the EXTREME rate of murders of Whites (people of European descent) in South Africa with reports indicating over sixty nine thousand since 1994


Summary of this page regarding the extreme murder rate of white South Africans

As I prepared to launch this webpage I agonized over the level of explicit detail to include

After dinner with some people we had not seen for some time we were discussing the book and the website and one of those present shared a murder that had taken place not long before with NO publicity -- elderly man tied up while his wife was repeatedly raped and assaulted before his eyes and while his teeth were pulled out one by one with pliers until he eventually died as a consequence of the trauma!

Given that the event was so totally horrible I was struck subsequently how I did NOT engage with the topic at all -- in fact I hardly recalled any of the detail that was shared -- my whole upbringing did NOT want to engage with this, I subsconsciously was trying to shut it out!

There are so many of these reports and yet they get almost no publicity -- the occasional murder is reported -- the twelve year old boy who witnessed his father hacked to death with knives and machettes and his mother repeatedly raped before he was forced face down into a bath filled with boiling water and drowned -- imagine the trauma and the terrible pain

The elderly couple wrapped in plastic bags and burned with a hot iron until they die in torment after the woman has been repeatedly raped in front of her helpless husband

etc, etc, etc

Consider the following images


One of the factors that triggered me to write the eBook "South Africa -- The REAL Issues" and create this website was the realization that the level of murder of people of European descent ("whites") in South Africa was FAR higher than I had realized

I had known for years that the murder rate was running at about 20,000 per annum but I was firmly convinced that this was almost entirely black on black violence

When I found myself at which reported that the level of white murders in South Africa had topped the 68,800 mark since 1994 I was shocked


When I visited I encountered the following statistics:

-- 200 murders per 100,000 white farmers per annum

-- 100 murders per 100,000 whites per annum overall -- assuming approximately 5 million whites translates to 5,000 white murdered per annum -- would translate to about 95,000 whites murdered in the last 19 years IF the rate has been constant which it appears is NOT the case, the white murder rate appears to be increasing

Recent reports indicate the murder rate has increased markedly in early 2013

-- 40 murders per 40,000 mixed race (coloured) and Asian people per annum

-- 30 murders per 100,000 African (black) people per annum of which a significant number are apparently Xenophobic attacks on Africans from outside the borders of South Africa so the murder rate of South African Africans is materially lower than that of others

Note that the fact that this website focusses on white murders does not mean that I think the murders of other races are not important rather that by focussing on white murders which are the most extreme we will create pressure to end all murders

Likewise I have not addressed the extremely bad rape and assault situation


These statistics are complicated by the fact that the ANC Government claims that it no longer records race based statistics with regard to murder with the result that the available statistics come from unamed sources with the impression being created that the statistics DO in fact exist and that secret informers are extracting them -- trouble is that the numbers do not all agree with one claim suggesting that the number of white murders is around 30,000 rather than the more widely reported 68,800 plus.  One report claims that at least 12 white farmers were murdered in January 2013 suggesting an increase in the rate of such murders.


The accounts are there for those who have eyes to see -- beaten, raped, burning plastic dripped on bound victims till they die in agony, elderly women suffocated by having pages from their bibles rammed down their throats, etc, etc

The theme of extreme sadistic torture, people dying from the intense pain of their torment, rape, etc is a theme that permeates the reports of these murders -- these are NOT just people shot in cold blood -- these are people condemned to die in the most horrific ways imaginable while their tormentors take pleasure in their agony!

Some of the themes, like the molten plastic, bound with plastic bags and burned with hot electric irons occur again and again -- is it one gang or is this passed on as recommended method or is there some formal agenda behind some group that is teaching these methogs?  Without massive international intervention we will never know!

Compounding the situation, people are afraid to talk, afraid that if they do the attackers will be back for the survivors for the Police seldom make an arrest, if an arrest is made the suspects will generally escape -- it is rumoured with the help of friendly police officers, if they make it to court the records are likely to be such a mess that the case will be struck off the roll and, in the event of a conviction, they are likely to be released soon to relieve the pressure on the grossly overcrowded prisons -- so the families, friends, neighbours and workers dare not talk for fear of meeting the same end!  Is this why the newspapers are so quiet -- are they scared that if they report the truth they, too, may fall victim to a tortured end? describes my feelings and, I am sure the feelings of many European South Africans

The realization that the white murder rate was MUCH higher than the African (black) rate AND that the murder rate of mixed race and Asian people was higher than the black murder rate was EXTREMELY SOBERING

These statistics correlate with United Nations intentional homicide (murder) figures globally that indicate a murder rate of 4.8 per 100,000 per annum overall for the United States and 1.2 per 100,000 per annum for the United Kingdom.  Most European countries are in the latter ballpark -- refer Wikipedia at

These statistics report the South African murder rate at 31.8 pre 100,000 per annum overall which adds credence to the figures above.

The regional statistics, below, show Southern Africa as the region with the highest murder rate on the ENTIRE PLANET

Note also that notwithstanding the horrendous murder rate of white farmers in South Africa the South African Police Service CEASED to report race based statistics in 2007 and so the figures above are uncertain -- overall white murder statistics are ALSO not available -- one has to question the agenda of a government which ceases reporting statistics which are clearly demonstrating that South Africa is a dangerous place for European people (whites) to live 

This is compounded by the South African Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa who claims that the murder rate of farmers is NOT a cause for concern which MUST cause one to question whether the ANC has a formal secret agenda to murder farmers in particular and whites in general or else is incapable of the rational thought necessary to grasp the magnitude of the problem


From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


Analysing the UN figures we find that the HIGHEST overall murder rate in the world is in Honduras at 91.6 per 100,000 per annum which leads one to conclude that the white South African murder rate of roughly 100 per 100,000 per annum and the white South African farmer murder rate of 200 per 100,000 per annum are the HIGHEST IN THE WORLD and there is therefore a reasonable basis to the claims that are being made in certain quarters that we are facing white genocide in South Africa as strongly suggested in a number of quarters, most notably by the international agency Genocide Watch


See also

It is vital to note that this extreme murder rate is occurring in a country that is being portrayed to the outside world as a bastion of democracy and peaceful transformation.

The above shocking white murder rate figures for South Africa were brought into sharp focus for me as our discovery of these statistics was a DIRECT consequence of becoming aware of President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, leading tens of thousands of ANC supporters, including the ANC leadership, in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" at the ANC Centenary celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa (Mangaung) on 8 January 2012 -- refer:         note that it is alleged that all whites, except card carrying ANC members, were barred from this meeting -- it was therefore a CLOSED meeting by a supposedly democratic political party.

Notice in the video a large number of Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) ANC members in MILITARY UNIFORM dancing in the front -- these soldiers have supposedly been integrated into the South African National Defense Force and have NO BUSINESS being present at a political rally in uniform unless there is a militaristic intent.

The psychology of words is intense and a mass gathering singing songs of this nature is raising the temperature in terms of the intention to commit murder and also in terms of sending a strong message that it is ACCEPTABLE to the President of South Africa and the Leadership of the ANC to kill white people.

It is an act of great ignorance or an act of great cynicism to suggest that the singing of this song and others by the President of South Africa is NOT correlated with the Genocidally high white murder rate.

The significance of words is discussed in more detail in a subsequent section on this webpage.

A child growing up with these songs ringing in their ears WILL have a message imprinted on their young consciousness that murder of whites IS acceptable and even desirable given that even the President of South Africa leads tens of thousands of his supporters in the ANC in singing these murderous songs.

Note that the subsequent "settlement" in terms of which the ANC undertook to stop singing these songs does NOT in any meaningful way neutralize the massive psychological imprinting associated with the event portrayed in the video -- a massive and sustained high profile communication campaign showing President Zuma speaking against the murder of whites is required to do that.

The impact of early childhood learning is discussed in a subsequent section on this webpage.

Further examination of the UN intentional homicide (murder) statistics indicates that the countries with the highest murder rates are nearly all in Central America in countries with high African populations and in Africa suggesting a strong correlation between gratuitous violence and murder and African descent and culture.  Note that the USA figure is about four times the UK figure, reflecting the higher African population.

Further consideration of African culture indicates a set of values that have been summarized as "Power--Fear" -- these values contrast with the Justice or "Right-Wrong" culture of Europeans.

Consideration of experience throughout Africa shows that an integral part of Power-Fear is the oppression of opponents through murder, torture, mutilation, etc and it seems clear that an element of what is taking place in South Africa today is systematic intimidation of white South Africans through brutal murders and assaults -- see further discussion on this topic in a subsequent section on this page.

Many white South Africans today are SCARED to discuss these things, let alone to write about them or publish articles about them -- there is a CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE driven through fear.  People are scared to even write about the incidents because that potentially opens up survivors and relatives to attack.

In 1838 the Zulu king Dingaan entered into a peace treaty with one Piet Retief, a European settler (Afrikaner).  Once the treaty was signed, Retief and his men were persuaded to lay down their arms in order to enter into a celebration.  The party were then seized and summarily murdered brutally and barbarically -- most of the men were thrust through while alive with sharpened wooden stakes thrust into their anuses and left to die in agony, some were apparently disembowelled (alive) while writhing in agony on these stakes.

Retief was forced to watch his men being executed before being clubbed to death and some of his organs hacked out of his body to present to Dingaan.

Consideration of this treachery has to raise questions as to whether this same tactic has been followed in South Africa over the last twenty plus years to get the whites to lay down their arms so that their possesions can be plundered and they can be murdered at the convenience of the ruling South African king (President Zuma).

An analysis of the Dingaan-Retief incident is presented in a subsequent section on this webpage -- notice that prior to this particular incident it was the regular practice of Dingaan to put to death any person that he considered to be a threat and one has to ask to what extent a similar mindset is not behind at least some of the murders that are giving rise to the statistics reported above.

There appear to be grounds to conclude that many of the murders are of whites who at some time have given some black person cause to take offense with retribution taking the form of brutal, barbaric and sadistic murders -- most of the murders are NOT associated with material theft.

Another element of the South African situation is the prevalence of witchcraft in African society -- a recent report shows President Jacob Zuma, President of what was at one stage the 27th largest economy in the world, dancing around in animal skins and engaging in a witchcraft rite with a view to being re-elected as president


  On 6th January 2012 the leaders of the ANC, led by President Zuma, offered animal sacrifices to the ancestors, another act of witchcraft -- this, too, is discussed in more detail in a section further down this webpage.

In seeking to understand this situation it is important to recognize that barbaric murder of whites by blacks in South Africa goes back to the earliest days after the European settlers, moving into South Africa from the south, encountered the Bantu Africans moving into South Africa from the north.

A sober consideration of the underlying rationale of the South African policy of separateness (Afrikaans Apartheid) shows that a significant part of Afrikaner thinking was to keep Africans (blacks) away from Europeans (whites) in order to help control the extreme murder rate that existed even in those days -- this policy was badly conceived and badly executed and gave rise to massive international approprium -- see discussion on Apartheid further down this webpage.

There has been massive bad press for white South Africans for many decades and it is time that the scales were balanced to at least give white South Africans some basis for an expectation of safety in an economy that they built from scratch.

The bottom line conclusion with regard to all the above is that South Africans of European descent, so-called "white" South Africans, are in severe danger, that there is a level of murder that makes claims of Genocide valid, and that there appears to be a possibility that this is intentional.

It is vital that this information is shared as widely around the world as possible and that all people of European descent -- by which i mean ALL of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc -- stand together to raise the alarm with a view to generating high profile international condemnation of the attrocities that are taking place, largely in secret, in South Africa -- further suggestions with regard to possible courses of action are presented at the bottom of this webpage.

Lower down you will find a link to a list of approximately 300 newspaper editors around the world with email addresses -- please email them and appeal to them to undertake the necessary investigations and expose the truth.

If you have contacts with political parties in any of the abovementioned countries please email them about this, if you have any other influential contacts, such as in the United Nations, etc please notify them -- it is only by intense and persistent communication that the pressure can be generated to turn this situation around.

Please share this webpage with as many people as possible if you are concerned at the information presented here.


Contents of the rest of this webpage


-- The extreme level of murder of white South Africans and related crimes

-- President Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, sings of murdering white people

-- Words -- harder than concrete -- why singing songs of murdering white South Africans gives rise to murder of those people

-- The impact of early childhood learning and experience -- why the singing of these songs is creating a generation that believes it is acceptable to murder white South Africans

-- The African Power-Fear culture and how this makes the murder of white South Africans acceptable and necessary

-- The treachery of Dingaan towards Piet Retief -- a South African case study of "make peace in order to make murder more convenient"

-- The role of African witchcraft in the level of white murders in South African possibly including the Rhino poaching epidemic

-- What was Apartheid really? -- a major element of the motivation for Apartheid was to create space between white and black South Africans with a view to controlling the rate of murders of white South Africans

-- Summing up -- what to do? -- what can YOU do about the extreme white murder rate in South Africa?



From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer



The extreme level of murder of white South Africans and related crimes

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Analysis of information relating to the extremely high level of murders of white (European) South Africans

A major factor in my decision to write this book was my increasing awareness of the extreme level of extremely sadistic, brutal and barbaric murders of South African Europeans and particularly South African European (white) farmers which, according to my understanding of Psychology, directly correlates with the singing of so-called “struggle songs” such as “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” by Jacob Zuma and others.

Following are some comments on this:

1.   One report claims over 68,800 murders since 1994, another claims 30,000 -- we do NOT know and the statistics are either being concealed or are NOT recorded



2.   Over 3,000 farm murders and 10,000 farm assaults since 1994 -- another report says over 4,000 murders of South African European (white) farmers

The website lists many detail the murders and assaults on farmers.  If you start searching you will find that there are too many independent reports for these claims to be false.

Consider the following from



3.    Rapes of South African White men in Police Custody on False Charges

The above website also makes reference to South African white men being arrested, often on false charges, and thrown into police cells with gangs of black inmates, frequently HIV positive, who gang rape the victims.  Again these claims are too frequent to all be false.  The suggestion is that this is a hidden police agenda supported by the ANC for dealing with whites who offend.


4.    Coloured and Asian Murders also Extreme

The following image, from the same website, indicates that the murder rate amongst blacks is MUCH lower than the murder rate amongst whites, coloureds and Asians:


This suggests that more than half of ALL murders in South Africa are whites!  The white population is about 4.5 million against about 40 million blacks.

Note that the murder rate in Britain is 1.2 per 100,000 and in the USA it is 4.8 – massively less than the white rate reported above – consider 1.2 versus 200 (0.6%) – clearly the South African white farmer murder rate is close to being the highest, if not the highest in the world.

The following statistics come from Wikipedia relating to global intentional homicide:

From this page the following data has been extracted which indicates that the murder rate in South Africa OVERALL is 31.8 per 100,000 population per annum totalling over 15,500 which puts South Africa at 16th highest murder rate out of 207 countries.


Contrast this with Britain with a murder rate of just 1.2 per 100,000, 1% of the 200 per 100,000 reported above for European South Africans – this paints a STARK picture.

Notice that at this LOW murder rate Britain is still 40th lowest – in other words there are 39 countries with a LOWER murder rate than this low British figure – notice that both Germany and France, also source countries for South African Europeans are LOWER.  There is therefore a STRONG basis to suggest that Europeans are NOT murderous.

Contrast this with the map of the world higher up and one has to conclude that Africans ARE murderous.

This is corroborated by the Regional Summary on the same webpage which indicates that Southern Africa has the HIGHEST murder rate in the world.


5.    South African Police Service does NOT keep Racial Statistics

It is claimed that the South African Police Services does NOT keep racial statistics and that it is therefore impossible to validate these numbers officially.  This ensures that the horrible bias against South African Europeans (whites) is concealed, again raising the question as to whether the murders are intentional ANC policy.  Until a few weeks before writing this book I had believed that the majority of murders were of Africans by Africans!  I was horrified when my research found the statistics reported above.


6.    South Africa listed on “Genocide Watch”

Are you aware that South Africa is listed on “Genocide Watch”?

A clear indication that at least some people internationally view the situation as serious -- BUT not nearly enough people know how serious the situation is -- that is the goal of this website and that goal will be achieved if YOU tell other people about this information!



7.    Murder is an Important Satanic and Witchcraft means of Gaining Power

It is important to note that in both Satanism and Witchcraft, murder and ritual sacrifice is an important way of gaining spiritual power over opponents.  In order to progress in the hierarchies or ranks of these secret orders murders are a requirement.

The release of power that follows is NOT imaginary, demons are strengthened and the killers gain standing and authority in the Satanic spirit realm.


8.    Direct Manifestation of “Struggle Songs”

These murders and assaults are a direct manifestation of the so-called “struggle songs” which the ANC was still singing in Bloemfontein in December 2012 – they give a verbal command, create a spiritual energy and give a mandate to would be killers.  Note that frequently not much is stolen, the purpose is sadistic assault and murder FIRST AND FOREMOST.


9.    Intimidation to drive Europeans out

There can be no doubt that these actions are intended to drive Europeans off the farms and at the same time gain spiritual power over them.


10.  ANC Policy?

Faced with Jacob Zuma singing “The Cabinet will kill the Boer with machine guns” together with the leadership of the ANC and tens of thousands of followers one MUST conclude that these murders are OFFICIAL ANC secret policy and that the new legislation to promote secrecy is designed to allow this and similar agendas to be pursued with more vigour.


From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


President Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, sings of murdering white people


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President Jacob Zuma leads the Leadership of the ANC and tens of thousands of ANC Supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" on Sunday 8 January 2012

President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, recently returned to power with a landslide majority, leads the ANC Leadership and tens of thousands of ANC supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" in at the ANC Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein (Mangaung), South Africa, on 8th January 2012 -- it appears that he may well have done this AGAIN on 16th December 2012 despite an undertaking NOT to continue with these songs.

If you have NOT seen this you NEED to!!

This violates President Zuma's Oath of Office, the South African Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment.

The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here...

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song.

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (in excess of 68,800 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn.

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

This website and the book that is available for free download here discuss this and many other unpleasant facts that point to some very unpleasant conclusions about the direction that South Africa is going.

Consider also the case of a disaffected worker or former worker or servant, hearing the President of South Africa publicly declare  that he will lead the Cabinet in shooting whites such a disaffected individual surely concludes that they have a licence to kill!  Couple this to a harsh attitude, at least partially driven by fear, on the part of many whites and you have an explosive mixture -- see

You can download the video of Jacob Zuma leading the ANC singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" from

or from

Please take some time to engage with the content.

The ONLY way that Jacob Zuma and the South African African National Congress can reverse this is by a widely broadcast public apology by President Zuma and his top ANC Cabinet members broadcast on all TV and Radio Channels and many newspapers and CONCRETE action to bring a halt to ending white murders -- in my mind that requires that the Death Penalty is reinstated -- such retractions will have to be broadcast for YEARS before the psychological imprinting is reversed.

This video was sourced from 51wildebees at and, at the time of this writing in February 2013 this channel had been viewed by over 85,000 people, giving some indication of the level of interest...

Note that the comments on Australian Television by ANC Minister Lulu Xingwana attributing murder to Afrikaner Calvanist beliefs is one more example of ANC hate speech and radically false statements directed at turning world approprium towards European South Africans.  These incidents can only inflame black on white violence further.



From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

President Jacob Zuma vows to reclaim the South African economy from Europeans after the meeting is opened with Goose Stepping Umkhonto we Sizwe SOLDIERS -- he subsequently leads the ANC delegates and leaders in singing "Bring me my machine gun" Umshini Wam

Note the following:

Goose stepping soldiers of the African National Congress's private army (Umkhonto we Sizwe -- meaning the SPEAR of the Nation -- notice the spear in the logo of the ANC in front of the podium -- surely this speaks to killing and murder?) opening a meeting of a so-called political party -- a clear indication of militaristic and violent intent

Zuma says that "the ownership of the economy is still primarily in the hands of white males" -- refer to article for a discussion of who created this economy and read other sections of this website to understand why it is that Europeans created and drive the economy and why it is that driving Europeans (whites) out of the economy will destroy it

In particular see: -- the principles of creating wealth -- the 2% of any European population who are able to create wealth and the almost total absence of this aptitude amongst Africans -- the different and conflicting definitions of wealth between Europeans and Africans -- how is prosperity created -- a discussion of what IS an economy? -- 10 concrete things the ANC is doing to destroy the South African economy

Many other pages on this website explain the fundamentals of economics as they apply to the South African economy and the manner in which the ANC Government, led by President Jacob Zuma are destroying it

Reference to a "second transition" -- in other hands driving whites out of the South African economy

Banner committing to "next hundred years of selfless struggle" -- refer to article on the false premise on which the ANC is founded

See also’s.aspx

Ends with Zuma leading the ANC in singing Umshini Wami "bring my my machine gun"


Above link from

Source -- AFP (Agence France Presse) 

The Lyrics of this song are:

Umshini Wam’, mshini wam -- I want my machine gun
Khawuleth’umshini wam -- Bring my machine gun
Umshini Wam’ we baba -- My machine gun my father
Khawuleth’umshini wam -- Bring my machine gun
Umshini Wam’ we baba -- My machine gun my father

Khawuleth’umshini wam -- Bring my machine gun
Khawuleth’umshini wam -- Bring my machine gun

Wen’uyangibambezela -- You waste my time
Khawuleth’umshini wam -- Bring my machine gun

Khawuleth’umshini wam -- Bring my machine gun 


People use maching guns for intimidating and killing people, I really cannot see that this song has anything other than murderous intent, presumably towards opponents and, seen in the context of the song above, towards South Africans of European descent.

Words -- Harder than Concrete and seriously energizing the murderous mindset that is giving rise to the murder of huge numbers of white South Africans

The following piece was written over a year ago for publication by a South African professional Journal but was declined because it was viewed as too racially contentious.  It is relatively upbeat about possible solutions and I have to say that my view has become considerably more pessimistic about South Africa in the subsequent year.

The basic principles remain valid however as they relate to the fundamental psychology of human beings and the role of words in this psychology.

I have previously addressed a number of issues which are potentially impacting the success of the South African experiment.  An experiment in peaceful regime change that caught the imagination of many around the world.  An experiment that continues to be monitored.  In this piece I will look at another facet of what is absolutely vital to the success of the "rainbow nation" --  language --  words -- psychology:


1.    An early hard lesson – words and psychology are harder than concrete

When I started out doing what I do today, I was of the opinion that psychology was "for sissies" – I was an engineer, I KNEW how to design things that worked, "the soft issues", psychology, were "fluff and stuff" that I did not need to know about.

As I entered the world of non-tangible projects I walked "slap bang" into a series of projects in which I discovered that, in fact, psychology, and the words that create psychology, were harder than concrete.

A person who has adopted a mental position or stance and is resisting change or refusing to change is much more difficult to identify than a block of concrete in the road and a lot more difficult to move.



Blocks of concrete, buildings and similar physical world components standing in the way of change can be simply blown up and trucked away.  A human being who is mentally standing, arms akimbo and saying "you want me to do that?  Try me and see" is much harder to identify and much harder to shift.

As a person who has passionately believed in this country all my life I now find myself reading the words that are being spoken by diverse people, listening to conversations and listening to what is NOT said and I am DEEPLY concerned.

So this article is intended as a technical discussion of some principles that I hold are vital to understanding the dynamics of our lovely country and to charting the future of peace and prosperity that we all so earnestly desire.

I have come to understand that in order to succeeed one must ensure that failure does not happen.

Thus, where I discuss negative aspects or factors that may cause failure it is within this context – the context of an engineer who is passionate about engineering and therefore who is passionate about success being achieved by NOT failing.


2.    Words design and build engineering systems and …

There is a lot of talk these days about nationalizing farms and mines without compensation and other talk that, for many, causes deep discomfort.

What is a farm, a mine, an economy?

An economy is the consequence of a symbiotic interaction between different people with different knowledge and experience, who interact to create value such that there is sufficient value created that the people who created the value have something left for their own enjoyment.

But let us step back a moment.

How does a farm, a mine, a building or a bridge come into existence?

Fundamentally all significant things, technologies and methodologies come into existence through an exchange of ideas between human beings and then an interaction between human beings to make the thing a reality.

A bridge is designed by a person who has the knowledge and experience to identify the need to get to the other side of a river or gorge, communicating that need to someone who knows how to design a bridge.

That person then produces sketches and drawings which are annotated with … well, words, a drawing is valueless without the words and numbers that explain what it is about, what materials are used, what dimensions apply, etc.

The system or structure is painstakingly created by human beings using words to communicate to other human beings what needs to be done – "excavate a rectangular hole, three meters long and two meters wide until you reach bedrock" would be one such instruction.  Design and construction requires a continuous stream of words between human beings who understand the meaning of those words – if I use the word "bedrock" and you do not know what  "bedrock" is we are stuck right there until we find a common understanding that allows you to determine when the hole has reached bedrock.

Mines, like farms and like bridges, are the consequence of symbiotic interaction between human beings using words to conceptualize, design and direct the action of other human beings towards the desired outcome.  Remove the human beings who have the knowledge and experience to operate the mine and we are left with a hole in the ground and infrastructure sold for scrap as in the recent failure of Aurora that was widely reported.





3.    Numbers are very special words

In discussing words it is important to recognize that numbers are actually very special words and symbols – they have very specific meanings.

Engineers constantly use numbers as special words in their communications to indicate dimensions, flow characteristics of fluids, time, etc.  Without numbers engineers do not have a basis to communicate.

Understanding of the quantum significance of a numeric value is fundamental to understanding technology in nearly all cases.

As I prepared to write this article, a newspaper headline stated "at least 40,000 potholes fixed every month in Gauteng since beginning of year" – a mind blowing statistic which I find hard to believe and, if it is correct, a massive indictment of the state of disrepair of roads in Gauteng.  One has to ask whether the person who made that statement had their facts correct or whether perhaps the person who recorded and reported the statistic perhaps made a mistake.  For a technical person who understands roads and road repair that number carries with it all sorts of crisis meaning that is not available to most who read the article without that insight.


4.    Words operate by association

As with the case above, words work by association – "Lion" has no meaning until some basic impartation of knowledge takes place.  "Lion" has a different association if one has seen a poor quality photograph; or if one has studied in detail a book full of close-up photographs and many pages of text; or if one has actually seen lions in a zoo or in a game reserve; and a much greater association if you have been chased by a lion; attacked by a lion; or lost a leg or a loved one in an attack by a lion.

"Bedrock" in the preceding point carries with it different meaning depending on the depth of one's understanding of geology.

"40,000 potholes a month" has a different significance if you actually spend your life repairing potholes.

And, so it goes.

Calling people "thieves" or "criminals" carries with it a particularly unpleasant association and, by association, opens the door to mental pictures of how one might deal with such people.  When this is publicly widely stated and repeatedly reported it triggers negative attitudes in the minds of those who are NOT branded as thieves and criminals and also in the minds of those so branded.  This is particularly so IF they consider the label to be inappropriate or, in fact totally unjust and uncalled for.  This leads to other negative word associations and potentially strong and hostile negative reactions.

Such words are being bandied about in certain quarters and, having been spoken to those they have been applied to, they are increasingly generating very negative responses.  One of those negative responses is that people are leaving, another is that they are mentally "resigning", giving up.  There are other responses as well that are even less desirable.


5.    Words build morale and tear it down, start wars and end wars, define love and destroy love

Words build morale and tear it down.

A very powerful book on building constructive relationships between human beings is "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie -- see Amazon at

It is an excellent book on how to get the best out of people … through the use of constructive and uplifting words.  If you have not read it I heartily recommend it.

It so happens that almost the entire book deals with the words people use towards one another and their attitude in using those words.  Having read the book some years ago I took significant measures to adjust my way of dealing with people and my way of speaking to people.

Words start wars, and end them.

Winston Churchill's stirring oratory "we will fight them on the beaches … we will NEVER surrender" is widely credited with the British Isles fending off the German attack in the Second World War and, at some level, turning the war around resulting in Germany's defeat.

Yes, there were MANY other factors but, were it not for the high level of motivation and morale of the British during those days it is unlikely that they would have survived the onslaught.

Words define love and tear down love.


                Words …

                                Words …

                                                Words are, in a very real sense, the very essence of advanced society and human interaction.

We have a choice every moment of every day to utter words that build up or words that tear down.

And … the harsh reality is that it takes far fewer negative, destructive words to tear down and destroy morale than it takes to build it up.

It takes far fewer words of distrust to destroy trust than it takes to build trust.

And, from where I sit, there are too many negative words being uttered by African people in public life in South Africa today for the good of the nation.  Deteriorating morale is far more prevalent than is healthy.

From where I sit "kill the farmer / Boer" is language I will not accept and will not tolerate.  I have family who farm.  I regularly receive reports of farmers who have been brutally murdered or beaten up.  My entire grounding in language and words tells me there is a solid and unavoidable correlation between the words and the deeds.

I cannot comprehend how anyone who claims to want goodwill in this society can argue for the singing of that song and I even more cannot comprehend how they can talk of appealing the recent Court Order (2011) against singing “shoot the Boer”.

With this context you will see how I find the two video clips above so TOTALLY unacceptable.

We need to speak constructive words over this nation.

We need to SING constructive words over this nation.


6.    "Sorry" one of the  most important words

I have learned over many years that I make mistakes.

And, I have also learned that when I make mistakes the most powerful words are "I recognize that I have … and I want to apologize unreservedly for what I have done" or simply "I am really sorry, please forgive me".

What would it do for the psyche of this nation if those who have insisted on championing "shoot the Boer" were to say "we have realized that these words cause great discomfort to a large number of people, that was not our intention, we are truly sorry for the pain and discomfort we have caused and we apologize unreservedly and commit to never again sing or speak those words"?

Whites NEED to hear this LOUDLY and PUBLICLY from President Jacob Zuma IN PERSON.


7.    "No" another very important word

There is a time to say to someone that what they are doing is unacceptable.

We should NOT have to let things get so out of hand that we are so angry that we are able to mobilize ourselves to say "no".  All that is required when confronted with unacceptable behaviour is to say "I do NOT accept that behaviour, kindly cease at once".  And, surely if the other party is seeking to build relationships, build morale and build a nation they will go out of their way to understand why the other person is upset and to change their behaviour or their words in a constructive manner.

People who do this are ambassadors for peace.

People who go the other way are ambassadors for war as much as they may proclaim alternative agendas.  I think particularly of President Jacob Zuma in the Videos above.

It would NOT be necessary to hold "disciplinary hearings" if leaders said "no" consistently and clearly when behaviour was out of line.

It is people's words more than anything else which direct our behaviour and influence our attitudes.

There is a need to say "no, we will not …" and to be clear about it – either it is government policy to seize farms and mines without compensation or it is not.  Why are we CONSTANTLY fed mixed messages?

If it is not then all that is required is "no, we will not …" and if it is then it is time to be open and honest with all the people of this country.


8.    Silence – a very powerful word

An extension of the previous point – silence.

Some years ago I attended a speaking course on "the nine types of silence in public speaking" which discussed at length, with examples, how silence can be used for emphasis in speaking.

Ever since then I have become intensely aware of silence as an element of communication.  In particular, a long silence will get people's attention and, if too long, will make them uneasy.

So it is in the public arena – when a person in the public eye makes statements that are widely reported, especially when at some level that person purports to represent the powers that be, those who are impacted by those statements pay attention and look for those in power to either confirm or deny the uncomfortable statements.

Ultimately, the harsh reality is that when someone in a high profile position allied to government states that farms and mines will be nationalized and government does not robustly countermand those statements and say "NO" the unavoidable conclusion is that government actually is saying "yes" – there is a saying "a deafening silence" and that is what has accompanied certain public utterances for an uncomfortably long period of time now.

When that person calls whites "criminals and thieves" and there is silence one has to conclude that the leadership of the ANC agree and that rumours that Julius Malema was actually the spokesperson of the ANC to the masses were valid and that it was only when he overstepped the mark and criticized his sponsors that he was disciplined.

People are drawing conclusions, those conclusions are not favourable, and they are taking measures in response.  Reports indicate that well over one million people -- highly skilled and highly educated and therefore highly economically active people, including their families -- have left South Africa since 1994 and indications are that the exodus continues.  A recent report indicates that "800 graduate professionals are leaving South Africa every month".


9.    Words, will determine the success or failure of the South African experiment

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the loss of these people is starting to threaten the technology framework and infrastructure of this rainbow nation, whether in education, in engineering, in … the drain is happening.  Racially flavoured words about "too many …" and "not enough …" are sapping morale and sending a message to many that they are not welcome and should get out while the going is good.

The trillion dollar question is whether the economy of this country can thrive despite this loss – words will determine the outcome.

Other nations go out of their way to attract graduate professionals and business people.  As one of those people I have to say that the message I am consistently receiving from the ruling elite in South Africa is that I am no longer welcome in the country of my birth – I wonder if that really IS the message they want to send?

If not, it is time for course correction, it is time for clear, concise, consistent communication that says that ALL South Africans are welcome and valued in the country of their birth.  Words will make or break this country in the months and years ahead.”

Either President Zuma and the ANC condone the murder of white South Africans or they do not -- all their words and their silences at this point indicate that they DO condone these murders -- they will have to change their language radically and consistently if I am to conclude that they are opposed to these murders.

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Early Childhood learning and its impact on South Africa with particular reference to the impact of millions of children growing up amidst songs about murdering white South Africans

1.    There is a considerable body of knowledge in both education and psychology that basic personality, approach to life, career, etc are largely formed in the first five (some say seven) years of life – some hold that this period commences from the moment of conception or shortly after this while others hold that it commences at birth – I lean to the former interpretation – seven years from conception.  Note that a foetus incurs negative psychological imprinting when the mother considers abortion or cries because she does NOT want the child, or when the mother is abused.


2.   The moment you become aware of this principle you become aware of a huge gap between the majority of South Africa European children entering school and the majority of African children entering school – this fundamentally dictates a different approach to early schooling for children from these two groups.  So-called "Apartheid" schooling at some level attempted to recognize this -- a practical solution to a REAL problem.


3.    There is considerable evidence that learning in these first five to seven years has a greater impact on adult conduct, behaviour and achievement than genetics – these factors greatly impact foundational knowledge and experience, emotional and relationship behaviour and career choices.  They also greatly impact morals and ethics INCLUDING attitude towards people of other races and towards actions like murder.


4.    A child that has grown up speaking a technology capable language, such as English or Afrikaans or any of the other European languages; who has been read to from earliest age; who has played deductive and reasoning games and games that include numeracy and commercial skills; has been exposed to executive level interactions between parents and friends of parents and has traveled widely locally or internationally is well on the way to being a high value add, high contribution, high earnings Citizen.  Most European leaders, executives, etc have such experience.


5.    A child that has grown up in a rough grass hut in an outlying area speaking a language that is NOT technology or commercially viable and without exposure to any of the above is highly unlikely to be able to do anything but menial tasks.  If their early childhood experience also includes a poor work ethic they have little prospect of anything but the most menial employment with NO prospect of being able to create value with what they earn – a huge proportion of African South Africans fall into this category and recent actions by the ANC threaten to make the problem much worse.  This is NOT a consequence of anything that Europeans (whites) have done to Africans (blacks) it is what blacks inherited from their total lack of technical knowledge BEFORE the Europeans arrived -- see



When this is coupled to adults singing songs like “shoot the Boer”, distorted stories about European “injustice”, “oppression”, “brought nothing”, “thieves and criminals” and coupled with witchcraft and barbaric rites and rituals we have fertile ground for barbaric murders eventually culminating in a genocidal revolutionary uprising with tens of millions of deaths.


With even the most elementary understanding of the impact of early childhood experience one has to recognize that South Africans of African descent have been raising a generation for who murder is as natural as mothers milk and that it is only through a massive communication campaign that this homicidal wave can be turned around.


The African Power-Fear culture and how this makes the murder of white South Africans acceptable and necessary


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The African "Power-Fear" culture and its negative consequences for South Africa with particular emphasis on how this helps to drive the white murder rate

1.    In order to understand the destructive behaviour of leaders throughout Africa, and in South Africa in particular, it is vital to understand the “Power-Fear” culture of Africa contrasted with the “Justice or Right-Wrong” culture of Europe – refer to the work of Blankenburgh and others on this topic.  It is also vital to understand Power-Fear in the context of the extremely high murder rate of European (white) South Africans.


2.    Power-Fear has two dynamics:

a.    Those who are one-down in a hierarchy submit out of fear of the consequences if they step out of line – they may appear to submit willingly but this is NOT necessarily so – accordingly they make good servants and workers most of the time; 

b.    Those who are one-up in a hierarchy exert authority by fear, domination, favour and, at some level fear their subordinates and therefore destroy any who appear to be a threat or who exercise excessive initiative or innovation.  Power-Fear easily explains Robert Mugabe and other African despots.  It also explains in part why Jacob Zuma is so popular with the masses and why it will be so difficult to remove him from power in the future.


3.    Once one understands these dynamics African and South African history becomes amenable to understanding, as does the behaviour of the ANC over the last 100 years and the behaviour of President Jacob Zuma and his Government today.


4.    As long as African people are down they are generally submissive, cooperative and agreeable and will seldom answer back or argue – we experience them as “nice friendly people” – this is one of the huge dilemmas of Africa – Europeans experience them as nice and when they claim oppression, etc we believe them because they ARE such "nice" people and according to our paradigm nice people do NOT lie.


5.    Once an African sees him- or herself as being UP and in control a radical change takes place – they become aggressively assertive, unreasonable and DEMAND submission if they are of the opinion you are NOT giving it, whether their knowledge and experience, ability and aptitude earn them that esteem or not.


6.    An African on a peer level is frequently a confusing and schitzophrenic flip-flop mixture of assertiveness and submission making personal relationships difficult across cultural boundries.


7.   Once an African is in a dominant position – as with Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe or Jacob Zuma – they command respect through fear and favour with no regard to ethics, integrity, justice or fair play – right and wrong have no place in their paradigm – either you are for them or against them and if you are a threat you will be removed.  Stories of Mugabe’s opponents meeting with strange motor vehicle accidents are quite common.  There is NO focus on the long term good of society but a self-centred greed based power hunger that dictates behaviour and so the leader who most effectively dominates the Europeans will win in a so-called democracy.  This is a major factor in the removal of President Mbeki as President (too Westernized) and the success of Zuma.


8.    The submission that results from Power-Fear is what causes Africans to hold that Europeans oppress and exploit them – they see that they have given submission grudgingly rather than accepting their responsibility to uplift themselves through their own initiative and effort.  Because they fear the Europeans, they claim that the Europeans are oppressing them.


9.    Justice, right-wrong, truth, integrity -- which are central to European thinking -- are foreign concepts in a Power-Fear culture.  The end justifies the means and lies and deception are acceptable means to achieving the ends of victory – such as Dingaan signing a peace treaty in order to get Piet Retief and his men to lay down their arms so they could be brutally slaughtered without loss of life on the part of Dingaan and his men -- see subsequent section.


10.  Power-Fear does NOT take prisoners.  The concepts of necessary force, respectful treatment of prisoners of war does NOT feature – losers deserve to die and it is totally contrary to Power-Fear to respect those stupid enough to hand over power voluntarily – they deserve to die.  Power-Fear kills losers in brutal and sadistic ways to send a clear message NOT to oppose the ruler, as in the case of Dingaan having Retief’s men impaled alive on sharpened stakes thrust through their rectums.  Is this the case with the murder and assault of farmers and other Europeans – to send a clear message NOT to oppose the ANC?  It seems possible.  How many of those who have died have, at some level, been foolish enough to express opposition to the ANC?  Eugene Terreblanche certainly died a perverse death for his opposition!.


11.  Note that the correct Power-Fear response to the ANC in earlier days would have been harsh and brutal public executions, not comfortable detention with the opportunity to plot revenge.


12.  Note also that to the extent that it DID occur, harsh Afrikaner treatment of Africans was, in fact, the appropriate Power-Fear response to resistance and insubordination.  In other words an appropriate and valid response by African standards although totally unacceptable by Liberal standards.

From the above discussion I hope that you will have a better understanding of the Power-Fear dynamic that is operating in South Africa today -- the more you examine current affairs through this lens the more sense it will make AND the more the high murder rate of European South Africans will make sense.


The treachery of Dingaan towards Piet Retief -- a South African case study of "make peace in order to make murder more convenient" 


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Lessons from the treachery of Dingane towards Piet Retief -- pointers to a culture of treachery and barbaric murder in the context of the African Power-Fear dynamic


 A key aspect of my current understanding of the situation in South Africa and, particularly, the extreme murder rate of European (white) South Africans was informed by consideration of the murder of Piet Retief and his men by the Zulu king, Dingane.  Remember that President Jacob Zuma is ALSO a Zulu: 

1. The following account is taken from


The royal kraal was set on a gently sloping hillside bounded on two sides by two streams. The kraal was surrounded by a palisade fence over two miles in circumference and contained nearly 1500 huts, each capable of holding 20 warriors. The king’s hut was far bigger than the rest and located at the highest point of the kraal in an area known as the isigodlo – the area where he and his ninety wives lived.

Dingane at this time was in his forties and gaining some weight. He was still however capable of joining his warriors in dances and very light on his feet. He was also artistic and spent much time decorating his wives and even composing songs. Having several rotten front teeth, he would put his hand over his mouth when talking to hide them.

Having killed his half brother Shaka some nine years previously, he had come to the throne to end the bloodshed that had characterized Shaka’s reign of terror. Soon, however, he became paranoid and killed large numbers of his own subjects, either by sending out his top indunas (generals) to lay waste to some vassal chief who had offended him or by execution for such trifles as a comment or a cough or for some imagined slight. Those killed at Umgungundlovu were not executed in the kraal but dragged by the king’s execution squad to a nearby hill and either beaten to death with stones or knobkerries or impaled.


The hill of execution was located just across the stream that bounded the kraal and was known as kwaMatiwane (the place of Matiwane) from a local chief who had been executed there. Executions occurred almost every day with even the king’s wives and top generals not immune from being dragged off. Their remains were left for the vultures that eventually came to know when a trial was in progress and follow the condemned to the hill. Dingane referred to the vultures as ‘my children’ and ensured that they were kept well fed.

The Reverend Francis Owen who had been allowed to establish the mission was located slightly above kwaMatiwane and the royal kraal. Through his telescope, he could see and hear (and was outraged by) the daily executions. He parked one of his wagons between his house and kwaMatiwane to obscure the daily carnage. Every day he would walk across the valley to minister to the uncomprehending Dingane who was less interested in Christianity and more interested in lessons in musketry and the use of gunpowder. However, the reverend from Yorkshire did teach Dingane the art of painting.

Dingane and the White Man

Thus, Dingane’s reign of terror was every bit as vicious as that of his predecessor. Dingane was also fearful of the white man."

 It is clear that unprovoked murder was a routine way of life and one cannot escape noticing some correlation between this description and the seemingly unprovoked murders of white farmers in South Africa that are occuring so regularly.


The following is taken from

"Retief Arrives at Umgungundlovu

The king kept the party waiting for several days with displays of dancing and mock battles, even asking them to display their abilities as horsemen in the great area in the centre of the kraal. Eventually however he signed a treaty (drawn up in English) ceding the land. The next day the Boers were to return joyfully to their party under the Drakensberg


1.    The following account is taken from

“On that cloudless morning, Retief, after saddling up, was asked to report with his men and servants to the parade ground so that the king could wish them farewell. As a mark of respect they were asked to leave their guns outside.

“The Boers, seated on the ground were surrounded by a large group of dancers that performed a long dance, gradually moving away from and towards them. Dingane also joined in but at one point he stopped, raised his arm to absolute silence and shouted again and again ‘Bulalani abathagathi!’ – Kill the wizards!

“The Boers were immediately set upon, each by a dozen warriors and bound. One, who had a pocketknife, managed to dispatch a couple before he succumbed. The whole group, including the thirty servants was dragged, struggling, down the hill, across the stream and up to kwaMatiwane where they were clubbed or skewered to death. Retief was the last to die and had to witness the death of his comrades and of his son. After he was put to death, his heart and liver were removed and presented to the king.”

2.    There is NO dispute that a treaty WAS signed – there were other Europeans present.

3.    There is NO dispute amongst diverse sources that Dingane put Retief and his party to death.

4.    There is NO dispute that most died an agonizing death with sharpened stakes thrust into their abdomens through their anuses.  Some say that they were subsequently disembowelled while still alive.

5.    Apologists for Dingane say they were killed because they offended against Tribal Customs and seem to suggest that Retief should have known better and that somehow it was his fault that over 10,000 armed men brutally killed 70 who had laid down their arms in good faith – symptomatic of a syndrome where from a Liberal perspective it is ALWAYS the white mans fault.

6.     All agree that Dingane proclaimed them to be Wizards (Tagati).

7.   Some Apologists for Dingane DENY the existence of a Peace Treaty made before the slaughter while Afrikaners claim that the document was found on Retief’s dehydrated corpse some time later – see below:


8.    A key conclusion from this incident is that some (many?) Africans have NO qualms about breaking a treaty when it suits them and that, accordingly, Jacob Zuma leading his leaders and tens of thousands in singing “shoot the Boer” may reasonably be seen as a clear statement of intent – Zuma has, after all, descended from the same tribe as Dingaan and has, allegedly, vowed to “avenge Blood River”.  So why should we doubt that this IS his intention?


The role of African witchcraft in the level of white murders in South African possibly including the Rhino poaching epidemic


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Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship -- central to understanding the dynamics of African behaviour and how witchcraft is making a significant contribution to the white murder rate (and possible rhino murders as well)


1.    Most Europeans and Christians discount witchcraft as “old wives tales” – it is NOT.


2.    Witchcraft in Africa is an extremely potent force which we need to understand given that President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, publicly engages in Witchcraft and Ancestor worship with the full cooperation of the ANC leadership.

The image below expressly shows President Zuma engaging in Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship with a view to securing his re-election.  I am NOT saying that this was definitive or that he secured the position through Witchcraft.  I AM saying it is a powerful indication of where he considers his constituency to lie – he is clearly NOT worried about what religious and particularly Christian, Europeans think but he IS interested in what the great majority of ancestor worshipping, witchcraft practising Africans have to think and he has, correctly, identified these people as his target market.  And the ANC leadership clearly agree with him.  This highlights one of the great errors of trying to introduce democracy and majority rule in a country where the majority of the population are primative -- one gets what the majority considers appropriate.

Image from:



3.    These are people who still regard it as appropriate to impale a man alive on a wooden stake driven through his anus and then rip his guts out as he screams in agony, as was done to Retief’s men.  These are people who consider any promise made to the white man as expedient only as long as it serves their purpose of Power-Fear domination, as with Dingaan and Retief – for “Peace Treaty” read “Constitution”.


4.    It is important to understand that African tribal people believe in Witchcraft at extreme levels.  Many believe that Witchcraft can render them invincible and this is, at some level, behind the massacre at Blood River where wave after wave of Zulu warriors fell on a near perfect defensive position and were mown down.  Interestingly it is alleged that this was at play at Sharpville AND recently at Marikana. 


5.    The eating or other use of human body parts is an integral part of witchcraft and human sacrifice, killing of humans in some form or other is integral to progressing to the higher ranks of Witchdoctors.  The brutality of farm and other murders of whites in South Africa are certainly, at some significant level, associated with witchcraft and it is quite possible that the majority of murders are performed towards witchcraft goals.


6.    To contextualize these comments, I have had personal experience of a situation in which an anointed and prophetic believer in the Almighty was attacked by a massive demonic presence that twice caused them to die and leave their body.

It was only through the concerted prayers of three others that the person concerned was brought back to life and reported being attacked by a massive demonic presence, Molech, one of the most powerful demonic gods on the planet and one directly associated with human sacrifice.  This demon had been mobilized by African Witchdoctors in the area where the attack took place.  As much as you may be sceptical, I ask you to consider the possibility that there are things you do NOT understand.


7.    African people use Witchdoctors to curse Europeans and many Afrikaner families in particular are under strong witchcraft curses – it is not uncommon for such a family to regularly, generation by generation, lose a first born child or have children involved in serious accidents at a certain age.  These curses can be cut but it requires recognition of their reality followed by the relevant prayers by a knowledgeable believer with the necessary authority to deal with this.


8.    Witchcraft can generate frenzied hostility and blood lust towards opponents, for example at Blood River wave upon wave stormed to certain death fuelled by witchcraft rites that may well have included promises of being invisible to the Boers or immune to Boer weapons.


9.    Witchcraft can be associated with brutal, barbaric and sadistic killings, rape, etc and can include hacking out of body parts, including hacking out the jawbone as was done to security guards at Lonmin in the run-up to the Marikana shooting – see below.

The following came to me by email:



10. It is quite possible that many of the killings of Rhinoceros in 2012 (over 600) were associated with witchcraft in South Africa, possibly even with ANC / Presidential approval, hence the inability of the South African Police Service to make any material impact on the situation. 



11. The bottom line, we have a President and a Government that publicly resorts to witchcraft and ancestor worship.  Inherently this means that they at least condone and, quite possibly, actively support the witchcraft rites referred to above, including murder.

Given that virtually all Europeans are ignorant of this dimension, and most do not even believe witchcraft exists, and given that the demonic energy that is kindled by 20,000 murders a year is immense, it is appropriate to recognize that there are things happening in South Africa which give cause for GREAT CONCERN.

There is a need for massive international pressure on the African National Congress and the South African Government, particularly President Jacob Zuma to end the bloodshed.  This needs to be backed up by massive prayer action -- refer to for further discussion of the need for prayer to change the situation.

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What was Apartheid? REALLY? -- in part a response by European (white) South Africans to African barbarism and murder

Let me start by saying that there WERE aspects of what was done by whites under Apartheid that were excessive and unacceptable.  That said there is much that is blamed on Apartheid that is entirely false -- see below for more detailed discussion of this

Some months ago, as I sifted through the increasingly outrageous anti-white talk and writing that has been emanating from blacks in South Africa in general and those aligned with the ANC in particular, I started to question my belief-set about Apartheid.


For example blacks are claiming that their lack of education and lack of wealth is as a consequence of Apartheid BUT they NEVER had any of these things in the first place.  Late in 2011, in response to public anti-white statements, I undertook an analysis of what the white man DID bring to South Africa and what the black man did NOT have.  The bottom line was that the black man had a most primitive existence with no significant technology other than some primitive metal working capability and the ability to build grass and mud huts YET the ANC, right up to President Zuma are blaming the whites and Apartheid for everything that is wrong in South Africa.  Refer separate section on “What the white man brought to South Africa”. 

Eventually I asked our Heavenly Father to show me the truth about Apartheid – He led me to purchase the book “Bulala – A True Story of South Africa” which I read a few weeks ago.  It confirmed much of what I was suspecting and took it further.  My direct impressions are summarized in the document “Key impressions after reading Bulala by Cuan Elgin” at

The book can be purchased from Amazon at

Bulala means kill in Zulu and relates to the treachery of Dingane in murdering Piet Retief and his men as discussed above. 

This document summarizes my current understanding that Apartheid REALLY was NOT what the ANC and liberals claim it was – note that once I WAS a liberal so I know their views well:


1.           The Afrikaners have as much right to the land as the Bantu (blacks)

The people who became the Afrikaners arrived in the Cape (South) as the Bantu (black) tribes moved in from the North.  The Bantu occupied areas of land where there was perennial water and an easy way of life.  The Afrikaners trekked into the areas that were NOT inhabited.  On both counts the Afrikaners have JUST AS MUCH claim to the land as the Bantu do.


2.    Afrikaners ALWAYS shunned blacks

Afrikaners always shunned blacks and kept themselves separate.  Many did NOT employ blacks at all in the early days and did all the work themselves – separateness – called “Apartheid” -- "apart" = "separate", "heid" = "ness" -- was a logical extension of this separation – they wanted nothing to do with blacks.  A major reason for this desire for separation was the extent to which Africans committed atrocities and savage and barbaric murders against the European (white) settlers.


3.     Afrikaners experienced blacks as primitive savages

The Afrikaner experience of blacks was consistently that they were primitive, illiterate, savage, treacherous pagans who committed murder without provocation, killed and mutilated people in the most horrible ways and who stole whenever the opportunity presented itself and practised Ancestor worship and witchcraft.


4.    Afrikaners sought out uninhabited land

The Afrikaners consistently sought out uninhabited land of which there was plenty – the Bantu population was small and because of their lack of even the most basic technologies they ONLY lived where they could manage to live comfortably whereas the Afrikaners with their much more advance technology, wide diversity of methods and resources, were able to exist on land that the blacks were unable to exist on.  This remains the case today.  Vast areas of land support only isolated white farmers who work extremely hard to make a meagre living for themselves on hostile and barren land and on which blacks quite possibly never set foot because they lacked the technology to even transit the distances involved without water.



Notice that blacks are dominant in about 60% of the country and Coloureds in about 40% with limited pockets where whites are dominant.  This illustrates the total falsehood of some of the statements made by the ANC about land occupancy.

Note that in many areas whites operate farms but employ many more workers so that they are the minority in the vast majority of areas.



This map evidences the VERY low population density in most of South Africa – clearly there is MASSES of space in under developed areas that are occupied by whites on a very low density basis that COULD be developed by blacks – BUT they do NOT want the land where they have to work hard.

Notice also that the population concentrations virtually all correlate with concentrations of white settlement evidencing the point that blacks flock to where the whites are, the whites do NOT drive the blacks out.


5.     Afrikaners were consistently peace loving

The Afrikaners were peace loving – they only killed in self-defence – even at the Battle of Blood River they were DEFENDING themselves.  They had the technology to have gone in and wiped out the blacks but they did NOT.


6.    Apartheid simply means separateness

As noted above, Apartheid simply means separateness – note that separateness is a biblical concept – the word translated “Holy” actually means “set-apart” in Hebrew.

The Afrikaners interpreted it as a biblical injunction to live separately from blacks.  The problem has fundamentally NOT been the white man – it has been the black man seeking to steal what the white man has sweated to create – a problem that continues today and a battle which the blacks, in the form of the ANC and their Cadres, are winning hands-down at the moment.

The whole concept of “Colonial Oppression” is false – the blacks have ALWAYS outnumbered the whites in large numbers and could EASILY have defeated the whites IF they had had the courage and organizational leadership to undertake the battles.  The blacks had next to nothing and, instead of seeking to coexist peacefully with their more advanced neighbours they have resorted to theft, violence and trumped-up charges.


7.    Afrikaners built schools, roads, towns, houses, etc for blacks during Apartheid

Afrikaners, during Apartheid, built schools, roads, towns, houses for blacks – I personally saw them – ALL OVER the country!  All of this was done to try and uplift blacks and SOME blacks WERE uplifted but most distained what they were given because of greed, avarice and Arrogant Ignorance and actively sought to steal from the whites through false claims of oppression, etc, etc.

Refer to section on the Dunning-Kruger effect that I have termed "Arrogant Ignorance" in this book and on this website.

The very genesis of the ANC is in seeking to take from the whites what the blacks were incapable of creating themselves.  The reason there are squatter camps and informal shanty towns and desolate rural villages is because blacks are incapable of uplifting themselves and even of copying what the white man has.

See also which discusses how the very foundation of the ANC if based on an entirely false premise.

One could argue that blacks think that money grows on trees without effort and without intellect and that therefore the whites stole the money trees and they (South African Africans) must steal them back.  This certainly is the case with regard to farms and mines.  This is a far cry from the reality in which whites have worked hard to develop methods and technologies and to apply them to create wealth – very few blacks have any concept of this principle and those who do are largely shunned by the ANC and classed as “counter-revolutionaries” and “clever blacks” whom Zuma despises.



A convenient way of dismissing all informed criticism from within the ANC.


Not only does President Jacob Zuma condemn “clever”, presumably educated blacks, who criticize him and the way the ANC is doing things or even question them – a return to Power-Fear – crush opponents, he also calls for a return to African ways, apparently totally oblivious to the irony of benefitting from European technologies and economy and then wanting to run them the African way which is (1) trash it the same as the rest of Africa and (2) live in grass huts and hunt with spears.  He also overlooks the point that they did not have prisons in the old days because if people got out of line they were swiftly beaten up or butchered.



In the extract above we see that Dingane / Dingaan was constantly executing those who threatened him or got in his way – this is typical Power-Fear behaviour and relates DIRECTLY to the roots from which Jacob Zuma descends not even 200 years ago.


8.    Afrikaners were TOO narrow in reserving land for blacks

One of the key mistakes that Afrikaners made from a public relations perspective was in insisting on limiting the “homelands” to the fragmented tracts of land occupied by blacks at the time the legislation was drafted instead of assigning larger contiguous areas that did NOT look so unacceptable on the map.


9.     Afrikaners made a mistake in using skin colour and in alienating Coloured and Indian people

Afrikaners also made a mistake in placing so much emphasis on colour instead of understanding the hereditary differences between different people groups – the Indians and many of the Coloureds were FAR more advanced than blacks and had a much better work ethic, technical skills, etc.  Because they alienated the Indians and the Coloureds in particular the Afrikaners strengthened the ANC in ways that made it much more viable than it would have been if it had been a purely black organization.


10.    Afrikaners trusted blacks to keep covenant in 1994 and have been betrayed

As with Retief and Dingane, the Afrikaners made the mistake of trusting the blacks in the run-up to Universal Franchise and, as we see with Zuma and the ANC Leadership singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” together with thousands of supporters on 8 January 2012, they have been betrayed again.

Zuma is also reported to have stated that it is his intention to “avenge Blood River” referring to the battle where the Zulus were defeated when they attacked a small group of Afrikaners in an attempt to totally annihilate them.


11.    Most ANC claims are outright fabrication and without foundation

While, during the days of formal, legislated, Apartheid, there WERE atrocities and wrong doing the vast MAJORITY of what the ANC claims as consequences of Apartheid are the consequence of the inherited lack of technical knowledge and ability, the lack of modern culture, the lack of work ethic, the lack of written language and formal teaching, the lack of …, the lack of …, the lack of nearly anything of value in terms of a modern civilization on the part of the blacks – the white man did NOT take these things from the blacks – the blacks NEVER had them in the first place and now they are trying their best, as always, to steal them without any recognition of the effort the whites have made to create what exists today.


Summing up -- what to do? -- what can YOU do? 


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Summing Up -- The EXTREME level of murders of European (white) South Africans -- What can YOU do?

This webpage has presented a consolidated view of the EXTREME level of European (white) murders in South Africa together with a comprehensive analysis of the psychodynamics, cultural and other factors that are driving this extreme murder rate.

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Coupled to this is a major need for Fasting and Prayer and for all who care to turn to the Almighty in an unprecedented manner

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If this horrifying situation is to end we need as many people as possible to reach as many decision makers and decision influencers as possible, again and again and again until the international outcry is so great that the ANC has no option but to take the necessary measures to end the murders, rapes and assaults and their other excessive activities against us


From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


Thank you for your time


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Do NOT Impute Motive

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda on behalf of the ANC to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

The counterpoint to this is that the motive of Afrikaner Europeans was ALSO not the motive imputed to them by the ANC and the Western world


One Hundred Thousand challenged to seek the Almighty Creator at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013

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This violates his Oath of Office, the Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment

The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

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The ONLY way that Jacob Zuma and the ANC can reverse this is by a widely broadcast public apology by Zuma and his top ANC Cabinet members broadcast on all TV and Radio Channels and many newspapers and CONCRETE action to bring a halt to ending white murders -- in my mind that requires that the Death Penalty is reinstated

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