President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, leads the Leadership of the ANC and tens of thousands of ANC Supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" on Sunday 8 January 2012


President Jacob Zuma leads the ANC Leadership and tens of thousands of ANC supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" in at the ANC Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on 8th January 2012 -- it appears that he may well have done this AGAIN on 16th December 2012

If you have NOT seen this you NEED to

This violates his Oath of Office, the Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment

The agreement reached in October 2012 does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

This website and the book that is available for free download here discuss this and many other unpleasant facts that point to some very unpleasant conclusions about the direction that South Africa is going

You can download the video from

Please take some time to engage with the content

The ONLY way that Jacob Zuma and the ANC can reverse this is by a widely broadcast public apology by Zuma and his top ANC Cabinet members broadcast on all TV and Radio Channels and many newspapers and CONCRETE action to bring a halt to ending white murders -- in my mind that requires that the Death Penalty is reinstated

This video was sourced from 51wildebees at and, at the time of this writing in February 2013 this channel had been viewed by over 85,000 people giving some indication of the level of interest

Subsequent to writing the above on Andries van Tonder posted"

"Andries vanTonder 1 month ago

"All whites are seen as "boers". Remember the other song "kill the boer and kill the farmer". Yesterday in court a murderer said that he was just obeying the president when he killed the white pensioner."

This evidences how the singing of this son and songs like it is giving rise to the genocidal levels of white murder in South Africa 

One Hundred Thousand challenged to seek the Almighty Creator at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013

This website evidences the impending utter destruction of South Africa and challenges those who can grasp the seriousness of the situation to come before the Almighty in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013 to cry out for deliverance -- see page


President Jacob Zuma vows to reclaim the South African economy from Europeans after the meeting is opened with Goose Stepping Umkhonto we Sizwe SOLDIERS -- he subsequently leads the ANC delegates and leaders in singing "Bring me my machine gun" Umshini Wam

Note the following:

Goose stepping soldiers of the ANC's private army (Umkhonto we Sizwe)opening a meeting of a so-called political party -- a clear indication of militaristic and violent intent

Zuma says that "the ownership of the economy is still primarily in the hands of white males" -- refer to article for a discussion of who created this economy and read other sections of this website to understand why it is that Europeans created and drive the economy, including -- the principles of creating wealth -- the 2% of any European population who are able to create wealth and the almost total absence of this aptitude amongst Africans -- the different and conflicting definitions of wealth between Europeans and Africans -- how is prosperity created -- a discussion of what IS an economy? -- 10 concrete things the ANC is doing to destroy the South African economy

Many other pages on this website explain the fundamentals of economics as they apply to the South African economy and the manner in which the ANC Government, led by President Jacob Zuma are destroying it

Reference to a "second transition" -- in other hands driving whites out of the economy

Banner committing to "next hundred years of selfless struggle" -- refer to article on the false premise on which the ANC is founded

See also’s.aspx

Ends with Zuma leading the ANC in singing Umshini Wami "bring my my machine gun"


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Source -- AFP (Agence France Presse) 


President Jacob Zuma sings Umshini Wami (bring me my machine gun) at ANC Policy conference in 2012

 May be the same conference as the previous video

Key point is that the President is leading the entire leadership of the ANC and thousands of supporters in singing a song of violence and murder towards European South Africans 


See other videos linked from this YouTube channel for more chilling video footage of the level of ANC murderous intent


Zuma also led the singing of this song some years ago

Refer to Wikipedia at for a confirmation that the song refers to "bring me my machine gun"


Nelson Mandela sings of killing whites??

Even more troubling than the above videos showing the current President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, singing about killing whites is the following clip, also on YouTube which purports to show former President Nelson Mandela, together with a white man who appears to be Ronnie Kasrils singing about killing of whites


Visit for links to a wide diversity of other Videos relating to the topics covered on this webpage

IF Mandela was indeed singing of killing whites then the implications are chilling -- we find ourselves confronted with the possibility of a level of dissimulation that I STILL do NOT want to really accept -- that the ENTIRE negotiation with the ANC was a dishonest agenda to gain control of the country of South Africa fraudulently with a false presentation of forgiveness and seeking of reconciliation but with a long term objective of murderously taking over the country

Such an interpretation would explain the consistently high level of white murders described at

This hidden agenda is ENTIRELY CONSISTENT with the historical context of the treachery of Dingaan towards Piet Retief and his men


Details of Murders -- by Sunette Bridges -- A year from hell -- the truth about South Africa

The following webpage, created by Sunette Bridges, chronicles many of the murders, assaults and rapes for 2012

Extract from webpage of a year from hell

This is a summary of “Black on White” attacks in South-Africa from 1 May 2012 to 30 April 2013.

365 Days. 309 Attacks. 471 Victims. 170 Murdered. 22 Raped.

This is a GENOCIDE! The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group….yet no one seems to mind it… and it has been ongoing for 20 years!

When the Genocide Convention was passed by the United Nations in 1948, the world said, “Never again.” But the history of the 20th century instead proved that “never again” became “again and again.” The promise the United Nations made was broken, as again and again, genocides are killing more people than all the international wars of the 20th century combined! We are such a people!

The 2011 Census determined that there were only 4.3 million White People left in South Africa. We are a minority group that is getting absolutely NO help from the Government or the International Community. Almost 800 000 of our people are currently living in Squatter Camps. That is 18% of our population. Our people are being attacked, tortured, raped, maimed, murdered and impoverished on a daily basis. We have laws in the country preventing whites from finding jobs. We have laws that determine that businesses can’t donate money to charities assisting White people. Our farms are being taken in a Government sanctioned land grab, our statues are being removed, our monuments neglected, our language sidelined and the names of our cities and streets are changed. All of this in an effort to eradicate our culture, our history and our heritage. But on top of all of this, our people are being MURDERED! …and our government calls it “Normal Crime” and our President merrily sings “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer!”   “…bring me my machine gun! Let’s shoot them with a cannon!”
Read the FACTS and then convince yourself that this is “normal”…


*1 May 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Businessman, Gerhard Fourie, died after being in a coma since a vicious attack in April.

*2 May 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Johan Meyer, 56, miraculously survives frenzied machete attack by large black male gang.

*2 May 2012: Centurion, Gauteng: Wouter de Bruyn (46) was shot dead in his driveway, in front of his wife, during an attempted highjacking.

*2 May 2012: Bothaville, Free State: 96 Year old farmer, Frikkie Rautenbach, was held up in an attempted robbery after his security guards were beaten with a hammer.

*3 May 2012: Heilbron, Free State: Mr. C. Oosthuizen (69) and his wife, Meisie (68), were attacked and tortured in their home with screwdrivers and knives, for 2 hours. They survived but were severely injured.

*8 May 2012: Witbank, Mpumalanga: Well known farmer, Louis Steyn (74) was attacked at his home. He was stabbed several times, but survived. He is in intensive care.

*8 May 2012: Alberton, Gauteng: Former East Rand top cop David Kruger was shot dead outside his home.

*10 May 2012: Heilbron, Free State: 67-year-old Mrs Susan Van Biljon was attacked by a black male gang which kicked in her door; tied her up, beat her up and threatened to pour boiling water over her. She survived.

*11 May 2012: Pietermaritzburg, Natal: Firefighter, Ronald Drake, 69, was stabbed to death on his smallholding. Knifeman Bheki Ngcobo pleaded guilty.

*14 May 2012: Zeerust, Northwest: Charlotte Strumpher survived an attack on her farm after being severely beaten, kicked and strangled.

*15 May 2012: Malvern, Gauteng: Theresina (Tess) Broskie, 92, was found murdered and raped at her home. Police were shocked at the brutality.–92-

*17 May 2012: Randfontein, Gauteng:  Two small children, aged 5 and 3, watched in horror as their mom, Vanessa Stafleu, was brutally murdered by black thugs on their South Africa farm.

*19 May 2012: Scottburgh, Natal: Anton and Shannon Visser and their daughter Kiaralea (6) were returning home when ambushed by a man with a shotgun. A shot was fired at their car and Anton was hit.

*20 May 2012: Welkom, Free State: Magistrate Maryna Ruthenberg: shot & injured in Welkom home: fights back like a lioness. She became so angry when she was attacked by two armed black males inside her Welkom home that she stormed them, shouting; “Remember this face, I will get you.”

*22 May 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Frans Day, a mechanic, murdered in his house in Navalsig, Bloemfontein by a machete-wielding black gang. His wife and daughters who were forced into a cupboard could hear him being murdered. This was the 7th family that was attacked in this manner in Bloemfontein.

*22 May 2012: Delmas, Mpumalanga: Wiaan Botes, a 5-month old baby and his elderly day-care mother brutally murdered in Delmas.

*23 May 2012: Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga: A farmer was assaulted, held hostage and photographed next to the corpse of a woman people were trying to bury on his farm without his permission. Hendrik Davel, 34, owner of the farm Sterkfontein, near Wakkerstroom, was attacked on Wednesday when he approached the group to inquire about the funeral.

*25 May 2012: Brandfort, Free State: Annetjie Madden (62), was stabbed to death in her dairy shop. Police are seeking 2 Black male attackers.

*26 May 2012: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: Elderly Muldersdrift couple shot in bed: The husband was shot dead. His wife was also shot and taken to hospital.

*29 May 2012: Mooinooi, Northwest: Neels van der Westhuizen (54) is in serious condition after he was shot twice, execution style by armed black male gunmen. His wife, Amanda-Louise (50), was injured but survived the attack.

*29 May 2012: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: A 33 year old mother, Inga Nortje, was abducted and stabbed to death after being forced to draw money at 3 different ATMs.

*30 May 2012: Heilbron, Free State: In the 5th Farm Attack in this area, all hell broke loose when attackers started shooting at farmer, Johan van der Merwe (67), inside his farmhouse.

*31 May 2012: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: Julie Cruse (72) was tortured with boiling water and a hot clothes iron and finally strangled to death with a scarf.

*31 May 2012: Potchefstroom, Northwest: 88-year-old me. Petie Bouwer died after being brutally attacked in her home on the farm.

*31 May 2012: Gluckstadt, Natal: Farmer, Gert Uys, owner of the historic KZ battlefield site: Thangami Spa nature-reserve, was murdered on the adjacent farm Rotspark, where he lived with his girlfriend. The SAPS investigating officer is w/o Ndlovu of the Richards Bay Organised Crime unit. A large black-male gang is being sought.A shotgun was used to murder Mr Uys.

*1 June 2012: Boksburg, Gauteng: Johan Henning was found at the gates of the Glynwood Hospital with his throat slit.

*4 June 2012: Centurion, Gauteng: Arina Muller (29) was shot to death in front of her parents on their small holding in Mnandi, South of Centurion. Nothing was stolen.

*5 June 2012: Lyttleton, Gauteng: A Police officer, Bruwer Smith, was shot dead in front of his ten year old son, while they were out riding mountain bikes.

*5 June 2012: Macassar, Natal: A 58-YEAR-OLD woman was brutally attacked on the N2 opposite Macassar on Tuesday 5 June after her car hit a huge rock in the middle of the road, forcing her to pull over.

*6 June 2012: Honeydew, Gauteng: A gang of 8 black men entered the home of an unnamed couple on Plot 13, Johan Road, Honeydew. They shot and killed the mother and father and left their son orphaned. They fled on foot with jewelry and money.

*8 June 2012: Lightenburg, Northwest: A 57-year-old farmer was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money at his farm. He was pepper sprayed and held up with guns.

*8 June 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Stuard (55) and Petro (53) McGregor were ambushed and attacked by 3 armed black men in their driveway. Stuard was stabbed and Petro was kicked. She will most likely lose sight in her right eye.

*9 June 2012: Ugie, Eastern Cape: Helena Gouws (62), the wife of a well-known School Pricipal was murdered during an attack in their home. They were both assaulted with knives. Christof Gouws survived the attack.

*9 June 2012: Alberton, Gauteng: Owein Lombard was driving home, his family asleep in the vehicle, when he was forced off the road. He got out of his car to ask why and was shot twice in cold blood. He died on the scene.

*10 June 2012: Cape Town, Western Cape: 16-year-old Afrikaans girl, kidnapped by Nigerian and forced into sexual slavery.

*10 June 2012: Johannesburg, Gauteng: The manager of the Spar in Jukskeipark was shot dead during an armed robbery.

*11 June 2012: Cape Town, Western Cape: June Nefdt (73) was found murdered in her home. Her gardener murdered her.

*11 June 2012: Ladysmith, Natal: Elderly couple, Willie Boshoff (79) and Sina Boshoff (76), were tortured, beaten and threatened for hours in their farmhouse. They both survived and were taken to hospital.

*12 June 2012: Swellendam, Western Cape: Elsa Human (66) was attacked by a young black male inside her home. She managed to escape.

*13 June 2012: Soutpan, Free State: Leonard Haasbroek (58) survives shooting on his farm. He was shot twice by his gardener.

*14 June 2012: Port Edward, Natal: Elderly Couple, Eric (72) and Betty (77) Robins were brutally murdered. They were stabbed to death in their home by a former black employee. A cordless phone and 2 cellphones were stolen.–Double-murder-suspect-named

*17 June 2012: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: David Laine, 64, was found dead on his living room floor by his brother. Robbers, who fled with only his cell phone, had stabbed him in the neck with a screwdriver.

*20 June 2012: Cullinan, Gauteng: Farmer, Piet Badenhorst (69), is in a critical condition after an attack on him and his wife, Francis, by 3 armed black men.

*20 June 2012: Baltimore, Limpopo: Elderly farmer, Johan van Rensburg (77) was attacked and murdered on his farm. His wife, Gloudien (64) was severely injured and later died in hospital. They were asleep in their bed when attacked.

*21 June 2012: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Thomas de Kock, 89, dies two weeks after release from hospital after brutal attack. He was found in his home, semi- conscious in a pool of blood.

*23 June 2012: Kuruman, Northern Cape: Elderly farmer, Joseph van Heerden, is in critical condition in hospital after he was brutally assaulted on farm by 4 unknown black men.

*25 June 2012: Parys, Free State: Frank King, 36, owner of the Spark-Air, was seriously injured during a hijacking. He was hospitalized for numerous bone fractures he’d sustained when the black male suspect who stole it ran him over with his own vehicle.

*26 June 2012: Koppies, Free State: 83-year-old Tobie Loubser survives 5 hours of torture during a robbery. He was shocked with electric cables and beaten with an iron bar.

*28 June 2012: Sandton, Gauteng: Zina Rotherham, wife of well-known radio DJ, was shot through her car window while leaving the Gautrain Station.

*2 July 2012: Johannesburg, Gauteng: Twelve-member black male gang terrorize white-run commercial food-supply outlets Johannesburg South with heavy-caliber assault weapons: Attack bakery owner Sean Tuna in shoot-out and killed Spar supermarket manager few days earlier.

*4 July 2012: Kuruman, Northern Cape: Businessman, At Fraser (56), was shot to death in his home. His wife, Ina, was wounded in the shoulder.

*5 July 2012: Burgersfort, Limpopo: 22-year-old man shot and his 21-year-old girlfriend raped during an attack at a home.

*6 July 2012: Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga: 80-year-old flower-grower, Brenda Carter, is paralyzed after a brutal attack. A passerby discovered her in the trunk of her car 3 days after the attack.

*10 July 2012: Cape Town, Western Cape: Gavin Maritz (57) was found stabbed to death in his Sister’s home.

*10 July 2012: Northdene, Gauteng: Barrage smallholders survive armed attack. They were held at gunpoint and robbed of cash, jewelry and clothes.

*12 July 2012: Johannesburg, Gauteng: 75-year-old Woman, tied up, assaulted and robbed in her home.

13 July 2012: Ladismith, Western Cape: Woman (46) raped and her husband attacked on their Karoo-farm.

*14 July 2012: Reitz, Free State: Wessel Lourens (72), repeatedly stabbed on his farm in Reitz. One black male attacker shot dead.

*15 July 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Missing Andre Kruger, 42, found murdered with knife wounds in veldt near Black Township, Mamelodi, Pretoria.

*16 July 2012: Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng: Hibbe van der Veen, 64, was asleep in his bed when a massive tree-trunk came flying through his window and armed gunmen followed shortly thereafter – shooting him in the stomach.

*16 July 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: “I will fkng kill you you white bitch!” …a black attacker said  to Mrs Zia Erasmus (70), when he attacked her and her 81-year-old husband while watering their garden.

*18 July 2012: Edenvale, Gauteng: A 73-year-old woman is beaten to death in her home, while her domestic worker and gardener are left unharmed.

*18 July 2012: Roodepoort, Gauteng: An armed black robber sucks wedding ring from Mrs Belinda Swart’s finger while she is tied up and held at gunpoint in her Little Falls home.’s-finger

*19 July 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Piet Von Bekkum, off-duty police officer was shot dead at the Wonderpark shopping centre in Acacia by armed black males who had just robbed NWJ Jewelers.

*19 July 2012: Kroonstad, Free State: Former magistrate Jolene Tredoux, 46, tortured for hours by armed black male attackers.

*20 July 2012: Carletonville, Gauteng: Mr Johannes Oosthuizen, (88), was tortured and then bludgeoned to death at his Carletonville home on July 20 2012 in broad daylight. Nothing was stolen from his home.

*22 July 2012: Colenso, Natal: An elderly couple, Noel and Yvonne Robson, who dedicated their lives to looking after orphaned black children, were beaten to near death for ‘pocket money’.

*23 July 2012: Germiston, Gauteng: 71-year-old Woman was found bludgeoned to death in her home by 4 black intruders.

*24 July 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Yvonne Rossouw, 62 brutally assaulted in her home. By 3 armed black men. She was admitted to hospital and survived the attack.

*25 July 2012: Walkerville, Gauteng: The entire Viana-family was massacred on their smallholding. 12-Year-old Amano was tortured and drowned in boiling water. His mother Geraldine (43) was gang raped and killed and his father, Tony (53) was shot.

*26 July 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Louisa Putter (58) was attacked while hanging her washing. She was beaten unconscious, hung up on a clothesline, her face slashed with a razor.

*27 July 2012: Witbank, Mpumalanga: Elmarie Faber, 54, survives a farm attack. Police confirm seeking for two young black men armed with pistols, dressed in guard-uniforms.

*28 July 2012: Witbank, Mpumalanga: 73-year-old white woman, raped and tortured for 5 hours.

*1 August 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Afrikaner toolmaker Johannes Ludewikus Wiesner, 45, was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his apartment.

*4 August 2012: Scottburgh, Natal: Afrikaner cherry-farmer Kempen Higgo (80) of Clocolan dies after being attacked and hit over the head with a brick at Durban fish ‘n chip shop.

*5 August 2012: Odendaalsrus, Free State: Annette Knoetze, 64, was stabbed in the chest and her wrists slashed. Her husband said it looked like she had tried to fight back and reach the panic button. Her husband found her body.

*7 August 2012: Smithfield, Free State: Farmer Johan Neethling, 56, was stabbed numerous times by four black men who were driving on a dirt road on his farm. The four men jumped out when they saw the farmer and knifed him.

*12 August 2012: Jansenville, Eastern Cape: Elderly farmer Owen Charles, 70, was hacked to death and his wife critically injured in an attack by five black men, all armed with machetes.

*13 August 2012: Ladybrand, Free State: Allen Rodgers (61) was airlifted to a Bloemfontein hospital after being brutally attacked with a machete on his farm.

*13 August 2012: Hartbeesfontein, Northwest: Ronél van Eyk, 46, was shot three times, and one of the bullets hit her in the face, after dropping her son at school. She died at the entrance to her farm.

*14 August 2012: Pietermaritzburg, Natal:  Matthew Neethling 38, was found dead in a pool of blood on his bed. He was beaten to death.

*14 August 2012: Joubertina, Eastern Cape: Jan Olivier, 75, attacked by black males with knobkieries who broke into his homestead Joubertina East Cape. (search Jan Olivier)

*15 August 2012: Pietersburg, Limpopo: Leon van Biljon (31) was attacked in his home, while asleep, by a gang of black males wielding hammers. They gained entry to his home through a bathroom window. He has been left permanently brain-damaged.–Hammer-victim-returns-home

*16 August 2012: Margate, Natal: Christian Hechter (73) phoned his daughter, Zelda Pretorius, at 11pm saying that somebody had broken into his house. When Mrs. Pretorius arrived at her father’s house, she noticed that he was covered in blood. The bedroom window had been broken. He was stabbed four times with a broken bottle, twice in the neck, once in the shoulder and once in the face. No property was stolen.

*20 August 2012: Kirkwood, Eastern Cape: 71-year-old John Radford has been murdered while collecting plants in the Aqua Park-bushes on the outskirts of the town.

*20 August 2012: Bedfordview, Gauteng: A woman in her seventies was assaulted and bound wile being robbed in her home. She managed to escape.

*21 August 2012: Kemptonpark, Gauteng: A retired Afrikaner magistrate, guest house owner Leon Sim 71 and his wife Marie 69 were stabbed to death in Kempton Park.

*27 August 2012: Clocolan, Free State: Isabel Hugo (67), a farmer’s wife from Clocolan, was hit by a stone thrown at her by farm invaders. She is in a coma and has had a part of her brain removed by surgery. She is not likely to recover.

*1 September 2012: Cape Town, Western Province: Olwyn Cowly (21) was shot and his body dumped in the veldt after meeting potential buyers for a vehicle he advertised on Gumtree.

*4 September 2012: Brits, Northwest: Mauritz Oberholzer, 66, attacked and murdered at his agricultural smallholding near Zoutpansdrift, Brits, by four black male attackers, was bludgeoned to death with a spade while fighting fiercely to protect his wife.

*5 September 2012: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: 13-year-old Alyssa Botha was shot dead in front of her sister and father on returning home from school. Her 17-year-old sister was shot in her legs and her father, Anton, died in hospital.

*5 September 2012: Hartbeeshoek, Northwest: Well known farmer, Bereford Jobling (56) was brutally murdered while watching TV. His body was dumped off a bridge into a rivulet.  He was bludgeoned to death with an iron pipe. The attackers fled with his vehicle.

*6 September 2012: Sandton, Gauteng: Elderly Sandton couple Bets and Gawie Greeff, 79, found suffocated to death.

*6 September 2012: Ermelo, Mpumalanga: A day after het 41st Birthday, music teacher, Annemarie Birk, was found raped and murdered in her home just after 8am. Her throat was slit.

*6 September 2012: Alberton, Gauteng: Natasha Cossadianos was brutally attacked by a Mozambican co-worker. She was stabbed 7 times and hit with a fire extinguisher.

*7 September 2012: Kleinmond, Western Cape: Christa Ross (59), was found brutally murdered in her guesthouse. She was found in her bathtub where she was tortured with boiling water.

*9 September 2012: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: 44 Year old Shaun Mould was shot dead in his home during an armed robbery. His nephew discovered him in a pool of blood.

*9 September 2012: Trompsburg, Free State: Elderly couple was brutally murdered on their farm after returning from church. Johan and Cecile Fourie (72) were shot after being brutally attacked with an axe. They were slaughtered like animals.

*10 September 2012: Bellville, Western Cape: Civil-engineering student Adriaan Smit 23, fights for his life with three knifemen while changing a tire N1.

*11 September 2012: Leisure Bay, Natal: The Moolman family were attacked in their home. The family was relaxing in the lounge at 9pm when 4 black men stormed into the house after forcing open the sliding door. Two of the men were armed with firearms and the other with screwdrivers. They demanded cash and laptops. A struggle ensued and the 10-year-old boy was stabbed in the side. A shot was fired and the attackers fled.–10–stabbed-in-family-attack

*12 September 2012: Wartberg, Natal: A farmer Rudolph Meyer (53) is in a critical condition after being attacked by a gang of six on his farm.–six-arrested

*13 September 2012: Kempton Park, Gauteng: A mother of two survived a brutal attack after she was hacked with a machete outside her West Street office.

*13 September 2012: Venterstad, Free State: 91 Year old farmer, Badie Badenhorst survives a vicious attack on his farm. His was beaten with a wrought iron garden chair. The attacker fled the scene when he tried to shoot Badenhorst and the gun malfunctioned. The attacker later shot himself.

*14 September 2012: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: 50 year old Andre Jordaan was shot during an armed robbery at his home. He later died of his injuries.

*15 September 2012: Westonaria, Gauteng: 6 Attackers Brutally raped and assaulted a 92 year old lady and bludgeoned her 56 year old daughter to death.

*15 September 2012: Mosselbay, Eastern Cape: A 65-year-old woman was found murdered on her farm in Great Brak, near Mossel Bay. Police found the body of Ria Mills on Saturday night while responding to a call from friends she was supposed to meet for dinner.

*16 September 2012: Pietermaritzburg, Natal: Susan le Roux (65), was found murdered at her home in Scotsville. She was tortured and her body was burnt.[_id]=87874

*18 September 2012: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: Jan du Toit (65) is brutally murdered during an armed robbery at his home. His wife, Marietjie, survived the attack but was severely injured.

*19 September 2012: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga: Well known playwright, Chris Barnard (73), and husband of actress Katinka Heyns, was attacked on his farm. He spent 12 hours, tied to a chair after being tortured and robbed, before being rescued.

*21 September 2012: Brits, Northwest: Corrie Sanders, former World Champion Boxer, was murdered during a robbery at a restaurant while celebrating his nephew’s 21st Birthday. He was shot in the stomach while trying to protect his daughter.

*23 September 2012: Dewetsdorp, Free State: An elderly couple, Lue (69) and Kosie (71) Kruger, were attacked in their home on their farm. They were severely assaulted, robbed and tied with dog chains.

*23 September 2012: Rustenburg, Northwest: Former South African Champion Hurdles athlete, Karen Wilkenson, was shot in her shoulder during an attack on their farm. Their dogs were poisoned and 1 of the dogs was also shot.

*24 September 2012: De Deur, Gauteng: A family of 4 were attacked at their home while watching TV. The father was shot dead and the son survived an attack with a machete.

 *25 September 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Willie Booysen (60) was seriously injured in an attempted murder as his place of business. He was stabbed with a knife several times.

*25 September 2012: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: A 52 year old man was assaulted by a group of 8 Traffic Cops when trying to enter his property. He asked them to move the vehicle that was blocking access to his home when they started to assault him.

*28 September 2012: Benoni, Gauteng: Barry Newland (56) was tortured with lit cigarettes and a hot iron. The veins in his eyes had burst. His home was the former home of movie star Charlize Theron. It was also reported that his achilles tendons were severed.–56–tortured-and-murdered-in-movie-star-Charlize-s-old-home

*1 October 2012: Potgietersrus, Limpopo: Johan Coetzee was attacked while walking home after watching rugby with some friends by 3 unknown black males and brutally assaulted. Nothing was stolen.

*1 October 2012: Cape Town, Western Cape: Gary Stewart (41) died 8 days after being hit by a brick thrown at him by striking Truck drivers.

*1 October 2012: Lichtenburg, Northwest: Mr. HK Grobler (79), was attacked by 4 Black men in his bedroom. He was asleep when they broke into his farmhouse!

*2 October 2012: Durban, Natal: Mrs Dorothy Carlyle (59) was hijacked in her driveway by 3 black males, assisted by 3 black female teenagers aged 15, 15 and 17. She was beaten, stabbed and held captive in her carboot for 10 hours while her kidnappers partied outside and boasted about capturing a white woman. She was forced to hand over her bank card and PIN number and money was withdrawn from her account three times. At one stage she was dragged into a building and assaulted on a concrete floor. To stop her screaming a sock was put in her mouth.

*3 October 2012: Marquard, Free State: Elderly couple, Johan and Maria Greyling, were attacked in broad daylight. Johan was stabbed several times and is in a serious condition in hospital. Maria escaped with minor stab wounds and bruises.

*3 October 2012: Springs, Gauteng: Koos Roux (67) was savagely stabbed to death at his smallholding in a seemingly motiveless attack. SA Police only showed up to take a statement about the man’s murder FIVE days later. Mrs Roux was also stabbed and attempts were made to strangle her with a hose-pipe by both attackers. Mr. Roux was stabbed three times in the chest by two men who showed up for the day’s work.–man-dies 

*4 October 2012: Claremont, Western Cape: Anzunette du Plessis (33), was found murdered in her home. Her throat was slit. The suspect, who used to be her gardener, is in custody.

*4 October 2012: Elsburg, Gauteng: Surina Kriegler (62) was found strangled and murdered in her home. Her body had several stab wounds, indicating that there was more than one attacker. The entire house was turned upside down but only her cellphone was missing. There was some confusion with her surname and she was first identified as “Kruger”.

*4 October 2012: Ruimsig, Gauteng: Mikeila Valentine (nee Baillie), 25, was murdered in her home. Her throat was slit after her husband had left for work. He returned home from work to find her murdered in their bed. The SAPS confirmed that they have evidence which leads them believe that at least four black males, seen in the neighbourhood, had forced the burglar bars to gain access to the homestead shortly after her husband had left for work and she was still asleep. 

*5 October 2012: Pietermaritzburg, Natal: A 91-year-old woman was raped and robbed by an intruder.

*6 Oktober 2012: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: Willem Cloete (28) and his wife, Elsje (28), who was 33 weeks pregnant at the time, were attacked on their farm. They were already in bed when their dogs started barking. Cloete saw a dark figure in the garden and phoned his neighbor and asked them to come and help. When the attackers heard the vehicle, they scattered. When they were asked to give themselves up, they started shooting and wounded Johan. 1 of the attackers was found. The rest fled. The police took more than an hour to respond.

*7 October 2012: Klersdorp, Northwest: 96-year-old Elizabeth Louw and her white male gardener, Gert Marks, were strangled to death in her home on a Saturday morning. A friend came across their bodies. Elizabeth was hogtied with shoe laces. 

*10 October 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Suzette Beneke (49) survives stabbing while out biking with her father-in-law, only six months after her son Eugene was beaten into a coma. She was stabbed by a black attacker for no apparent reason. 

*10 October 2012: Pietersburg, Limpopo: A 20-year-old white female was attacked and raped in her parents’ home in the early hours of the morning. This was the third attack of its kind in this area by a gang wielding hammers.

*11 October 2012: Soweto, Gauteng: Environmental scientist Donald Gibson, son of SA envoy Douglas Gibson, brain damaged after a shocking assault by a black man who had stepped from a SA police vehicle and beat up Donald Gibson at the FNB stadium in Soweto.

*15 October 2012: Kempton Park, Gauteng: 5-year-old Belinda van Rensburg had a gun held to her head with black gunmen screaming at her to shut up or she’d be shot dead. The Van Rensburg family was traumatised by the armed attack in their Pomelo Street smallholdings home in Van Riebeeck Park, Kempton Park by six black male gunmen. me?oid=6336809&sn=Detail&pid=490121&Family-held-up-in-their-home 

*15 October 2012: Silverton, Gauteng: Martin Coetzee (59) was attacked at work. He was thrown to the ground and when he got up 1 of the 2 black attackers threw 5 liters of acid in his face. He was blinded. A month after the attack the police had still not taken a statement from him. 

*16 October: Edenvale, Gauteng: Deon Nell was attacked by eight black males who arrived in a marked BMW police car and two other cars as he had left his factory en route home. This heavily-armed, aggressive gang of cops screamed “You fucking white dog’, at Mr Nell. Some wore police uniforms and carried R5 military-issue assault carbines. He was forced into one of their cars, with the men telling him they would arrest him, and dumped him along the road. The same eight men then stormed into his house, they terrorised his wife Ria into giving them the key to their safe. They wanted money but there was only jewelry in the safe. They searched their home and found R450,000 in cash. Mr Nell said the couple had been saving for the past five years so that they could buy a house for his mom in a security-complex. They were robbed of everything they ever owned, including his computer, bank-cards, cellphone, factory-keys and jewellery including inherited jewelry.

*17 October 2012: Allanridge, Free State: Johan (64) and Sharon (60) Lourens, were attacked when arriving home by a black man wielding a home made spear. They were stabbed repeatedly. The attacker made no attempt to steal anything.

*18 October 2012: Port Shepstone, Natal: Louis Smit, the owner of HarbourView Spar in Port Shepstone, was stabbed at his home in Oslo Beach. Mr Smit saw three people on his property and confronted them. One of them stabbed him in the wrist. Mr Smit hurried back inside, grabbed his firearm, and fired some shots. The attackers fled.

*19 October 2012: Walkerville, Gauteng: Robert and Marina Fourie were attacked on their smallholding by at least four black male attackers armed with firearms that broke into their homestead. Mr Fourie was shot in the chest and is in the intensive care unit. Mrs Marina Fourie was ‘horribly assaulted’ while defending herself.

*19 October 2012: Pomona, Gauteng: A 31-year old man was shot in the stomach during a scuffle with an armed robber who entered his home with two other attackers at about 4am. The man was taken to Arwyp in a stable condition. 

*20 October 2012: Rosendal, Free State: Frans van Dyk (68) and his wife, Susan van Dyk (65)  were severely injured when they were hacked with spades. They were admitted to Bethlehem Hospital in serious condition. There was no mention that the contents of the farmhouse nor the farm-vehicles were robbed. The only items taken were two firearms, cellphones and some cash. The extreme violence used against the elderly Afrikaners indicate a hatecrime rather than ‘greed’ as the main motivation. Mrs. van Dyk died of her injuries a week later. 

*21 October 2012: Veldrift, Western Cape: Alexander Otten 53, was found murdered at the highly-security Vlamink Vlei game lodge near Velddrift West Coast on Saturday, the SAPS said on Monday. Otten 53, had his hands and feet tied and a plastic bag over his head. He had a head wound that may have been caused by a blow from a blunt object. Only his cellphone was stolen.

*21 October 2012: Vryburg, Northwest: Corlia Kock (39) and her husband Malcolm were attacked in their office. When they arrived they were ambushed by a gang of black attackers. Mrs Kock phoned her brother and asked him to phone the police. She was rushing towards her office to help her husband in his struggle with attackers when she was assaulted and beaten over the head. She was rushed to a Bloemfontein hospital by helicopter with critical brain injuries and aspiration. She died on 4 November.

*24 October 2012: Springs, Gauteng: Minke Aucamp (18) was shot and killed outside her home. Police are fairly confident as to the identity of the suspect – a man who apparently already has a warrant out for his arrest after he was let out on bail on previous hijacking charges. The young girl was shot in her face, allegedly at point blank range, with the bullet exiting the back of her head. 

*24 October 2012: Fochville, Gauteng: Fochville SAPS confirm that a 74-year-old Afrikaner and her 38-year-old daughter were brutally assaulted on their farm in Losberg on Tuesday. NW SAPS spokesman Johan Maas said the two Afrikaner women were the only ones who were so badly assaulted that they had to be rushed to hospital. Their two workers were tied up with the women but were otherwise left unscathed. Just a few days earlier thousands of local mineworkers shouted at a mass-meeting that they would kill all whites.

*25 October 2012: Putfontein, Gauteng: Afrikaner dairy farmer was murdered by two black males. SAPS say they are looking for two black men who allegedly gruesomely murdered their Afrikaner employer – whose name has not been released. The two men killed their employer and assaulted his wife. 

*28 October 2012: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: Herman Steyn was beaten in Middelburg Provincial Hospital by a “criminally-insane”, naked black man. He was beaten by this man at 2am in his hospital room. He woke up when the man walked into the hospital room he shared with three other men. Rev Steyn said he ‘spoke sternly’ with the naked man and told him to leave the hospital room. Instead the man climbed into the bed of another patient, and Rev Steyn asked twoce him in isiZulu: ” “Ufunani?” The man then walked up to Rev Steyn, grabbed a bench, trying to hit the Afrikaner with it, but Rev Steyn was able to ward off the blow – instead he was beaten by the man hitting with his fist in an eye. He bled profusely. 

*28 October 2012: Midrand, Gauteng: Wayne Stander (40) was shot dead in his home while watching television. Only his cellphone was stolen.

*28 October 2012: Rouxville, Free State: A young Afrikaner family, with six-month-old baby, were attacked in their home on their farm by armed black gunmen in the early-morning hours. They tore down the bathroom window bars to get inside. The men forced the farmer to open his safe, stole is money and LDV, which was later found abandoned near Aliwal-North.

*1 November 2012: Walkerville, Gauteng: Andy Verkerk (58) was shot 5 times by a gang of black armed males. He died on the scene. They gained entry to the home when his wife, Vivian, let the dog out. She was grabbed, thrown on the floor and tied. Her 82-year-old mother-in-law, Eileen, heard the noise and when she entered the room, she was beaten with a pipe. The attackers then dragged Andy, who was asleep, from his bed and shot him 5 times in front of the women. They then fled with electrical appliances, cellphones, the television and the family’s cars.

*2 November 2012: Cape Town, Western Cape: Ronald Peffers (74) was shot at his homestead on his farm in Saxonwold by 2 black male attackers. He died in hospital. One person was arrested and another is still being sought. 

*2 November 2012: Vredefort, Free State: Vredefort farmer survives injuries from armed attack Vredefort. The police are seeking three black males armed with handguns who attacked an unidentified farmer near Vredefort on Saturday. The farmer’s furniture was loaded up to his bakkie and the attackers drove off, they also took two of his pistols. The farmer was beaten and tied up. He was at the point of leaving his homestead Saturday afternoon when he was ambushed by the men. 

*3 November 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Henry Jacobs, wife Helena and two young sons were attacked by 2 black men while camping at the Bon Accord dam. They heard footsteps outside their tent and someone cut it open with a large knife. Mr Jacobs ran from the tent and tried to draw their attention away from his family. They grabbed him and started beating him over the head and body with copper cables. Another man ran to the tent and also started whipping Helena with cables. They fled with the couple’s wallets and cellphones when chased away by other campers. Mr. Jacobs was then taken to hospital. 

*3 November 2012: Krugersdorp, Gauteng: Steven Vorster (45) was murdered and his wife Ansa (41) and sister-in-law Lorraine Roux (40) were raped by 2 black attackers in their apartment. Vorster was repeatedly stabbed.

* November 2012: Brits, Northwest: Pieter van Straten (44), his wife Michelle, 17-year-old son, 23-year-old daughter, Leandri and 23-year-old son-in-law, Johan, were attacked on their Sanddrift Smallholding by 3 armed black men at 8.30 pm. They were kicked, beaten, locked up, robbed and held hostage for over 2 hours before the attackers decided to leave.

*5 November 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Professor Max Braun and his wife, Clare, were both shot when 3 attackers broke into their home. Max was shot in the stomach and had to have 12 blood transfusions. Clare Braun was shot in the left shoulder, and was also in hospital.

*5 November 2012: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Mrs Marjory Southerland Uren (93) was murdered in her granny flat. Nothing was stolen. 

*5 November 2012: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Leon Uys, owner of Teasal motors, was attacked at his place of business. His arteries were cut and he was left, tied up, to bleed to death. Nothing was robbed. 

*5 November 2012: Potchefstroom, Northwest: The mutilated body of Marieta Maree (61) was found under her bed. She suffered blunt force trauma to her head. Her 3 dogs were also killed and stashed in the ceiling of her home. Her car and cellphone was stolen.

*15 November 2012: Centurion, Gauteng: Sybrand van den Berg (41) was attacked by 2 black men while cycling. He was bashed him over the head with a brick, tied him up and stabbed him 25 times. It is a miracle he survived. 

*15 November 2012: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: David Carter (25) was pistol whipped and stabbed after 3 black male attackers gained entry to his home by kicking down his door. His mother, Dawn (54), said her son was covered in blood. The surgeon said he was lucky: the knife hit his sternum, a few millimetres to the right or left could have cost his life.

*17 November 2012: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: Jacques Botha (51) was shot to death in his home in front of his wife and son. 3 Black male attackers gained entry to his home. He was shot at 6 times. His wife and son were held up with a knife. Botha’s previous wife was also murdered 5 years before during an attack.

*17 November 2012: Brandfort, Free State: Anja Lessing (35) was attacked in her home by 2 black men. She was raped and tortured for hours. One of the men hit her in her face with a fist and then raped her 3 times. He told her to go and wash herself then tied her up and raped her twice again. They fled in her car but were caught when they were involved in an accident.

*19 November 2012: Boksburg, Gauteng: A Afrikaner pastor was shot dead in the driveway of a business on arrival by 2 attackers. He was in his early 50′s. Nothing was stolen. 

*20 November 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State: Nadia Gibbens (31) was attacked by a black male who stabbed her several times with a broken bottle at her home. Mrs Gibbens managed to push the alarm button and the security personnel arrested the man while he was trying to buy some drinks with the money he stole from her. She sustained deep cuts and had to undergo hours of surgery to repair the injuries.

*20 November 2012: Southport, Natal: A 49-year-old  man was shot in the leg and ankle on his farm. The man and his wife were sitting in the kitchen at around 10pm when they heard two gunshots being fired. They heard the gunshots, the couple lay down on the floor. Further shots were fired. The wife screamed and the attackers fled. Nothing was stolen.

*21 November 2012: Heidelberg, Gauteng: Fred Wahl and his wife, Anneline, were attacked by 3 armed black men when stopping at a friends home to drop her off. Fred was shot in the stomach and they were ordered to leave their car. The attackers fled.

*21 November 2012: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Danie Wiese (77) and wife Joey (70) were severely injured in an attack by a black male. Mr Wiese was stabbed in the face a couple of times and choked, but mrs Joey Wiese (70) was ttacked more severely. She was beaten savagely and when she fell, they kicked her. Her cheekbone is cracked and she has bleeding on the brain. She lost onsciousness. Mrs Wiese is in the ICU and Mr Wiese was transferred to the general ward. The attacker fled with some jewellery and a 9mm pistol.

*22 November 2012: Boksburg, Gauteng: Annette Muller-Botha (74) was tortured to death by 4 black men. Her entire face was smashed, her pyjama pants were shoved into her mouth, her lips were torn, she was tied up and strangled to death with her stockings. The attackers had to break down four security doors to reach the old lady in her bedroom. Hardly anything of value was stolen. 

*24 November 2012: Darling, Western Cape: Susan Armstrong Flight (60) was murdered in her home by a black male. Bandages were used to strangle her. The attacker was caught several days later when trying to draw money from an ATM with her bank card.

*25 November 2012: Ficksburg, Free State: Chris Preece (54) was slashed to death with pangas and his wife Felicity (56) was seriously injured in an attack by 3 black men who gained entry to their home at 10pm. Felicity suffered a fractured scull.

*29 November 2012: Brits, Northwest: Farmer Hekkie Barnard (74) was shot dead with three shots to the head, shoulder and back while trying to flee from an armed gang of black attackers who had invaded the farm. His mother Maria (94) was gruesomely tortured with a hot frying pan and beaten up. Her twin sons, Johan and Nico (62), were both shot in the stomach and her greatgrandson Adam Nico jr (16) was stabbed twice in the head for no apparent reason. 

*30 November 2012; Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Petrus (81) and Yvonne Zondagh (78) were stabbed repeatedly with screwdrivers by 4 black men. The couple are recovering in the St George Hospital.

*1 December 2012: Fochville, Gauteng: Elderly Willie Craggs was murdered on his way to work. His bicycle was stolen.

*5 December 2012: Belfast, Mpumalanga: Betsie Gouws (60) was stoned to death by mob of black attackers on her farm.

*7 December 2012: Arlington, Free State: Jacobus Petrus Botha (73) was tied up and brutally assaulted on his farm by 4 black attackers with knobkieries. He was left behind in serious condition after the men tied him up and looted his homestead.

*10 December 2012: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: Koos Beytell (49) was shot in the stomach by armed black men, who stormed into the living room where he was watching TV with wife Anzel (33).

*11 December 2012: Phillipi, Western Cape: Arnold Schultz (68) was found murdered on his farm 1 month after his life partner, Hester Koch (62) was raped and murdered on the same farm.

*12 December 2012: Trafalgar, Natal: Frieda Gey van Pittius (80) and husband Oscar (82) were barely recognisable after an attack by a gang of armed black men. They were tied up with wire, brutally beaten, splashed with paint and left for dead.

*13 December 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Gerrit Kroon (40) was murdered by black attackers with his own firearm while changing a tyre on N1 highway.

*13 December 2012: Brits, Northwest: Gerhard Rudolph (65) was shot dead by black attackers at his smallholding business. His son was severely injured and later died of his injuries.

*13 December 2012: Odendaalsrus, Free State: Louis Oosthuizen (59) and wife Maggie were injured in an attack on their farm by three black men.

*14 December 2012: Port Edward, Natal: Clifford MacArthur (68) was attacked at his home. He was tortured, battered with a hammer and wooden baton and the fingers of his right hand were broken.

*14 December 2012: Bainsvlei, Free State: Roelie van Heerden (61), his wife, Hannetjie (57), his daughter and grandchildren were threatened, bashed around and in an armed attack by 6 black gunmen on their farm.

*16 December 2012: Belfast, Mpumalanga: Daan Smit, his wife Fiona and son, Christo, were attacked in their home by 3 black men. Daan was stabbed with a knife and beaten with a spanner.—slagoffers-skreeu-volksmo

*19 December 2012: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga: Jimmy Armdridge and his guests were severely beaten and his wife, Pamela, was shot during an attack at their home whilst hosting a dinner party.

*22 December 2012: Witfield, Gauteng: An elderly man was found murdered in his home after police caught a suspect in a suspicious looking car. They found blood in the vehicle, a bread knife, television set, pick handle with blood, house keys, two cellphones and R640. When arriving at the home of the owner of the vehicle, they found an open garage door with a blood trail which led them to find a dead elderly man on the bedroom floor. He was stabbed to death and beaten with the pick handle.

*24 December 2012: Pretoria, Gauteng: Johan Vorster, father of 2 small children, was murdered when his motorcycle broke down on the N1 highway North of Pretoria.

*24 December 2012: Rustenburg, Northwest: Wentsel Smit (40) who was spending Christmas with wife Lynette 33 and two-monthold baby Wentsel, was shot dead. Their dogs were also shot.

*24 December 2012: Rustenburg, Northwest: Ben Welthagen (60) survives shot through head at farm-shop attack.

*28 December 2012: Brits, Northwest: Gerrie Rudolph (31) dies after he was shot six times during an attack at his butchery in Brits.

*28 December 2012: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: Daan Fourie (73) was attacked and murdered in his home. He was stabbed SEVEN times and left to bleed to death.

*30 December 2012: Kragbron, Free State: Cornelius Janse van Rensburg was shot dead by 2 armed black men at his business in Kragbron.

*31 December 2012: Clarens, Free State: Richard Rennie (80) was brutally attacked with a broken bottle by his gardener.

*31 December 2012: Swartruggens, Northwest: Elderly lady, Marie Bishof, suffers brutal gang-assault on her farm in Swartruggens.

*1 January 2013: Brits, Northwest: Lunday Van der Merwe (16) took a bullet to his spine in an attempt to shield his friend, Deidre Strydom, from armed black men. He is likely paralyzed for life.

*1 January 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: Emile Engelbrecht (14) was stabbed 7 times by a group of black attackers at his home. He survived the attack.

*2 January 2013: Cape Town, Western Cape: John E. Commins (71) was murdered in his Cape Town home during a home invasion by a gang of black criminals.

*6 January 2013: Villiers, Free State: Farmer Jannie du Plessis and his wife were attacked on their farm. He was shot in the stomach and later died from his injuries in hospital.

*7 January 2013: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Molly de Lange (80) was brutally attacked  in her home by 2 black men pretending to deliver a parcel.–80–aangeval-en-byna-versmoor

*8 January 2013: Phalaborwa, Limpopo: The decomposed body of missing Afrikaner, Donovan Marais, was found in the veld in Phalaborwa.

*9 January 2013: Belfast, Mpumalanga: Elderly Couple, Rudolf and Elna van Heerden, were found murdered and stuffed into a broken freezer in their home. They were beaten to death.

*10 January 2013: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: Kieran Harris, 22, in critical condition after 3 black male gunmen shot him 3 times in the neck, back and shoulder.

*10 January 2013: Germiston, Gauteng: Crystal Grobler suffered a broken nose and lost consciousness in an attack by a black employee of the ABI Bottling Company.

*13 January 2013: Parys, Free State: Elderly couple, Ernest and Annatjie van Rooyen, were murdered on their farm by 3 black attackers. Ernest was bludgeoned to death and Annatjie was stuffed in a freezer after being murdered.

*13 January 2013: Kroonstad, Free State: Malani Pitout, 48, was attacked on her farm. She was kicked and beaten with a knobkierie. Her brother came to her rescue.

*14 January 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: Pieter Kellerman (85) and his wife Susan (75) were attacked and severely injured in their Johannesburg home. Pieter died 2 weeks later due to his injuries.

*14 January 2013: Allanridge, Free State: Japie Truter (65) was critcally injured during an attack in his home by a black male wielding a machete.

*15 January 2013: Centurion, Gauteng: Fiona Finnis (57) was shot to death in her home in Centurion by 4 armed Black attackers. They stole a cellphone.

*15 January 2013: Stellenbosch, Western Cape: Gerhard Fernhout 23 was stabbed so hard in his skull that the broken-off knife-point was embedded 8.6mm into his brain. He was assaulted by 3 black attackers.

*19 January 2013: Bainsvlei, Free State: Peter and Elsa Kolver were seriously injured during an attack in their home. Pieter was shot three times, while Elsa sustained serious head injuries after being assaulted and tortured for several hours.

*21 January 2013: Bellville, Western Cape: Elandrè Senekal (26) survives six bullets fired by 2 black males during attempted highjacking.

*21 January 2013: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga: Johannes van den Berg (72) survives gunshot by black male attacker.

*22 January 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Lorraine Shepheard (78) was found brutally murdered in her bed in her home in Port Elizabeth.

*22 January 2013: Heilbron, Free State: An entire family, Stephan Cronjé (38), his wife Elsabé and their 3 children, forced to flee their farm while under attack from an angry mob who then destroyed their home.

*26 January 2013: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: Desmond Botha (59) was shot to death in cold blood at his Muldersdrift home.

*26 January 2013: Jean Lambrechts was attacked by 4 black men in Bellville. He was severely injured and part of his scull had to be remove to relieve the pressure on his brain. He was in a coma for 2 months. 4 moths later, the police had still not started investigating the case.

*27 January 2013: Clocolan, Free State: Farmer Chris Grobler and his wife Naomi were shot at and robbed on their farm, Caledonia, by a heavily armed gang of Black attackers.

*28 January 2013: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: Andries Becker (29) was shot dead at his home in front of his wife and children while the community was meeting with the police because of a spate of attacks and murders in the Muldersdrift area.

*28 January 2013: Kemptonpark, Gauteng: Eddie Fouche (30) was shot to death during a farm attack. Farmer Gert van Wyk was also shot and died of his injuries in hospital 2 months later.

*28 January 2013: Scotburgh, Natal: Norma Mocke (67) was attacked by 6 black men who entered her home by forcing open the kitchen window and removing the burglar guards. Mrs Mocke tried desperately to escape by jumping over her balcony, breaking her ankle and injuring her shoulder in the process. Mrs Mocke was offered refuge by  another woman living on the premises,  but the intruders found the women and threatened them with a firearm. It was then that  Mrs Mocke was shot in the back of her right shoulder and the bullet exited through her mouth. She was taken to hospital where her condition was described as ‘serious’. Mrs Mocke underwent surgery on her jaw.–Six-men-arrested-for-shooting-pensioner–67-

*29 January 2013: Cradock, Eastern Cape: Hettie Phillips (51) was attacked, raped and murdered in her home in Cradock.

*29 January 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Gordon Bazzard (75) was stabbed to death in front of his wife, who was also injured during the attack in their home.

*29 January 2013; St Michael’s, Natal: A couple were attacked and robbed by 2 armed black men at 11am. The woman was  pushed her into a bedroom. On hearing all the noise, her husband woke up. He went to investigate but was accosted by the knife-wielding men. The husband and wife were tied together with a belt and held at gunpoint wile they were robbed.

*30 January 2013: Kemptonpark, Gauteng: Manfred Schmidt (42) was shot dead in his home while his wife was assaulted and his 2 children held at gunpoint by 4 black attackers.

*31 January 2013: Vryheid, Natal: Attie and Myra Scheepers, both 80, were attacked on their farm by 4 armed black men. The couple were kicked and beaten with revolvers against the head and in the face and robbed.

*3 February 2013: Standerton, Mpumalanga: Jan Smith, 72, and his wife Marieta, 68, were overpowered by armed men who forced them to open their safe, took two weapons, then shot Smith in his chest, thigh and arm.

*6 February 2013: Cape Town, Western Cape: Dawnsy Mieny died while trying to escape an attacker wielding a knife. She fell to her death down a quarry.

*6 February 2013: Reitz, Free State: Hannes Labuschagne (50), was shot during a farm attack at his parents home in Reitz. A shot aimed at his head narrowly missed.

*7 February 2013: Welkom, Free State: Carmen van der Westhuizen (38) was attacked, raped and stabbed to death in her home by her gardener.

*8 February 2013: Jeffreysbay, Eastern Cape: Robbie Malan (39) was murdered in his home by 3 black attackers. He was shot to death and nothing was stolen.

*9 February 2013: Bethulie, Free State: Elderly couple, Gordon and Lorraine Adam, were butchered to death in their home with Machetes and Knives. 6 Black youth were later arrested for this double murder.

*10 February 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Mrs Lina Botes (73) was badly injured with serious fractures in her face during a farm attack in Rustenburg.

*12 February 2013: Roodepoort, Gauteng: Derek Cornelius (75) was bludgeoned to death in his home after being robbed.

*12 February 2013: Midrand, Gauteng: Chrysler-South Africa’s CEO Trent Barcroft in critical conditon after he and wife Cathy were attacked by black gang. Mr. Barcroft was shot in the stomach.

*13 February 2013: Steynsrus, Free State: Christo Prinsloo (63) was attacked in broad daylight on his farm Erfpacht. He was beaten, stomped on his head and hacked across his hands and arms with a panga. The attacker fled when he was stormed by the dog.

*18 February 2013: Brits, Northwest: Zarco Bulajic (58) was murdered in Brits. His head crushed with brick and shot numerous times.

*18 February 2012: Brakpan, Gauteng: Carel Ferreira (25) was shot in the shoulder in a drive-by shooting while on his way to visit friends. There was absolutely no motive for the shooting. He was taken to hospital, but died on February 23.

*19 February 2013: Bultfontein, Free State: Pop Meintjies (66) survives near strangulation by a black attacker.

*21 February 2013: Harburg, Natal: Farmer Bruno Nühl was shot in stomach and arm, girlfriend treated for ‘blunt force trauma injuries’ during an armed robbery at their farm in Harburg.

*23 February 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Laurens de Wet (20) was shot dead by 3 black attackers when arriving at work.

*25 February 2013: Wolmeranstad, Northwest: David Barclay (66) was shot to death on his Free State farm while investigating a noise.

*26 February 2013: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng: Bertus Coetzee (42) was shot to death in front of his 18 year old son when arriving home from work.

*4 March 2013: Tzaneen, Limpopo: Susan Pohl survives a farm attack by shooting her attacker after he stabbed her with a knife.

*4 March 2013: Upington, Northern Cape: Albert Strauss, 81, and his wife Chrissie, 72, were injured when a black man attacked them in their home on their farm. Albert managed to shoot the attacker.

*5 March 2013: Danabaai, Western Cape: Waldemar Strauss (42) was shot to death in front of his son, during a home invasion in his security estate home.

*5 March 2013: Nottingham Road, Natal: Lynn Twort (70) was shot in the chest and her husband Ken (76) was badly beaten during an attack on their farm.

*12 March 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Suzie Willemse (84) was brutally murdered in her home in Port Elizabeth by her gardener.

*12 March 2013: Wildernis, Western Cape: Jack (81) and Marietta (73) Thorne were attacked in their home by men wielding an axe. Jack sustained injuries to his hands, arms neck and face, while his wife sustained injuries to her face and stomach.

*13 March 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Elderly couple, Charles (78) and Marie (70) Hammond were brutally attacked at their home. Marie ran for help, believing that her husband was already dead.

*14 March 2013: Winterton, Natal: An elderly farmer was attacked at home in Skitsdrift near Winterton by four men in the early hours of  the morning. He was assaulted and robbed. He suffered a head injury.

*14 Maar 2013: George, Western Cape: Judy Cloete (64) was shot during a robbery at her store by a black attacker in broad daylight.

*16 March 2013: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape: Willem van Zyl (64) survives pistol-whipping and bullets fired into each leg by 4 black men.

*17 March 2013: Ventersdorp, Northwest: Farmer Johan Stighlingh (65) was beaten to death in front of his wife Cora (63) who was tortured, beaten and raped by 3 armed black men.

*22 March 2013: Pretoria, Gatueng: Pastor Dr Johan Rademeyer (47) was shot by 2 black attackers while collecting stones in the veld near his home.

*23 March 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Eric Labuschagne (51) was brutally murdered in his home while his 78-year old mother was locked up in the bathroom for several days before being discovered.

*23 March 2013: Durban, Natal: Marius Hayward (31) and Nico Nel (27) both die as a result of the Addington Hospital turning them away after a serious accident.

*23 March 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: Ex Rugby player, Johan Kemp, was shot to death in his home in Johannesburg. Zimbabwean citizen arrested. 3 others still at large.

*25 March 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: 11-year old Joshua O’Callaghan was injured in a hit-and-run while trying to flag down help against three black male attackers who had just assaulted and injured his granddad Lee Acorn.

*26 March 2013: George, Western Cape: Two White farmers, Roelof Retief and Lafras Moolman, survived a brutal attack with machetes while on their way to buy cattle.

*29 March 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Quintin Brits (23) was shot to death while trying to protect his girlfriend during an armed robbery by a heavily armed black gang.

*2 April 2013: Muldersdrift, Gauteng: Paul Shultze (56) was shot to death on a Muldersdrift farm.—in-constant-fear-

*2 April 2013: Vredefort, Free State: Andries Cox (61) was shot twice during a farm attack in Vredefort. He survived the attack.

*2 April 2013: Hillcrest, Natal: Vossie van Rooyen(65) and Brian Dauth (61) were severely injured during an attacked by a gang armed with machetes, knives and a hammer.

*2 April 2013: Ermelo, Mpumalanga: Well known Ermelo Business woman was attacked in her home in the early ours of the morning by 3 black men armed with knives and screwdrivers. She was assaulted, tortured and gang-raped. She survived the attack.

*4 April 2013: Middelburg, Mpumalanga: A 60-Year old farmer was attacked in broad daylight by 2 armed black men. He was assaulted and robbed. He is now selling his land and fears for his life.‘My-plaas-is-in-die-mark’

*6 April 2013: Strand, Western Cape: Anton Bidlingmaier (43) shot dead and robbed in front of his business in Strand, Western Cape.

*6 April 2013: Boschkop, Gauteng: Farmer Francois Potgieter (59) was shot to death in front of his family. His daughter and son-in-law were also shot, but survived the attack.

*7 April 2013: Margate, Natal: Robin Bothma (67) was gunned down in his home in Uvongo by 3 armed Black men.

*8 April 2013: Seaview, Natal: Bob Heunis (60) was shot and killed by robbers in his home. On the day of his funeral the murderers returned and stole his wife’s car and other household goods.

*9 April 2013: Pinetown, Natal: Karel Pretorius (78) was found in his home gagged, his legs and arms tied with an extension cord and he had been stabbed to death.–Domestic-worker-finds-bloodied-body

*10 April 2013: Paarl, Western Cape: Ex Police officer, Jannie Dreyer, was found murdered in his home in Paarl.

*10 April 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: Louis Eksteen (45) was found murdered in his home. He was beaten to death with a knobkierie.

*11 April 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: Meisie Brits, 65, survives vicious assault by four black males who ‘said nothing, just kept assaulting’ her: she survived with a broken arm and a gash to her head.

*11 April 2013: Belfast, Mpumalanga: 65-Year old Walkie Walkinshaw was shot and killed and his wife, Tina, attacked while locking up their business in Belfast.

*11 April 2013: Waterfall, Natal: Jacques Oosthuizen (35) was attacked, stabbed 5 times and shot in his home. He was on life support, but died on 14 April.

*12 April 2013: Mafikeng, Northwest: Farmer’s wife, Kotie du Toit, survives an attack at her farm shot. Her hands and feet were tied while she was robbed and threatened.

*12 April 2013: Hillcrest, Natal: Rodney Bradley was shot dead by a gang of armed attackers in his home.

*13 April 2013: Sonlandpark, Gauteng: Lena Robbertze (72) wat attacked in her home by 2 Black men. She was assaulted, tied up and robbed. She was later taken to hospital.

*16 April 2013: Kleinmond, Western Cape: Elderly couple, Fransie and Malinda Hugo, were attacked in their home at 3am in the morning. Malinda was stabbed once with a knife and Fransie was stabbed 15 time. He is undergoing surgery as both his lungs were damaged in the attack.

*16 April 2013: Sinnoville, Gauteng: Andre Schreuder (21) was shot by an attacker when fleeing after they gained entry to their home and grabbed 2 laptops. 

*16 April 2013: Bethal, Mpumalanga: Adriaan Stander (33) was attacked while mowing his lawn. He was tied up, dragged into his house and beaten to death. His body was discovered by his mother.

*17 April 2013: Kloof, Natal: Sharon Goss, her son Struan and friend Cameron Stapleton, were attacked in the Goss’ family home. Her son was beaten, they were tied to the bed and Sharon was threatened with rape. 

*17 April 2013: Alberton, Gauteng: Jacques du Plessis was beaten to death by an angry mob after he was involved in a mere bumper basing with a black woman in Elsburg Road, Reiger Park.

*17 April 2013: Kemptonpark, Gauteng: Rainier Horak (18) was brutally attacked by 4 black men while walking home after an athletics practice. He was stabbed, beaten, kicked and robbed while his feet were tied with his shoe laces.–18–brutally-attacked

*18 April 2013: Vryheid, Natal: Chrissie van Tonder (21) was attacked by 5 black men in broad daylight in Kerk Street in Vryheid. She was stabbed and slashed several time with a knife.

*18 April 2013: Bloemfontein, Free State: An 18-year old girl (name withheld because of rape) an her 22 year old male friend, were high-jacked while on their way home by 2 black men. The young man was brutally beaten with a hammer and left for dead. The girl was then kidnapped and raped repeatedly. This ordeal ended when a policeman spotted the vehicle with 3 black men and a white girl. The rapists fled.

*18 April 2013: Dr Carl Mischke was robbed and stabbed to death during an attack at his home in Norwood by 3 black men.

*19 April 2013: Middelburg, Eastern Cape: Marais van der Merwe (31) was attacked on his farm by 2 men wearing balaclavas. He sustained head injuries and lacerations to his arms and body. One of the attackers had a panga.

*21 April 2013: Drie Riviere, Gauteng: An elderly couple aged 87 and 84 were attacked in their home by a gang of 6 while having luch. The lady was brutally assaulted but survived. Her husband was also attacked and died after trying to escape his murderers. The gardener, who was also present during the attack, was unharmed.

*21 April 2013: Hermanus, Western Cape: Mathilde le Roux (64) was walking the the path near her house as 7.30 am when she was brutally attacked. The attacker took an iron bar that he was holding and hit her in the face. As she fell to the ground, he hit her again. Blood was streaming from her face. She screamed in horror. As he was about to hit her for the 3rd time, 39-year old Karel Retief , who heard her screams, came running towards her. The attacker ran off.

*22 April 2013: Umhlanga, Natal: Shirley Soffiantini (63) was found naked in her home bound, strangled and possibly raped. Her television was stolen.

*22 April 2013: Pretoria, Gauteng: Magda Markus (38) was critically wounded when a mob descended on her and her husband at their place of business. She was shot in the head.

*24 April 2013: Mooinooi, Northwest: Elderly couple, Bakkies and Toni Buys were attacked in their home. They were beaten and a bag was put over Bakkies’ head. The attackers then told him they were going to rape his wife. She fought back and when they struggled to rape her, they proceeded to slash her legs, buttocks and lower body with a knife. They stole their vehicles, but those were recovered. No one has been arrested.

*24 April 2012: Rustenburg, Northwest: 4 Armed bandits, carrying a pistol, a revolver, a panga and a crowbar, gained entrance to the Lategan’s home through the back door. Almost instantly a shot was fired at Mr Steyn Lategan. He ducked and in doing so avoided a shot to the head at point blank range. The bullet lodged itself in his hip. They demanded guns and money. They handcuffed the wounded Mr Lategan (Steyn Snr.) and his wife Repna Lategan with cable ties. One of the intruders grabbed Mr Lategan – when young Steyn bravely intervened: “Don’t hurt my parents. I will show you everything that you can take.

*26 April 2013: Sunningdale, Western Cape: Russel Muller (29) and wife Lizelle (26) were attacked at home by two armed black men. After returning home from a birthday supper, Lizelle heard footsteps at her door. Two attackers tried to gain entry into her house. Her husband Russel fought the attackers off. In the process he was shot twice, once in his shoulder and once in his thigh. He received multiple stab wounds to his back. The attackers fled only with a cell phone.

*26 April 2013: Hendrina, Mpumalanga: Braam van Aardt was attacked on his farm with an axe. He was badly injured and taken to hospital.

*27 April 2013: Kestel, Free State: Two elderly sisters aged 69 and 73, were attacked in their home in the middle of the night. The attackers wanted money and weapons. When the ladies told them that they had neither, the attackers raped both of them.

*27 April 2013: Rustenburg, Northwest: Elderly couple, Cas Kruger, his wife Sylvia, sister Sandra and her friend were attacked on their farm when arriving home from band practice. Their alarm was deactivated, their dogs poisoned and they were brutally beaten and robbed of their money, food, phones and musical instruments.

*27 April 2013: Johannesburg, Gauteng: A 20-year old woman was found naked and raped in the public toilets at the Lusito Land Festival. She was attacked by 3 black men.

*27 April 2013: New Germany, Natal: An unnamed couple woke to the screams of their 19-year-old daughter. The parents stormed to the room to find an attacker sitting on top of their daughter, trying to silence her. The father stormed in and attacked him with a walking stick, only to discover that there were 2 other attackers in the room. The attackers picked up bricks and threw it at the father. They fled.

*28 April 2013: Amersfoort, Mpumalanga: Anton and Cecile van Zyl were attacked on their farm at 4am. They woke to find the attackers in their home. They were fortunate enough to contact the surrounding farmers and made alarm. The attackers fled and a manhunt ensued. The attackers have not been caught yet.

*28 April 2013: Qdrom, Northwest: Elderly couple, Clive and Joanne Bannister (80), were attacked on their farm. They were beaten with hammers, tortured and Clive was shot. They are both still in a serious condition in hospital.

*29 April 2013: Centurion, Gauteng: 22-year old student, Jomi Vermaak, was high-jacked and kidnapped in front of her home by 3 thugs. They put a towel over her head and demanded her phone, money and ATM card. They threatened to shoot her if she didn’t comply. They drove around for hours, stopping to draw money from her account and to smoke dope. She was eventually dropped of next to the road.

*29 April 2013: Centurion, Gauteng: Nadine Prinsloo (20) was shot to death in front of her sister for her Cellphone. They stopped next to the road on the N14 highway to phone for directions when they were attacked by a group of armed men. Nadine was shot in her head and body. She died on the way to the hospital.

*30 April 2013: Bothaville, Free State: Christo Viljoen (47) was shot in his hand and neck through his lounge window. He heard his neighbor’s dogs barking and pulled the curtain aside to see what the problem was and was confronted with 3 black men carrying a gun. Without a word, he was shot through the window and the attackers then fled.

**The following murders that occurred between January 2013 and April 2013, were not reported on by the media:

  1. Matty Smith – Gordonsbaai
  2. Chad Harris – Estcourt
  3. Sarel Pretorius – Glenharvie
  4. Nick Basson – Vereeniging
  5. Talbot Smith – Ruimsig
  6. Hannes Hattingh – Stilfontein

Words -- Harder than concrete and intensely energizing the murderous mindest that is giving rise to the murder of huge numbers of white South Africans

The following piece was written in 2011for publication by a South African professional Journal but was declined because it was viewed as too racially contentious.  It is relatively upbeat about possible solutions and I have to say that my view has become considerably more pessimistic about South Africa in the subsequent year.

The basic principles remain valid however as they relate to the fundamental psychology of human beings and the role of words in this psychology.

I have previously addressed a number of issues which are potentially impacting the success of the South African experiment.  An experiment in peaceful regime change that caught the imagination of many around the world.  An experiment that continues to be monitored.  In this piece I will look at another facet of what is absolutely vital to the success of the "rainbow nation" --  language --  words -- psychology:


1.    An early hard lesson – words and psychology are harder than concrete

When I started out doing what I do today, I was of the opinion that psychology was "for sissies" – I was an engineer, I KNEW how to design things that worked, "the soft issues", psychology, were "fluff and stuff" that I did not need to know about.

As I entered the world of non-tangible projects I walked "slap bang" into a series of projects in which I discovered that, in fact, psychology, and the words that create psychology, were harder than concrete.

A person who has adopted a mental position or stance and is resisting change or refusing to change is much more difficult to identify than a block of concrete in the road and a lot more difficult to move.



Blocks of concrete, buildings and similar physical world components standing in the way of change can be simply blown up and trucked away.  A human being who is mentally standing, arms akimbo and saying "you want me to do that?  Try me and see" is much harder to identify and much harder to shift.

As a person who has passionately believed in this country all my life I now find myself reading the words that are being spoken by diverse people, listening to conversations and listening to what is NOT said and I am DEEPLY concerned.

So this article is intended as a technical discussion of some principles that I hold are vital to understanding the dynamics of our lovely country and to charting the future of peace and prosperity that we all so earnestly desire.

I have come to understand that in order to succeeed one must ensure that failure does not happen.

Thus, where I discuss negative aspects or factors that may cause failure it is within this context – the context of an engineer who is passionate about engineering and therefore who is passionate about success being achieved by NOT failing.


2.    Words design and build engineering systems and …

There is a lot of talk these days about nationalizing farms and mines without compensation and other talk that, for many, causes deep discomfort.

What is a farm, a mine, an economy?

An economy is the consequence of a symbiotic interaction between different people with different knowledge and experience, who interact to create value such that there is sufficient value created that the people who created the value have something left for their own enjoyment.

But let us step back a moment.

How does a farm, a mine, a building or a bridge come into existence?

Fundamentally all significant things, technologies and methodologies come into existence through an exchange of ideas between human beings and then an interaction between human beings to make the thing a reality.

A bridge is designed by a person who has the knowledge and experience to identify the need to get to the other side of a river or gorge, communicating that need to someone who knows how to design a bridge.

That person then produces sketches and drawings which are annotated with … well, words, a drawing is valueless without the words and numbers that explain what it is about, what materials are used, what dimensions apply, etc.

The system or structure is painstakingly created by human beings using words to communicate to other human beings what needs to be done – "excavate a rectangular hole, three meters long and two meters wide until you reach bedrock" would be one such instruction.  Design and construction requires a continuous stream of words between human beings who understand the meaning of those words – if I use the word "bedrock" and you do not know what  "bedrock" is we are stuck right there until we find a common understanding that allows you to determine when the hole has reached bedrock.

Mines, like farms and like bridges, are the consequence of symbiotic interaction between human beings using words to conceptualize, design and direct the action of other human beings towards the desired outcome.  Remove the human beings who have the knowledge and experience to operate the mine and we are left with a hole in the ground and infrastructure sold for scrap as in the recent failure of Aurora that was widely reported.





3.    Numbers are very special words

In discussing words it is important to recognize that numbers are actually very special words and symbols – they have very specific meanings.

Engineers constantly use numbers as special words in their communications to indicate dimensions, flow characteristics of fluids, time, etc.  Without numbers engineers do not have a basis to communicate.

Understanding of the quantum significance of a numeric value is fundamental to understanding technology in nearly all cases.

As I prepared to write this article, a newspaper headline stated "at least 40,000 potholes fixed every month in Gauteng since beginning of year" – a mind blowing statistic which I find hard to believe and, if it is correct, a massive indictment of the state of disrepair of roads in Gauteng.  One has to ask whether the person who made that statement had their facts correct or whether perhaps the person who recorded and reported the statistic perhaps made a mistake.  For a technical person who understands roads and road repair that number carries with it all sorts of crisis meaning that is not available to most who read the article without that insight.


4.    Words operate by association

As with the case above, words work by association – "Lion" has no meaning until some basic impartation of knowledge takes place.  "Lion" has a different association if one has seen a poor quality photograph; or if one has studied in detail a book full of close-up photographs and many pages of text; or if one has actually seen lions in a zoo or in a game reserve; and a much greater association if you have been chased by a lion; attacked by a lion; or lost a leg or a loved one in an attack by a lion.

"Bedrock" in the preceding point carries with it different meaning depending on the depth of one's understanding of geology.

"40,000 potholes a month" has a different significance if you actually spend your life repairing potholes.

And, so it goes.

Calling people "thieves" or "criminals" carries with it a particularly unpleasant association and, by association, opens the door to mental pictures of how one might deal with such people.  When this is publicly widely stated and repeatedly reported it triggers negative attitudes in the minds of those who are NOT branded as thieves and criminals and also in the minds of those so branded.  This is particularly so IF they consider the label to be inappropriate or, in fact totally unjust and uncalled for.  This leads to other negative word associations and potentially strong and hostile negative reactions.

Such words are being bandied about in certain quarters and, having been spoken to those they have been applied to, they are increasingly generating very negative responses.  One of those negative responses is that people are leaving, another is that they are mentally "resigning", giving up.  There are other responses as well that are even less desirable.


5.    Words build morale and tear it down, start wars and end wars, define love and destroy love

Words build morale and tear it down.

A very powerful book on building constructive relationships between human beings is "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie -- see Amazon at

It is an excellent book on how to get the best out of people … through the use of constructive and uplifting words.  If you have not read it I heartily recommend it.

It so happens that almost the entire book deals with the words people use towards one another and their attitude in using those words.  Having read the book some years ago I took significant measures to adjust my way of dealing with people and my way of speaking to people.

Words start wars, and end them.

Winston Churchill's stirring oratory "we will fight them on the beaches … we will NEVER surrender" is widely credited with the British Isles fending off the German attack in the Second World War and, at some level, turning the war around resulting in Germany's defeat.

Yes, there were MANY other factors but, were it not for the high level of motivation and morale of the British during those days it is unlikely that they would have survived the onslaught.

Words define love and tear down love.


                Words …

                                Words …

                                                Words are, in a very real sense, the very essence of advanced society and human interaction.

We have a choice every moment of every day to utter words that build up or words that tear down.

And … the harsh reality is that it takes far fewer negative, destructive words to tear down and destroy morale than it takes to build it up.

It takes far fewer words of distrust to destroy trust than it takes to build trust.

And, from where I sit, there are too many negative words being uttered by African people in public life in South Africa today for the good of the nation.  Deteriorating morale is far more prevalent than is healthy.

From where I sit "kill the farmer / Boer" is language I will not accept and will not tolerate.  I have family who farm.  I regularly receive reports of farmers who have been brutally murdered or beaten up.  My entire grounding in language and words tells me there is a solid and unavoidable correlation between the words and the deeds.

I cannot comprehend how anyone who claims to want goodwill in this society can argue for the singing of that song and I even more cannot comprehend how they can talk of appealing the recent Court Order (2011) against singing “shoot the Boer”.

With this context you will see how I find the two video clips above so TOTALLY unacceptable.

We need to speak constructive words over this nation.

We need to SING constructive words over this nation.


6.    "Sorry" one of the  most important words

I have learned over many years that I make mistakes.

And, I have also learned that when I make mistakes the most powerful words are "I recognize that I have … and I want to apologize unreservedly for what I have done" or simply "I am really sorry, please forgive me".

What would it do for the psyche of this nation if those who have insisted on championing "shoot the Boer" were to say "we have realized that these words cause great discomfort to a large number of people, that was not our intention, we are truly sorry for the pain and discomfort we have caused and we apologize unreservedly and commit to never again sing or speak those words"?

Whites NEED to hear this LOUDLY and PUBLICLY from President Jacob Zuma IN PERSON.


7.    "No" another very important word

There is a time to say to someone that what they are doing is unacceptable.

We should NOT have to let things get so out of hand that we are so angry that we are able to mobilize ourselves to say "no".  All that is required when confronted with unacceptable behaviour is to say "I do NOT accept that behaviour, kindly cease at once".  And, surely if the other party is seeking to build relationships, build morale and build a nation they will go out of their way to understand why the other person is upset and to change their behaviour or their words in a constructive manner.

People who do this are ambassadors for peace.

People who go the other way are ambassadors for war as much as they may proclaim alternative agendas.  I think particularly of President Jacob Zuma in the Videos above.

It would NOT be necessary to hold "disciplinary hearings" if leaders said "no" consistently and clearly when behaviour was out of line.

It is people's words more than anything else which direct our behaviour and influence our attitudes.

There is a need to say "no, we will not …" and to be clear about it – either it is government policy to seize farms and mines without compensation or it is not.  Why are we CONSTANTLY fed mixed messages?

If it is not then all that is required is "no, we will not …" and if it is then it is time to be open and honest with all the people of this country.


8.    Silence – a very powerful word

An extension of the previous point – silence.

Some years ago I attended a speaking course on "the nine types of silence in public speaking" which discussed at length, with examples, how silence can be used for emphasis in speaking.

Ever since then I have become intensely aware of silence as an element of communication.  In particular, a long silence will get people's attention and, if too long, will make them uneasy.

So it is in the public arena – when a person in the public eye makes statements that are widely reported, especially when at some level that person purports to represent the powers that be, those who are impacted by those statements pay attention and look for those in power to either confirm or deny the uncomfortable statements.

Ultimately, the harsh reality is that when someone in a high profile position allied to government states that farms and mines will be nationalized and government does not robustly countermand those statements and say "NO" the unavoidable conclusion is that government actually is saying "yes" – there is a saying "a deafening silence" and that is what has accompanied certain public utterances for an uncomfortably long period of time now.

When that person calls whites "criminals and thieves" and there is silence one has to conclude that the leadership of the ANC agree and that rumours that Julius Malema was actually the spokesperson of the ANC to the masses were valid and that it was only when he overstepped the mark and criticized his sponsors that he was disciplined.

People are drawing conclusions, those conclusions are not favourable, and they are taking measures in response.  Reports indicate that well over one million people -- highly skilled and highly educated and therefore highly economically active people, including their families -- have left South Africa since 1994 and indications are that the exodus continues.  A recent report indicates that "800 graduate professionals are leaving South Africa every month".


9.    Words, will determine the success or failure of the South African experiment

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the loss of these people is starting to threaten the technology framework and infrastructure of this rainbow nation, whether in education, in engineering, in … the drain is happening.  Racially flavoured words about "too many …" and "not enough …" are sapping morale and sending a message to many that they are not welcome and should get out while the going is good.

The trillion dollar question is whether the economy of this country can thrive despite this loss – words will determine the outcome.

Other nations go out of their way to attract graduate professionals and business people.  As one of those people I have to say that the message I am consistently receiving from the ruling elite in South Africa is that I am no longer welcome in the country of my birth – I wonder if that really IS the message they want to send?

If not, it is time for course correction, it is time for clear, concise, consistent communication that says that ALL South Africans are welcome and valued in the country of their birth.  Words will make or break this country in the months and years ahead.”

Either President Zuma and the ANC condone the murder of white South Africans or they do not -- all their words and their silences at this point indicate that they DO condone these murders -- they will have to change their language radically and consistently if I am to conclude that they are opposed to these murders.

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Early childhood learning and its impact on South Africa with particular emphasis on the impact on millions of children growing up amidst songs about murdering white South Africans

1.    There is a considerable body of knowledge in both education and psychology that basic personality, approach to life, career, etc are largely formed in the first five (some say seven) years of life – some hold that this period commences from the moment of conception or shortly after this while others hold that it commences at birth – I lean to the former interpretation – seven years from conception.  Note that a foetus incurs negative psychological imprinting when the mother considers abortion or cries because she does NOT want the child, or when the mother is abused.


2.   The moment you become aware of this principle you become aware of a huge gap between the majority of European children entering school and the majority of African children entering school – this fundamentally dictates a different approach to early schooling for children from these two groups.  Apartheid schooling at some level attempted to recognize this.


3.    There is considerable evidence that learning in these first five to seven years has a greater impact on adult conduct, behaviour and achievement than genetics – these factors greatly impact foundational knowledge and experience, emotional and relationship behaviour and career choices.


4.    A child that has grown up speaking a technology capable language, such as English or Afrikaans or any of the other European languages; who has been read to from earliest age; who has played deductive and reasoning games and games that include numeracy and commercial skills; has been exposed to executive level interactions between parents and friends of parents and has traveled widely locally or internationally is well on the way to being a high value add, high contribution, high earnings Citizen.  Most European leaders, executives, etc have such experience.


5.    A child that has grown up in a rough grass hut in an outlying area speaking a language that is NOT technology or commercially viable and without exposure to any of the above is highly unlikely to be able to do anything but menial tasks.  If their early childhood experience also includes a poor work ethic they have little prospect of anything but the most menial employment with NO prospect of being able to create value with what they earn – a huge proportion of African South Africans fall into this category and recent actions by the ANC threaten to make the problem much worse.


When this is coupled to adults singing songs like “shoot the Boer”, distorted stories about European “injustice”, “oppression”, “brought nothing”, “thieves and criminals” and coupled with witchcraft and barbaric rites and rituals we have fertile ground for barbaric murders eventually culminating in a genocidal revolutionary uprising with tens of millions of deaths.

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


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The African "Power-Fear" Culture and its negative consequences for South Africa with particular emphasis on how this helps to drive the white murder rate

1.    In order to understand the destructive behaviour of leaders throughout Africa, and in South Africa in particular, it is vital to understand the “Power-Fear” culture of Africa contrasted with the “Justice or Right-Wrong” culture of Europe – refer to the work of Blankenburgh and others on this topic.


2.    Power-Fear has two dynamics:

a.    Those who are one-down in a hierarchy submit out of fear of the consequences if they step out of line – they may appear to submit willingly but this is NOT necessarily so – accordingly they make good servants and workers most of the time; 

b.    Those who are one-up in a hierarchy exert authority by fear, domination, favour and, at some level fear their subordinates and therefore destroy any who appear to be a threat or who exercise excessive initiative or innovation.  Power-Fear easily explains Robert Mugabe and other African despots.


3.    Once one understands these dynamics African and South African history becomes amenable to understanding, as does the behaviour of the ANC over the last 100 years and the behaviour of President Zuma and his Government today.


4.    As long as African people are down they are generally submissive, cooperative and agreeable and will seldom answer back or argue – we experience them as “nice friendly people” – this is one of the huge dilemmas of Africa – Europeans experience them as nice and when they claim oppression, etc we believe them because they ARE such nice people and according to our paradigm nice people do NOT lie.


5.    Once an African sees him- or herself as being UP and in control a radical change takes place – they become aggressively assertive, unreasonable and DEMAND submission if they are of the opinion you are NOT giving it, whether their knowledge and experience, ability and aptitude earn them that esteem or not.


6.    An African on a peer level is frequently a confusing and schitzophrenic flip-flop mixture of assertiveness and submission making personal relationships difficult across cultural boundries.


7.   Once an African is in a dominant position – as with Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe or Jacob Zuma – they command respect through fear and favour with no regard to ethics, integrity, justice or fair play – right and wrong have no place in their paradigm – either you are for them or against them and if you are a threat you will be removed.  Stories of Mugabe’s opponents meeting with strange motor vehicle accidents are quite common.  There is NO focus on the long term good of society but a self-centred greed based power hunger that dictates behaviour and so the leader who most effectively dominates the Europeans will win in a so-called democracy.  This is a major factor in the removal of President Mbeki as President (too Westernized) and the success of Zuma.


8.    The submission that results from Power-Fear is what causes Africans to hold that Europeans oppress and exploit them – they see that they have given submission grudgingly rather than accepting their responsibility to uplift themselves through their own initiative and effort.  Because they fear the Europeans, they claim that the Europeans are oppressing them.


9.    Justice, right-wrong, truth, integrity are foreign concepts in a Power-Fear culture.  The end justifies the means and lies and deception are acceptable means to achieve the ends of victory – such as Dingaan signing a peace treaty in order to get Piet Retief and his men to lay down their arms so they could be brutally slaughtered without loss of life on the part of Dingaan and his men.


10.  Power-Fear does NOT take prisoners.  The concepts of necessary force, respectful treatment of prisoners of war does NOT feature – losers deserve to die and it is totally contrary to Power-Fear to respect those stupid enough to hand over power voluntarily – they deserve to die.  Power-Fear kills losers in brutal and sadistic ways to send a clear message NOT to oppose the ruler, as in the case of Dingaan having Retief’s men impaled alive on sharpened stakes thrust through their rectums.  Is this the case with the murder and assault of farmers and other Europeans – to send a clear message NOT to oppose the ANC?  It seems possible.  How many of those who have died have, at some level, been foolish enough to express opposition to the ANC?  Eugene Terreblanche certainly died a perverse death for his opposition!.


11.  Note that the correct Power-Fear response to the ANC in earlier days would have been harsh and brutal public executions, not comfortable detention with the opportunity to plot revenge.


12.  Note also that to the extent that it DID occur, harsh Afrikaner treatment of Africans was, in fact, the appropriate Power-Fear response to resistance and insubordination.  In other words an appropriate and valid response by African standards although totally unacceptable by Liberal standards.

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

rather, we are faced with the consequences of centuries of Power-Fear programming and all that accompanies it.


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Lessons from the Treachery of Dingane towards Piet Retief -- Pointers to a culture of treachery and barbaric murder in the context of the African Power-Fear Dynamic


1.    The following account is taken from

“On that cloudless morning, Retief, after saddling up, was asked to report with his men and servants to the parade ground so that the king could wish them farewell. As a mark of respect they were asked to leave their guns outside.

“The Boers, seated on the ground were surrounded by a large group of dancers that performed a long dance, gradually moving away from and towards them. Dingane also joined in but at one point he stopped, raised his arm to absolute silence and shouted again and again ‘Bulalani abathagathi!’ – Kill the wizards!

“The Boers were immediately set upon, each by a dozen warriors and bound. One, who had a pocketknife, managed to dispatch a couple before he succumbed. The whole group, including the thirty servants was dragged, struggling, down the hill, across the stream and up to kwaMatiwane where they were clubbed or skewered to death. Retief was the last to die and had to witness the death of his comrades and of his son. After he was put to death, his heart and liver were removed and presented to the king.”

2.    There is NO dispute that a treaty WAS signed – there were other Europeans present.

3.    There is NO dispute amongst diverse sources that Dingaan put Retief and his party to death.

4.    There is NO dispute that most died an agonizing death with sharpened stakes thrust into their abdomens through their anuses.  Some say that they were subsequently disembowelled while still alive.

5.    Apologists for Dingaan say they were killed because they offended against Tribal Customs and seem to suggest that Retief should have known better and that somehow it was his fault that over 10,000 armed men brutally killed 70 who had laid down their arms in good faith – symptomatic of a syndrome where from a Liberal perspective it is ALWAYS the white mans fault.

6.     All agree that Dingaan proclaimed them to be Wizards (Tagati).

7.   Some Apologists for Dingaan DENY the existence of a Peace Treaty made before the slaughter while Afrikaners claim that the document was found on Retief’s dehydrated corpse some time later – see below:




A key conclusion from this incident is that some (many?) Africans have NO qualms about breaking a treaty when it suits them and that, accordingly, Jacob Zuma leading his leaders and tens of thousands in singing “shoot the Boer” may reasonably be seen as a clear statement of intent – Zuma has, after all, descended from the same tribe as Dingaan and has, allegedly, vowed to “avenge Blood River”.  So why should we doubt that this IS his intention?


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Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship -- Central to Understanding the Dynamics of African behaviour and how witchcraft is making a significant contribution to the white murder rate (and possibly Rhino murders as well)


1.    Most Europeans and Christians discount witchcraft as “old wives tales” – it is NOT.


2.    Witchcraft in Africa is an extremely potent force which we need to understand given that President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, publicly engages in Witchcraft and Ancestor worship with the full cooperation of the ANC leadership.

The image below expressly shows President Zuma engaging in Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship with a view to securing his re-election.  I am NOT saying that this was definitive or that he secured the position through Witchcraft.  I AM saying it is a powerful indication of where he considers his constituency to lie – he is clearly NOT worried about what religious and particularly Christian, Europeans think but he IS interested in what the great majority of ancestor worshipping, witchcraft practising Africans have to think and he has, correctly, identified these people as his target market.  And the ANC leadership clearly agree with him.  This highlights one of the great errors of trying to introduce democracy and majority rule in a country where the majority of the population are primative -- one gets what the majority considers appropriate.

Image from:



3.    These are people who still regard it as appropriate to impale a man alive on a wooden stake driven through his anus and then rip his guts out as he screams in agony, as was done to Retief’s men.  These are people who consider any promise made to the white man as expedient only as long as it serves their purpose of Power-Fear domination, as with Dingaan and Retief – for “Peace Treaty” read “Constitution”.


4.    It is important to understand that African tribal people believe in Witchcraft at extreme levels.  Many believe that Witchcraft can render them invincible and this is, at some level, behind the massacre at Blood River where wave after wave of Zulu warriors fell on a near perfect defensive position and were mown down.  Interestingly it is alleged that this was at play at Sharpville AND recently at Marikana. 


5.    The eating or other use of human body parts is an integral part of witchcraft and human sacrifice, killing of humans in some form or other is integral to progressing to the higher ranks of Witchdoctors.  The brutality of farm and other murders of whites in South Africa are certainly, at some significant level, associated with witchcraft and it is quite possible that the majority of murders are performed towards witchcraft goals.


6.    To contextualize these comments, I have had personal experience of a situation in which an anointed and prophetic believer in the Almighty was attacked by a massive demonic presence that twice caused them to die and leave their body.

It was only through the concerted prayers of three others that the person concerned was brought back to life and reported being attacked by a massive demonic presence, Molech, one of the most powerful demonic gods on the planet and one directly associated with human sacrifice.  This demon had been mobilized by African Witchdoctors in the area where the attack took place.  As much as you may be sceptical, I ask you to consider the possibility that there are things you do NOT understand.


7.    African people use Witchdoctors to curse Europeans and many Afrikaner families in particular are under strong witchcraft curses – it is not uncommon for such a family to regularly, generation by generation, lose a first born child or have children involved in serious accidents at a certain age.  These curses can be cut but it requires recognition of their reality followed by the relevant prayers by a knowledgeable believer with the necessary authority to deal with this.


8.    Witchcraft can generate frenzied hostility and blood lust towards opponents, for example at Blood River wave upon wave stormed to certain death fuelled by witchcraft rites that may well have included promises of being invisible to the Boers or immune to Boer weapons.


9.    Witchcraft can be associated with brutal, barbaric and sadistic killings, rape, etc and can include hacking out of body parts, including hacking out the jawbone as was done to security guards at Lonmin in the run-up to the Marikana shooting – see below.

The following came to me by email:



10. It is quite possible that many of the killings of Rhinoceros in 2012 (over 600) were associated with witchcraft in South Africa, possibly even with ANC / Presidential approval, hence the inability of the South African Police Service to make any material impact on the situation. 



11. The bottom line, we have a President and a Government that publicly resorts to witchcraft and ancestor worship.  Inherently this means that they at least condone and, quite possibly, actively support the witchcraft rites referred to above, including murder.

Given that virtually all Europeans are ignorant of this dimension, and most do not even believe witchcraft exists, and given that the demonic energy that is kindled by 20,000 murders a year is immense, it is appropriate to recognize that there are things happening in South Africa which give cause for GREAT CONCERN.

There is a need for massive international pressure on the African National Congress and the South African Government, particularly President Jacob Zuma to end the bloodshed.  This needs to be backed up by massive prayer action -- refer to for further discussion of the need for prayer to change the situation.


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If you are alarmed -- turn to the Creator

If you have a settled conviction that there IS a Creator and that He DOES want a personal relationship with us and is able to protect and deliver us then this section is for you

If you do NOT believe there is a Creator or that He acts for His people in this age then this section is NOT for you

A few days before the Almighty asked me to write the book that forms the basis of this website He gave me a very comprehensive message about the spiritual situation in South Africa which I distributed to my Ministry Mailing List

This article goes into some detail about the present spiritual situation, from the specific point of view of believers and particularly Afrikaans believers in South Africa.  The article also sets out measures that might be taken through prayer, fasting and supplication to turn the situation in South Africa around WITHOUT violence. 

South Africa -- Fast and Pray -- (President Zuma Declares War on Europeans)

This message was originally issued on 12 December 2012

The message remains valid with the exception of the deadline for 16th December 2012 which was NOT met.  It appears that Jacob Zuma AGAIN led the ANC in singing “shoot the Boer on Sunday 16th December 2012 but, irrespective, this does NOT change this message

the Almighty is STILL calling on His people to turn to Him and seek him with prayers, supplication and fasting

If you think that the essence of this message is valid please forward to all and other believers, particularly Afrikaners, who you think will respond to the call of the Almighty.

In two previous messages I have written about the incident on 8 January 2012 at the ANC Centenary Celebration where Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa and of the ANC, led the singing of a song in which he declared that, amongst other things, the Cabinet would lead the shooting of Boers with machine guns.

Thousands of his followers, including Cabinet members, joined in the singing of this song refer

The Almighty, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth {commonly incorrectly referred to as God, The LORD and Jehovah} states that in terms of the laws of the Spiritual Realm, on that day Zuma formally declared the official policy of the ANC to destroy the (European) in South Africa.

Zuma has also said at another time that it is his intention to “avenge Blood River” and for this reason, and because of the public ancestor worship of Zuma and the ANC on 6 January 2012 and at other times, the Almighty has declared that He is AGAINST Zuma and the ANC.

The Almighty states that although it will appear as a genocidal race war the war is, in fact, between those who seek to serve the Almighty and those who serve Satan through ancestor worship and witchcraft.  Eventually all People of European, Asian and Middle Eastern descent will be destroyed together with all those from the rest of Africa and, ultimately, nearly all non-Zulu people in South Africa.

The Almighty states that this agenda will NOT be overcome by force of arms and that if the people referred to above do NOT want to be destroyed their only options are to leave the country or to turn and humble themselves and turn to the Almighty in deep repentance and prayer and fasting at a level that has not

Read more at 


Do NOT Impute Motive -- Judge NOT -- The ANC does NOT have a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans -- Repentance

This article presents a correction of an underlying theme that pervades the first edition of the book and the website, namely a belief that the ANC has a formal hidden agenda to kill and destroy Europeans.  The Almighty has corrected and rebuked me severely and instructed me that this is NOT the case and that what is happening is an unintended consequence that the ANC is unable to cognitively correlate with their words and deeds -- this correction is to be applied to the entire book and website as time permits -- I herewith apologize unreservedly to those who have been hurt or offended by my false accusation and ask for forgiveness and state as follows:

It is now my understanding that the ANC DOES NOT have an agenda to kill or destroy Europeans.  They genuinely do NOT understand the impact or consequences of what they are singing and doing.  Such songs have been part of African culture for centuries in the same way that methods of killing that bring death through protracted agony and torment in order to discourage opposition have been part of African culture for centuries.  They truly do NOT see anything wrong with these songs or this conduct.

All that has happened in South Africa in recent years is that the restraining forces of European laws and culture and associated immediate and harsh retribution that was restraining this behaviour have been progressively withdrawn and Africans have reverted to the only cultural norms that the vast  majority of Africans know, in other words a culture of "kill or be killed".

This is compounded by the reality that early childhood experience through culture, language, songs and tradition imprint this behaviour as an integral component of African Power-Fear culture

There is therefore NO foundation for cognitive and deductive cause and effect reasoning to identify that the extremely high rate of murder of Europeans is wrong or in any way correlates with the words and deeds of the ANC leadership and others.  The ANC truly believes that "struggle songs are ONLY songs".

This situation is further compounded by a genetic African "survival of the fittest" selection process over many centuries whereby those who could most aggressively and effectively defend themselves by brutalizing, terrorising and murdering their opponents and those who did NOT challenge or contest their rulers survived whereas those who showed compassion and respect for life and who challenged the status quo were put to death without any room for mercy.

The consequence of this genetic selection process in Africa over centuries is that the majority of Africans truly lack the cognitive and deductive reasoning ability to recognize the consequences of their actions with the result that they truly naively believe and in childlike simplicity see nothing wrong with what they are doing and see all criticism as evidence of malintent.

This cultural and genetic imprint clashes directly with the Justice (right-wrong), compassion, respect for life, believe the best of all men imprint of Europeans.

Similar comments apply to the highly destructive economic actions that the ANC Government is constantly engaging in -- they sincerely do NOT see anything wrong with what they are doing and are unable to correlate the progressive deterioration in the economy with what they are doing and therefore see all criticism as hostile and malevolent.

The bottom line of this analysis is that the ONLY way the killing will end is with a massive International outcry and economic sanctions much more intense than that which brought an end to Apartheid and those who champion such action must understand that they will be regarded as enemies of the state and objects for immediate and tortured elimination.

Such an International outcry will, in turn, only come about through an effective and sustained Public Relations and communication campaign and this, in turn, will only be possible IF the Europeans of South Africa deal with their OWN sins and STOP judging the Africans and deal only with facts such as "the murder rate is excessive and needs to be stopped".  Deep repentance and continuous supplication supported by regular prayer and fasting by LARGE numbers of people on a sustained basis over many years will be required to turn the situation around.  Resorting to violence and armed revolt will NOT accomplish the desired outcome.  Refer to for detailed discussion of what is required

 The counterpoint to this is that the motive of Afrikaner Europeans was ALSO not the motive imputed to them by the ANC and the Western world.

Wrapping up -- Toxic ANC Leadership songs that promise destruction to Europeans

The topic of the songs sung by President Zuma and the related psychological, learning, cultural issues that are driving the murder rate are discussed in detail

Whatever the intent of President Zuma and the ANC generally it is apparent that even one incident of singing of these songs will imprint messages in the minds of the listeners, and particularly young and impressionable listeners, that it is entirely acceptable in the eyes of the President of South Africa, his Cabinet and the leaders of the ANC in general to kill whites -- the psychology is rock solid and highly toxic and is clearly supported by the extreme murder rate

See also for an in-depth analysis of the murder situation

This webpage has presented a consolidated view of murderous songs of the ANC Leadership which correlate directly with the statistics that show that South Africa has the highest murder rate in the World.  The psychodynamics, cultural and other factors are impacted by these songs and that are driving this extreme murder rate are discussed.

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The only thing that is going to bring this murder and these songs to an end is a massive international outcry that forces the South African ANC Government to change its attitude, LOUDLY and CONTINUOUSLY declare murder to be unacceptable and bring back the DEATH PENALTY for murder

Coupled to this is a major need for Fasting and Prayer and for all who care to turn to the Almighty in an unprecedented manner

Please do all that YOU can do towards bringing this terrible situation to an end

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If this horrifying situation is to end we need as many people as possible to reach as many decision makers and decision influencers as possible, again and again and again until the international outcry is so great that the ANC has no option but to take the necessary measures to end the murders, rapes and assaults and their other excessive activities against us

Thank you for your time

Concerned South African

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Do NOT Impute Motive

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda on behalf of the ANC to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

The counterpoint to this is that the motive of Afrikaner Europeans was ALSO not the motive imputed to them by the ANC and the Western world


One Hundred Thousand challenged to seek the Almighty Creator at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013

This website evidences the impending utter destruction of South Africa and challenges those who can grasp the seriousness of the situation to come before the Almighty in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013 to cry out for deliverance -- see page

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If you have NOT seen this YOU need to!

President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, leads the ANC Leadership and tens of thousands of ANC supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" in Bloemfontein on 8th January 2012 -- it appears that he may well have done this AGAIN on 16th December 2012

If you have NOT seen this you NEED to

This violates his Oath of Office, the Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment

The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

This website and the book that is available for free download here discuss this and many other unpleasant facts that point to some very unpleasant conclusions about the direction that South Africa is going

You can download the video from

or from

Please take some time to engage with the content

The ONLY way that Jacob Zuma and the ANC can reverse this is by a widely broadcast public apology by Zuma and his top ANC Cabinet members broadcast on all TV and Radio Channels and many newspapers and CONCRETE action to bring a halt to ending white murders -- in my mind that requires that the Death Penalty is reinstated

Visit for further toxic songs and further commentary


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Conclusion – The Essence of my Views on South Africa


Fast and Pray -- Some Spiritual Considerations


Follow up -- Developments after completing the book


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