing and blame “the white man” and “Apartheid” for their own inability to create something of value.

The Europeans came to a country where there was NOTHING except sparsely populated land.  They built houses, farms, roads, mines, towns, etc, etc from scratch using the KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE and intellect and ingenuity and enterprise and discipline and commercial nous that they brought with them.  The Africans could have copied them at any point, they did not and still have not – other than to do all they can to steal what the Europeans created on the pretext of redress for “Apartheid”.


4.  Inappropriate usage of funds and Tender Fraud

Fraud, Tender Fraud (socalled “Tenderpreneuring”), outright theft, gross extravagance and wastage, inappropriate expenditure (Soccer stadiums are an extreme example), etc, etc are sapping the economy and have created an artificial boom as money that should have gone into infrastructure, maintenance, employment for the poor, homes for the poor and numerous other fundamental structural elements.  Instead these funds have been channelled into consumption expenditure of the worst kind on imported luxury cars and all sorts of other extravagances.  Maserati’s, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s were reported at the recent ANC Conference in Mangaung (December 2012).

It is only a matter of time before this bubble implodes and, when it does, it will implode dramatically.


5.  Inappropriate legislation and policies

Over the last nineteen years there has been a plethora of new legislation.  Some of it world class but arguably too costly and inappropriate as with the new Companies Act and King 3 others completely farcical such as FICA (Financial Intelligence Center Act – completely futile controls which generate significant wasteful overhead in the Banking Sector) and RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act  -- which introduces similar futile controls and administrative overhead in Cellular communication).

On top of this, legislation such as minimum wages that harm the competitiveness of the South African economy and totally ignore the high levels of unemployment are instituted and enforced, and ANC allied Trade Unions encourage workers to demand more and more unreasonable remuneration leading to job losses and businesses becoming uncompetitive and closing down.

A simple example – Garment Factory employing 300 workers at less than the minimum wage and struggling to survive against uncontrolled Chinese imports is visited by a young African labour official who smugly shuts the plant down because it is paying less than the minimum wage – net effect? – the plant never reopened and the 300 workers now have NO wage instead of less than the minimum and no hope of a wage.  If you start scratching the country is awash with horror stories like this.

It is now cheaper to export wine in bulk to Europe and bottle it there because South African labour is now so expensive, and, and, and …


6.  Breakdown of the Criminal Justice System

There is on-going evidence that the Criminal Justice System is collapsing.  Constant reports of corrupt and incompetent police, over-crowded jails, suspects released on bail never to return, etc, etc.

South Africa has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the WORLD, AND massive general crime.

Horrendous murders of farmers, over 3,000 in the last ten years together with more than 10,000 assaults – but in 2007 the police ceased reporting these statistics separately, arguably because such conduct is actually ANC policy as evidenced by President Zuma, the leadership of the ANC (including Cabinet Members) and thousands of others singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with the machine gun” at the ANC Centenary.

We read reports daily of massive corruption and virtually never hear of real convictions and meaningful jail sentences – the President himself steals millions for his private dwelling assisted by Government Agencies, lies in Parliament and nothing is done.

The Audience for this Book

The target audience for this book is as follows: 

1.    Europeans who are questioning

This is the group I come from and, I believe, the majority of Europeans in South Africa today.  It is my hope that this book will assist you to crystalize your thinking so that you can take informed short and long term decisions.


2.    Conservative Afrikaners who are open to admitting mistakes

It seems to me that many conservative Afrikaners ARE open to new thinking.


3.    Asians who are unsure of the direction things are taking

It seems clear to me that when things get really rough the people of Asian descent, from India, China and wherever else they have come, will get lumped with the Europeans when the machine guns are out and when Xenophobic riots occur.  In my mind, while I have little personal experience of Asian people, it is my perception that they are much closer to Europeans than to Africans.


4.    People of mixed race who are unsure of the direction things are taking

The so-called “Coloured” people – the people of  mixed race – range from those who are close to European in culture and conduct to those who are close to African.  Overall, based on my experience, I think that certainly those who are stronger in their European affinities will go the same way as the Europeans and Asians when the revolution explodes and, in reality, even those who are relatively close to being African will be the subject of genocidal action by African rioters.


5.    Educated Africans who are doubting the ANC way

There is a small but significant population of well-educated Africans who have been significantly influenced by European culture and ways of thinking.  Many have been branded “clever blacks” or “counter revolutionary” by the ANC.  As I see it, come the revolution, they will go the way of all educated elites in Communist, Proletariat driven revolutions – brutal murder.  For this reason I regard such people as also being potential readers of this book.


6.    Africans from outside South Africa

If you are an African from elsewhere in Africa, outside the borders of South Africa, the Xenophobic violence of a few years ago suggests that you too will be in the firing line and that therefore it might be profitable to engage with the contents of this book even if there ARE sections that you find challenging or even offensive.

The Level of Murders of Europeans

A major factor in my decision to write this book was my increasing awareness of the extreme level of extremely sadistic, brutal and barbaric murders of South African Europeans and particularly South African European (white) farmers which, according to my understanding of Psychology, directly correlates with the singing of so-called “struggle songs” such as “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” by Jacob Zuma and others.

Following are some comments on this:

1.   One report claims over 68,800 murders since 1994, another claims 30,000 -- we do NOT know and the statistics are either being concealed or are NOT recorded



2.   Over 3,000 farm murders and 10,000 farm assaults since 1994 -- another report says over 4,000 murders of South African European (white) farmers

The website lists many detail the murders and assaults on farmers.  If you start searching you will find that there are too many independent reports for these claims to be false.

Consider the following from



3.    Rapes of South African White men in Police Custody on False Charges

The above website also makes reference to South African white men being arrested, often on false charges, and thrown into police cells with gangs of black inmates, frequently HIV positive, who gang rape the victims.  Again these claims are too frequent to all be false.  The suggestion is that this is a hidden police agenda supported by the ANC for dealing with whites who offend.


4.    Coloured and Asian Murders also Extreme

The following image, from the same website, indicates that the murder rate amongst blacks is MUCH lower than the murder rate amongst whites, coloureds and Asians:


This suggests that more than half of ALL murders in South Africa are whites!  The white population is about 4.5 million against about 40 million blacks.

Note that the murder rate in Britain is 1.2 per 100,000 and in the USA it is 4.8 – massively less than the white rate reported above – consider 1.2 versus 200 (0.6%) – clearly the South African white farmer murder rate is close to being the highest, if not the highest in the world.

The following statistics come from Wikipedia relating to global intentional homicide:

From this page the following data has been extracted which indicates that the murder rate in South Africa OVERALL is 31.8 per 100,000 population per annum totalling over 15,500 which puts South Africa at 16th highest murder rate out of 207 countries.


Contrast this with Britain with a murder rate of just 1.2 per 100,000, 1% of the 200 per 100,000 reported above for European South Africans – this paints a STARK picture.

Notice that at this LOW murder rate Britain is still 40th lowest – in other words there are 39 countries with a LOWER murder rate than this low British figure – notice that both Germany and France, also source countries for South African Europeans are LOWER.  There is therefore a STRONG basis to suggest that Europeans are NOT murderous.

Contrast this with the map of the world higher up and one has to conclude that Africans ARE murderous.

This is corroborated by the Regional Summary on the same webpage which indicates that Southern Africa has the HIGHEST murder rate in the world.


5.    South African Police Service does NOT keep Racial Statistics

It is claimed that the South African Police Services does NOT keep racial statistics and that it is therefore impossible to validate these numbers officially.  This ensures that the horrible bias against South African Europeans (whites) is concealed, again raising the question as to whether the murders are intentional ANC policy.  Until a few weeks before writing this book I had believed that the majority of murders were of Africans by Africans!  I was horrified when my research found the statistics reported above.


6.    South Africa listed on “Genocide Watch”

Are you aware that South Africa is listed on “Genocide Watch”?

A clear indication that at least some people internationally view the situation as serious -- BUT not nearly enough people know how serious the situation is -- that is the goal of this website and that goal will be achieved if YOU tell other people about this information!



7.    Murder is an Important Satanic and Witchcraft means of Gaining Power

It is important to note that in both Satanism and Witchcraft, murder and ritual sacrifice is an important way of gaining spiritual power over opponents.  In order to progress in the hierarchies or ranks of these secret orders murders are a requirement.

The release of power that follows is NOT imaginary, demons are strengthened and the killers gain standing and authority in the Satanic spirit realm.


8.    Direct Manifestation of “Struggle Songs”

These murders and assaults are a direct manifestation of the so-called “struggle songs” which the ANC was still singing in Bloemfontein in December 2012 – they give a verbal command, create a spiritual energy and give a mandate to would be killers.  Note that frequently not much is stolen, the purpose is sadistic assault and murder FIRST AND FOREMOST.


9.    Intimidation to drive Europeans out

There can be no doubt that these actions are intended to drive Europeans off the farms and at the same time gain spiritual power over them.


10.  ANC Policy?

Faced with Jacob Zuma singing “The Cabinet will kill the Boer with machine guns” together with the leadership of the ANC and tens of thousands of followers one MUST conclude that these murders are OFFICIAL ANC secret policy and that the new legislation to promote secrecy is designed to allow this and similar agendas to be pursued with more vigour.


From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

Race – The Unmentionable Fundamental that is Driving it ALL

South Africa 2013 – the “Rainbow Nation” – supposedly one of the most advanced non-racial constitutions on the planet but, in fact, perhaps the most harshly racial country on earth with race entrenched in innumerable statutes, supposedly to correct the wrongs of the past.

For this reason it is inevitable that this book is about race.

At one extreme – the Europeans or, officially “Whites” – the people whose intellectual and sweat equity created the South African economy and who have become the target of increasingly harsh affirmative action and negative comment.  Also, as discussed in the previous section, the target of extreme barbaric violence, rape and murder at genocidal levels.

At the other extreme – the South African Africans or, officially, “Blacks” – the people who arrived in the North of the Country the same time as the whites arrived in the South of the Country – people who have no greater claim to ownership of the land than the whites do, other than the fact that the Blacks breed at a MUCH faster rate.

As I shall demonstrate in the sections that follow, the fact that blacks have the monopoly on poverty is NOT the doing of the whites, as is supported by casual inspection of the rest of Africa.

In terms of the revolution that is building, the remaining groups, as outlined in elsewhere all align more practically with the whites than the blacks simply because the Xenophobic and Genocidal tendencies of the blacks will ultimately seek to destroy ALL who are NOT part of the core black team – in fact, even the minority local black groupings are likely to find themselves being slaughtered as the revolution progresses.

To my African Countrymen – WHY I am Alienated

I suspect that the average South African African, those who form part of the ANC majority will not really understand why I am writing this book and furthermore, it is unlikely that most of them will consider it relevant.  Reports indicate that even those who are allegedly literate are NOT literate at a level where they are likely to engage with a book of this weight and language complexity, let alone understand it.

Notwithstanding the above, let me set out the reasons I feel alienated:


1.    I am alienated by Members of Parliament do not / cannot read what they vote on

Since I have started with literacy let me start with noting that one recent report indicated that most Members of Parliament, including President Zuma, do NOT read the legislation they vote on – one of the most important jobs there is for a Parliamentarian to do and they are incapable or unwilling to do it.  Yet they vote in favour of legislation they have NOT read and impose it on the people of the country.  Note that a genuine democratic Parliament should be comprised of knowledgeable, well educated people who understand how economies and things work and who legislate with care and with understanding to ensure the success of the nation.


2.    I am alienated by Jacob Zuma singing “Shoot the Boer”

The final straw in my allegiance to South Africa was broken about a week after I viewed the video clip on YouTube of President Jacob Zuma leading the entire leadership of the ANC and tens of thousands of supporters in singing “The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” on 8 January 2012.  I struggled to compute, I emailed friends and others and asked “what should I make of this” and, eventually, I got it – according to my set of values this was high treason, he voided his Oath of Office, he voided the Constitution, he made a mockery of the High Court judgment declaring this as hate speech and he voided my oath of loyalty as a Commissioned Officer in the Defence Force.

I could NO LONGER feel loyalty to a country where the President saw fit to conduct himself in this way.  My resolve to leave was GREATLY strengthened.  My concern for the millions with no way to leave was greatly deepened.


3.    I am alienated by Jacob Zuma prancing round in animal skins offering sacrifices to the ancestors

Zuma, apparently completely oblivious to the massive contradiction of the President of a supposedly advanced economy prancing around in animal skins, invoking witchcraft and offering sacrifices to demons (Ancestors are demonic spirits) and threatening to “avenge Blood River”.  All this is totally against the values I grew up with and which I hold to be fundamental to a thriving industrial and commercial economy – I cannot see how the South African economy can continue to deliver when its President is semi-literate and constantly makes foolish statements, such as calling it “not African” for a person to have a dog while he drives round in Western motor cars, wears Western clothes, etc, etc.


4.    I am alienated by constant references to “too many whites”, Apartheid, etc

I am white, I was born that way and there is NOTHING I can do to change it.  I am also PROUD of my heritage and my forefathers and what they have achieved here and elsewhere.  I am alienated by the constant whining references to “too many whites in Industry” – the necessary corollary to “not enough blacks”, by constant blaming of “Apartheid” for things which Apartheid manifestly could NOT do, etc.


5.    I am alienated by Zuma’s re-election as President of the ANC

It says to me, my majority black voting friend, that you are impressed by the man’s behaviour, that you SUPPORT shooting Europeans AND that you lack integrity or alternatively that you lack the deductive reasoning ability to correlate between your vote and the outcome of your vote OR, if you really do NOT support the man nor the party I am alienated by your silence.

Many whites stood up to oppose Apartheid, I do NOT see many blacks standing up now to oppose the atrocities being committed by the ANC.


6.    I am alienated by the way the economy is being broken down

The way my business is being detrimented, the way the businesses of friends and associates are being broken down and you, my black fellow traveller are too blind or too indifferent to see.  Or are you doing too well with your deployment as a Cadre, or your Affirmative position, or your generous BEE hand-outs to care?


7.    I am alienated by the way infrastructure is crumbling

Cracked roads, sewerage in the drinking water, pot-holes, transformers burning out, etc, etc.  Assets created by the “whites” using taxes paid by the whites.


8.    I am alienated by the conduct of Affirmative people

Who arrive late, pay no attention, are clearly incompetent but arrogantly dictate and over-ride and then accuse one of “racism” or “under-mining” when one stands up for what one knows to be right.

Why am I so UNSETTLED?

As I wrote my notes in preparing to write this book I regularly felt uneasy and unsettled, (I STILL do) – I asked myself “Why?”: 


1.    I have been totally committed to this country all my life and now I feel MASSIVELY BETRAYED.


2.    As a Commissioned Officer I took an Oath of Loyalty to this country, no matter who was President and now the President and Ruling Party sing of shooting me and he voids his Oath of Office – that is massively UNSETTLING.


3.    I have ALWAYS been liberal, I voted against Apartheid and the National Party in the 1970’s and 1980’s and now I find that they were much closer to the truth than I thought – I feel guilty!


4.    My family and I have always tried to uplift blacks and help them – now I realize that my efforts have largely been in vain and will NOT save me from the coming slaughter.


5.    And now I wonder just how many blacks are singing “shoot the Boer” in private and smiling in me in public – I no longer am able to trust people who are South African Africans.  How far am I from being wrapped in plastic and tortured because I am daring to challenge the lies of the ANC?


6.    I am totally convinced the economy is going to collapse and ALL that I have worked at contributing to in South Africa throughout my life is going to be destroyed!


7.   I am totally convinced there is going to be a bloody revolution – whether in five years or twenty years – and that many people I know or have known will die brutal and tortured deaths.


8.   I am deeply concerned about my own ability to get out and the welfare of my immediate family and close friends.


All in all, I think I have good reason to feel unsettled.

10 Concrete things the ANC is doing that are causing Irreversible Economic Damage

In order to understand why you should read further, let me suggest 10 tangible and very real things the ANC Government is doing that are causing Irreversible Economic Damage:

1.    Cadre deployment from Cabinet down – people with no knowledge and experience making massively inappropriate decisions.


2.    Aggressive quota based Affirmative Action driving experienced whites out of Government and now also out of business and replacing them with people who lack the necessary knowledge and experience.


3.    Aggressive Black Economic Empowerment taking funds out of the productive sector and creating millionaires and billionaires who have no basis to justify their earnings.


4.    Massive Corruption, Fraud, Tender Rigging from the top down starting with Zuma.  Taking massive amounts of finance out of productive function and resulting in other expenditure that is so sub-standard that it is close to useless – refer to examples given elsewhere in this book such as crumbling RDP houses because some ANC Cadre stole the money for the cement – there is NO concern for their OWN people.


5.    Massive destruction of jobs and productive capacity – from the lowly worker cutting the sidewalk or pouring bitumen into cracks in the roads all the way up the ladder jobs have been destroyed.  300,000 in manufacturing alone and NOT due to the Eurozone crisis, mostly due to ANC ineptitude and wrong attitudes.


6.    Massive destruction of export capability in mining, manufacturing, etc – Gold Mining has shrunk by two thirds in twenty years, other sectors are declining.  Export quotas for coal cannot be met on the Richards Bay coal line because the line is running at 70% of capacity due to Cadre deployment.  Manufacturers are losing business to cheap imports because the SA Bureau of Standards is ineffective.  SA wine is being bottled overseas because local labour is too expensive – before the recent strikes.


7.    Driving whites and other Professional, Entrepreneurial and Commercial people out of the country – one report says 800 Graduate Professionals are leaving a month.  Between 1 million and 3 million Europeans have left the country but  Government does not appear to have the necessary statistics and even the Census figures are suspect.  All of us know numerous people who have left – once I thought they were crazy, now I can only acknowledge their wisdom and foresight.


8.    Crippling core infrastructure through neglect – little things like sidewalks being broken up by weeds, potholes, alligator cracking in asphalt surfaces that need to be resurfaced every ten years leading to roads that have to be rebuilt instead of maintained.  Transformers that burn out because they are not serviced.  Road signs illegible because of fire damage because the grass below them was not cut.  Tap water with a smell and taste and causing diarrhoea resulting in on-going expenditure on bottled water (R1,000 per person per annum in my family), etc, etc.


9.    Thousands of farms turned into dust bowls – land “redistribution” resulting in thousands of productive farms handed over to people without the knowledge and experience to operate them and who have raped the infrastructure to make a living and now live in the same poverty as before, just with larger tracts of unproductive land because the issue is NOT land ownership it is the knowledge, experience and work ethic to make land productive.  BUT the people are wealthy because they have the land, no matter it is unproductive and barren it is.


10. Huge expenditure on Grants that stimulate unemployment – child support grants running to R35 billion per annum encouraging young girls to breed – perhaps secret ANC policy because children are wealth irrespective of their productive capacity?  Then they get twice the allowance so they do things to cause deformity in the unborn child, register it and get the allowance monthly electronically with no controls so then dump the child at night outside a charity so that they have spending money with no responsibility.  Billions more on houses and electricity and solar geysers for people to sit at home and do nothing while those who DO work are taxed beyond their capacity and the tax base diminishes as more and more high value people leave the country.


Now there is talk of a “youth unemployment grant” to be funded by increased taxes thereby INCREASING unemployment.  Also the so-called “Extended Public Works Program” or EPWP, also funded by taxes to create 5 million jobs in 5 years.  BUT a job is classed as one person who signs on for ONE DAY, even if they do nothing so the EPWP is, in fact, a grant for 5 million person days of grants!  Those are NOT jobs!  A JOB is something that keeps a person employed FOR LIFE!

There ARE Highly Intelligent and Highly Capable Africans – BUT…

As I have been compiling my notes, analysing the diversity of questions that have come to mind, examining what I see around me as I drive around, I keep coming back to my liberal upbringing and what that causes me to want to believe about the highly educated African people that I have encountered and worked with.

BUT, when I eliminate the unconscious grace I have been giving them I keep coming back to some uncomfortable conclusions:


1.   Critical thinking and analytical ability seems to be deficient in the vast majority of them as evidenced by Press reports about what they say about the economy.  They seem universally unable to comprehend cause and effect and articles about US Blacks suggest a similar phenomenon.


2.  There seems to be an ALMOST universal lack of fundamental understanding of the essence of strategy, management, economics and leadership as are required for an economy to thrive.  Even though some of them preach these concepts.


3.   Where one encounters a successful African business owner they nearly always have a European, Asian or Mixed Race person or persons in the background who is providing advice and guidance.  Some of the most genuinely successful African business people are those who recognize the value of employing people with high value knowledge, experience and aptitude EVEN if they are white.  Some of the biggest disasters, in most ANC areas of operation, occur where ALL whites have been driven out and there are no Indians or Mixed Race people.  Lots of little African craft businesses actually have a white somewhere behind the scenes tying it all together.  Interesting that South African Revenue Service (SARS) still have whites in a lot of key positions to make sure the ANC gets its money.


4.    An almost universal lack of accountability – inability to say “the buck stops here” – there is always something or someone to blame and, if all else fails, blame Verwoerd (he’s only been dead 46 years).  A strong tendency to a “victim drama” exists.


5.    An almost universal lack of integrity – blaming Apartheid and Europeans for things ONLY Africans could do – there was NO technology, NO formal education, NOTHING when the Europeans and Africans first met – ALL that exists in South Africa today was conceptualized, designed and built by Europeans and to a lesser extent Asians.  When I say “built” I am NOT referring to hands on the pick-axe handle (another African misunderstanding) – I am referring to the intellect, the knowledge, experience, initiative, intuition, mental effort that gave rise to the things that exist.

This extends to a seeming propensity for highly intelligent Africans to resort to fraud when they deem it appropriate and to apply their intellect in devising clever scams.  I have personally been ripped off by a man I had known for about five years who I respected and trusted highly and who then, when it suited him, lied through his teeth to defraud me of tens of thousands of Rands.


6.    Reversion to a Power-Fear mind-set the moment Africans are in a “one up” position – particularly evident in Cadre Deployment and Affirmative Action.  Young Government officials who arrogantly close down mines and factories, some never to re-open, arrogant Affirmative project managers who show no respect for team members decades older than themselves, etc.  “I am in charge, do what I tell you or else, even if I am totally destroying the plant or the project or the …”.  And you are RACIST if you suggest that I am wrong!


7.    Lack of practical value creating initiative and creativity – good ideas but NOT workable ideas and no recognition of the need to employ expertise to help them – there ARE exceptions but they are few and far between, particularly, it would seem, in the ANC leadership.  They are able to copy, able to initiate destructive policy, do the wrong things but unable to truly create value.  That which the ANC HAS accomplished that is positive has been through the Whites, Coloureds and Indians that they are increasingly getting rid of.


8.    Lack of understanding of, and commitment to, Democracy in anything that vaguely approaches its pure form – Democracy has been translated into support for the ANC no matter how corrupt or incompetent – get on the gravy train, destroy the economy, blame Apartheid.


There ARE some Africans who are honest, hardworking, intelligent but it seems they are a VERY small percentage.  There appear to be more from countries to the North than those in South Africa but there too the practical evidence points to a MASSIVE deficit.  They can be highly competent at the 95% level of operational and tactical issues but at the 5% level of strategic issues they fall horribly short.



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Do NOT Impute Motive

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda on behalf of the ANC to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

The counterpoint to this is that the motive of Afrikaner Europeans was ALSO not the motive imputed to them by the ANC and the Western world


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The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

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