What WAS Apartheid? – REALLY?


Some months ago, as I sifted through the increasingly outrageous anti-white talk and writing that has been emanating from blacks in South Africa in general and those aligned with the ANC in particular, I started to question my belief-set about Apartheid.


For example blacks are claiming that their lack of education and lack of wealth is as a consequence of Apartheid BUT they NEVER had any of these things in the first place.  Late in 2011, in response to public anti-white statements, I undertook an analysis of what the white man DID bring to South Africa and what the black man did NOT have.  The bottom line was that the black man had a most primitive existence with no significant technology other than some primitive metal working capability and the ability to build grass and mud huts YET the ANC, right up to President Zuma are blaming the whites and Apartheid for everything that is wrong in South Africa.  Refer separate section on “What the white man brought to South Africa”.


Eventually I asked our Heavenly Father to show me the truth about Apartheid – He led me to purchase the book “Bulala – A True Story of South Africa” which I read a few weeks ago.  It confirmed much of what I was suspecting and took it further.  My direct impressions are summarized in the document “Key impressions after reading Bulala by Cuan Elgin”.


This document summarizes my current understanding that Apartheid REALLY was NOT what the ANC and liberals claim it was – note that once I WAS a liberal so I know their views well:


1.           The Afrikaners have as much right to the land as the Bantu (blacks)

The people who became the Afrikaners arrived in the Cape (South) as the Bantu (black) tribes moved in from the North.  The Bantu occupied areas of land where there was perennial water and an easy way of life.  The Afrikaners trekked into the areas that were NOT inhabited.  On both counts the Afrikaners have JUST AS MUCH claim to the land as the Bantu do.


2.    Afrikaners ALWAYS shunned blacks

Afrikaners always shunned blacks and kept themselves separate.  Many did NOT employ blacks at all in the early days and did all the work themselves – separateness – called “Apartheid” was a logical extension of this separation – they wanted nothing to do with blacks.


3.     Afrikaners experienced blacks as primitive savages

The Afrikaner experience of blacks was consistently that they were primitive, illiterate, savage, treacherous pagans who committed murder without provocation, killed and mutilated people in the most horrible ways and who stole whenever the opportunity presented itself and practised Ancestor worship and witchcraft.


4.    Afrikaners sought out uninhabited land

The Afrikaners consistently sought out uninhabited land of which there was plenty – the Bantu population was small and because of their lack of even the most basic technologies they ONLY lived where they could manage to live comfortably whereas the Afrikaners with their much more advance technology, wide diversity of methods and resources, were able to exist on land that the blacks were unable to exist on.  This remains the case today.  Vast areas of land support only isolated white farmers who work extremely hard to make a meagre living for themselves on hostile and barren land and on which blacks quite possibly never set foot because they lacked the technology to even transit the distances involved without water.





Notice that blacks are dominant in about 60% of the country and Coloureds in about 40% with limited pockets where whites are dominant.  This illustrates the total falsehood of some of the statements made by the ANC about land occupancy.

Note that in many areas whites operate farms but employ many more workers so that they are the minority in the vast majority of areas.






This map evidences the VERY low population density in most of South Africa – clearly there is MASSES of space in under developed areas that are occupied by whites on a very low density basis that COULD be developed by blacks – BUT they do NOT want the land where they have to work hard.

Notice also that the population concentration virtually all correlate with concentrations of white settlement evidencing the point that blacks flock to where the whites are, the whites do NOT drive the blacks out.


5.     Afrikaners were consistently peace loving

The Afrikaners were peace loving – they only killed in self-defence – even at the Battle of Blood River they were DEFENDING themselves.  They had the technology to have gone in and wiped out the blacks but they did NOT.


6.    Apartheid simply means separateness

As noted above, Apartheid simply means separateness – note that separateness is a biblical concept – the word translated “Holy” actually means “set-apart” in Hebrew.

The Afrikaners interpreted it as a biblical injunction to live separately from blacks.  The problem has fundamentally NOT been the white man – it has been the black man seeking to steal what the white man has sweated to create – a problem that continues today and a battle which the blacks, in the form of the ANC and their Cadres, are winning hands-down at the moment.

The whole concept of “Colonial Oppression” is false – the blacks have ALWAYS outnumbered the whites in large numbers and could EASILY have defeated the whites IF they had had the courage and organizational leadership to undertake the battles.  The blacks had next to nothing and, instead of seeking to coexist peacefully with their more advanced neighbours they have resorted to theft, violence and trumped-up charges.


7.    Afrikaners built schools, roads, towns, houses, etc for blacks during Apartheid

Afrikaners, during Apartheid, built schools, roads, towns, houses for blacks – I personally saw them – ALL OVER the country!  All of this was done to try and uplift blacks and SOME blacks WERE uplifted but most distained what they were given because of greed, avarice and Arrogant Ignorance and actively sought to steal from the whites through false claims of oppression, etc, etc.

The very genesis of the ANC is in seeking to take from the whites what the blacks were incapable of creating themselves.  The reason there are squatter camps and informal shanty towns and desolate rural villages is because blacks are incapable of uplifting themselves and even of copying what the white man has.

One could argue that blacks think that money grows on trees without effort and without intellect and that therefore the whites stole the money trees and they must steal them back.  This certainly is the case with regard to farms and mines.  This is a far cry from the reality in which whites have worked hard to develop methods and technologies and to apply them to create wealth – very few blacks have any concept of this principle and those who do are largely shunned by the ANC and classed as “counter-revolutionaries” and “clever blacks” whom Zuma despises.





A convenient way of dismissing all informed criticism from within the ANC.




Not only does Zuma condemn “clever”, presumably educated blacks who criticize him and the way the ANC is doing things or even question them – a return to Power-Fear – crush opponents, he also calls for a return to African ways, apparently totally oblivious to the irony of benefitting from European technologies and economy and then wanting to run them the African way which is (1) trash it the same as the rest of Africa and (2) live in grass huts and hunt with spears.  He also overlooks the point that they did not have prisons in the old days because if people got out of line they were swiftly beaten up or butchered.





In the extract above we see that Dingane / Dingaan was constantly executing those who threatened him or got in his way – this is typical Power-Fear behaviour and relates DIRECTLY to the roots from which Jacob Zuma descends not even 200 years ago.


8.    Afrikaners were TOO narrow in reserving land for blacks

One of the key mistakes that Afrikaners made from a public relations perspective was in insisting on limiting the “homelands” to the fragmented tracts of land occupied by blacks at the time the legislation was drafted instead of assigning larger contiguous areas that did NOT look so unacceptable on the map.


9.     Afrikaners made a mistake in using skin colour and in alienating Coloured and Indian people

Afrikaners also made a mistake in placing so much emphasis on colour instead of understanding the hereditary differences between different people groups – the Indians and many of the Coloureds were FAR more advanced than blacks and had a much better work ethic, technical skills, etc.  Because they alienated the Indians and the Coloureds in particular the Afrikaners strengthened the ANC in ways that made it much more viable than it would have been if it had been a purely black organization.


10.    Afrikaners trusted blacks to keep covenant in 1994 and have been betrayed

As with Retief and Dingaan, the Afrikaners made the mistake of trusting the blacks in the run-up to Universal Franchise and, as we see with Zuma and the ANC Leadership singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” together with thousands of supporters on 8 January 2012, they have been betrayed again.

Zuma is also reported to have stated that it is his intention to “avenge Blood River” referring to the battle where the Zulus were defeated when they attacked a small group of Afrikaners in an attempt to totally annihilate them.


11.    Most ANC claims are outright fabrication and without foundation

While, during the days of formal, legislated, Apartheid, there WERE atrocities and wrong doing the vast MAJORITY of what the ANC claims as consequences of Apartheid are the consequence of the inherited lack of technical knowledge and ability, the lack of modern culture, the lack of work ethic, the lack of written language and formal teaching, the lack of …, the lack of …, the lack of nearly anything of value in terms of a modern civilization on the part of the blacks – the white man did NOT take these things from the blacks – the blacks NEVER had them in the first place and now they are trying their best, as always, to steal them without any recognition of the effort the whites have made to create what exists today.


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Do NOT Impute Motive

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda on behalf of the ANC to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


The counterpoint to this is that the motive of Afrikaner Europeans was ALSO not the motive imputed to them by the ANC and the Western world


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There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

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