The things that the ANC are doing that are destroying the South African economy



Over the last few years I have become increasingly aware of the extent to which the actions of South Africa's ANC Government are causing massive irreversible structural damage to the South African economy

This page lifts out of the book the major elements which analyze what is happening and why with a view to raising awareness in the hope that those who read what follows will identify constructive actions that can be taken before it is too late

I sincerely believe that the leaders of the ANC believe that they are doing the right things and doing them well, however, as this page shows there are major factors which collectively give rise to a situation in which South Africa's new leaders fundamentally do not understand the core economic principles that are vital to sustaining the boom that has characterized the last twenty years and are therefore in the process of not just undermining the boom but destroying the fabric of the economy.

The harsh reality is that the boom was in part based on some very conservative and very sound investment in the seventies and eighties, the unlocking of the South African economy through the lifting of sanctions and the release of the pent up potential and demand of those South Africans who had, indeed, been constrained by the National Party policy of separateness (apartheid = separateness) which had, on the one hand generated potential through education and, on the other hand, constrained that potential through job reservation.

This dramatic blossoming of the South African economy has given rise to a boom that in some respects is with us still today.

However, within a few years of coming to power and with the ANC, falsely claiming paternity of the boom and flushed with success the ANC Government started to engage in activities which were fundamentally economically unsound and which have progressively undermined the fundamentals of the economy.  This page discusses various aspects of this phenomenon, why it happened and why it is now fundamentally undermining the sustainability of the South African economy at a level that is guaranteed to give rise to structural economic collapse within a time frame of one to five years and which will generate a level of instability that will give rise to a massive uprising of the illiterate and semi-literate poor which will result in massive blood letting and revolution within twenty years.

The page presents a complex picture of diverse factors which must all be understood at least at a superficial level in order to comprehend why I make these extremely dire predictions.

If you can find flaws in my arguments at a level that leads to practical constructive action I appeal to you not to waste your energy on sterile email flame wars but to actively muscle in and put your money, your time and your energy into turning the situation around.

The FIRST step to doing this is to ACKNOWLEDGE the disease and seek treatment -- I see NO evidence that this awareness exists anywhere in the corridors of power at a level that offers any hope that the situation will be turned around.

The rest of this page presents a collation of articles from the book "South Africa -- The REAL Issues" that have a particular bearing on the thesis of this page -- scroll down to read about:

10 Concrete things that the ANC are doing that are causing irreversible economic damage

Evidence of Impending Collapse

Things that are breaking

What IS an Economy?

Fundamentals of Mining

The purpose of Government

Why South Africa could NOT have grown much more before 1980

What the White man brought to South Africa

Economic Meltdown -- the time trajectory of Strategic Collapse

Why is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange so Strong?

There ARE highly intelligent and capable Africans -- BUT...

The Dunning-Kruger Phenomenon -- Arrogant Ignorance and other destructive consequences

The ANC is founded on a fundamentally false premise

Why did the ANC only really have an impact from the late 1940's?

Understanding early childhood learning and its impact on South Africa

Words -- Harder than Concrete

The manifest Cognitive and Deductive deficiency in Africans -- defective cause and effect reasoning -- encourages Europeans to seek separateness (apartheid)

The Critical Issues Overview

SA Myths Debunked

Erroneous Thinking in terms of Majority Rule

Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment are Complete Misnomers

The Black Settlement Phenomenon -- total lack of creativity and initiative -- Social Helplessness

How is Prosperity Created?

How is Poverty Created?

What IS Democracy?

South Africa is NOT a Democracy

The Collapse of Education

Understanding the African "Power-Fear" Culture and its negative consequences for South Africa

The African "Garden of Eden" Mind-Set (Money Grows on Trees)

Greed versus Prudence

Understanding versus Rote Learning

Asset Obsession and things that are NOT Wealth

Different Definitions of Wealth -- another Point of Difference

Communism -- Exacerbating Power-Fear and Arrogant Ignorance

Attributes of Europeans and Africans Contrasted

Psychodynamics of Africans and Europeans compared

European Fundamentals -- Towards Understanding South Africa 2013

Mistakes the Europeans (especially Afrikaners) made

The 2%:12%:86% Wealth Creation Phenomenon amongst Europeans

Fundamental European Values at a Wealth Creator, Wealth Developer Leadership Level

What WAS Apartheid -- Really?

Creating Wealth in the New South Africa

What the British brought to South Africa

A Prophetic View -- "The Almighty Speaks on South Africa"

The Basis for Europeans withholding BEE, AA and Tax and Demanding Change

The Western Cape as a possible Safe Haven for South African Europeans with the possibility of Secession

How to get the message across -- the Diffusion of Innovation -- how messages are propagated

Conclusions -- the Essence of my views on South Africa

Repent, Fast and Pray and Seek the Almighty for Deliverance

Wrapping up -- the ANC is Destroying the South African economy through lack of basic knowledge and experience, arrogant ignorance, greed and other factors that are collectively giving rise to irreversible economic collapse

 I sincerely hope that if you at least skim all the sections below, as listed above, you will more clearly understand the situation and be better placed to take decisions that will be beneficial to you going forward

IF you think that you can change something, I commend you and encourage you to give it your best shot

10 Concrete things the ANC are doing that are causing irreversible economic damage

In order to understand why you should read further, let me suggest 10 tangible and very real things the ANC Government is doing that are causing Irreversible Economic Damage:

1.    Cadre deployment from Cabinet down – people with no knowledge and experience making massively inappropriate decisions.


2.    Aggressive quota based Affirmative Action driving experienced whites out of Government and now also out of business and replacing them with people who lack the necessary knowledge and experience.


3.    Aggressive Black Economic Empowerment taking funds out of the productive sector and creating millionaires and billionaires who have no basis to justify their earnings.


4.    Massive Corruption, Fraud, Tender Rigging from the top down starting with Zuma.  Taking massive amounts of finance out of productive function and resulting in other expenditure that is so sub-standard that it is close to useless – refer to examples given elsewhere in this book such as crumbling RDP houses because some ANC Cadre stole the money for the cement – there is NO concern for their OWN people.


5.    Massive destruction of jobs and productive capacity – from the lowly worker cutting the sidewalk or pouring bitumen into cracks in the roads all the way up the ladder jobs have been destroyed.  300,000 in manufacturing alone and NOT due to the Eurozone crisis, mostly due to ANC ineptitude and wrong attitudes.


6.    Massive destruction of export capability in mining, manufacturing, etc – Gold Mining has shrunk by two thirds in twenty years, other sectors are declining.  Export quotas for coal cannot be met on the Richards Bay coal line because the line is running at 70% of capacity due to Cadre deployment.  Manufacturers are losing business to cheap imports because the SA Bureau of Standards is ineffective.  SA wine is being bottled overseas because local labour is too expensive – before the recent strikes.


7.    Driving whites and other Professional, Entrepreneurial and Commercial people out of the country – one report says 800 Graduate Professionals are leaving a month.  Between 1 million and 3 million Europeans have left the country but  Government does not appear to have the necessary statistics and even the Census figures are suspect.  All of us know numerous people who have left – once I thought they were crazy, now I can only acknowledge their wisdom and foresight.


8.    Crippling core infrastructure through neglect – little things like sidewalks being broken up by weeds, potholes, alligator cracking in asphalt surfaces that need to be resurfaced every ten years leading to roads that have to be rebuilt instead of maintained.  Transformers that burn out because they are not serviced.  Road signs illegible because of fire damage because the grass below them was not cut.  Tap water with a smell and taste and causing diarrhoea resulting in on-going expenditure on bottled water (R1,000 per person per annum in my family), etc, etc.


9.    Thousands of farms turned into dust bowls – land “redistribution” resulting in thousands of productive farms handed over to people without the knowledge and experience to operate them and who have raped the infrastructure to make a living and now live in the same poverty as before, just with larger tracts of unproductive land because the issue is NOT land ownership it is the knowledge, experience and work ethic to make land productive.  BUT the people are wealthy because they have the land, no matter it is unproductive and barren it is.


10. Huge expenditure on Grants that stimulate unemployment – child support grants running to R35 billion per annum encouraging young girls to breed – perhaps secret ANC policy because children are wealth irrespective of their productive capacity?  Then they get twice the allowance so they do things to cause deformity in the unborn child, register it and get the allowance monthly electronically with no controls so then dump the child at night outside a charity so that they have spending money with no responsibility.  Billions more on houses and electricity and solar geysers for people to sit at home and do nothing while those who DO work are taxed beyond their capacity and the tax base diminishes as more and more high value people leave the country.


Now there is talk of a “youth unemployment grant” to be funded by increased taxes thereby INCREASING unemployment.  Also the so-called “Extended Public Works Program” or EPWP, also funded by taxes to create 5 million jobs in 5 years.  BUT a job is classed as one person who signs on for ONE DAY, even if they do nothing so the EPWP is, in fact, a grant for 5 million person days of grants!  Those are NOT jobs!  A JOB is something that keeps a person employed FOR LIFE!



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Evidence of Impending Collapse

As I have engaged in commerce over the last few years I have been very forcibly exposed to what is going on “under the hood” in the economy.  This document seeks to lift out the key observations that I have made that to me indicate that the South African economy is likely to collapse at the level of the Stock Exchange, the Rand and the Property Market followed by comprehensive collapse and revolution that will see almost the entire population obliterated.


1.  Structural economic damage

It is in the nature of my work that I get exposed to the issues that are NOT necessarily publicly visible.  In the past two years I have encountered numerous businesses in trouble for diverse reasons – negative impacts of Cadre deployment in Government agencies and Parastatals that prevent them from meeting quotas, customers leaving the country, reduced sales, etc, etc.

A recent report indicates 300,000 jobs lost in the manufacturing sector – these job losses are blamed on the international economy and some may be caused by this, but MOST are caused by what the ANC is doing to the economy.

The mining sector is in decline and recent reports suggested that virtually all Gold Mines will close within five years if present trends continue.


2.  Loss of knowledge and experience

There is an on-going and accelerating loss of knowledge and experience as educated people, primarily People of European Descent, but also Indians, Coloureds and even African people with education are leaving South Africa.

Many of these people have been driven out by harsh Affirmative Action, others have “seen the writing on the wall” and are getting out while they can.  Estimates vary from 1 to 3 million and it seems that Government is either not trying to count them or does not want the statistics to be known but, either way, there are a very considerable number who have left.  One reports says there are a million South Africans in Australia alone.

This is coupled to what is known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect or Syndrome which is described in Wikipedia as:

“The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes” – refer to:

for a more detailed discussion of the phenomenon which has been recognized by various authorities through the ages.

Through my own painful experiences with this phenomenon I have concluded that it might be more accurately called “Arrogant Incompetence” or “Arrogant Ignorance” – it is rife in South Africa amongst Africans, particularly those in position of leadership in the ANC and throughout Government and Non-Government organizations where deep seated Cadre Deployment, Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment have occurred.

The average highly knowledgeable and skilled person does not know how to handle the aggressive pride of the average incompetent ANC Cadre and, for the most part, we back off and walk away rather than face the confrontation.  Coupled to this, it is almost impossible to defend oneself because one is immediately branded as a racist so, the best defence is to leave the country.

There is much talk of “the skills shortage” – roughly translated this means “the huge number of highly competent, primarily European, people who have been driven out of organizations and in many instance the country and been replaced with people who do NOT have the knowledge and experience to even partially do their jobs”.

It takes decades of relevant experience to develop the knowledge and experience necessary to perform any mid-level to executive level management or leadership task – one of the great myths of South Africa today is the belief that any person can be put in any job irrespective of knowledge and experience taking account only of skin colour and political affiliation and they will know what to do.  The press is rife with reports of failed examples of this.  We even believe we can change the President at the drop of a hat!


3.  Apartheid obsession

Despite the fact that legally Apartheid has been dead for 19 years and (in practice it has been dead a lot longer) we continue to be bombarded by the ANC and Africans generally with stuff about “Apartheid this” and “Apartheid that”.   Yet Japan and Germany made substantial recoveries within twenty years after being obliterated during World War 2.


Hiroshima AFTER the Atomic Bomb.


Hiroshima today – they are NOT whining about what the Allies did to them and using it as an excuse!

Yes, there WERE things that were wrong about Apartheid and what was done in the name of Apartheid BUT they are nowhere near as extreme as they are made out to be – refer separate section on “What was Apartheid – REALLY?

The reality is that Africans have a lack of education because when the Europeans arrived in South Africa, “indigenous African people” had no meaningful knowledge that was relevant commercially, technically, scientifically, or in any other shape or form – refer separate article “What the white man brought to South Africa”.  All that the Africans have today of any value was given them by the Europeans.

The reason there are so many European males in business and industry is because the Europeans conceptualized and built those businesses and industries from scratch – that is NOT discrimination, and it is NOT Apartheid, it is a reflection of the fact that the Africans are incapable of doing it themselves and Europeans ARE highly capable.

To see the evidence of this visit any outlying rural African settlement and notice that while there is NO evidence of Europeans oppressing them or stopping them from prospering they have next to nothing – they have vacant land that they do not cultivate, they have virtually no commercial enterprises, they sit at home and do nothing and blame “the white man” and “Apartheid” for their own inability to create something of value.

The Europeans came to a country where there was NOTHING except sparsely populated land.  They built houses, farms, roads, mines, towns, etc, etc from scratch using the KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE and intellect and ingenuity and enterprise and discipline and commercial nous that they brought with them.  The Africans could have copied them at any point, they did not and still have not – other than to do all they can to steal what the Europeans created on the pretext of redress for “Apartheid”.


4.  Inappropriate usage of funds and Tender Fraud

Fraud, Tender Fraud (socalled “Tenderpreneuring”), outright theft, gross extravagance and wastage, inappropriate expenditure (Soccer stadiums are an extreme example), etc, etc are sapping the economy and have created an artificial boom as money that should have gone into infrastructure, maintenance, employment for the poor, homes for the poor and numerous other fundamental structural elements.  Instead these funds have been channelled into consumption expenditure of the worst kind on imported luxury cars and all sorts of other extravagances.  Maserati’s, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s were reported at the recent ANC Conference in Mangaung (December 2012).

It is only a matter of time before this bubble implodes and, when it does, it will implode dramatically.


5.  Inappropriate legislation and policies

Over the last nineteen years there has been a plethora of new legislation.  Some of it world class but arguably too costly and inappropriate as with the new Companies Act and King 3 others completely farcical such as FICA (Financial Intelligence Center Act – completely futile controls which generate significant wasteful overhead in the Banking Sector) and RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act  -- which introduces similar futile controls and administrative overhead in Cellular communication).

On top of this, legislation such as minimum wages that harm the competitiveness of the South African economy and totally ignore the high levels of unemployment are instituted and enforced, and ANC allied Trade Unions encourage workers to demand more and more unreasonable remuneration leading to job losses and businesses becoming uncompetitive and closing down.

A simple example – Garment Factory employing 300 workers at less than the minimum wage and struggling to survive against uncontrolled Chinese imports is visited by a young African labour official who smugly shuts the plant down because it is paying less than the minimum wage – net effect? – the plant never reopened and the 300 workers now have NO wage instead of less than the minimum and no hope of a wage.  If you start scratching the country is awash with horror stories like this.

It is now cheaper to export wine in bulk to Europe and bottle it there because South African labour is now so expensive, and, and, and …


6.  Breakdown of the Criminal Justice System

There is on-going evidence that the Criminal Justice System is collapsing.  Constant reports of corrupt and incompetent police, over-crowded jails, suspects released on bail never to return, etc, etc.

South Africa has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the WORLD, AND massive general crime.

Horrendous murders of farmers, over 3,000 in the last ten years together with more than 10,000 assaults – but in 2007 the police ceased reporting these statistics separately, arguably because such conduct is actually ANC policy as evidenced by President Zuma, the leadership of the ANC (including Cabinet Members) and thousands of others singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with the machine gun” at the ANC Centenary.

We read reports daily of massive corruption and virtually never hear of real convictions and meaningful jail sentences – the President himself steals millions for his private dwelling assisted by Government Agencies, lies in Parliament and nothing is done.

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Things that are Breaking...

These are just the things that I have directly heard of or experienced, I am sure that you have your own horror stories. I have NOT catalogued them but just listed them as they come to mind.  Some of these are mentioned elsewhere in this book but many are only listed here.  Many of these you can find with Google.

Many of the problems reported here do NOT occur in the Western Cape and other areas controlled by the Democratic Alliance bringing the incompetence and negligence of the African National Congress into sharp focus.


1.    Over 68,800 whites murdered since 1994, some say 30,000 -- a report of 165,000 turns out to be a typing error for 165,000.


2.    Over 3,000 farmers murdered most barbarically, over 10,000 assaulted.


3.    Gang rapes of white males in Police cells are common.  Most claim to be falsely accused.  This appears to be another form of ANC mandated black on white violence.  May relate to whites who do NOT show “proper respect” to Police – it pays to be polite – remember Power-Fear.


4.    There are regular reports of rapes of white women by police officers and traffic officers.


5.    South Africa is listed as a level 5 Genocide country by Genocide Watch.


6.    Jacob Zuma led the ANC leadership and tens of thousands of supporters in singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” on 8th January 2012.


7.    Jacob Zuma is reported to have said that his goal is to “avenge Blood River”.


8.    Jacob Zuma and the ANC practice Ancestor worship and witchcraft.


9.    Jacob Zuma has built a militarily secure complex at Nkandla, Zululand for his personal dwelling with bullet proof glass and an underground bunker – which war is he preparing for?


10.  R1.5 billion of Government money, fraudulently channelled through a front company used to build a highway to Nkandla for Zuma.


11.  The ANC continues to maintain Umkhonto we Sizwe as a military wing in uniform – to fight what war?


12.  The ANC continues to have a spear in its logo although it is supposed to be a political party.


13.  300,000 jobs have been lost in the manufacturing sector in recent years and this is mostly NOT due to global recession.  Many claim it results from ANC interference in the economy, primarily through Cadre deployment and Affirmative Action putting incompetent people in charge of operations.


14.  Corporates are hoarding piles of cash, presumably because of lack of confidence in the South African Government.


15.  South Africa has lost two thirds of Gold production since 1994 and it is projected that the Gold Mines may close totally within five years


16.  Two operating and profitable Gold Mines (one only recently completed) bought by Black Empowerment Group Aurora were stripped of their equipment (sold as scrap) and the funds taken by relatives of Jacob Zuma and Nelson Mandela while workers went unpaid – no material legal consequences even though a raft of laws have been broken – refer programme on Carte Blanche.


17.  An incident in which a young black Affirmative Action mine inspector climbed through barriers into a disused part of a mine – seemingly a preplanned incident – he seemed to know exactly where to go – and came back with an unused fuse – a safety infringement – he shut the mine down for a week – when mine management tried to meet with his boss to get the mine reopened they were kept waiting for about three hours and then told to meet with the official who had caused the problem – risk of putting the mine out of business.


18.  An incident at a clothing factory where a young black Affirmative Action labour inspector shut a struggling garment factory down because they were paying their 300 workers below the minimum wage because of competitive pressures from China and elsewhere.  The factory never reopened and the workers never found alternative employment and therefore now have NO wage – no comprehension of economic realities.


19.  Richards Bay coal line running at 75% of capacity because of Cadre Deployment – billions of Rands in Foreign Exchange revenue lost.


20.  South African Bureau of Standards – issuing certificates to sub-standard products resulting in a flood of cheap imports – production of local manufacturer down by 25% with corresponding loss of foreign exchange AND jobs.  Many other cases.


21.  Government agencies taking excessively long to pay suppliers.  Recent report of the SABS taking a year to pay a service provider.  I have had to fight to get paid on a number of occasions.


22.  Retailed of specialist consumer products sold primarily to white executives sales dropped markedly because so many customers have left the country.


23.  Between one and three million whites have left the country since 1994.


24.  Some reason to question the census figures.


25.  Over 300,000 whites unemployed because of forced Affirmative Action, living in poverty – some say the number is MUCH higher.


26.  Railway pensioners in poverty because of ineffective Cadre management of pension fund.


27.  Wine bottled in Europe because South African labour costs are too high.


28.  Reported that 800 graduate Professionals (Engineers, Doctors, etc) leaving South Africa every month.


29.  It is alleged that 2 million African refugees were recorded as tourists in 2011 massively distorting tourism figures and damaging tourism investors who over capitalized for an imaginary demand.  This may have happened in other years as well.  Points either to incompetence or intentional inflation of figures.


30.  Over 5 million refugees from Africa in South Africa, many involved in Crime, may be more – massive drain on resources.  Probably NOT all counted in the census.


31.  Witwatersrand University now ranked about 350 in the world, thirty years ago it was ranked with the top Universities in the United States and Britain.


32.  South African education now ranked 144 in the world, once a much higher standard.


33.  Public healthcare is crumbling, thousands of doctors have left the country and there is gross mismanagement due to Cadre deployment and Affirmative Action.


34.  Deaths in hospitals are rapidly increasing due to lack of doctors, lack of medication, poor hygiene, etc.


35.  Extravagant hospitals are built for which there are no doctors, nurses, or administrative staff, they stand empty.


36.  Public education is crumbling, thousands of teachers have left the country and there is gross mismanagement due to Cadre deployment and Affirmative Action.


37.  Now Government wants to take from the private sector and mess with Model C schools that are still working.


38.  Prisons are massively overcrowded and not nearly enough prisons have been built to accommodate the out of control crime rate.


39.  Rioters recently burned down a section of a maximum security prison in protest against food standards. 


40.  Jail standards in other cases are so high that murders live under much better conditions than the families of the people that they murdered and can even get University Degrees while in Jail.


41.  Extravagant facilities, like this incomplete and unused museum and cultural centre relating to the Vredefort Dome, which has been standing unused for four years and is progressively getting overgrown with weeds – see photo below.  Estimated to have cost at least R30 million.  Requires intellectual input to populate and run it – presumably no budget or budget misappropriated.



42.  Road repairs are started and not completed because of bad administration of funds and Tender Fraud and mismanagement – stand in disrepair for years.


43.  Other roads crumbling for lack of routine maintenance – will now have to be rebuilt from scratch at orders of magnitude higher cost and disruption than routine maintenance.


44.  Most roads in Johannesburg have not received routine maintenance for twenty years – massive deterioration and potholes are looming – there is NO WAY of reversing this.


Alligator cracking (so named because the pattern resembles the skin of an alligator or crocodile) in a major intersection in Johannesburg.  Been like this for a number of years and progressively deteriorating.  The cracks form because bitumen evaporates causing the road surface to become brittle and shrink.  These cracks should be sealed every year before the start of the rainy season by labourers pouring heated liquid bitumen into the cracks.  This keeps water out of the foundation of the road thereby preventing the formation of potholes and prevents traffic from breaking the edges of the cracks thereby progressively widening them as can be seen in the photo above.

Without this maintenance roads eventually degenerate into a sea of potholes as can be seen throughout Africa.  So we see that thousands of simple low skill jobs have been scrapped to finance extravagance and, at the same time, the life of road assets across the country is radically reduced.  A properly maintained road should last for every, as most of the roads in South Africa have, a badly maintained road can collapse in a decade or two.


45.  In addition to the above roads should be sprayed with bitumen and chip applied about every ten years.  This has also not been done with the result that road surfaces are becoming increasingly brittle such that in the not too distant future we can expect an EXPLOSION of potholes.


46.  Pothole in a Johannesburg street.  Potholes are formed when water enters the foundation of the road through cracks and cannot drain so that as cars pass over the point in the rain hydraulic pressure forces material out of the road into the street.  Once potholes are formed they can never be fully repaired without ripping up the road and rebuilding from scratch which is an EXTREMELY costly and disruptive process.


Potholes also cause tyre and suspension damage – a form of indirect tax paid by road users for the incompetence and negligence of roads agencies.

Insurance company repairing potholes for free as a form of advertising forced to stop “because they had not complied with tender procedures” – there was NOTHING to tender, they were doing it FREE!  Completely irrational and incompetent bureaucracy!


Ravelling – breaking out of the stone chips on the surface of the road because the bitumen has become too brittle.  This causes vibration and excessive suspension wear – the M1 South in Johannesburg immediately South of the Braamfontein on-ramp is an example where ravelling is causing the road surface to totally disintegrate.


47.  Road Islands full of weeds in Johannesburg and many other places.  Low paid workers lose jobs and area devalued by ANC Municipal neglect.



48.  Traffic lights out, increased delays and accidents because of poor quality workmanship on maintenance and repairs.


49.  Road accidents because of inadequately trained drivers, fraudulent drivers licences, unroadworthy vehicles and fraudulent road worth certificates.


50.  Reports that the Gauteng eToll will generate R80 billion in revenue when the revenue to repay the debt is R30 billion INCLUDING finance costs with the remaining R50 billion to go to the ANC and others of their preferred elite.


51.  Shops in Pilgrims Rest told to close because tenders awarded to lowest bidders – i.e. those who were going to pay the least for the use of the facilities – had to go to court before the officials involved understood their mistake.


52.  Piles of files scattered all over the floor in a High Court registry, cannot find files.


53.  Transformers not serviced and therefore they blow up or break down – massive consequential damage costs that are only now starting to surface – degradation will accelerate and there is NO WAY of reversing this, new transformers have to be installed.  This is why you see portable generating sets in suburbs around Johannesburg while new transformers are built to replace units that have burned out.


54.  Electricity distribution infrastructure not properly maintained, progressively degrading.


55.  Over 600 Rhinos killed in South Africa in 2012 and Government apparently unable to stop the carnage – but South African blacks believe that muti from Rhinos is powerful and the President engages in witchcraft so …?



56.  Black matric marks are manually upgraded so that children who would get 30% for a properly moderated exam get 70% and are functionally illiterate in the subjects concerned – particularly a problem with Mathematics.


57.  Child with 25% AVERAGE promoted to Grade 8 in a Soweto school.


58.  Over 300,000 children of school going age NOT at school.


59.  R35 BILLION per annum spent on child support grants that stimulate black teenagers to breed resulting in a substantial increase in population growth and NO increase in economic activity – paid to stay at home and breed.


60.  Women who have disabled children get twice the money – so they are abusing drugs, alcohol, knitting needles into womb, etc in order to get disabled children.  Then, because the system is so badly administered they register the child, get an automatic monthly payment running and dump the child outside an NGO or other organization that will NOT know the identity of the child so the woman continues to draw the grant indefinitely!!


61.  R30 billion EXTRA proposed for a youth dole that will incentivise even more black youths to make NO attempt to find work – increased taxes are mooted.


62.  National Health Service mooted, to compensate for the public health service the ANC has destroyed – taking from Private Sector – increased taxes are mooted.


63.  Affirmative Action Project Manager works highly experienced consultant off a project by scheduling meetings when the consultant is not available – Project Manager who is at least twenty years younger than the consultant decides after two meetings that he does not need the consultant.  Project not complete a year later.


64.  Young Affirmative Action employee starts shouting at a senior consultant in a project meeting telling him what to do after the Affirmative Action employee arrived an hour late for the meeting and does not have the qualifications to hold an opinion – then accuses the consultant of “undermining” him – consultant leaves never to return despite having the knowledge and experience to add considerable value.


65.  Affirmative Action Project Manager working to a tight deadline says to vendor offering a genuine price “your price is too high, cut it by half”.  The vendor has better things to do so does not come back.  Project stands.


66.  South African Air Force have no money for fuel to fly their billions of Rands worth of Fighter Jets because of bad financial control and despite spending hundreds of millions of Rands on executive jet flights for the Minister of Defence.  Pilots run risk of losing licenses and risk of deterioration of planes standing without proper maintenance.


67.  Nearly new Naval ships unable to go to sea because of engine problems, one has to return to the manufacturer for repairs – can only be the consequence of improper or inadequate maintenance by inadequately qualified Affirmative Action deployees.  These engines should last for many decades with proper maintenance.


68.  Seventy five year old Dakota – a Museum piece that should only be flown at air shows and similar on a now and again basis, pressed into service on routine operational duties over the Drakensberg in bad weather and crashes killing all on board.  This was a totally inappropriate deployment for such an old aircraft in such bad weather conditions.  SAAF announces an investigation into technical problems – likely problem is Affirmative Action personnel deploying the plane inappropriately and, according to one report, improper and inadequate maintenance.  Allegedly much of the Air Force is grounded due to improper maintenance resulting from forcing out European technicians so they had to use this plane and Affirmative / Cadre officers are alleged to have force the white pilot to fly an unsafe route in unsafe weather with an unsafe plane because it was carrying medicine for Nelson Mandela that should have been supplied using other logistics routes.


69.  Telkom has lost 20% of its customers in ten years owing to poor service standards resulting from excessive Affirmative Action.


70.  Business organization using Affirmative Action technicians – total chaos in the computer room and totally inappropriate actions – business nearly crippled.


71.  Government Agency accounting systems – consultant finds that the under-qualified Affirmative Action Finance Manager is screaming at her staff such that they are too scared to use the system – Affirmative Chief Executive fires the consultant for reporting this.  Two years later the Manager is suspended for Fraud and theft.


72.  Professor at a University responsible for computer operations finds that Affirmative Action technicians cannot solve the problem, brings in white technicians who solve the problem in a couple of hours – head of the campus institutes disciplinary proceedings against the Professor for “racial discrimination” – Professor resigns and leaves the country.


73.  African Professor wants to put in an offer on a house.  Estate Agent tells him his price is way below what the seller will accept, buyer goes to seller and tries to cut the agent out, seller refuses to agree and refuses offer.  Black buyer lays charges of racism against the white seller and white agent – the offer was NOT market related – this is typical of the arrogance that underpins the vast majority of black allegations of racism against whites – they do NOT understand and do unreasonable and stupid things but their automatic answer is “racism”.


74.  Total collapse and squalor of large parts of Hillbrow, Joubert Park and neighbouring areas in Johannesburg – gone from respectable middle class areas to slums in twenty years resulting from mismanagement by Johannesburg Metro.


75.  Transkei and Zululand, greatest black populations, least white presence EVER, many of those in Government including past and current presidents – greatest poverty clearly evidencing that Africans cannot run their own areas effectively and yet those same people expect to run the country and achieve a different outcome.


76.  Zebediela Citrus Estate, once the largest in the world, handed over to Africans, now desolate see white paper at



77.  Eskom power collapse about five years ago – incompetence on the part of Government – plants shut down and never reopened, massive economic damage, major investments lost and now electricity costs are running out of control with further massive negative impacts on export prices and global competitiveness.


78.  Rumours allege that Eskom is pushing the maintenance of boilers to much longer periods than is safe and then forcing the maintenance periods to much shorter than is safe with the result that it is only a matter of time before major boiler failures endanger Power Stations and electricity supply with the risk of major damage to the economy and even collapse of the electricity grid.


79.  Electricity prices are running out of control and massively damaging competitiveness of high electricity use industries and mines.


80.  High tech entrepreneurs are leaving the country, firstly because they cannot get the necessary skills because they are leaving and secondly because of legislated BEE and Affirmative Action which are totally unreasonable and unachievable for high technology companies.


81.  Government proposed to change the governance of a mission critical regulatory body in order to “bypass racial discrimination” because Affirmative candidates were being rejected as unsafe to practice in the field – people could get killed – liberal and committed white professional who argued for safety standards to the relevant Portfolio Committee returned demoralized and exhausted after a week of racial abuse by black members of parliament.


82.  Loyal white Government officials dismissed on trumped up charges for whistle blowing on tender fraud.


83.  White Government official institutes tough compliance control with regard to procurement, suddenly faced with trumped up charges by an ANC aligned official.  Charge sheet is almost illiterate but the case continues to be pressed.


84.  Government officials given five year contracts since 1994 so that white officials can be conveniently replaced by blacks.  Result is that virtually all institutional knowledge with regard to running the organs of Government has been lost, officials are in constant fear of finding the next appointment in case they are edged out by an Affirmative Action appointment, which is happening at an accelerating rate.  Many are demotivated, many have left Government and many have left the country.  More will follow.


85.  Goodman Gallery faced harsh threats of violence by ANC for displaying an inappropriate picture of President Zuma – issue is HOW it was handled – immediately marches and threats of violence – that is the African way that so many whites and Indians fear.


86.  Private construction company bankrupt because of failure of Government to pay R200 million – way overdue despite all reasonable efforts.


87.  ANC people gearing quotes by huge amounts to make huge profits for themselves using Government money to fund their extravagant life styles.


88.  Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis reported at the ANC Congress in December 2012 indicating the gross and totally inappropriate levels of consumption expenditure within the ANC associated with gross fraud and theft.


89.  Welfare organizations and charities historically funded by Government (read European run Government twenty years ago) are increasingly having funding cut.  Contrast this with the excesses of the previous point in order to get some view of the morality of the situation.


90.  Government projects over-run by years and millions because of incompetent Affirmative project managers.


91.  Blue Light Convoys for all sorts of Government Officials at ALL levels.  Massive waste of tax payer’s money, reckless driving, accidents caused, people killed, huge frustration and resentment.


92.  Frequently no attempt at time management.  Meetings start hours late.  President Zuma sets this example constantly at huge cost and disruption.


93.  Government research agency displaces European researchers and replaces them with Affirmative Action personnel.  The result is badly designed and inappropriate surveys badly administered and badly analysed that result in completely inappropriate findings which then inform Government policy making and legislation further contributing to major problems in the country.


94.  Department of Home Affairs take three to four months to provide a detailed Birth Certificate, a computer printed document – alternatively you can pay an “agent” at the entrances to the premises R1,000 to get it within a week – STILL delivered by the Department of Home Affairs through the good offices of associates of the agent WITHIN the Department.


95.  Turbine Accident at Duhva Power Station in 2010 / 2011 – 1,500 MW of generating capacity lost – Affirmative Action technician error – theoretically impossible:

Before                                                                   After



Close up of the damage, note that the shaft, hole on the left, is about 300 mm diameter – see shaft bottom right – this is a massive machine – see the size of the worker in the photo top left

Things to note:

  •  Allegedly there were three over-run controls, of which two were deactivated because an Affirmative Action technician wanted to test if the third was working – it was NOT, hence the accident – this is totally UNACCEPTABLE technical practice.


  •  The photographs were allegedly taken by a disaffected and marginalized European technician.


  •  This incident was kept completely covered up and never made it into the Newspapers – one of numerous incidents not reported on.


  •  It probably cost about R50 million and probably took at LEAST two years to replace this unit – it could NOT have been repaired.


  •  This unit alone produced enough electricity to run a significant town full time, or a significant mine shaft or a whole range of heavy industry full time so the real economic damage was potentially massive.


  •  This capacity was taken out through Affirmative incompetence / negligence at a time when South Africa was experiencing major electricity supply shortages.


  •  Note that furnaces and plants were shut down and investments cancelled as a consequence of the electricity crisis that were NEVER reopened or reinstated!


96.  Affirmative Action technician leaves bolt in turbine at Koeberg after routine maintenance because he does NOT follow laid down procedures, turbine starts up and disintegrates, takes over a year to replace, during the height of the electricity crisis.  Official announcement ignores the true cause.


97.  South Africa’s international Credit Rating downgraded from AAA some years ago to BBB which is apparently not much higher than JUNK status – a measure of just how badly things are deteriorating as viewed by the international financial community.


98.  We continue to live behind high walls and security gates with burglar alarms – a measure of how we view the security situation.


99.  Affirmative Action pilot takes wrong turning on airfield at night, puts engines into reverse and backs the plane into a ditch, trashes the engine – reverse thrust on engines is to slow the plane on landing NOT to reverse the plane like a car – there are no view finders, windows or mirrors – aeroplanes are designed to be reversed using tractors / tugs – total technical incompetence, millions of Rands write off.


It has subsequently been asserted that this was NOT an Affirmative Action related incident -- click here to read the detail and make your own assessment

100.   Etc, etc, etc – everywhere I look things are collapsing and, I suspect, now that YOU have read this list YOU have more horror stories to add.


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What is an Economy?

Also written several years ago:


“The word economy is frequently used and frequently abused.

Having been exposed to a basic understanding of economics in the 1980’s I have from time to time pondered the question “what is this thing we call an economy?”

This article seeks to answer that question based on my observations over the entire duration of my life.

The following headlines seem to me to be the most relevant subject areas in determining the success or failure of an economy with particular reference to the economy of South Africa at present.


1.  Succeed by engineering against failure

In considering the points that follow there is a fundamental principle applied by engineers which is "succeed by engineering against failure" – this principle requires that we identify the things that cause failure and manage them out of the project or environment in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Thus, when the points below address negative issues this is done from a perspective of addressing factors that cause failure in order that we may design failure out of the economic system.


2.  An economy IS a symbiotic collection of human beings

Over the last few years, as I have become increasingly aware of the importance of early childhood experience, I have concluded that an economy is a collection of people who harness knowledge and experience symbiotically to create a financial dispensation that is better than that which existed previously.

Symbiosis refers to the productive coexistence of organisms in nature or to the productive coexistence of people in an economy.

One person identifies a need in society and starts a business in order to service that need.

In order for that business to run effectively other knowledge and experience is required, other products are required, etc and so the operation of that business symbiotically creates the need for other businesses or enterprises and so the economy grows.

If the vision of those who are starting businesses and other enterprises is ambitious the resulting economy will stretch limits and push boundaries.  If the vision of those people is constrained, as in a survival economy, the resulting economy will be constrained.

And so we see a close correlation between symbiotic increases in knowledge and experience and the growth of an economy and, by extension, loss of knowledge and experience leading to a contraction of an economy which is the threat facing South Africa today.

It is the attitude and vision of people which determines the scale and success or otherwise of an economy.  Thus we see that in some nations there is much greater prosperity than in others.


3.  2% of the population define the economy

It has been said that 2% of a population know how to create wealth and that these people define the level of prosperity of the society, 12% know how to mobilize talent and resources to assist the 2% to create wealth and the remaining 86% are oblivious to the workings of the economy and think that wealth happens by magic or favouritism or some sort of behind the scenes connivance directed at depriving the majority of the something that is actually theirs.

The lack of awareness of this statistic is a major problem in most economies today and in particular in South Africa.  Where politics and other actions alienate those who know how to create wealth and those that know how to assist them to create wealth such that those people leave, as has been happening in South Africa for some time now, the economy starts to decline.  The decline may not be visible to those who are not aware of the finer details of how an economy works but they are visible nonetheless.

If South Africa is to provide wealth for all its people it needs to attract and retain those who know how to create wealth and those who know how to assist them to create wealth.


4.  An economy is NOT something that can be redistributed

Inherent in the previous points is a realization that an economy cannot be created by redistribution.

If the people who are not wealthy knew how to create wealth they would be wealthy, there is nothing preventing them from becoming wealthy.

Commercial farmers operate large farms not because they were given the farms as some sort of hand-out but because they have proven their ability to mobilize resources of capital, machines, people, etc to conduct agricultural endeavours on previously undeveloped land in a manner that allows them to draw a moderate income and still have money left over to buy seed, fertilizer and other inputs and pay workers.

If the workers knew how to do this there is plenty of vacant land available for them to demonstrate their skills in this area.


5.  Engineering, technology and methodology are central

Technology and technical aptitude are central to the success of an economy.

A society that carefully applies technology and methods and maintains and nurtures that technology is one that will prosper, a society that drains finance away from maintenance of infrastructure and construction of new productive infrastructure such that existing infrastructure decays and becomes derelict, as is increasingly happening in South Africa, will eventually sink into poverty and so-called "third world" status.


6.  Attitude, morale and words make or break an economy

People with a positive attitude and work ethic and positive morale build up other people and the resulting synergies raise the level of emotional energy in the community and this creates wealth creating activities.

Negative and destructive words, like "kill the Boer" destroy morale and break down the fabric of society.  Constantly complaining that the bulk of the economy is "dominated" by white males when white males have created the economy in question is destroying morale and creating a situation where those of us who are deemed to be offenders because of our gender and skin colour are increasingly incentivised to seek other countries which recognize our skills and abilities.

The same discrimination in the reverse direction up to about thirty years ago was equally destructive, taking unacceptable behaviour and turning it around in the opposite direction does not make discrimination any more palatable or effective.


7.    Lean and facilitative Government stimulates an economy

Universally around the world we see that Governments which limit their direct involvement in the economy stimulate growth far more effectively than those that get actively involved in the economy and try and manipulate and control it.

An economy is a consequence of the collaborative and cooperative efforts of human beings who know how to create wealth, it is NOT the outcome of bureaucratic interference in the economy by people who clearly do not know how to create wealth – otherwise they would be independently wealthy in their own right.


8.    Early childhood experience creates the foundation for an economy for education to build on

I continue to see how the performance of adults is framed by their experience in the first seven years from conception.

Personality, work ethic, career interest, behaviour in relationships and many other characteristics of human endeavour are informed and dramatically shaped by early childhood experience.

If we desire to see wealth distributed more widely we need to distribute the knowledge and experience in early life that will enable the majority of the population to contribute more directly and more dynamically in growing the economy.  In the absence of such stimulation and in the presence of badly planned and badly executed experiments executed on an entire generation, as we have with Outcomes Based Education, we will see a degradation in the economy twenty to fifty years later.

While having a lesser impact, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education must all be of a high standard if the economy is to thrive.


9.  All the rest

There are any number of other factors that inform the viability of an economy but I believe that those listed above are the principal factors.  If the factors above are addressed there is a reasonable prospect that an economy will prosper, if these factors are ignored or, worse still, countered, the economy will degrade although this could take up to fifty years to become visible.”

As with the previous article you will see in the rest of this book that I have become significantly more conservative than I was at the time I wrote the above article.


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Fundamentals of Mining

 Written after the ANC Youth League march to the Chamber of Mines:


“Faced with the demands for nationalization of mines it seems to me that there is a need for a more public and more visible response from the mining industry – fundamentally, as we have seen with the march to Pretoria by the ANCYL, this is a public relations exercise and I have to say that from where I sit the industry is not being very successful in their countering of these demands from a public relations perspective.

I am convinced that the majority of South African mines are well run, treat their employees well and pay market related salaries and wages.  Having consulted on mines elsewhere in Africa that had been nationalized I am convinced that the workers in South Africa are far better off than they would be if the mines were nationalized.

Accordingly I would like to encourage the mining industry and industry generally to counter the current hostile and negative communication that is taking place with high profile, high visibility communications on an on-going and sustained basis to educate people as to the truths about the economics of mining (and manufacturing, and …)

I think that with regard to mining such communication might include the following points:

1.  Mine revenue is determined by commodity prices that are determined internationally and over which South Africa has no control.

2.  Mine production drives revenue through a direct relationship between the cost effectiveness of the mine and the quantity of product that can be economically mined.

3.  Between 40% and 60% (not sure of exact figures) of mine revenue goes to pay wages and salaries of miners.

4.  Between 20% and 40% (again I do not have exact figures) of mine revenue goes to pay for equipment, materials and contractors and apart from imported equipment most of this money finds its way into salaries and wages in South Africa as well.

5.  In order to develop a new mine shaft or pit it is necessary to spend money with no return for between 5 and 15 years (again exact figures?) and once the mine or shaft is in production the people who supplied the money to build the mine must be repaid and earn interest on their money (that is capital) – this takes the form of dividends and loan repayments and is generally a relatively small component of total revenue.

6.   The ability of a mine to produce cost effectively and therefore remain in operation is the consequence of hard work by a small group of senior people with considerable knowledge and experience who run the mine effectively and efficiently, these people must also be paid.

7.  South African mines are efficient, effective and generate about as much employment as they possibly can with current commodity prices.  Universal experience with nationalization elsewhere in the world has consistently resulted in a reduction of wages and a reduction in employment.  Nationalization is NOT the answer.

Please consider preparing TV programmes, newspaper adverts and other public relations material that reaches the majority of the population, particularly those who are unemployed.  The answer is improved education, NOT nationalization."


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The Purpose of Government

1.  Government exists to do what individuals CANNOT do – Governments are the agents, the SERVANTS (remember “the Civil Service”?) of the people in a democratic state – something the Zuma ANC and most African people do not understand.


2.    Provide justice, policing, prisons and defence.


3.     Legislation and policies that are conducive to peaceful and successful commercial endeavour.


4.    Provide national infrastructure that WORKS and facilitates effective social operation – roads, railways, water supply, electricity supply – in working order in IN SERVICE of society.


5.   Look after the high level requirements for the wellbeing of the entire population – hygiene, clean water in adequate quantity, sewerage, health care (for the poor) and related SERVICES and, to LIMITED extent, where private enterprise cannot do this.


6.    Education – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education – Universities, Technical Colleges, Teacher Training Colleges, etc – to make this affordable to as many people as possible.


7.    Facilitate Arts and Culture.


8.    Government should be a FACILITATOR of prosperity – the ANC do NOT give any indication that they understand this – they draw huge salaries, engage in graft and HINDER the economy to a point where it is now facing collapse.


9.  In a TRUE democracy (which we NO longer have) Parliament is filled by men and women who have considerable knowledge and experience and who have demonstrated their OWN ability to sustain themselves in Politics.  This collective knowledge and experience (or wisdom) enables them to guide a country to a high value outcome.  To the extent that these principles are violated prosperity is destroyed.  Note that excessive socialistic, communistic and liberal thinking ALL damage economies by focussing on the WRONG things.

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Why South Africa could not have grown much more before 1980

1.    Began off a close to zero base in 1880.


2.    Always far more Africans than Europeans, of the order of 10 to 1.


3.    Africans are incapable of creating wealth and prosperity in their own right – as evidenced throughout Africa and, on the contary, have substantial ability to DESTROY wealth – particularly those with some education.  They are a massive entrepreneurial deadweight.


4.    The Anglo-Boer War did massive damage to the economy, particularly the farming economy.


5.    World Wars 1 and 2 set-back global growth significantly.


6.   Post World War 2 there was dramatic growth within the constraints of the South African European economically active population who were carrying the deadweight of the entrepreneurially ineffective African population and building infrastructure for them.


7.   The massive imbalance of Africans to Europeans (currently 10 to 1) meant that African education could ONLY progress slowly.


8.    It was only in the early 1980’s that there was a real economic surplus in South Africa and this was dampened by sanctions and, to some extent, Apartheid.  This created massive strategic momentum that we are STILL benefiting from today although this momentum is rapidly being dissipated.


9.    The lifting of sanctions in the 1990’s, coupled to goodwill investment inflows, stimulated the bubble we have today that is on the point of bursting.


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What the white man brought to south africa

The following article was written in late 2011 but not accepted for publication because it was regarded as too contentious.

“I can remain silent no longer.

On 24 October 2011 Julius Malema was reported in various press reports as saying "the white man brought nothing to South Africa" this follows repeated claims that "whites are criminals and thieves" – see below for one of many examples:


 It is my opinion that Malema and other alienated youth are rapidly stirring racial tension to extremely unhealthy levels.

Last Saturday, 22 October 2011, I watched a program on the History Channel on the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich -- something that I studied in some detail earlier in my life – my father spent years as a prisoner of the Nazi's.

I then watched a program on the lead-in to the Russian Revolution at the end of the First World War  (Dr Zhivago).

The psychology of massive unemployment, harsh accusations and incitement was too close to what alienated youth are saying and doing today to go without comment.  In both cases millions of the unemployed were killed as cannon fodder.

The passive non-response of those who could have changed history but did not believe that what was happening could be so bad, also has parallels.

It is my considered contention that unless robust CONSTRUCTIVE action is taken to contain and reverse the toxic racial psychology that is being fueled by the alienated youth there will be massive black on white violence in the not too distant (less than ten years) future.

I submit that in order to prevent this it is vital that ALL South Africans confront the truth about the value that white people of European descent have brought to South Africa.

In writing what follows, which is the result of careful consideration over some years now, I do so as a graduate engineer with considerable experience.  This experience has included the realization that it is a fundamental engineering principle that "success is accomplished by designing against failure".  I have also come to understand that "designing against failure" requires that one focuses on the factors that will cause failure and the systematic disciplined intellectual response of taking the necessary CONSTRUCTIVE measures necessary to prevent failure.

Thus, where I discuss negative issues I am NOT seeking to be destructive but rather to put difficult issues on the table that I believe MUST be addressed if South Africa is to aspire to a "High Road" long term outcome.  It is my sober and considered opinion that if we do not recognize that the current rhetoric is stoking the fires of black on white genocide and take measures to educate, inform and counter that rhetoric we will make the same mistakes as the people of Germany in the early 1930's and of Russia in the late 1910's.

Having said this, let us soberly consider what the white man DID bring to South Africa over 300 years ago:


1.     Reading, writing, numeracy, time

Reading, writing, writing technology, printing technology, bound books – the ability to duplicate and distribute knowledge, postal services, newspapers, the ability to mobilize and inform people, written instructions, recipes, numbers, numeracy, arithmetic, mathematics, surveying, design drawings, measurement and management of time – the ability to conceptualize and design complex systems, astronomy and navigation -- the fundamentals of creating value without which even the most basic prosperity is out of reach.


2.     Education

Basic education within the family, career school teachers proud of their vocation, universities – formalized sharing of established knowledge, equipping with regard to fundamental technical and knowledge principles, creating the foundation for each generation to achieve beyond the achievements of their parent's generation – the essence of growing a civilization from what existed three hundred years ago to what exists today.


3.     Basic technologies

Basic technologies including woodwork, carpentry, cutting uniform planks and beams, making wagon wheels and wagons, wood turning, metal working, weaving of fabrics, knitting, needlework, stone masonry, kiln fired bricks, porcelain, straight, level, plumb – the fundamentals of basic establishment of a place to live and of migrating into unknown territory.


4.     Agricultural and food technology

Agricultural knowledge, experience, tools and products.  Domesticated and cultivated plant and animal species, trees for timber and fruit, plows, domesticated oxen, yokes, ropes, preservation of food, manufacture of foods from basic materials, a culture of cultivating surplus NOT subsistence and the associated self-discipline – saving seed for next year no matter how hungry you are, cultivating surplus for commercial purposes – the essence of establishing sustainable life in a foreign land.


5.     Mining technology

Mining knowledge, experience, tools and methods, the ability to identify diamonds, gold and other minerals, the ability to develop underground mines and extract and beneficiate the minerals including chemical and metallurgical processes, furnaces, etc – the essence of the ability to move from an agricultural economy to an economy of abundance.


6.     Commerce

Commercial knowledge and experience, currency, trading, banking, economics, managing finance, motivating and organizing people commercially.  Exchange crops for tools, materials, other foodstuffs, etc – the essence of moving from a subsistence economy to a vibrant multifunctional growing economy.


7.     Military technology

Military knowledge and experience, swords, rifles, cannon, explosives, military discipline and drills, enabling them to defeat those who attacked them -- note that they did NOT destroy the inhabitants of the land which they could easily have done – the essence of establishing sustainable economy when surrounded by others who coveted what they had.


8.     Diverse additional technologies

Diverse other technologies and engineering -- build ships, bridges, pump water, build dams, imposing buildings, roads, subsequently railway lines -- the diversity of engineering technical ability on which South Africa is today reliant in order to prosper.


9.     Medicine

Medicine, antiseptic’s, antibiotic's, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, surgery, anesthesia, contraception and birth control -- the full spectrum of life sciences to preserve life when confronted with injury, illness, disease, etc.


10.   Social, government, judicial

Cultural, social, religious learning, complex music and instruments, complex art, formal Government, democracy, formal judiciary, courts, codified laws and legal practices, policing, all that was necessary for an advanced civilization to be established.


11.   Strategic and creative thinking, innovation and executive ability

More abstract but even more critical than all the above the white man brought strategic and creative thinking, innovation, logic, decision making and the ability to execute those visions and make them a reality.  Problem solving, understanding cause and effect.  The ability to visualize a better future state, to plan how to get there, to mobilize men, assets and capital to make that visualization a reality – the essence of what moved South Africa from the state it was in when the white man arrived to the state it is in today as an advanced industrialized and internationally competitive commercial nation.   The ability to MAKE IT WORK!


12.   Religion and knowledge of the things of the Creator

Developed and formalized religion, the Bible, comprehensive teachings, knowledge of the Creator NOT service of demons and witchcraft.


NONE of the above were present in any material way in South Africa before the white man arrived.

There is substantial evidence, supported by current black teachings, which depict King Shaka dressed in animal skins, that the people living in South Africa when the white man arrived were living in huts made of grass and other basic materials, wearing animal skins, using the most basic forms of technology possible and with virtually no technical ability whatsoever and no writing.  Furthermore they lived in a subsistence economy where no material commerce existed.

There is abundant evidence and record of this and no black man that I have heard of has disputed this.  To the contrary, our President is at pains to wear this tribal dress at certain functions and those involved in the commemoration of King Shaka have made sure that he is depicted dressed in this way.  Tribal villages built as tourist attractions stress this very basic, that is "primitive",  existence.


In fact, there is every reason to assert that if the white man had never come to South Africa Julius Malema would not be called "Julius" and he would be living in a grass hut wearing animal skins if one of his elders had not beaten him to death for insubordination.  He would certainly NOT be wearing clothes, watches, etc produced using technology invented by white men to designs conceptualized by white men, he would not be driving a car and living in a house and using technology such as cellular telephones also invented by white men to designs conceptualized and originated by white men.

I am NOT being racist, I am simply pointing out verifiable facts which are available to any person who honestly seeks to establish the truth of South African history.

Insofar as the assertion as to the above having been introduced and led by the white man this can be substantiated in countries around the world.  North and South America and Australasia, not to mention the rest of Africa, demonstrate essentially the same progression of primitive cultures being advanced by the white man to world class technology along similar lines to that experienced in South Africa.  In ALL cases the single common factor is white men and women of European descent.

It is vital to recognize that the knowledge, experience, technologies, methodologies, etc, etc that the white man brought to South Africa as listed above were the culmination of development over hundreds and in many cases thousands of years.  White people did NOT wave a magic wand in order to be able to do these things, they learned incrementally as a society how to do and make these things and they codified this knowledge and brought it with them.  This being so, on what basis is it assumed that people who have not gone through this learning experience can summarily claim entitlement to the same privileges that centuries of learning have purchased for white people?  Claim accelerated access, yes, but just "hand it over" and expect it to continue working?

Having established the truth regarding what the white man in fact brought to South Africa three hundred years ago and evidenced that Julius Malema (an most of the ANC) is seriously and dangerously misinformed, let us move to some other considerations that necessarily flow from the above:


Some Critical Considerations

Ongoing technological, educational and knowledge and experience advancement led by white men

In the 360 years since the white man established the first settlement in South Africa, the sub-continent has moved from a situation in which human beings existed under the most basic subsistence conditions to a point where South Africa has for many years held its own with other countries around the world in terms of Civil Infrastructure, Commerce, Banking, Mining, Medicine, Education, Engineering, Justice, etc, etc – in fact, in all the areas listed above South Africa has, for many years, ranked with the best.  Throughout this period the principal leadership has come from white males assisted and supported by white females with some support from people of mixed race and people of Asian origin and some from those of African origin.

There HAS been involvement from black people but it is a harsh reality that black people have seldom provided the initiative, the strategic concept, the vision to drive these technological and sociological advances.

Black people claim that this is the consequence of "oppression" by whites and, it is so that there HAS been some measure of discrimination and that in later years there WAS some harsh race based legislation.

My parents and my generation of my family have NEVER supported that activity and throughout our lives have done the best we can to uplift black people, to work within the democratic mechanisms available to us to oppose apartheid, etc.  Accordingly, in reading what I write here you should NOT draw the conclusion that I am some sort of maverick "racist" who has survived from a dark and desperate past.

I AM a liberal intellectual who has been passionate about this country all my life but who has recently reached a point where I can no longer contain my concern and feel I must respond to the statements that are being made by Malema and others and the increasingly harsh and hostile discrimination that I experience as a white person.  Frankly I am tired of having to fill in race based questionnaires in order to conduct business, I am tired of continuous declarations, right up to the President himself, that there are “too many whites” (the necessary arithmetic and logical equivalent of "not enough blacks").

I have worked hard all my life, so have all the white people that I know, I have never received or given so much as a cent in backhanders in order to secure business and I do not know a single white person who has done this.  I know that I and my fellow white people and particularly my fellow white men have, through the sweat of our brows, built this economy to what it is today just as our white brethren in many other nations have done in those nations.

I do NOT mind sharing what I have but I resent being called a "criminal" and a "thief" and I resent it being said that my forebears brought nothing to this country.  I am certain that virtually all white people feel the same way.


So, let us consider a few other necessary conclusions from the information that I have presented above:


Nobody lifted up the white man

The white people of South Africa and, in fact, the white people of the world, have NEVER had a people of superior accomplishment uplift them, teach them new things, give them new technologies, give them access to advanced commerce, etc.

The white people of South Africa and the world have developed ALL the significant technologies and methodologies that make up the essence of global commerce and prosperity that are outlined under the headings above THEMSELVES, of their own creative initiative, of their own hard work, long hours, sleepless nights, etc.

Yes, they HAVE been ably assisted by people of other races and nations but the strategic creative initiative has come first and foremost from the white, European peoples.  In Asia this has been amplified by the Asian peoples who have seized these technologies and methodologies and made them their own and, in some cases taken them significantly further.

If we are willing to confront harsh reality there is virtually NO evidence that black African people from sub-Saharan Africa have in any meaningful way seized the opportunity and uplifted themselves.  Yes, they have provided cheap labour but it is apparent in the countries of Europe in particular that those economies have prospered technologically and commercially without cheap black labour thereby evidencing that the white man does NOT need the black man in order to succeed.


Black people have failed to learn critical skills from white people

It is time for black South Africans to stop demanding that the white man give away what he has built up through hard work and seek to understand how the white man did it and seek to emulate the white man.

YES, we DO have a legacy of the white man withholding this information to some extent BUT there is massive evidence that the majority of black people have failed to learn even the most basic knowledge of the white people.

It is several hundred years since white people in simple wagons they made themselves trekked into the hinterland of South Africa as "settlers" – people with ability who were able to take possession of land that was largely uninhabited, where those that were inhabitants were unable to defeat them and where many welcomed the newcomers because of all the nice "stuff" the newcomers brought with them.

There is no global precedent, let alone in Africa, of a militarily victorious civilization being OBLIGATED to make right those they overcame, in many cases in history the defeated foes have been utterly destroyed – South African white people are, in fact, characterized by a more generous spirit in this regard than virtually all other peoples.

Throughout the history of South Africa black people have VOLUNTARILY come to settle close to the settlements of white people and to sell their services in exchange for the stuff the white man had, be it different kinds of foods, household effects, appliances, etc.

BUT there is a huge reality that it is time we all recognize – in that roughly three hundred years white men have developed technology that includes aeroplanes, motor cars and trucks, computers, flushing toilets, electricity, etc, etc – the list is endless.  These technologies have replaced the sailing ships, covered wagons, hand pumps, handwritten documents, etc, etc that existed 300 years ago.  Yet still today we see no evidence that the majority of black people have learned to create even the basic necessities and technologies that the white man has passed beyond in his development.

Black people build primitive houses that are not to the standards the white man built 200 years ago although all the materials are available UNLESS they use the white man's materials.  Millions of black people wait for government housing to be built using technologies, infrastructure, governance, communication, etc created by white people instead of learning how to build houses themselves.

The recent uproar about government failing to enclose toilets would be comic if it were not so tragic – the white man has NEVER had anyone to build him toilets, let along enclose them, he designs and builds them himself using technologies he developed.

The white man has never had anyone hand over an economy or business to him, he has built it all from scratch – as Julius Malema correctly observes, the white man did NOT bring anything physical with him – so, by extension it is incumbent on black people to acknowledge that white people have BUILT all that exists in South Africa themselves – yes, assisted by black people but NOT at the strategic, conceptual, creative, executive level.

The reality is that the vast majority of black people have failed to learn from white people.

Birth control is another issue – most white people voluntarily limit the size of their families, many black people do not – a major reason for the current imbalances is the rate of growth of the black population – large families hinder the ability of people to receive quality education, adequate nourishment, improve living conditions, etc.

Visits to the rest of Africa confirm that in the absence of white people black people polarize to the "have's" who have taken over what remains of what the white man left behind and are misappropriating it at the expense of the "have-nots" who constitute the vast majority of the population.  I recently visited a Central African country which had imported white South African men to run a mine that belonged to an extremely wealthy leader who had appropriated it during the revolution – black people govern but they cannot exploit their mines without white men.

In the same country, derelict farms, once operated by white people who were killed or kicked out thirty years ago are now occupied by black people in crude dwellings who produce just enough basic foodstuff to subsist on even though they have at their disposal the pattern of building of the white man and the land that the white man gainfully cultivated.

It is time that we look deeper than "colonial oppression" and recognize that black society does not provide the knowledge and experience necessary to develop and operate an advanced high technology society such as that in South Africa.  There are some fundamental things that white people know that the evidence clearly proves that most black people do not know – these are NOT in the sphere of the obvious areas – there are many highly intelligent and well educated black people BUT most of them are failing to govern and manage this country effectively.

For those with eyes to see the infrastructure and economy that was given to black people "on a plate" twenty years ago is slowly decaying and collapsing and going the way of the rest of Africa.  The cracks, like the cracks in the roads, are not highly visible but they are there for those with eyes to see.

I do NOT believe that black people are stupid, I do NOT believe they are genetically deficient BUT they are doing MANY reckless and foolhardy things, including allowing Julius Malema to spread his poison unchecked, that are in the process of destroying the economy of South Africa.

There is critical knowledge and experience that is lacking.

There is a critical need for black people to cease driving white people out of business and out of the country and to start seeking to learn from white people at a much more fundamental level.  There ARE some black people who ARE seeking such knowledge but, in my experience, they are NOT in the majority, there are far too many in positions of power and influence, with big mouths who are woefully ignorant and woefully arrogant.


White people have been generous

One of the things about this negative rhetoric that really gets to me is the level at which it fails to recognize that the white people HAVE done much for black people.  My family has always assisted black people but frequently that help has failed to produce anything sustainable and been followed by MORE pleas for help.

As a child my father regularly trained his gardeners to drive a car, in his own time and at his own expense and then helped them to find work as drivers at a better salary than he could afford to pay.  On one occasion he gave one of these men a brand new Toyota Hilux bakkie (pickup), a gift of well over R180,000 value in today's terms.  His goal was to enable this friend of the family to start his own transport business and prosper.

Ten years later the bakkie was a wreck and the former employee was still working as a driver for a white man.  The gift was in vain – he lacked the knowledge and experience to operate a commercially profitable transport business and seemingly lacked the motivation and initiative to find out how to do this.

This story sums up other incidents where my family has tried to help and seen the funds invested at significant personal sacrifice squandered unwisely.  This story sums up Africa with billions of US$ and Euros and Pounds of aid poured in over decades to produce nothing sustainable other than wealthy black despots who exploit their people and trash their assets and despise white people.

Is it any wonder that reports indicate that well over 1 million white people have left South Africa in the last twenty years and that the exodus continues – those with eyes to see and ears to hear the likes of Julius Malema are able to look at the rest of Africa and see the writing on the wall and those with the means to leave are leaving.

The problem is, that as they leave the South African economy is being undermined in subtle ways that may take another decade to become visible but where the rhetoric of Malema and his henchmen are steadily accelerating this decline.

It is so that in any Eurocentric economy only about 2% of the population know how to create wealth and about 12% know how to assist them – these are the people who are increasingly leaving South Africa.



I have been highly committed to this country and ALL her people all my life but I now find myself seriously doubting whether there is a future for people of European descent in South Africa other than as the victims of genocide.

I believe that right now South Africa is at a fork in the road – either ALL those of goodwill stop driving white people out of the country and stop ALL anti-white rhetoric or the alternative WILL indeed be too ghastly to contemplate.

If, having read this, you find yourself able to agree with the essential message, I ask you to forward this to all you think will respond constructively to it.

Right now we need those who can see this picture to actively and energetically take CONSTRUCTIVE action to halt the slide into anarchy.  From where I sit that means actively educating people, it means acknowledging and being grateful to the white people for the positive things they have brought to this country, it involves actively encouraging white people to remain, it involves ACTIVELY terminating rabble rousing destructive rhetoric, it involves ACTIVE POSITIVE action by the current government to give the remaining white people reason to stay and invest, it involves being honest about the true history of this country and what the white man really DID bring to this country.

Finally it involves engaging in active research to understand the intrinsic knowledge and experience that vests primarily in white people, documenting that knowledge and providing accelerated learning opportunities to enable the ENTIRE population of South Africa to profit and benefit from what we have and to GROW the size of the pie and CEASE trying to "redistribute" that which is not capable of being redistributed – the knowledge and experience that makes the wealth possible.

If you are NOT prepared to actively campaign for such action then, if you are black then at least work to make it easy for us to leave, and if you are white prepare for war whether you want one or not.  If you do not believe me study the rise of Adolf Hitler (there is currently a program on the rise of the Third Reich on the History Channel) and the start of the Russian Revolution (Dr Zhivago is a good place to start), listen to the rhetoric and compare the situation with Julius Malema and others of his ilk – history is about the psychology of human beings and this is why it is said that "history repeats itself" – it is my sober contention that UNLESS we change something CONSTRUCTIVELY in South Africa VERY SOON, the uprising that Malema is increasingly openly speaking about WILL happen – there are too many desperate people out there with nothing to lose and therefore susceptible to the erroneous message that Malema is broadcasting and which triggered my decision to write this message.

I pray that you will give this message sober consideration and then act where action might include distributing this message to all who will listen, it might include publishing it in every newspaper and magazine that cares, it might involve taking to the public stage and entering politics.

                               The stakes are HIGH!!!

                               What will YOU do?”


             Regrettably, since writing the above piece the situation has deteriorated.  Yes, Malema has been muzzled                    but, in his place, the President leads tens of thousands in singing “The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with                       machine guns”.


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Economic Meltdown - The Time Trajectory of Strategic Collapse

This entire book presents a composite of reasons for the assertion that economic meltdown is looming.

This section provides an overview of how this will happen. 

The economic cycle that South Africa is currently engaged in, as far as I can assess it, looks something like that shown in the graph below which shows a conceptual view of the entropic decay of the South African economy as the human intellectual energy necessary to sustain the economy progressively is withdrawn.


From the early seventies the South African economy was growing steadily on a long term trend dating back to the Second World War, roughly in tune with the rest of the world but growing faster off a lower base with massive mineral outputs.

As with all strategic change this growth was progressively accelerating, as shown by the green exponential curve in the diagram.

Notwithstanding the excesses of Apartheid and some extremely unwise racially based legislation the Government of that time did many “right things” which created a foundation for long term sustained economic growth.


Pseudo-boom superimposed on the pre-existing trend

Thus, in 1994, when Universal Franchise was introduced and the ANC was basically handed South Africa on a plate, the stage was already set for explosive growth by the previous Government.

The New Dispensation, under Nelson Mandela, successfully portrayed itself as an oasis of democratic peaceful change in Africa and goodwill investment poured in from around the globe.  Together with this, various repressive legislation fell away and there was a surge in pent up demand as people with ability who HAD been held back by racial restrictions surged into more active economic life.  All of this significantly magnified the growth that was already in the pipeline and the South African economy exploded into dramatic prosperity.

However, as things unfolded BEE and Affirmative Action started to take on harsher tones and dramatically unwise measures started to occur.  This progressively resulted in people without the knowledge and experience necessary to perform their jobs being escalated into position while the Europeans who had built up the economy were forced out in increasingly harsh and ruthless ways.  This has dramatically increased the exodus of Europeans and other educated people from the country.

This was masked by the massive pseudo boom that followed as increasingly monies that should have been spent on maintenance and infrastructure were channeled first into unwise and badly thought out experiments like Outcomes Based Education, and then into outright graft, fraud, theft and extravagant and wasteful expenditure – estimates in excess of R40 billion in 2011 have been reported.

This channeled huge sums of money to people who were incompetent to manage it wisely leading to massive consumption expenditure that is continuing at this time (January 2013).  This massive expenditure is draining the engine room of the economy and, coupled to increasingly incompetent management, is heading the South African economy for a dramatic implosion.

It is important to note that the curve in the diagram is made up of the same exponential growth / decay curve rotated and flipped to create the shape you see.  Strategic growth fundamentally follows such curves and these curves are the same curves fundamentally followed with regard to the change of direction of ships, aircraft, motor cars, etc.

The underlying psychological fundamentals are extremely robust and unyielding and so, once a point of inflection or change of direction occurs the economy is committed to that broad trend for many years and it will take massive consistent and concerted effort to turn the ship – as we saw with the ship Titanic in the movie.

As shown in the diagram the South African economy is close to or already at the turning point – we will only know for sure in a few years’ time – but in my estimation it will be sooner rather than later – certainly in the range of three to five years from time of writing this book (January 2013).

Once we pass that point the economy will start to slide rapidly, with the Rand, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Property Market (probably in that order) leading the slide.  This will ripple through into all facets of the economy in rapid order.

Soon there will be no more money to steal, many functions of Government will grind to a complete halt (already starting to happen), unemployment and labour unrest will increase.

In all likelihood in somewhere between five and fifteen years the masses will realize that the promises made to them will never materialize, that they have been ripped off by their leaders and that starvation and abject poverty beyond anything they had ever imagined possible is rapidly becoming a reality.

At some point, as this realization dawns, a political leader will rise making more extreme promises of salvation (could be Malema) and will mobilize the masses, much as Hitler did in the early thirties – the final result will be a massive uprising in which all the pent up anger towards the “whites” and all other “foreigners” (Indians, Chinese, Coloureds and rest of Africa Africans) will boil over into a frenzy of xenophobic, genocidal killing that will catch the world by surprise.  This will happen in such a way that before any nation can come to the aid of the minorities they will no longer exist to rescue.  In this frenzy the illiterate desperate majority of Africans will return to their roots of witchcraft, ancestor worship and obscene sadistic violence, rape, etc.

Almost none of the “foreigners” will survive and those that do will probably do so in a heavily fortified and heavily defended Western Cape, isolated as it is behind the mountains.

Having destroyed the foreigners it can be expected that internecine feuding, as seen throughout Africa, will result in all the smaller South African tribes being destroyed to a point where the land will be divided roughly between the Zulu and Xhosa people who, having remained allies to this point, will then turn on each other, probably leaving the Zulus as the only significant population group remaining to rule a ravaged and once more primitive South Africa.  Look to the North for a composite of everything that you can expect here – only here it will be magnified.


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Why is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange so Strong?


1.    Manufacturing has lost 300,000 jobs since 2010. 



2.    Mining is in massive decline, Gold production is down by two thirds and the Gold Mining industry may collapse in five years – yet the ANC continues to demand greater shares in mining. 



3.    The balance of payments is deteriorating – exports are DOWN and imports are UP but the ANC continues to do things to cripple export capability while its Cadres indulge themselves in Lamborghinis and Maseratis and other expensive cars and unnecessary imports cripple local manufacturing capability. 



4.       BUT the JSE remains strong.




5.   There are HUGE sums of money in African hands as windfalls from BEE with no material economic effort required to obtain it.


6.   There are further huge sums of money in African hands from Tender Fraud, kickbacks, general fraud and outright theft, which money has required even less effort to obtain it.


7.   The people who hold these funds are economically inexperienced and lacking in real economic knowledge, intuition and wisdom.


8.    They have learned that the stock market can be highly profitable and have experience of good returns over much of the last twenty years and they are therefore chasing shares.


9.    I suspect, but cannot prove, that the knowledgeable money is quietly and cautiously exiting the market while moderating supply so prices remain high.


10.  The possibility of a sudden uncontrolled crash when some factor triggers a sudden and dramatic decline in prices is increasingly probable.  In such event these inexperienced investors are likely to panic and crash the market further instead of sweating out the correction (which is unlikely to be a correction but an all-out crash).


11.  From what I can see this crash is NOT more than five years away and it could even happen NEXT WEEK.


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There ARE Highly Intelligent and Highly Capable Africans – BUT…

As I have been compiling my notes, analysing the diversity of questions that have come to mind, examining what I see around me as I drive around, I keep coming back to my liberal upbringing and what that causes me to want to believe about the highly educated African people that I have encountered and worked with.

BUT, when I eliminate the unconscious grace I have been giving them I keep coming back to some uncomfortable conclusions:


1.   Critical thinking and analytical ability seems to be deficient in the vast majority of them as evidenced by Press reports about what they say about the economy.  They seem universally unable to comprehend cause and effect and articles about US Blacks suggest a similar phenomenon.


2.  There seems to be an ALMOST universal lack of fundamental understanding of the essence of strategy, management, economics and leadership as are required for an economy to thrive.  Even though some of them preach these concepts.


3.   Where one encounters a successful African business owner they nearly always have a European, Asian or Mixed Race person or persons in the background who is providing advice and guidance.  Some of the most genuinely successful African business people are those who recognize the value of employing people with high value knowledge, experience and aptitude EVEN if they are white.  Some of the biggest disasters, in most ANC areas of operation, occur where ALL whites have been driven out and there are no Indians or Mixed Race people.  Lots of little African craft businesses actually have a white somewhere behind the scenes tying it all together.  Interesting that South African Revenue Service (SARS) still have whites in a lot of key positions to make sure the ANC gets its money.


4.    An almost universal lack of accountability – inability to say “the buck stops here” – there is always something or someone to blame and, if all else fails, blame Verwoerd (he’s only been dead 46 years).  A strong tendency to a “victim drama” exists.


5.    An almost universal lack of integrity – blaming Apartheid and Europeans for things ONLY Africans could do – there was NO technology, NO formal education, NOTHING when the Europeans and Africans first met – ALL that exists in South Africa today was conceptualized, designed and built by Europeans and to a lesser extent Asians.  When I say “built” I am NOT referring to hands on the pick-axe handle (another African misunderstanding) – I am referring to the intellect, the knowledge, experience, initiative, intuition, mental effort that gave rise to the things that exist.

This extends to a seeming propensity for highly intelligent Africans to resort to fraud when they deem it appropriate and to apply their intellect in devising clever scams.  I have personally been ripped off by a man I had known for about five years who I respected and trusted highly and who then, when it suited him, lied through his teeth to defraud me of tens of thousands of Rands.


6.    Reversion to a Power-Fear mind-set the moment Africans are in a “one up” position – particularly evident in Cadre Deployment and Affirmative Action.  Young Government officials who arrogantly close down mines and factories, some never to re-open, arrogant Affirmative project managers who show no respect for team members decades older than themselves, etc.  “I am in charge, do what I tell you or else, even if I am totally destroying the plant or the project or the …”.  And you are RACIST if you suggest that I am wrong!


7.    Lack of practical value creating initiative and creativity – good ideas but NOT workable ideas and no recognition of the need to employ expertise to help them – there ARE exceptions but they are few and far between, particularly, it would seem, in the ANC leadership.  They are able to copy, able to initiate destructive policy, do the wrong things but unable to truly create value.  That which the ANC HAS accomplished that is positive has been through the Whites, Coloureds and Indians that they are increasingly getting rid of.


8.    Lack of understanding of, and commitment to, Democracy in anything that vaguely approaches its pure form – Democracy has been translated into support for the ANC no matter how corrupt or incompetent – get on the gravy train, destroy the economy, blame Apartheid.


There ARE some Africans who are honest, hardworking, intelligent but it seems they are a VERY small percentage.  There appear to be more from countries to the North than those in South Africa but there too the practical evidence points to a MASSIVE deficit.  They can be highly competent at the 95% level of operational and tactical issues but at the 5% level of strategic issues they fall horribly short.


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The Dunning-Kruger Phenomenon -- Arrogant Ignorance and Other Destructive Consequences

This is one of the most destructive factors in the entire equation.

1.    I have referred elsewhere to the Dunning-Kruger effect or Syndrome – this is documented in some detail in Wikipedia at:

The headline definition is  “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes. “

“Actual competence may weaken self-confidence, as competent individuals may falsely assume that others have an equivalent understanding. David Dunning and Justin Kruger conclude, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others".”

Wikipedia goes on to document various historical references “Although the Dunning–Kruger effect was put forward in 1999, Dunning and Kruger have quoted Charles Darwin ("Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge") and Bertrand Russell ("One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision") as authors who have recognised the phenomenon. Geraint Fuller, commenting on the paper, notes that Shakespeare expresses similar sentiment in As You Like It ("The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.")).”

The article goes on to provide much more comprehensive information.


2.    Based on my own personal experience of this phenomenon and observation of its workings permeating the South African economy today I have concluded that one might better summarize this effect as “arrogant ignorance” – the party concerned does not know what they do not know and are so convinced that they know all there is to know about the subject that they cannot be taught, let alone engaged in rational intellectual debate.  All the rules of team work and creative engagement which Europeans take for granted and are fundamental to the success of European driven economies are trashed by arrogant ignorance.


3.    This phenomenon can also be summarized as “when you do NOT know what you do NOT know you have no way of knowing what you are doing wrong or of considering the possibility that you might be wrong” – Europeans are constantly aware of the reality that they may lack key information and are always ready to consider another opinion and are diffident in presenting their ideas.  Place these two people in a room together and the arrogant ignoramus will nearly always win because the knowledgeable person will think there is something they do not understand.  Furthermore, in such an engagement it is almost certain that the ignorant person will sooner rather than later play the race card and accuse their superior of racism or of “undermining” them, as has happened to me in a real world situation.


4.    This phenomenon is manifest today with hundreds of thousands of Government officials – Cadres, Affirmative Action and BEE appointments who, in their arrogant ignorance, are trashing the fundamentals of the economy – sometimes at physical levels but frequently at very difficult to identify non-tangible levels.


5.    All Eurocentric economies built by European people have been built on consistent rewarding of excellence, strong emphasis on the importance of knowledge, experience, teamwork and collaboration – the working together of multi-disciplinary teams with diverse and complimentary knowledge and experience, aptitude and proven ability which, together, have created advanced technologies, methods, knowledge, etc.

Introducing even one arrogant ignoramus into such a situation totally disrupts the effectiveness of the team as they constantly interject their inputs which are generally totally off the mark, distracting and disrupting with the result that either the rest of the team give up and walk away or, if they take a stand it almost always degenerates into an ugly racial incident.  Some people are more skilled than others at dealing with this behaviour but technical people, as a rule, struggle to handle it and frequently become aggressively assertive and resort to insults and name calling out of frustration – much of Afrikaner “racism” can be understood through this lens.


6.    Africans with the combination of Power-Fear leadership coupled to arrogant ignorance work harshly against the European approach and marginalize or kill (literally or figuratively) those with ability who are perceived to be threats or competition while the European approach embraces this interaction and seeks to learn from and strengthen the solution by drawing on diverse experience.  This enables the team to push the envelope in terms of achievement.  The Power-Fear-Arrogant-Ignorance combination crushes creativity and drives mediocrity.


7.    Coupled to the above phenomena there is a widely recognized inability on the part of most African people to undertake deductive cause and effect cognitive analysis and reasoning resulting in a composite outcome where the African ANC Command leadership is continually taking decisions, introducing policies and laws and taking actions that are fundamentally trashing the South African economy.

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The ANC is Founded on a Fundamentally False Premise

In understanding what is happening in South Africa today it is vital to understand the fundamentals underlying the coming into existence of the African National Congress as these fundamentals inform the way that it is governing South Africa towards economic collapse:

1.    Sol Plaatje (and others who established the ANC?) had limited Mission School education leading to the mistaken belief that they were equal to Europeans while, in fact, they were making many of the mistakes that characterize the Cadres and Affirmative appointees today.  This manifestation of the Dunning-Kruger effect, referred to in this book as “arrogant ignorance” resulted in a situation where they were largely unteachable / untrainable and were therefore marginalized and excluded because they were dangerous in their incompetence.


2.    The ANC was NEVER more than a bit player – it obtained international support as a consequence of certain unwise Apartheid actions and support from rising Communist and Liberal influence in the world as well as a consequence of the upsurgence of African Americans – all of these championed the “ANC Cause” and made the ANC appear to be much greater than it fundamentally was in terms of its own organizational ability and capacity.


3.    The ANC was never a significant military threat in its own right.  In ten years in the command structures of the Citizen Force Conventional forces we never devoted any significant time to discussing the ANC or threats that they represented, this was limited to the Commandos rural defence and Police and, even then, their impact was limited.


4.    The ANC just happened to be in the right place at the right time when the South African Defence Force and Government concluded around 1980 that they could NOT win the war simply because of the weight of population and breeding rate of the African population, NOT because of any material military threat – the ANC were the obvious organization to negotiate with in response to international pressure and sanctions.


5.    There never was significant “oppression”, as discussed elsewhere, “oppression” is the response of African Power-Fear culture not getting its own way.


6.    Mandela, as elder statesman (or consummate actor – there is video footage of him singing struggle songs about killing whites too) gave the ANC the tactical edge it needed to secure a walkover without adequate safeguards for European interests and security as liberal negotiators took the ANC on good faith and caved under international pressure – which we now see to have been a serious mistake.


7.    Asset ownership and people buying in the context of Power-Fear has enabled the ANC to BUY massive support through huge unsustainable handouts and false promises.


8.    Cadre Deployment, Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment have given a massive apparent but unsustainable boost to the economy building on the growth potential that already was in place.  This has created the false impression that the ANC is running the economy well and that the massively inappropriate actions of the ANC are valid and effective.  See the section on “Economic Meltdown” that follows.


9.    The harsh reality is that the ANC was probably more surprised than any other player when they wound up as the dominant player on the playing field as they had never had the organizational ability to get there on their own.


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Why did the ANC only really have an impact from the late 1940’s?

Somebody asked me a few weeks ago why the ANC really only started to have an impact in the 1950’s given they existed since 1912.  This is my response:

1.    African people in general have little ability to meaningfully organize with few exceptions 

2.   Originally the ANC was “tilting at Windmills” – most of what they claimed only existed as figments of their imagination through “arrogant ignorance” – the Dunning-Kruger effect.

3.   Statutory Apartheid in the aftermath of the German Holocaust was totally unacceptable and garnered huge revulsion from Europeans around the world and huge support for the ANC.

4.    Statutory Apartheid alienated Asians (particularly Indians) and people of Mixed Race (Coloureds) and forced them to align with the ANC which they would probably NOT have done otherwise as there is no love lost between most of them and the African people.  Many Indians are EXTREMELY critical of Africans.

5.    The rise of African Americans in the USA gave the ANC hope and support and powerful people in the USA to assist them – note that many “Black Americans” would be coloured by our standards.

6.    Resurgence of Liberal thinking in Europe and the USA after World War 2, which has always tended to favour blacks.

7.    Increased favour towards the Theory of Evolution that saw South Africa viewed as “The Cradle of Humankind” and South African Africans therefore somehow have some special status.

8.    Shocking public relations by the Afrikaner people – refer section on this topic.

9.    Rise of global Communist aspirations, particularly in the USSR, Cuba and China who saw the ANC as a useful ally against a pro-Western country with rich resources and therefore strongly supported the ANC – the “war” in the 1970’s and 1980’s was NEVER against the ANC in material form, they were a Paper-Tiger, the war was against the Communist forces, particularly the Russians and Cubans in Angola.

10.  But it was statutory Apartheid more than anything else that provided the ANC with support and credibility.

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Understanding Early Childhood Learning and its Impact on South Africa

1.    There is a considerable body of knowledge in both education and psychology that basic personality, approach to life, career, etc are largely formed in the first five (some say seven) years of life – some hold that this period commences from the moment of conception or shortly after this while others hold that it commences at birth – I lean to the former interpretation – seven years from conception.  Note that a foetus incurs negative psychological imprinting when the mother considers abortion or cries because she does NOT want the child, or when the mother is abused.


2.   The moment you become aware of this principle you become aware of a huge gap between the majority of European children entering school and the majority of African children entering school – this fundamentally dictates a different approach to early schooling for children from these two groups.  Apartheid schooling at some level attempted to recognize this.


3.    There is considerable evidence that learning in these first five to seven years has a greater impact on adult conduct, behaviour and achievement than genetics – these factors greatly impact foundational knowledge and experience, emotional and relationship behaviour and career choices.


4.    A child that has grown up speaking a technology capable language, such as English or Afrikaans or any of the other European languages; who has been read to from earliest age; who has played deductive and reasoning games and games that include numeracy and commercial skills; has been exposed to executive level interactions between parents and friends of parents and has traveled widely locally or internationally is well on the way to being a high value add, high contribution, high earnings Citizen.  Most European leaders, executives, etc have such experience.


5.    A child that has grown up in a rough grass hut in an outlying area speaking a language that is NOT technology or commercially viable and without exposure to any of the above is highly unlikely to be able to do anything but menial tasks.  If their early childhood experience also includes a poor work ethic they have little prospect of anything but the most menial employment with NO prospect of being able to create value with what they earn – a huge proportion of African South Africans fall into this category and recent actions by the ANC threaten to make the problem much worse.


When this is coupled to adults singing songs like “shoot the Boer”, distorted stories about European “injustice”, “oppression”, “brought nothing”, “thieves and criminals” and coupled with witchcraft and barbaric rites and rituals we have fertile ground for barbaric murders eventually culminating in a genocidal revolutionary uprising with tens of millions of deaths.

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


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Words – Harder than Concrete

The following piece was written over a year ago for publication by a South African professional Journal but was declined because it was viewed as too racially contentious.  It is relatively upbeat about possible solutions and I have to say that my view has become considerably more pessimistic about South Africa in the subsequent year.

The basic principles remain valid however as they relate to the fundamental psychology of human beings and the role of words in this psychology.

I have previously addressed a number of issues which are potentially impacting the success of the South African experiment.  An experiment in peaceful regime change that caught the imagination of many around the world.  An experiment that continues to be monitored.  In this piece I will look at another facet of what is absolutely vital to the success of the "rainbow nation" --  language --  words -- psychology:


1.    An early hard lesson – words and psychology are harder than concrete

When I started out doing what I do today, I was of the opinion that psychology was "for sissies" – I was an engineer, I KNEW how to design things that worked, "the soft issues", psychology, were "fluff and stuff" that I did not need to know about.

As I entered the world of non-tangible projects I walked "slap bang" into a series of projects in which I discovered that, in fact, psychology, and the words that create psychology, were harder than concrete.

A person who has adopted a mental position or stance and is resisting change or refusing to change is much more difficult to identify than a block of concrete in the road and a lot more difficult to move.



Blocks of concrete, buildings and similar physical world components standing in the way of change can be simply blown up and trucked away.  A human being who is mentally standing, arms akimbo and saying "you want me to do that?  Try me and see" is much harder to identify and much harder to shift.

As a person who has passionately believed in this country all my life I now find myself reading the words that are being spoken by diverse people, listening to conversations and listening to what is NOT said and I am DEEPLY concerned.

So this article is intended as a technical discussion of some principles that I hold are vital to understanding the dynamics of our lovely country and to charting the future of peace and prosperity that we all so earnestly desire.

I have come to understand that in order to succeeed one must ensure that failure does not happen.

Thus, where I discuss negative aspects or factors that may cause failure it is within this context – the context of an engineer who is passionate about engineering and therefore who is passionate about success being achieved by NOT failing.


2.    Words design and build engineering systems and …

There is a lot of talk these days about nationalizing farms and mines without compensation and other talk that, for many, causes deep discomfort.

What is a farm, a mine, an economy?

An economy is the consequence of a symbiotic interaction between different people with different knowledge and experience, who interact to create value such that there is sufficient value created that the people who created the value have something left for their own enjoyment.

But let us step back a moment.

How does a farm, a mine, a building or a bridge come into existence?

Fundamentally all significant things, technologies and methodologies come into existence through an exchange of ideas between human beings and then an interaction between human beings to make the thing a reality.

A bridge is designed by a person who has the knowledge and experience to identify the need to get to the other side of a river or gorge, communicating that need to someone who knows how to design a bridge.

That person then produces sketches and drawings which are annotated with … well, words, a drawing is valueless without the words and numbers that explain what it is about, what materials are used, what dimensions apply, etc.

The system or structure is painstakingly created by human beings using words to communicate to other human beings what needs to be done – "excavate a rectangular hole, three meters long and two meters wide until you reach bedrock" would be one such instruction.  Design and construction requires a continuous stream of words between human beings who understand the meaning of those words – if I use the word "bedrock" and you do not know what  "bedrock" is we are stuck right there until we find a common understanding that allows you to determine when the hole has reached bedrock.

Mines, like farms and like bridges, are the consequence of symbiotic interaction between human beings using words to conceptualize, design and direct the action of other human beings towards the desired outcome.  Remove the human beings who have the knowledge and experience to operate the mine and we are left with a hole in the ground and infrastructure sold for scrap as in the recent failure of Aurora that was widely reported.





3.    Numbers are very special words

In discussing words it is important to recognize that numbers are actually very special words and symbols – they have very specific meanings.

Engineers constantly use numbers as special words in their communications to indicate dimensions, flow characteristics of fluids, time, etc.  Without numbers engineers do not have a basis to communicate.

Understanding of the quantum significance of a numeric value is fundamental to understanding technology in nearly all cases.

As I prepared to write this article, a newspaper headline stated "at least 40,000 potholes fixed every month in Gauteng since beginning of year" – a mind blowing statistic which I find hard to believe and, if it is correct, a massive indictment of the state of disrepair of roads in Gauteng.  One has to ask whether the person who made that statement had their facts correct or whether perhaps the person who recorded and reported the statistic perhaps made a mistake.  For a technical person who understands roads and road repair that number carries with it all sorts of crisis meaning that is not available to most who read the article without that insight.


4.    Words operate by association

As with the case above, words work by association – "Lion" has no meaning until some basic impartation of knowledge takes place.  "Lion" has a different association if one has seen a poor quality photograph; or if one has studied in detail a book full of close-up photographs and many pages of text; or if one has actually seen lions in a zoo or in a game reserve; and a much greater association if you have been chased by a lion; attacked by a lion; or lost a leg or a loved one in an attack by a lion.

"Bedrock" in the preceding point carries with it different meaning depending on the depth of one's understanding of geology.

"40,000 potholes a month" has a different significance if you actually spend your life repairing potholes.

And, so it goes.

Calling people "thieves" or "criminals" carries with it a particularly unpleasant association and, by association, opens the door to mental pictures of how one might deal with such people.  When this is publicly widely stated and repeatedly reported it triggers negative attitudes in the minds of those who are NOT branded as thieves and criminals and also in the minds of those so branded.  This is particularly so IF they consider the label to be inappropriate or, in fact totally unjust and uncalled for.  This leads to other negative word associations and potentially strong and hostile negative reactions.

Such words are being bandied about in certain quarters and, having been spoken to those they have been applied to, they are increasingly generating very negative responses.  One of those negative responses is that people are leaving, another is that they are mentally "resigning", giving up.  There are other responses as well that are even less desirable.


5.    Words build morale and tear it down, start wars and end wars, define love and destroy love

Words build morale and tear it down.

A very powerful book on building constructive relationships between human beings is "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie -- see Amazon at

It is an excellent book on how to get the best out of people … through the use of constructive and uplifting words.  If you have not read it I heartily recommend it.

It so happens that almost the entire book deals with the words people use towards one another and their attitude in using those words.  Having read the book some years ago I took significant measures to adjust my way of dealing with people and my way of speaking to people.

Words start wars, and end them.

Winston Churchill's stirring oratory "we will fight them on the beaches … we will NEVER surrender" is widely credited with the British Isles fending off the German attack in the Second World War and, at some level, turning the war around resulting in Germany's defeat.

Yes, there were MANY other factors but, were it not for the high level of motivation and morale of the British during those days it is unlikely that they would have survived the onslaught.

Words define love and tear down love.


                Words …

                                Words …

                                                Words are, in a very real sense, the very essence of advanced society and human interaction.

We have a choice every moment of every day to utter words that build up or words that tear down.

And … the harsh reality is that it takes far fewer negative, destructive words to tear down and destroy morale than it takes to build it up.

It takes far fewer words of distrust to destroy trust than it takes to build trust.

And, from where I sit, there are too many negative words being uttered by African people in public life in South Africa today for the good of the nation.  Deteriorating morale is far more prevalent than is healthy.

From where I sit "kill the farmer / Boer" is language I will not accept and will not tolerate.  I have family who farm.  I regularly receive reports of farmers who have been brutally murdered or beaten up.  My entire grounding in language and words tells me there is a solid and unavoidable correlation between the words and the deeds.

I cannot comprehend how anyone who claims to want goodwill in this society can argue for the singing of that song and I even more cannot comprehend how they can talk of appealing the recent Court Order (2011) against singing “shoot the Boer”.

With this context you will see how I find the two video clips above so TOTALLY unacceptable.

We need to speak constructive words over this nation.

We need to SING constructive words over this nation.


6.    "Sorry" one of the  most important words

I have learned over many years that I make mistakes.

And, I have also learned that when I make mistakes the most powerful words are "I recognize that I have … and I want to apologize unreservedly for what I have done" or simply "I am really sorry, please forgive me".

What would it do for the psyche of this nation if those who have insisted on championing "shoot the Boer" were to say "we have realized that these words cause great discomfort to a large number of people, that was not our intention, we are truly sorry for the pain and discomfort we have caused and we apologize unreservedly and commit to never again sing or speak those words"?

Whites NEED to hear this LOUDLY and PUBLICLY from President Jacob Zuma IN PERSON.


7.    "No" another very important word

There is a time to say to someone that what they are doing is unacceptable.

We should NOT have to let things get so out of hand that we are so angry that we are able to mobilize ourselves to say "no".  All that is required when confronted with unacceptable behaviour is to say "I do NOT accept that behaviour, kindly cease at once".  And, surely if the other party is seeking to build relationships, build morale and build a nation they will go out of their way to understand why the other person is upset and to change their behaviour or their words in a constructive manner.

People who do this are ambassadors for peace.

People who go the other way are ambassadors for war as much as they may proclaim alternative agendas.  I think particularly of President Jacob Zuma in the Videos above.

It would NOT be necessary to hold "disciplinary hearings" if leaders said "no" consistently and clearly when behaviour was out of line.

It is people's words more than anything else which direct our behaviour and influence our attitudes.

There is a need to say "no, we will not …" and to be clear about it – either it is government policy to seize farms and mines without compensation or it is not.  Why are we CONSTANTLY fed mixed messages?

If it is not then all that is required is "no, we will not …" and if it is then it is time to be open and honest with all the people of this country.


8.    Silence – a very powerful word

An extension of the previous point – silence.

Some years ago I attended a speaking course on "the nine types of silence in public speaking" which discussed at length, with examples, how silence can be used for emphasis in speaking.

Ever since then I have become intensely aware of silence as an element of communication.  In particular, a long silence will get people's attention and, if too long, will make them uneasy.

So it is in the public arena – when a person in the public eye makes statements that are widely reported, especially when at some level that person purports to represent the powers that be, those who are impacted by those statements pay attention and look for those in power to either confirm or deny the uncomfortable statements.

Ultimately, the harsh reality is that when someone in a high profile position allied to government states that farms and mines will be nationalized and government does not robustly countermand those statements and say "NO" the unavoidable conclusion is that government actually is saying "yes" – there is a saying "a deafening silence" and that is what has accompanied certain public utterances for an uncomfortably long period of time now.

When that person calls whites "criminals and thieves" and there is silence one has to conclude that the leadership of the ANC agree and that rumours that Julius Malema was actually the spokesperson of the ANC to the masses were valid and that it was only when he overstepped the mark and criticized his sponsors that he was disciplined.

People are drawing conclusions, those conclusions are not favourable, and they are taking measures in response.  Reports indicate that well over one million people -- highly skilled and highly educated and therefore highly economically active people, including their families -- have left South Africa since 1994 and indications are that the exodus continues.  A recent report indicates that "800 graduate professionals are leaving South Africa every month".


9.    Words, will determine the success or failure of the South African experiment

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the loss of these people is starting to threaten the technology framework and infrastructure of this rainbow nation, whether in education, in engineering, in … the drain is happening.  Racially flavoured words about "too many …" and "not enough …" are sapping morale and sending a message to many that they are not welcome and should get out while the going is good.

The trillion dollar question is whether the economy of this country can thrive despite this loss – words will determine the outcome.

Other nations go out of their way to attract graduate professionals and business people.  As one of those people I have to say that the message I am consistently receiving from the ruling elite in South Africa is that I am no longer welcome in the country of my birth – I wonder if that really IS the message they want to send?

If not, it is time for course correction, it is time for clear, concise, consistent communication that says that ALL South Africans are welcome and valued in the country of their birth.  Words will make or break this country in the months and years ahead.”

Either President Zuma and the ANC condone the murder of white South Africans or they do not -- all their words and their silences at this point indicate that they DO condone these murders -- they will have to change their language radically and consistently if I am to conclude that they are opposed to these murders.


The impact of early childhood learning and experience -- why the singing of these songs is creating a generation that believes it is acceptable to murder white South Africans

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The Manifest Cognitive and Deductive Deficiency in Africans -- defective cause and effect reasoning -- encourages Europeans to seek separateness (Apartheid)


1.   The basic problems facing South Africa today have, at some level manifested throughout Africa and continue to manifest.


2.    The fundamental lie of “Colonial Oppression” is a universal tenet of African thinking even though this book clearly demonstrates that it is invalid.


3.    The current ANC Government of South Africa, coming off a much higher economic and industrial base than the rest of Africa, is hell bent on doing the same things that have been done in the rest of Africa and yet genuinely seem to expect a different result ignoring the truism that “if you do what you always did you will get what you always got” or, in other terms “insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”.


4.     The repercussions of rapidly accelerating BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), Cadre Deployment and Affirmative Action are widely evident in terms of irreversible economic damage and yet the ANC, at its conference in December 2012, opts for more of the same with greater impetus.


5.    Compounding this situation, most Europeans, while at some level disaffected and worried, seem unable to comprehend the enormity of what is happening and unable to hear those who CAN see what is happening – hence this book.


6.    And so, we have to confront the harsh reality that it really DOES appear that African people are unable to learn from the mistakes of their peers and are NOT even able to recognize them as mistakes despite hugely manifest human suffering, deprivation and loss of life, which seems to leave them totally unmoved except when appealing to the rest of the world for donations.


7.    Widely rejected USA experience – refer Rushton and Jensen at:

and others suggests that there ARE genetic, that is inherited, differences in Intelligence Quotient and Cognitive Reasoning between Europeans and Africans.



8.    Coupling the previous points to the USA findings has to lead a rational and objective thinker to conclude that there ARE genetic differences with regard to cognitive, deductive, cause and effect reasoning and initiative in most people of African descent such that the upper bounds of ability in these areas in Africans correlate with a substantially lower level of ability in Europeans.  Perhaps with limited exceptions.


9.   Taking this into account one can link an evolutionary selection process linked to Power-Fear resulting in all challengers and questioners of the “king” being brutally murdered such that there is a basis to suggest that the African people of South Africa and, particularly the leaders of the ANC, are unable to see the damage they are doing and even LESS able to correlate that damage to what they are doing, hence the stock answer “Apartheid”.  This may also partially explain the high rate of white murders – are the hit men out there who murder whites who “get out of line” at the behest of ANC leaders?


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The Critical Issues Overview

The following is a Critical Issues analysis of the factors that most directly are threatening to destroy South Africa as we know it – percentages give an indication of the relative importance of each of these issues in bringing about the expected economic collapse and racial melt-down:


1.    Mythology and folklore (lies) – 30%

There are numerous myths that are entirely false, these include that the white man brought nothing to South Africa; that blacks live in poverty and are not educated as a consequence of the actions of the white man; that blacks can say what they like irrespective of its validity and do what they like with no adverse consequences including steal billions of Rands from the fiscus.  Refer also “South African Mythologies Debunked”.


2.    Economic melt-down consequent on Cadre Deployment, aggressive Affirmative Action and inappropriate policies together with wholesale fraud and corruption – 21%

As a consequence of this mythology the ANC have done all sorts of things that are progressively undermining the economy and which will ultimately lead to its total collapse, this includes inappropriate policies, inappropriate Cadre Deployment and aggressive Affirmative Action that takes no account of the knowledge and experience required to perform the work or function.

Currently there is a bubble of apparent economic well-being that has been fueled by the massive expenditure associated with the Soccer World Cup, the Gautrain, the Gauteng Freeways, etc coupled to massive cash flows associated with Black Economic Empowerment and massive fraud and theft.

All of these stimuli are running out of steam.  While this has been happening the Manufacturing sector is reported to have lost over 300,000 jobs, the mines are in serious difficulty and many face closure, Gold production is down by two thirds, and diverse other aspects of the economy are facing accelerating deterioration.

South African corporations are reported to be hoarding massive piles of cash.  One report says R530 billion – surely evidence of a lack of confidence.


3.    The ANC’s REAL Agenda??? – destroy the whites and others??? – 16%

Take this together with what seems to be the ANC’s real agenda -- to destroy whites (and subsequently others who are regarded as not being “indigenous”), and it will be seen why overall collapse is inevitable.

See President Jacob Zuma at the ANC Centenary Celebrations at Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on Sunday 8th January 2012 leading thousands of people, including the leadership of the ANC and Cabinet members, in singing of “the Cabinet will kill the Boer with the machine gun” to see why I say this.  Refer

This song, sung by thousands, including ANC Leaders and Cabinet ministers violates the Constitution, Zuma’s Oath of Office and the High Court ruling declaring songs of this nature to be hate speech, it is an act of High Treason and constitutes a declaration of war on a specific segment of the population which, when acted on, will affect all whites and many others.

The settlement reached in October 2012 DOES NOT annul what was sung in January – only a public declaration by the President cancelling out his words and instructing his followers to cease and desist would do that.

The on-going sadistic murders of farmers (over 3,000 and over 10,000 assaults in ten years) and whites (in total between 30,000 and 69,000 -- a report of 165,000 turns out to be a typing error for 65,000) are a physical manifestation of the on-going singing of this type of song by the ANC and its associates – it is no wonder that South Africa has amongst the highest murder rates in the world.  Much more murder is planned as soon as affirmative action has given the ANC critical mass in the economy.  Ask yourself why Zuma, the President of a country supposedly with NO possibility of war, is building a fortress at Nkandla complete with underground bunker, tunnels, bullet proof glass, etc – what other fortresses have been built?  Why?


4.    Population explosion of the black population – 15%

The latest Census results report 10.9 million children UNDER the age of 5 which translates to a linear population growth of 2.18 million per annum.  Net population growth is 7 million over five years.  Since population growth is seldom linear, it is reasonable to postulate doubling of the black population in about twenty years or less. 

This massive population growth will overwhelm the shrinking economy and defective government services such that the majority of these people will be illiterate and living in poverty – ripe ground for a revolution such as those in France and Russia and the coming to power of a dictator such as Hitler (study Hitler to see parallels with Zuma and Malema).  The “let them eat cake” attitude of many ANC senior beneficiaries of the massive graft that is permeating the country, will exacerbate the revolution.  (Marie Antoinette before being guillotined during the French Revolution).


5.    Collapse of the education system – 10%

The bulk of the education system is collapsing, only those components that are still operated by white parent groups and private (largely white) schooling is still operating effectively and Government is making increasing efforts to damage that sector as well.

The South African education system was recently ranked 140 out of 144 in the world despite massive expenditure – destroyed by closing the Teachers Training Colleges, harsh Cadre deployment and Affirmative Action with no regard to capability or quality and massively destructive policies exceptionally badly implemented of which Outcomes Based Education must rank as one of the most destructive things the ANC Government has done in its tenure.


There are other references.

We are already faced with semi-literate black matriculants having their final marks massively marked up so that a child with an actual mark of 30% in a properly set and moderated exam may present a certificate with a distinction on approaching University.  This apparent literacy cannot underpin the economy and is another factor that will ultimately lead to economic collapse.  Note that it is reported that many ANC Members of Parliament, including Zuma, seldom, if ever, read the legislation that they propose and some hold that many are functionally illiterate at the level required to do their jobs!

Consider the following items:



Notice the reference to “equity” and the total failure to note that 200 years ago Africans had NO schooling because they NEVER HAD schooling.


6.    This is NOT a democracy – 6%

A democracy can ONLY function when the people who vote are ALSO the people who pay.  In South Africa official unemployment (those registered as SEEKING work) is running at about 25% of those of working age.  Some estimates place the number of those who sit at home and contribute nothing to the economy and are NOT registered as unemployed because they are not looking for work at about a FURTHER 45%.

This means that of the order of 70% of the electorate are indigent – which roughly corresponds with the ANC’s share of the vote.  These are the people that Zuma appeals to and who have, indirectly, sponsored him for a second term.

Note that there are only approximately 6 million tax payers out of a total population of 50 million with most of the tax being paid by about 3 million who are mostly white.  Many of the black wealthy obtain their money illegally and see no need to pay taxes.

Democracy CANNOT work when the number of those without work and who no intention of working far exceeds the number who are working and providing the funds for what the voters demand.   Every white who leaves South Africa materially negatively impacts the capacity of the economy to sustain the excesses of the present Government.

With Zuma getting a second term South Africa is well and truly committed to following Zimbabwe into economic ruin.


7.    Other – 2%

There are any number of other factors but, as far as I can see, the above factors are the Critical Factors – the Factors that are driving South Africa towards economic collapse and genocidal revolution.


Further information relating to these factors is contained in the sections that follow...

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SA Myths Debunked

As I have read various articles in the popular press and listened to radio and TV and observed what is going on in the way of legislation, policies, etc I have increasingly come to understand that there are underlying assumptions or beliefs that my entire life experience tells me are invalid.

This section lists those myths that I think are causing the biggest problems in South Africa today:





The white man brought nothing to South Africa

The white man brought the knowledge,  experience, technology and methods that enabled them to develop farms, mines, roads, houses, provide education, etc, etc – refer separate section “What the white man brought to South Africa”


Blacks are descended from a Satanic tribe that bypassed Noah’s flood (Creationist view amongst certain Afrikaners)

There WAS a global flood approximately 4,500 years ago that totally and utterly obliterated ALL life on the planet except the eight humans who survived in the ship built by the man called Noah.

The false belief that blacks are NOT descendants of Noah causes substantial justified resentment and antagonism amongst blacks.


Africans are developed from apes and are much closer to apes than Europeans (Evolutionist view amongst certain Afrikaners)

IF evolution is valid, the fact that Africans and Europeans fit together sexually and are genetically able to procreate functional human beings indicates that they ALL developed from a single man and woman.

This false belief that blacks are originated from another evolutionary strain causes substantial justified resentment and antagonism amongst blacks.


The white man is responsible for the black man’s poverty

400 years ago the black man had nothing of substance – see point 1 – most of them are better off than they were then – it is their inability to create wealth and exploit technology and their excessive breeding beyond their economic capability to support the people they produce that causes the poverty.


Apartheid has suppressed blacks

Apartheid was a REACTION to the barbaric and incompetent conduct of blacks and during the so-called “Apartheid era” huge investments were made BY WHITES to uplift blacks – whites built towns, roads, schools, etc and educated blacks within their own areas in order to prevent them overwhelming white areas (most of which were uninhabited when the white man arrived)


Blacks were created equal to whites

True 4,500 years ago but they have degenerated faster than whites since then or, if you prefer evolution, they have evolved more slowly in the years since there was a single pair of humans – so it is NOT necessarily true today that blacks are equal to whites in terms of capabilities – that said there ARE highly competent blacks who ARE equal to whites but there are NOT that many who have the knowledge and experience to deliver – see the section “There ARE highly intelligent and highly capable Africans – BUT”...


It is possible to put a black person in a position of authority in government or business and they will do the same or better than the white person they replace irrespective of whether they have the knowledge, experience, track record or aptitude to do the job

Whites have prospered BECAUSE they attach huge significance to knowledge, experience, track record and aptitude and only appoint and promote the best.

Almost universal experience of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa over the last twenty years evidences substantively that the majority of blacks in management do NOT know how to do their jobs properly.  On the contrary, they make strategically damaging decisions, ignore fundamentally important maintenance, waste money extravagantly on inappropriate actions, cut costs in the wrong areas and steal because they do not know what else to do with the money under their control.

It is ONLY possible for a person to manage effectively if they have been carefully developed from basic knowledge and experience to management level in the area of endeavour in which they are employed.


All whites are racist

If by racist is meant the aggressive irrational aggression that is evidenced by some blacks towards whites then perhaps some small number of whites are irrationally anti-black but MOST have good reason for their antipathy towards blacks.

If by racist is meant a white person who insists on applying the same standards to blacks that they apply to whites and does NOT make exceptions, indulge stupidity and insists on maintaining white standards then most successful whites ARE racist.

Many (most?) blacks seem to demand that whites tolerate mediocrity, illogical reasoning, inaccurate language, incompetence, arrogant ignorance and, in many cases laziness and dishonesty – Jacob Zuma epitomizes many of these points.


If you give a black everything a white has they will be equally effective

It is probably necessary for blacks to be exposed to white ways of doing things, white standards, white practices for at least two generations before they begin to approach the same levels of strategic insight as the whites they are seeking to replace at senior and executive level.

Early childhood experience is vital to developing this capability and therefore a minimum of two generations and possibly three is required to bring a African from primitive existence to fully equal standing with Europeans in every possible way.

Mother tongue early education is a MASSIVE limiting factor because it excludes the victims from the opportunity to learn effectively in a commercial language, specifically English.


Cadre deployment and affirmative action are a valid responses to the injustices of the past

Cadre deployment and affirmative action have placed a huge number of fundamentally unqualified and incompetent people in positions where they are progressively destroying the fabric of this economy and driving South Africa towards economic disaster.

To the extent that there WERE injustices, progressive accelerated development, such as applied by the South African Defence Force in the 1980’s would be an appropriate course of action – there are NO magic wands.

Most of the claims regarding injustice are FALSE!!


South Africa is prospering under black rule and that proves that blacks are just as capable as whites

No, there was massive inertia for prosperity in the economy at the time of the handover of power and that inertia has enabled the economy to continue thriving – see discussion on “The Time Trajectory of Economic Collapse

Blacks are squandering the maintenance of the core infrastructure of the economy together with the latent wealth of the country for short term frivolities and extravagance and greed based consumption expenditure and this is progressively causing fatal structural damage to the economy.


Whites have oppressed blacks for hundreds of years

Blacks have always outnumbered whites by huge margins, today 9:1 – the blacks have never had the collective will or organizational or technical ability to destroy the whites or drive them out even though they had the numbers to do it.

474 Afrikaners defeated between 6,000 and 15,000 Zulus at Blood River because the blacks did not have the strategic reasoning ability to stand back and starve the Afrikaners into submission, or attack at night, or employ other stratagems but instead threw wave after wave of men into a barrage of gun fire which would shortly have abated when the ammunition ran out – then they gave up and ran away!

Even after Blood River the whites did NOT oppress the blacks, the Zulu still live in Zululand today and have NEVER been dominated by whites within Zululand and yet Zululand is one of the poorest regions in South Africa thereby clearly evidencing that Africans are UNABLE to lift themselves up economically.


White males have monopolized the economy and must step aside to give “Historically Dis-advantaged People” their rightful share of the economy

White males conceptualized and created the economy and infrastructure through their own intellectual effort and sweat from a wasteland with NOTHING except grass huts and animal skin clad barbaric primitives.

White people are the ONLY ones who know how to run this economy successfully – forcing them out is opening the door to structural economic collapse.

No one has a “rightful share” in this economy – the whites have earned it by their sweat and toil and if the blacks want a share they should go ahead and create it for themselves.

The blacks have NEVER been “Historically Disadvantaged” – they had the land at their disposal, just as the whites did, but the blacks did nothing with the land whereas the whites developed the land, beneficiated its produce and created wealth and prosperity.


The ANC was founded by Sol Plaatje and others in response to white oppression

Plaatje and others, having gained some level of white education, decided that they knew much more than they actually did and demanded rights that their knowledge, experience and aptitude did NOT qualify them for – this syndrome, the Dunning-Kruger effect or arrogant ignorance, drives the ANC today with its laws and policies of Cadre Deployment, Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment which are progressively undermining the essential foundations of the South African economy giving rise to the massive economic collapse which is looming.


Bantu Education was one of the most oppressive elements of Apartheid, blacks were fobbed off with second rate schools, teachers and curriculum in order to keep them under

As noted elsewhere Africans had NO culture or education that was relevant to a modern economy.

As a consequence African children starting school were at a major disadvantage to European children who had a culture and educational heritage going back hundreds of years and it was accordingly necessary to follow a different and more basic curriculum in order to teach African children entering the school system things that their European counterparts already knew on entering school.

Furthermore, since Europeans were paying the taxes and providing the teachers it was reasonable that they obtained more advanced facilities, active parent involvement also stimulated this – for the most part Africans were paying little or no tax and, certainly in the early years, were supplying very few teachers, the entire Bantu Education system was therefore a levy generously paid by the European community in order to uplift the African community.

Many farmers built and staffed farm schools at their OWN cost in order to uplift their employees’ children.

In addition, as noted elsewhere, Africans have a remarkable ability to break down things while Europeans maintain and enhance them, the net effect of this was that educational facilities provided to Africans remained basic and were constantly needing repair whereas European communities actively contributed to the maintenance and enhancement of their schools through active Parent-Teacher associations, fund raising, voluntary work, etc.

It was the ANC who, in the 1980’s advocated “liberation before education” and instigated the murder of children who tried to go to school!

The lie about Bantu education is one of the most damaging lies of the ANC and white liberals as it resulted in the ANC almost totally destroying the education system for blacks soon after taking power and also resulted in the closing of Teachers Training Colleges and the institution of the massively inappropriate, and extremely badly implemented, Outcomes Based Education system which caused enormous harm to education, particularly to African education.

As long as the above myths (lies) persist and are NOT debunked and worked out of the economy the looming economic collapse is inevitable.  It is probable that the structural destruction of the South African economy has already developed such inertia that total collapse is inevitable.


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Erroneous Thinking in terms of Majority Rule

There is some fundamentally flawed thinking in terms of the South African Majority Rule mind-set.


1.    Europeans were the FIRST settlers in most areas where there are major towns and cities today with the possible exception of Durban and Richards Bay.  There were small Griqua and San populations but they were small relative to the European settlements that sprung up.  The San had been murdered by the Africans wherever they came into contact.


2.    The African people came to these areas because they wanted what the Europeans had, they were NOT forced, brought as slaves or prisoners or coerced in any way, they came VOLUNTARILY.


3.    They brought primitive ways of living and created primitive settlements because they knew NO OTHER WAY and did not readily learn from the Europeans how to create better settlements such that the Europeans frequently ended up building them dwellings.  The Europeans were living under very difficult circumstances and what they were able to give their workers was a reflection of this, NOT any hostile or exploitative mind-set.


4.     The African workers chose then and STILL choose to send substantial portions of their earnings back home to the rural areas because there were and ARE many who chose to remain at home and do nothing commercially productive and depend on those who are working.  This places huge strain on the workers and they then, perforce, live under primitive conditions – NOT because of the conduct of the Europeans but because of the laziness and culture of the Africans.


5.     Many of those who DID receive education from the Europeans demonstrated arrogant ignorance, just as we experience today.  They also demonstrated major cognitive analytical and problem solving and leadership gaps and frequently messed up tasks that they were given to do at substantial expense to their employers – just as is happening today.  In many cases Europeans became reluctant to employ these overconfident and dangerous Africans and so, “racial discrimination” was born.


6.     Democracy works when ALL or nearly all voters have a comparable economic stake in the costs of Government decisions and it cannot work where an effectively disenfranchised minority (Europeans, Asians and Coloureds) generate the bulk of the tax revenue only to have it squandered and inappropriately applied to the benefit of an idle majority by arrogant leaders who are unable to see their mistakes, let alone learn from them.


Again I have to say that, built on the above foundations, South Africa is headed for catastrophic economic collapse unless radical change occurs.

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Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment are Complete Misnomers

The entire concepts of “Affirmative” and “Empowerment” are fundamental misnomers:


1.     Europeans did all that they reasonably could to uplift Africans taking account of their heritage of NON-EXISTENT relevant culture, knowledge, education, methods – in fact all the building blocks of a modern economy – see “What the white man brought to South Africa”.


2.   In theory Europeans COULD have done more, but why should they?  They worked hard and made great sacrifices to build this economy.


3.    Europeans have given Africans South Africa on a plate and the Africans are progressively trashing it – why should Europeans FURTHER support this destruction by advancing Africans beyond their level of competence or giving them capital without commensurate intellectual value added?


4.    By all means encourage the appointment and development of competent African people BUT let us STOP using race and Apartheid as an excuse for incompetence and laziness.


5.    Black Economic Empowerment is also a false concept – there are large areas of the country that have never been materially occupied by Europeans – let Africans demonstrate their abilities in their own impoverished areas which bear mute testimony to their lack of even the most elementary ability to create an economy.  Let them build farms, mines, towns, roads, smart houses, factories, businesses, a stock exchange, etc THEMSELVES!


6.    All European imposed impediments to African advancement were removed more than 20 years and most 30 years ago – let them now demonstrate their ability by their own initiative and toil just like I and my forefathers did.

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The Black Settlement Phenomenon – Total Lack of Creativity and Initiative – Social Helplessness

1.  One of the hugely false claims of Africa, Africanism, the ANC and Africans generally is the allegation that Europeans, Mine Management, etc force Africans into poverty in squalid camps where they struggle to exist.


2.    The bitter pill for Liberals to swallow (speaking as a former Liberal) is that no matter where one goes in Africa, including areas that have been “free of colonialism” for as much as fifty years, these conditions of squalor are almost universal, even in countries like Nigeria which supposedly has massive oil wealth (Lagos is a sprawling African slum) – fundamentally it is African people who exploit African people NOT Europeans!


3.    It is a readily verifiable fact that African people who have been living unhindered on the same land for decades have done nothing to develop that land, improve their quality of life or beneficiate their habitat in any other way.  The photo below shows a typically barren African settlement (photo from Wikipedia).



4.   The Europeans who initially settled in this country arrived, built houses, established farms, dams, roads, businesses, mines, etc and generally uplifted themselves.  Nowhere in all my travels in South Africa or elsewhere in Africa have I seen any upliftment save where Europeans, Middle Eastern, Asian or to some extent coloured people have provided the leadership.


5.     Evidence in the USA relating to African people supports a view that there is a very deep deficiency with regard to creative initiative which it is very hard to conclude is not genetic.  It may NOT be present in ALL but it IS certainly present in most as evidenced by the conduct of the present ANC Government.  Under primitive African culture initiative was a threat to the king and was frequently discouraged by painful and agonizing death – it seems possible that the genes for initiative, problem solving and leadership were eliminated or suppressed by a survival of the fittest syndrome in the vast majority of African people and perhaps ONLY survive in a very small line of “royal” blood.


6.    Compounding the above, where African people take over properties from Europeans, such as in Hillbrow and Joubert Park in Johannesburg, these properties rapidly degenerate into squalid, foetid, no-go areas again indicative of major inability on the part of Africans to uplift themselves with limited suggestions of possible exceptions and massive evidence of their ability to destroy – the apartments below were respectable Lower Middle Income apartments twenty years ago.




Old Police Barracks Anderson Street, centre of Johannesburg.  Abandoned by Government, NOT secured, African vagrants occupied it, lit fires on the wooden floors and burned the building to a shell.  Still not safe guarded – an accident waiting for a place to happen.


The massive looming structural economic collapse of South Africa foreshadowed in this book indicates that even the African elite in the ANC are subject to these deficiencies.

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How is Prosperity Created?

Prosperity is created by:

1.    A society in which every member is constantly gainfully and productively employed and adding value with a productive work ethic – South Africa is FAR from this with of the order of 70% of the population sitting at home doing nothing constructive and making no attempt to uplift themselves while waiting for handouts – it is even too much effort to put their trash in the trash can provided by others.


2.    A society in which every member constantly seeks knowledge and experience that enables them to add greater value to their society – a culture of learning – again most of South Africa is NOT doing this.


3.    A society whose leaders have personal experience of creating and sustaining wealth through their own efforts and who legislate and rule in order to provide the infrastructure and motivation for the society to prosper.  South Africa’s current leaders have NO experience of creating wealth other than through corruption, fraud, bribes, deceit and theft.  A true democratic Western Government is an assembly of wise and experienced people who focus on creating conditions for their nation to thrive – a far cry from what we now have in South Africa


4.    A culture of excellence, pushing the boundaries, rewarding creativity, innovation and excellence – South Africa is currently working hard AGAINST this and the African experience indicates that nowhere in Africa is this the case.


5.    A society that looks after ALL of its members, including the poor, the weak, the aged, the ill – South Africa is actively working against this too – looting pension funds, breaking down health care, etc.


6.    A society that is just, that practices and demands high levels of integrity and honesty, that deals firmly with murder, rape,  theft and all other forms of crime – a society that actively rewards constructive behaviour and penalizes destructive behaviour – South Africa is FAR removed from this, starting at the President down.


7.    A society that honors the Almighty Creator and keeps His Commandments and His ways of doing things – that eschews witchcraft and ancestor worship and all other forms of Satanism and religious perversion – South Africa is FAR removed from this with a President and governing party which practice witchcraft and offers sacrifices to demons (Ancestor spirits) and actively encourage murder.


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How is Poverty Created?

Poverty is created by:

1.    The opposite of creating prosperity AND


2.    Demotivate, disincentivise and drive out those who know how to create prosperity – South Africa is doing this on a GRAND scale – between 1 and 3 million of the most able and most highly qualified citizens have left the country and many more are planning to leave.


3.  Rape the existing infrastructure by using the funds intended for maintenance for other purposes, NOT understanding that R1 of maintenance not performed at the required point in time will explode exponentially the longer that it is delayed until total collapse occurs.


4.   Covet the possessions of those that have worked to obtain them and seize them by force and legislation not realizing that the value lies in the heads of the people who created and maintained the farms, mines, buildings, etc and NOT in the things themselves.


5.   Place no value on knowledge and experience – displace those who know how to run things properly with people who are rewarded for political allegiance and who see their positions as opportunities for personal gain NOT service.


6.   Place people with limited education (starting with the President) in charge of Education and progressively destroy the education system believing that the piece of paper and NOT what is in the head of the student is what counts.


7.   Reward behaviour that promotes poverty – child support grants, other social grants, houses, electricity, water, geysers to people who sit at home and do nothing and have no incentive to do nothing except vote for the ANC and current President.


8.   Create a culture in which the wealthy gain their wealth fraudulently at the expense of the poor and that wealth can be “redistributed” from those who have earned it and created it to those who steal it based on fraudulent claims of bad treatment and exploitation.


9.    Fail to recognize mistakes and own up to them and therefore fail to learn from mistakes.


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What IS Democracy?

The ANC constantly refers to “Democracy” but what IS it and do WE have it?

1.    Universal suffrage in a society in which the level of education and financial contribution is roughly uniform so that the voters pay for what they vote for – missing in South Africa – the people who pay the taxes are effectively a disenfranchised minority while the voters elect people who steal the tax money or use it for completely inappropriate purposes that hinder future tax revenue generation. 

2.    Universal respect for the law and support for the maintenance of law and order.  Totally missing in South Africa insofar as murder, rape and assault are concerned.  It increasingly seems that opponents of the ANC may die mysteriously and the South African Police Service and Courts are so ineffective (or deliberately obstructive?) that murderers have nothing to fear.  Singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” shows total disregard for the law and gives a clear message to all black Police, Magistrates, etc.

3.    Universal respect for the rights of others was present in the Old South Africa to a reasonable extent with some limitations.  It is increasingly missing today.  I seriously question whether I truly have the right to stand on a soap-box in the middle of a South African city and say what I have said in this book without some nasty consequence, if nothing more than arrest and harsh treatment but quite possibly a brutal death together with my loved ones – writing and publishing this book is, for me, a deeply considered moral choice with very serious consideration of the risk I am taking.

4.   Democracy is NOT a winner takes all and destroys what the losers have built up situation, as we are increasingly experiencing in South Africa.

5.    Democracy is NOT a screen to hide behind while introducing extreme Communism, as is happening in South Africa.

6.   Democracy is NOT a screen to hide behind will introducing harsh tribalism, as increasingly seems to be happening here.

7.    Democracy includes the freedom to express contrary opinions and to criticise.  Consider the ANC’s response to the painting of Zuma “The Spear”.  While I think the painting WAS in BAD taste the reaction of the ANC and the level of threats was totally contrary to what I understand Democracy to entail.

8.    The ANC exploited Democracy to secure control and are now systematically destroying Democracy.


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NEXT PAGE  ==>  What the British Brought to South Africa

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South Africa is NOT a Democracy

A democracy can ONLY function when the people who vote are ALSO the people who pay.  In South Africa official unemployment (those registered as SEEKING work) is running at about 25% of those of working age.  Some estimates place the number of those who sit at home and contribute nothing to the economy and are NOT registered as unemployed because they are not looking for work at about a FURTHER 45%.


This means that of the order of 70% of the electorate are indigent – which roughly corresponds with the ANC’s share of the vote.  These are the people that Zuma appeals to and who have, indirectly, sponsored him for a second term.


Note that there are only approximately 6 million tax payers out of a total population of 50 million with most of the tax being paid by about 3 million who are mostly white.  Many of the black wealthy obtain their money illegally and see no need to pay taxes.


Democracy CANNOT work when the number of those without work and who no intention of working far exceeds the number who are working and providing the funds for what the voters demand.   Every white who leaves South Africa materially negatively impacts the capacity of the economy to sustain the excesses of the present Government.


With Zuma getting a second term South Africa is well and truly committed to following Zimbabwe into economic ruin.

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The Collapse of Education

1.   The rating of South African education at 140 out of 144 countries despite massive expenditure (7% of Gross Domestic Product, 20% of State Expenditure), evidences the inability of the ANC Government to manage education effectively.  This is building on the catastrophically inappropriate actions taken over the last twenty years which saw the termination of the Teachers Training Colleges; amalgamation of racially based education streams while totally ignoring the very different early childhood experience bases that African and European children brought to their first day at school; doctoring of matric results to achieve apparent pass rates; the collapse of mathematics education and now increasing interference in University education that sees Universities that twenty years ago ranked with the best in the world sinking into global mediocrity.  Indications are that large amounts of the funding is stolen by ANC Cadres and Affirmative Action officials at various levels.

57% of white matriculants enter an institution of Higher Education, 45% of Indians, 14.8% of Coloureds and only 13.3% of Blacks reflecting the poor quality of education that blacks give to their own.  The vast majority of children who enter school and complete school are white and Indian, the drop-out rate of blacks is huge reflecting a lack of commitment to education and a lack of understanding of its importance to achieving a better life.


2.   Compounding this, Government has shown itself not able to deliver text books and provide administrative and operational support.


3.   This is compounded by an African mind-set that sees trashing a school as a valid form of protest with regard to unrelated grievances, resulting in children sitting at home without education and clearly evidencing the fundamental lack of understanding of the critical nature of education in upliftment.


4.    Add to this the recent ANC decision to enforce an African language all the way through to matric starting in 2014, something that it is mechanically impossible to achieve in the available time and which will further dilute resources from economically valuable subjects like English, Mathematics, Geography, Science, etc which are vital to sustaining the South African economy, and we get a picture of a Government that has no comprehension of the criticality of education, and has no concept or capability of how to deliver high value education.


5.    The overall impact of all these factors is that today, 2013, the education system will deliver a huge volume of pseudo educated matriculants who are of no practical use to the economy but who, like Sol Plaatje before them, believe that their rudimentary education equips them to demand massive salaries and blame the white man and Apartheid when they find themselves to be unemployable.


6.    The harsh reality is that a person can only become a teacher in subjects in which they have mastery – that we are producing a massive number of matriculants and early school leavers who do NOT have mastery of even the most basic knowledge means that we increasingly do NOT have the capability or capacity to educate the next generation with the result that standards will slip further and the next generation will have only the most rudimentary education with the exception of those who are well financed and have been able to access the primarily European funded and operated private school and Model C school systems provided the latter survives current ANC depredations.  One of the lies about Apartheid is that whites did NOT pay for education – that is not true, they paid the taxes that paid for education for their own children AND black children.


7.    The composite effect of these factors, coupled to the exploding population, means that in twenty years’ time we can expect a massive population of Africans with little or no education and massive unrealistic expectations in a crashed economy that is no longer able to dish out even the most rudimentary social benefits.


8.   Consideration of these factors indicates that a violent and bloody revolution CANNOT be more than twenty years away and may well be much closer.

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Understanding the African “Power-Fear” culture and its Negative Consequences for South Africa

1.    In order to understand the destructive behaviour of leaders throughout Africa, and in South Africa in particular, it is vital to understand the “Power-Fear” culture of Africa contrasted with the “Justice or Right-Wrong” culture of Europe – refer to the work of Blankenburgh and others on this topic.


2.    Power-Fear has two dynamics:

a.    Those who are one-down in a hierarchy submit out of fear of the consequences if they step out of line – they may appear to submit willingly but this is NOT necessarily so – accordingly they make good servants and workers most of the time; 

b.    Those who are one-up in a hierarchy exert authority by fear, domination, favour and, at some level fear their subordinates and therefore destroy any who appear to be a threat or who exercise excessive initiative or innovation.  Power-Fear easily explains Robert Mugabe and other African despots.


3.    Once one understands these dynamics African and South African history becomes amenable to understanding, as does the behaviour of the ANC over the last 100 years and the behaviour of President Zuma and his Government today.


4.    As long as African people are down they are generally submissive, cooperative and agreeable and will seldom answer back or argue – we experience them as “nice friendly people” – this is one of the huge dilemmas of Africa – Europeans experience them as nice and when they claim oppression, etc we believe them because they ARE such nice people and according to our paradigm nice people do NOT lie.


5.    Once an African sees him- or herself as being UP and in control a radical change takes place – they become aggressively assertive, unreasonable and DEMAND submission if they are of the opinion you are NOT giving it, whether their knowledge and experience, ability and aptitude earn them that esteem or not.


6.    An African on a peer level is frequently a confusing and schitzophrenic flip-flop mixture of assertiveness and submission making personal relationships difficult across cultural boundries.


7.   Once an African is in a dominant position – as with Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe or Jacob Zuma – they command respect through fear and favour with no regard to ethics, integrity, justice or fair play – right and wrong have no place in their paradigm – either you are for them or against them and if you are a threat you will be removed.  Stories of Mugabe’s opponents meeting with strange motor vehicle accidents are quite common.  There is NO focus on the long term good of society but a self-centred greed based power hunger that dictates behaviour and so the leader who most effectively dominates the Europeans will win in a so-called democracy.  This is a major factor in the removal of President Mbeki as President (too Westernized) and the success of Zuma.


8.    The submission that results from Power-Fear is what causes Africans to hold that Europeans oppress and exploit them – they see that they have given submission grudgingly rather than accepting their responsibility to uplift themselves through their own initiative and effort.  Because they fear the Europeans, they claim that the Europeans are oppressing them.


9.    Justice, right-wrong, truth, integrity are foreign concepts in a Power-Fear culture.  The end justifies the means and lies and deception are acceptable means to achieve the ends of victory – such as Dingaan signing a peace treaty in order to get Piet Retief and his men to lay down their arms so they could be brutally slaughtered without loss of life on the part of Dingaan and his men.


10.  Power-Fear does NOT take prisoners.  The concepts of necessary force, respectful treatment of prisoners of war does NOT feature – losers deserve to die and it is totally contrary to Power-Fear to respect those stupid enough to hand over power voluntarily – they deserve to die.  Power-Fear kills losers in brutal and sadistic ways to send a clear message NOT to oppose the ruler, as in the case of Dingaan having Retief’s men impaled alive on sharpened stakes thrust through their rectums.  Is this the case with the murder and assault of farmers and other Europeans – to send a clear message NOT to oppose the ANC?  It seems possible.  How many of those who have died have, at some level, been foolish enough to express opposition to the ANC?  Eugene Terreblanche certainly died a perverse death for his opposition!.


11.  Note that the correct Power-Fear response to the ANC in earlier days would have been harsh and brutal public executions, not comfortable detention with the opportunity to plot revenge.


12.  Note also that to the extent that it DID occur, harsh Afrikaner treatment of Africans was, in fact, the appropriate Power-Fear response to resistance and insubordination.  In other words an appropriate and valid response by African standards although totally unacceptable by Liberal standards.

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

rather, we are faced with the consequences of centuries of Power-Fear programming and all that accompanies it.


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The African “Garden of Eden” Mind-set (Money Grows on Trees)

1.   One of the things that is noticeable about the conduct of the ANC is what I have termed “the Garden of Eden Mind-set” or, phrased differently “money grows on trees”.


2.    Central to this mind-set is very limited technical and creative ability and very little understanding of the intellectual processes that result in the creation of productive assets and wealth – if you examine their conduct closely it would seem that they believe that “things just happen”.


3.    They demand land but take productive farms and turn them into wastelands, consider the following before and after photographs of a farm in the Komatipoort district handed over to Africans.


     Before                                                                                  After 3 years of African occupation...

                                                                                                  Note the rubble where the roof, etc have been stripped out


4.    They do the same with mines – Google “Aurora mines South Africa” for horror stories of how productive assets were sold for scrap and productive mines destroyed while workers went without pay and millions were stolen by relatives of the ruling ANC elite with no significant legal or moral consequences.


5.    The same is happening with the South economy generally – the ANC have gained control and are raping the infrastructure and tax base for their own aggrandisement and enrichment to the detriment of the huge numbers who have lost jobs and who will lose jobs in the years to come.  Note that reports indicate that there are in excess of 300,000 Europeans who have been forced out of the economy in the past twenty years and who are living in poverty.  Some estimates place the figure at much higher.  They have been forced out by aggressive Affirmative action totally contrary to the Constitution, frequently in harsh and dishonest ways.


One can argue that the ANC do NOT know better but the entire African experience points to the sort of collapse that is taking place in South Africa and the entire African experience indicates that Africans appear to be intellectually incapable of associating the failures in the rest of Africa with what they are doing wrong here.  There is NO apparent indication of an understanding of “cause and effect” or the logical deduction required to identify a mistake and then turn away from repeating that mistake.  As I have grappled with the information that is contained in this book, I have repeatedly come across articles that suggest that people of African descent lack certain key deductive and analytical ability as a GENETIC weakness and, the more my Liberal upbringing struggles with this conclusion the more I have to say that, at the very least, African early childhood experience is generally devoid of this learning AND, given reports that this occurs amongst Africans in the United States of America, the more I have to suggest that there IS a possibility that at some level this may be genetic.  In this case the consistent murder of those who show initiative or competing leadership under a Power-Fear dispensation that has propagated for centuries suggests a possible devolutionary (evolutionary degradation) model for such deficiencies to be genetic.  With perhaps only a “royal elite” may at some level retaining this genetic element.


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Greed Versus Prudence

One of the other problems of Africa is greed – taking and demanding more than has been earned.  One of the reasons there is so much poverty in Africa is because of the greed and dishonesty of the rulers.


This contrasts with a trait of most Europeans which is prudence – the careful use of money.  In the days of European rule the politicians and government officials at ALL levels, lived prudently, earned moderate salaries, lived in moderate homes and drove moderate cars.  They invested whatever surplus resulted in growing their assets, their businesses, their institutions, their country.  All of this stored wealth resulting from decades of cautious and prudent investing by Europeans has been raped by Africans in the last fifteen years or so.


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Understanding versus Rote Learning

A fundamental characteristic of European life and European culture, particularly amongst the more highly educated who are behind the generation of wealth and success, is to seek understanding.  If one understands how things work one can improve them. 

This contrasts with the rote learning that characterizes a large number of Africans where there highly retentive memories learn things easily in many cases but, because of a lack of understanding, they are unable to adapt that information to situations which do NOT exactly correlate to their remembered model.


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Asset Obsession and things that are NOT Wealth

 African asset obsession has other dimensions:

1.   Possession of farms, mines, soccer stadiums, fancy hospital buildings, etc are regarded as wealth even though the soccer stadiums in particular represented a huge economic drain and most of them are far from profitable.


2.    This asset obsession is completely removed from wealth being the earning capacity of well operated productive assets.


3.  This results in completely inappropriate expenditure, such as the soccer stadiums that will never pay for themselves, extravagant cars that deteriorate, other structures that cannot generate productive returns.


4.    There is a complete lack of appreciation for finance as a tool for wealth creation.


5.  There is a complete lack of comprehension for the fundamentals of economics – productive assets and productive people generate returns and create employment and wealth – there is a preoccupation with “things”.


6.    Complete disregard for job creation – lip service is paid but, as discussed throughout this book, innumerable actions are destroying jobs.  Municipalities, Provinces and Government agencies buy and unproductively deploy yellow plant (earth moving machines) thereby promoting one operator at the expense of potentially dozens of labourers who then sit at home doing nothing except draw government grants and drain the economy – so the economy takes a double whammy.


7.    A total lack of appreciation for the value of intellectual property, experience and productive human capital – they regard a Matric Certificate or University Degree Certificate as valuable as a “thing” not as a token of hard earned high value knowledge sitting in the head of the owner of the Certificate.  They value the certificate, no matter how they get it, NOT the knowledge.


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Different Definitions of Wealth – Another Point of Difference

The above points point to the conflicting definitions of wealth that exist:

1.    This is another fundamental difference between Africans and Europeans – the definition of wealth.


2.   Africans regard possession of assets as wealth – cattle no matter how undernourished and weak – it is quantum that counts – farms / land even though the productive capacity has been destroyed, mines ditto, fancy hospitals even though there are no doctors or nurses to staff them and no funds to equip them and no administrators to run them – there is a greed for ownership of stuff no matter the consequences.


3.   Africans value quantum of people no matter how badly nourished, badly educated, demotivated and unproductive they are – it is headcount that matters and so the ANC expends R35 billion on child support grants that stimulate the production of more illiterate and unproductive people.


4.    In contrast, Europeans regard productive assets and productive people and the outputs of these assets and people as wealth and seek to nurture, maintain and develop the assets and the people.  They are ALSO cautious about expenditure on assets and procreation of people.


5.    This fundamental conflict is another factor that is progressively crippling the South African economy – productive assets are being destroyed and productive people are being driven out.


6.    Note the statistic that only 2% of Europeans know how to create wealth and 12% know how to support those who know how to create wealth to create and sustain wealth creating activities.  The rest of the population benefit but have no comprehension of how the wealth is created.  Failure to recognize this is one of the biggest failings of Liberalism, Socialism, Communism and the ANC.  As far as I can see, in South African black society, and specifically the ANC, it is highly debatable as to whether any Africans fall into the first category (wealth creators) and, increasingly, I am unsure how many fall into the second category (wealth sustainers).  In fact, in South Africa it seems to me that we have a fourth category, that of WEALTH DESTROYERS, and it seems that the vast majority of the ANC leadership, their Cadres and their Affirmative Action appointees fall into this category – they THINK they know how to create wealth but their definition of wealth is things and  money in their personal bank accounts and children in their homes and, in the process of accumulating this “wealth”, they are destroying the capacity of the economy to create REAL WEALTH – a surplus of finances over the cost of generating the finances.


7.    Wealth is the output of an attitude, a state of mind – an intuitive synthesis of key stimuli and inputs in early childhood that enables and equips the person with that knowledge, experience and aptitude to identify opportunities and pursue them profitably.  There is NO indication that the leadership of the ANC have any comprehension of this concept.

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Communism – Exacerbating Power-Fear and Arrogant Ignorance


1.    Communism has found a fertile breeding ground in the ANC because of the wrong beliefs of the ANC, particularly relating to Arrogant Ignorance and Power-Fear while Christian Liberals complement and magnify these wrong beliefs, in part out of Victim-Rescue dramatic behaviour.


2.   The concept of “struggle” on the part of the ANC found fertile fuel in the tenents of communism, particularly the concept that the workers create wealth and the intellectuals steal it despite the reality that the leaders and thinkers conceptualize and oversee the wealth creating activities.


3.    In saying this it is important to understand that revolution, and particularly the Russian Revolution, arose arguably because of too tight fisted an attitude on the part of the elite but, I do not have first-hand exposure to this to know if this really was the case or whether the Russian Revolution was, in fact, an outcome of Arrogant Ignorance on the part of the proletariat’s leaders.  Either way something between 40 and 70 million people died during the Russian Revolution.  Many starved to death because the mechanisms of food production were destroyed – an unpleasant indication of what is looming for South Africa.


4.   It is important to note that IF there were indeed excesses and exploitation in Russia leading to the Russian Revolution, as with the French Revolution, exactly those same excesses and, increasingly exploitation, are manifesting amongst the African elite in South Africa.


5.    As much as China professes itself to be Communist, it has, in fact, found itself to be bound by the same laws of economics that apply no matter what “ism” label is applied – value of output from creative human endeavour must exceed the costs of ALL inputs including time and creative genius in order to create a sustainable situation.  When this equation gets out of balance some form of correction, whether collapse or revolution is inevitable.  This balance is rapidly being destroyed in South Africa in a manner that suggests that Revolution is inevitable.  Note that China today is, in many respects, behaving in a very capitalistic manner.


6.    The ANC seems to sincerely (or stupidly) believe that it can break this rule and get away with it on a sustainable basis.  I sincerely hope that by the time you have finished reading this book you will recognize that this is just NOT possible.


7.    Every Communist revolution has been accompanied by massive loss of life – this has yet to happen in South Africa BUT it is only a matter of time before the on-going communist anti-white struggle rhetoric and hate speech sparks the greed driven orgy of killing and looting that characterizes the formation of any truly Communist state.


8.    In the case of the ANC, the African Power-Fear culture coupled with extreme proletariat level Arrogant Ignorance, means that we are sitting on a TIME BOMB in South Africa.  A time bomb that is primed to EXPLODE SOON.


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Attributes of Europeans and Africans Contrasted


As  I have progressively sought to understand what is happening in South Africa, I have repeatedly returned to seeking fundamental first principles understanding of issues based on an evidence and experienced based analysis of what I can observe based on my OWN life experience.

This has taken place as I have read and listened to what the African People or Bantu or blacks have had to say in the press, on radio and TV, etc.  In doing this I have constantly weighed this up against my experience in South Africa over my life.  I have contrasted this with my experience of people of European descent, both here and in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Since I believe that, while skin colour IS a convenient shorthand reference tool, it is NOT the essence of the distinction and is widely despised, I will refer to the two groups as Africans and Europeans.  Note that the ANC NOW take great pride in referring to “blacks” and disparaging “whites” so the labels, as with much else of the current hypocrisy, have now become acceptable.

In the table that follows I list, in the left hand column, the attributes of People of European Descent that, in my experience, have enabled us to build the huge and thriving economies of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  On the right I list the attributes of Indigenous African People which have, in my experience, kept them in poverty and lack and which will take them BACK THERE based on the way they are running South Africa today.

There ARE exceptions to the Attributes of Africans insofar as there are those who have had considerable exposure to “Western” ways while growing up and have learned the values and methods of the Europeans from an early age and who think and act more like Europeans than Africans but these are by far the MINORITY.

These points are significant because the attributes of Europeans are what has made this economy and those of Europe, North America and Australia and New Zealand so successful – to take over the South African economy and try to run it using African methods is to condemn it to an African outcome which is readily understood by travel to Africa North of South Africa.


Attributes of People of European Descent – leaders – those who create wealth and economy

Attributes of Indigenous African People – as evidenced by the conduct of the leaders of the  ANC and those in public office and business


Intense work ethic, long  hours, hard work

Seem to have a total lack of understanding that large numbers of people sitting at home in rural areas doing nothing drains the personal economy and causes poverty and low living standards for those who are working AND those at home – then blame the Europeans for the consequences of African actions or lack of action.


Investment mind set – plant trees today for benefits years from now

Seem to have a complete lack of understanding of economics and other fundamentals – appear to believe they can steal and pillage from the economy without massive long term damage.

Seem to have a Garden of Eden mind-set – “money grows on trees, we had the trees, the Europeans stole the trees (farms, mines, etc) we must take them back – help yourself” – seemingly a complete lack of understanding that the current economy is the consequence of intense European creative endeavour and intellectual input.

Things such as Soccer Stadiums are wealth – no concept of productive assets or return on investment.

Seeming belief that all there is today was here when the Europeans arrived and we are entitled to it with no effort on our part other than to force the Europeans out.


Intense appreciation of the value of knowledge and experience – seek understanding and knowledge, great sacrifices for education

Seemingly little or no appreciation of the critical role of knowledge, experience, innovation, creativity, education and intellectual property in creating wealth – no understanding that a farm or a mine is the consequence of the mobilization of advanced knowledge and experience NOT land only.

Seem to think they can appoint people irrespective of knowledge and experience without damage to the economy.

“The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes” (Wikipedia)

In other words “arrogant incompetence” – this characterizes the vast majority of actions by the present Government of South Africa and the Cadres and Affirmative Action appointees they have put in place who have little or no comprehension of what is required to do their jobs other than, apparently, to steal money for their own and the party’s benefit and make life miserable for Europeans.


Careful with money and fixed assets – look after them, save, etc

Extravagant with money, do NOT know how to look after things, squander, consumption, inadequate maintenance.


Cautious in terms of number of children – number they can afford and give a good education

Children are wealth – breed as many as you can, even if it overloads your economy and you can barely feed them and cannot educate them and they grow up to be illiterate savages.


Believe the best of all, courtesy, considerate, gentleness, minimum force, eschew violence except if extremely provoked and then resort to rule of law BEFORE the Army is called in

Belief that violence is acceptable and, at times, necessary to get own way, coupled to gross brutality and savagery – choke an elderly woman to death by stuffing pages from her bible down her throat – wrap an elderly woman in plastic bags and then burn her with a hot iron until she dies – ram a sharpened pole into a person’s anus so they die in agony – hack a person’s jawbone out as a trophy and a warning to others – rip a person’s guts open and eat their gall bladder and cut off their genitals for muti (magic).

Aggression and false accusation are acceptable means to an end.


Conscious of how LITTLE they know, willing to listen to others, hold back if unsure, constantly seek knowledge

This often causes Europeans to believe what Africans say because they do NOT have personal knowledge and the claims are so outrageous that they assume they have a foundation in fact

See above re the Dunning – Kruger effect or syndrome – arrogant ignorance – think they know better than people who are years older than they are and have hugely superior knowledge and experience.

Think they can do anything they like because they have no basis to comprehend the negative consequences of their actions and then blame Europeans when things go wrong and seek to take even more.

No comprehension that they are in the process of destroying the economy.


Focus on justice – right and wrong – strong self-discipline and discipline in society – low crime

Total lack of integrity – lies are justified when dealing with Europeans – Zuma about his Nkandla home loan, ANC “shoot the boer is just a struggle song we don’t mean it” – false accusations against Europeans in order to achieve Constructive Dismissal and force them to leave in the interests of Affirmative Action.

Power–Fear mentality – intimidate opponents, winner takes all and destroy the losers.


Innovative, exercise initiative, create things where there is nothing

Wait to have it handed to them on a plate – do not clear the rubbish, demand houses and toilets and then do not maintain them, do little or nothing to uplift themselves or engage in commerce.


Generous towards those in lack – give as much as they can – charities, etc – do their best to uplift the under privileged – done this particularly with regard to Africans

Greedy, generous to family but no concern if their actions cause others to go without food and housing, callous disregard, particularly for Europeans that are harmed by their actions.

Remove funding for charities or take money from charities for African benefit.

Trash the mine to fund an extravagant life style and leave the workers to starve.


Deep experiential understanding of cause and effect and root cause

Seemingly no comprehension of cause and effect – seem to think they can do whatever they like with no consequence and when there ARE totally foreseeable consequences they blame the Europeans and Apartheid and demand more.


Belief in the Creator through the covenant of Yahooshua {Jesus}

The majority of Africans are Ancestor worshippers and practisers of witchcraft – even those in the “Church” hold onto this to a large extent.

There are massive curses associated with this which hold Africans in bondage and stealing from the Europeans will NOT change this as evidenced throughout Africa.

It is ONLY through massive conversion that change can be expected.


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Psychodynamics of Africans and Europeans

The following psychodynamic elements have been identified:








Degeneration from Noah through Ham and Canaan (cursed) or retarded evolution.

Almost zero technology, primitive, savage subsistence culture seemingly results in deficiencies with regard to cognitive cause and effect reasoning and logic in most of them.

Degeneration from Noah, through Shem (blessed not cursed) or more rapid and advanced evolutionary development.

Advanced technology and culture, strong cognitive analytical cause and effect capability.



Ancestor worship, witchcraft, curses which affect their conduct and bring poverty and numerous other destructive behaviours.  Power-fear, beat and kill contenders for power, harsh, life is cheap.

Primarily Christian / Hebraic, nominally monotheist, love your enemy as yourself, do good to them that hate you, believe the best, justice, integrity, do what is just and right, go to war reluctantly, treat prisoners well, mercy and grace.


Early childhood experience

Ranges from primitive rural subsistence to some European-like upbringing, majority raised in primitive context with limited exposure, mother tongue early life is a massive inhibitor in later life.  Witchcraft. Singing “shoot the Boer” and other struggle songs and talk  “oppression”, “victim”, build hatred towards Europeans even if it is submerged.

Strong emphasis on education, problem solving, wide diversity of learning experiences – home, technical, social, etc – pre-school, deep appreciation for value of knowledge, reward initiative, reading, etc – “civilized” conduct, all the above values.



Filtered through 1, 2 and 3 above and compromised by poorly trained and developed teachers not really equipped to teach, sub-standard facilities because this is where they come from – left to themselves it might take two or three generations to raise the standard but there is a basis to suggest it would never happen.  Parents NOT able to make contributions to schools or schooling because of own low literacy.  Falsely inflated school results.

Huge priority, make sacrifices to educate children, esteem teachers, invest in and engage with schools.  Parents make significant intellectual contribution to schools and assist with management, upliftment, etc.  Supplement learning wherever possible.  Extramural experience, travel, etc.



Exacerbated influence of previous points.

Head knowledge without understanding, limited cognitive, analytical and problem solving ability.  Parrot fashion, rote learning, monkey see monkey do – no deep intellectual capability to problem solve and take initiative and generate wealth through constructive creativity.

Actively sought, pursue excellence, esteem knowledge and experience.

Built on a solid foundation of previous points, able to excel and make a difference and lead in the world.


Level of knowledge and ability

Results in arrogant ignorance – do NOT know how little they know – arrogantly proud of the little they know, think they know it all, unwilling to ask or to learn, no awareness that there is huge knowledge they lack and regard any negative feedback as racism and false.  Unable to work in constructive teams, threatened by competition.

Very conscious of how little they know.  Give the benefit of the doubt, constantly seek to learn more and to learn from others and to collaborate in order to compensate for weaknesses.  Not equipped to deal with arrogant ignorance and aggression of Africans, become angry and irritated when pushed by African stupidity.



Above coupled to Power-Fear culture – if you have the power I am submissive but if I have the power I become dictatorial, aggressive, do not trust, break you down, dominate, exploit, greedy, poverty mind-set – have to take as much as I can for myself.  Treacherous and scheming and do not trust others.  Filter everything through Power-Fear so blame the Europeans for “oppression” when, in truth, it is my fear that is oppressing me and they want partnership.

Culture of Right-Wrong – treat people well because it is right, trust others, believe the best.  Does NOT begin to comprehend Power-Fear and has difficulty believing it exists.

Believes “oppression” because of trust.


The outcome

Radically different psychodynamics set out above coupled to sudden ascendency to power of Africans and “defeat” of Europeans results in Africans regard whites as weak, spineless, lost their power, lost right for respect, to be exploited, hidden agendas are OK, massive murder rate suits our goals.

Do NOT begin to understand all this, cannot imagine it, stuff of horror stories, believe the best, treat people well, concede when not sure – someone MUST have done these things – nobody would make them up – stupor of trust – set-up for destruction.

HUGE effort to build goodwill in the last 20 years.


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European Fundamentals – Towards Understanding South Africa 2013

The following are some characteristics of Europeans that I hold to be fundamental to understanding how we have reacted and responded to developments in South Africa from the earliest days:


1.       Esteem and reward excellence, hard work, initiative.


2.       Seek and value knowledge and experience, assist others to learn and reach their full potential, lift one another up.


3.       Collaborate and partner to synergistically achieve far more than we can alone so we can thrive.


4.       Justice, fair play, right-wrong, the law, innocent until proven guilty.


5.       Honesty, integrity, abhor lying, my word is my bond.


6.       Gentleman – a man who is gentle – deal courteously and respectfully.


7.       Respect for life, treat prisoners well, abhor violence.


8.       Believe the best, love neighbour as self, love enemy, treat others well.


9.      Culture – music, art, etc.


10.   Technology – value, develop, exploit to the benefit of all.


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Mistakes the Europeans (especially Afrikaners) made

This section is, in a sense harsh, NOT because I think this is the way that it should be but that I think that it is time that Europeans were acknowledged for what they did right contrasted with all the lies that Africans have told about them and that Liberals have believed and punished us for.

1.    NOT wiping out Africans but trying to live in peace alongside them and uplift them.


2.    Giving them medicine instead of letting them die of diseases that came from Europe and as a consequence of their life styles thereby allowing the African population to explode and overwhelm the Europeans.


3.   Legislating Apartheid, the Pass Laws and forced removals rather than maintaining the reasonable level of separateness that existed anyway – this gave the world, and Liberals in particular, a ready target to aim for and which was inevitably opposed after the excesses of Hitler and the Third Reich.


4.    Classing people according to skin colour and alienating people of Asian descent, especially those from India and those of mixed race (Coloureds) thus causing them to align with Africans and the ANC and giving the ANC organizational and management capabilities that it would otherwise have sorely lacked.


5.    Not executing ALL ANC captives, including Mandela.


6.    Not marketing themselves effectively – Afrikaners are particularly taciturn and poor marketers of themselves – mistakenly believe that if they do right the world will see and reward them BUT they are up against Arrogant Ignorance, Power-Fear and Victim-Rescue dynamics embraced by eloquent and influential Liberals.  Completely undersold themselves in response to false negative publicity that totally ignored all the GOOD they had done.


7.    Negotiating with the ANC in the lead up to 1994 with goodwill and trust and expecting Western values to apply on a sustained basis.


8.    NOT negotiating an economically viable self-ruling territory when they probably could have secured it – probably based on the Western and Northern Cape.


9.    NOT negotiating special Citizenship by Descent arrangements with Holland, Germany, France and Britain that would have provided an escape hatch if things went wrong.


10. NOT pushing back strongly and appealing for international support as soon as the ANC started to break the spirit of the agreement and the Constitution has been comprehensively trashed in spirit.


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The 2%:12%:86% Wealth Creation Phenomenon amongst Europeans


1.    2% “wealth creators / initiators”; 12% “wealth developers and maintainers”; 86% “economically ignorant”; close to 0% wealth destroyers – these factors apply ONLY the European society and NOT African society.


2.    Ratio for Africans could be 0.1%:1.9%:44%:54% -- throughout Africa there is almost NO evidence of innate ability to create wealth other than by syphoning off aid, productive outputs, etc with bribes, fraud, patronage and outright theft and great capacity to destroy wealth as is now happening in South Africa.


3.    In South Africa at this time it is predominantly the 2% of wealth initiators and 12% of wealth supporters who have left the country because they have the innate knowledge, experience, aptitude, insight and creativity to create wealth wherever they are.  This alone has set the South African economy on a slippery slope.


4.    There are STILL some of the latter category but they are leaving fast and will continue to leave at an accelerating rate in the years ahead.


5.    In this group are those who know how to run large corporations and these people have also, for the most part, prepared their life-rafts and have ways of leaving rapidly if the need arises.  Note that there are only a very small number in this category and they deserve their large salaries – Arrogant Ignorance attacks on their earnings are completely unwarranted and guaranteed to cause these people to get out if they continue.  There is no basis to conclude that these attacks will cease.


6.    Those in the “economically ignorant” category who are able to leave because of access to other citizenship or marketable knowledge and experience will also leave at an accelerating pace.


7.   It is a fundamental requirement for a thriving economy, an economy that is growing and creating more employment than population growth that the economy should be led by members of the 2% of wealth creators and 12% of wealth developers and maintainers.  Inherently these people should be retained at ALL COSTS and yet the ANC seems to delight in making South Africa as unattractive as it possibly can to these people thus driving them off to other countries who welcome them with open arms.


8.    There is little evidence that the hard core ANC contains ANY of the 2% wealth creator component and it seems that they hardly have any in the 12% wealth developer and maintainer component – I do NOT consider that Cyril Ramaphosa falls into either of these categories except in a perverse African way.


9.    There is considerable evidence that the ANC and its Cadres, BEE and communist associates have massive capacity in the field of wealth destruction.


10.  Focus on the workers at the expense of those who create wealth is a recipe for disaster – they are poor because they do NOT know how to create wealth and, given that most Africans have a remarkable capacity to dissipate and destroy things, this massive feed into unproductive consumption is guaranteed to cripple the economy.


11.  Jacob Zuma and his direct reports evidence NO ability to create wealth, only to amass their own private fortunes through self-aggrandisement, exploitation of their positions of privilege and rape of the economy.


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NEXT PAGE ==>  Fundamental European Values at a Wealth Creator, Wealth Developer Leadership Level

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Fundamental European Values at a Wealth Creator, Wealth Developer Leadership Level


1.    Justice and fair play – react very negatively to any hint of injustice – deal robustly with illegal or morally wrong behaviour – why the ANC is in power.


2.    Believe the best of others and believe those who make accusations against them until proven unfounded – why the rest of the world believed the lies of the ANC.


3.    Collaborative partnership, work together, build and uplift the community / village /  town / city / province / nation – why South Africa became the 27th largest economy – no longer.


4.    Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.


5.    Visionaries – envisage better future states and work energetically and constructively to get there.


6.    Truthfulness, integrity – keep my word no matter what the cost.


7.   Compassionate, caring, provide for the aged, infirm, weak – support diverse non-profit charitable welfare organizations.


8.    Encourage ALL to reach their full potential, go out of our way to lift others up, rejoice when they succeed over and above us.


9.    Meek, gentle, humble, avoid conflict, peacemakers, move away from confrontation, the epitome of the ideal European leader is the “gentle-man”.


10.  Value and stimulate creativity, initiative, leadership, learning, knowledge and experience, aptitude, reward achievement, uplift people based on what they deliver, constantly striving to excel, to go further, faster, higher, deeper – the essence of what drives the European high value economy.


11.  Thrive on constructive competition in every area of life – founded on excellence.


12.  High value on sanctity of life, minimum harm, treat prisoners of war well, treat all prisoners well.


13.  Essentially at some level religious and informed by faith in the Almighty Creator – even though there is much error in modern beliefs.


14.  Deep, practical understanding of the trade-offs between effort, time, cost, quality – productive use of these to benefit society and create wealth.


15.  Conflict averse, make sure of facts, rather resign than face confrontation – why so many whites are leaving and why whites handed over the country.


16.  Cannot believe that someone who alleges “gross oppression” would be deceitfull and inventing it.


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What was Apartheid -- REALLY?

The factors that are discussed here had a huge impact on the genesis of Apartheid

This is discussed in detail on the page South Africa - What was Apartheid REALLY?

Much of the content on this page is duplicated on that page but with a different emphasis but there is also much that focusses on Apartheid that is not discussed here but which has a bearing on what is discussed here simply because the factors that gave rise to Apartheid then are, in significant measure, the factors that are destroying the South African economy today


Creating Wealth in the New South Africa

This article was written several years ago:

“In considering the question of how to create wealth in a country, engineering training immediately directs us to seek precedents from which we can learn.

Consideration of those countries in the world where there are high standards of living and limited or no poverty, immediately shows that there is a single common thread, namely effective and efficient use of productive technology to gear the capabilities of the people of the country. Switzerland, Germany and Japan are examples that spring to mind. It is very evident from visits to these countries that their technology is well designed, well implemented, well maintained and well operated. Things “just work”.

So, one finds that the effective application of technology is the cornerstone of creating wealth in ANY country – it is the only proven recipe.

Random social experiments that jeopardise the reliability and sustainability of technology are fundamentally at odds with any prospect of a vibrant economy, particularly when those policies involve diverting the money that should be going to infrastructure development and maintenance to rewarding people on the basis of criteria that cannot be linked in any way to wealth creation.

Reflection on this principle immediately indicates that South Africa is going in the wrong direction as far as technology is concerned. It does not matter what technology or methodology one considers, be it roads, sewerage, water supply, electricity supply, electricity distribution, health care, education, justice, etc., in all cases once-reliable and sustainable infrastructure and capability is progressively degrading as a consequence of failed experiments such as Outcomes-Based Education, the abolition of the death penalty, lack of maintenance as in the case of roads, water supply, electricity distribution, etc.

Irrespective of where the money and manpower have gone that have resulted in this widespread degradation of technical capability and assets, it has been inappropriately applied.

If South Africa truly aspires to create sustainable wealth, we need to cease redirecting funds from infrastructure, whether it be hard infrastructure such as roads or soft infrastructure such as health care professionals, teachers, engineers, etc. More critically, we urgently need to stop driving experienced personnel at all levels of economic activity out of the country on the basis of their skin colour. Reverse apartheid coupled with a lack of recognition of the vital role of knowledge and experience in creating wealth, is rapidly crippling the capacity of South Africa to create sustainable wealth.

We stand at a watershed – can government refocus to retain and grow technical capability and infrastructure or will it persist with a policy of endowment at the expense of sustainable wealth creation? Redistribution does NOT create wealth, it redistributes wealth away from those with the proven ability to create wealth. If remuneration does not relate directly to productive input that creates more value than it consumes, then the economy will progressively degenerate. Arguably, there was indeed a need to level the playing field, but the problem now is that the playing field is no longer level: it is tipping in the opposite direction, towards national impoverishment.

Spending money on elaborate infrastructure, such as prestigious soccer stadiums, does NOT create wealth. Instead it simply creates an illusion of wealth but does not sustain productive activities which create material value that significantly exceeds the cost of inputs.


Engineer Against Failure

In the light of what I have written above and what follows, I would like to position myself. I am first and foremost an engineer – my passion is engineering and solutions that work. I first started designing and making things when I was about six years old and I have been doing this ever since.

I rapidly became aware that I placed strong emphasis on preventing failure, but it took me about ten years to realise that as engineers we are not trained to design bridges to stand up, we are trained to design bridges not to fall down. This is a fundamental difference in approach that I have applied to all aspects of my work.

“Engineer systems and solutions NOT to fail” is as fundamental to the design of business strategies and national policies as it is to businesses.

Until we formulate strategic business plans and national policies not to fail, we will continue to find that failure is rampant, as is evident in many areas of South African wealth-producing and maintaining economic activity today.

This worldview leads me to the conclusions presented above – as a nation we are going in the wrong direction – we are doing things that are destroying the sustainability of wealth creation wholesale, instead of doing all that is required to preserve and grow our capacity to create wealth.

As a nation, we are not talking about failure and how to prevent it, and so it is rampant, whether in the form of a blowout after hitting a pothole, a rundown hospital with doubtful hygiene, children who leave school ill equipped to compete on the global playing field (or even the local playing field) or electrical transformers silently decaying as a consequence of an invisible lack of maintenance. Just below the surface of our apparent prosperity lies a mountain of technical neglect that is destined to dramatically damage our economy in the near future.

I am passionate about success through implementing exceptionally high-value strategic concepts cost-effectively and timeously to achieve success by preventing failure. This is missing from the current South African economic and technology arena.


Strategy Defined

What is strategy? Strategy is the essence of why an organisation (or nation) exists and how it thrives – doing the right things as determined by the customers (or voters). Tactics is doing things right.

Our focus should be on determining the right things to do, using technology and methodology to support exceptionally high-value outcomes and then doing them right. We must prevent failure at all costs – failure is always more costly than doing it right first time, provided that there is a valid and valuable value proposition to start with. Spending millions on number plates with microchips consumes value.

If we do the right things well, the organisation or nation will thrive, if we do them not so well we will survive, but if we do the wrong things, the organisation will die and it is only a matter of how quickly. If we do the wrong things well, our organisation or nation will die fast, or else it will die slowly.

South Africa is approaching a tipping point where our failure to maintain core infrastructure and invest in core technologies and methodologies is almost certainly going to slip into the die-fast quadrant – we are getting very good at spending money in ways that do not create sustainable value, and even better at driving out experienced people and making those who remain feel unwelcome.

The implementation of strategy has a time dimension. A strategic plan is not a forecast or a goal, it is a trajectory of change, the path to success or failure. It always follows an exponential curve; this is directly comparable to the trajectory of change of direction of a motor vehicle, aircraft, ship, etc. It starts out tangential to the current direction and slowly changes direction IF the hands on the steering wheel are constant. Inconsistent steering leading to constant flip flopping in direction will prevent change from occurring, and change that takes place too rapidly will become unstable. The car will roll, the ship capsize, or the aeroplane stall.

South Africa is in a situation where it is seeking to change too much too fast and instability is now rapidly approaching. Instability in policy in various areas is also crippling the capacity to plan effectively and to execute plans that deliver lasting sustainable value and wealth creation.

In my journey of discovery into the factors that cause failure I have come to understand the critical factors.

More recently I have come to understand that the same factors cause failure of all technology investments, including electricity supply failure, failure of road maintenance, etc. and that these factors are, in fact, an indication of failure in strategic capability – the ability to visualise a future state and achieve it.

These factors are (percentages indicate relative contribution to failed projects):

a.   Technology mythology (30%). We do not need to resurface the roads, they will just keep working; we can set any policy we like and it will work, etc. There is lack of understanding, inadequate knowledge and experience, etc.

b.  Lack of executive custody and inappropriate laws and policies (20%). “This is MY country or project or law and I accept full responsibility for the outcome” = “I have abolished the death penalty and you can hold me accountable if your loved one is murdered.”

c.   Lack of strategic alignment (15%). This means lack of a clear definition of the essence of why the organisation exists and how it thrives.

d.  Lack of an engineering approach (12%). This means lack of a systematic, thorough approach designed to prevent failure and thereby achieve success.

e.  Poor information management (10%). “We do not really know how to measure the results of what we are doing and even if we have the measurements, we do not know what to do with them.”

f.   People / soft issues (8%). Here we are dealing with human adaptability versus wisdom and competence, which equates to the synthesis between relevant knowledge and relevant experience. Each person is a complex composite of knowledge and experience.

There is an exponential trajectory of value-creating knowledge and experience. It takes about 40 to 50 years from birth to form an engineer or other high-level professional who can conceptualise and execute large projects that create high-value sustainable wealth and even then very few are able to do this. It will take more than 80 years of appropriate activity to achieve demographic parity with regard to high-level engineers, medical specialists, educators, etc. in this country IF we plan and execute to prevent failure. This is not happening; we are driving out the very people who are the only ones who know how to do this and therefore the only ones able to train others.

There are three worldviews according to Marco Blankenburgh:

                i.              Guilt and innocence (right and wrong) – the North American and European culture

ii.             Honour and shame – much of Asia, the Middle East, some of South America

iii.            Power and fear – some of Africa, some of Asia, some of South America

Understanding the differences and tensions between these worldviews is vital to understanding South African politics and thereby to understanding how to prevent failure within the South African context.

g.   Technology and methodology issues (5%). Outcomes-based education (OBE) is a technology or methodology. It has failed to deliver because of the huge human-change impact associated with transforming an entire education system. It will probably take another 20 to 50 years for outcomes-based education to deliver on expectations, simply because of the magnitude of the human-change impact.

However, the worst thing South Africa could do now would be to scrap Outcomes-Based Education and start another experiment. We are locked in to OBE, now we must MAKE IT WORK!


Achieving success

In order to achieve success we must first prevent failure, then we must manage towards success. The critical factors for success are:

a.  Executive custody and policy (25%). Leaders at all levels MUST be held accountable. If the leaders of major US banks had faced 20 years on a chain gang for their actions, they would have conducted themselves differently.

b.  Strategic architecture (18%). There must be a clear description of the desired future state of the organisation or country that is practical and achievable and is designed not to fail.  NOT wishful thinking.

c.   Strategic alignment (16%). A clear and detailed specification of the journey is needed.

d.  Business integration and optimisation (14%). This is the aspect of how human beings integrate with the technology and methodology to create sustainable value, i.e. the management of the change process.

e.  Classic project management (12%)

f.   Information management (10%)

g.  Technology / methodology (5%). The technology or methodology is almost irrelevant until all the other issues have been dealt with. Yes, there must be reliable technology or methodology, but that in and of itself does not create value. People using technology create value.

When one reaches a point where technology is starting to become a visible issue, such as potholes in roads, power supply failures and other technical manifestations of problems, then it is time to realise that the first six factors are NOT being adequately addressed.

The ‘load shedding’ of 2007–2008 was first and foremost a failure of executive custody and no national executive ever offered to resign as a consequence of inappropriate policy decisions. The blackouts were also a failure in terms of strategic architecture, failure to have a clear view of the future state of the country and also a failure of strategic alignment: there was no clear plan of the journey towards the future state.

On the basis of this analysis, the fact that technology and methodology failure has reached epidemic proportions in every sector of the South African economy indicates that dramatic collapse is imminent.

Drastic measures are needed to alert government and business to these harsh realities and to mobilise initiatives which need to be every bit as bold as those that tore down the walls of apartheid in the years preceding the elections in 1994.



The application of these principles within a context that places appropriately high value on knowledge and experience, irrespective of skin colour, is vital if South Africa is to avoid slipping catastrophically into the abyss of technology and methodology failure that looms large before us.”

You will notice in the rest of this book that I have become more conservative since writing this article.


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What the British Brought to South Africa

As a person of British descent, while writing this book the inevitable question arose – “what DID WE contribute?”

1.    Liberal contention in the early days after the Cape became British such that those from other parts of Europe, particularly Dutch, German and French settlers eventually left the Cape and amalgamated to call themselves Afrikaners.

2.    Imperial domination leading to genocide in the second Anglo-Boer War (ended 1902) in which about 24,000 Afrikaner women and children died in horrible conditions in Concentration Camps.  The war seemingly largely about satisfying some British egos?

3.    Then almost immediately (1910) formed the Union of South Africa, which to some extent gave the Boers what they had fought for in the first place.

4.    Britain provided a huge component of the commercial and industrial capability of the South African economy – I have lived most of my life in this sector of the economy.

5.    Accepted the decision of the Afrikaner majority to elect the National Party in 1948 and allowed Apartheid to develop.

6.    Granted independence to the Republic of South Africa, under Afrikaner, National Party control, in 1961, effectively giving the Afrikaners all they fought for in the Boer War.

7.    Intervened with sanctions and liberal sentiments in the 1970’s and 1980’s thereby playing a significant role in the ANC coming to power.

8.    The question now is, given that many South Africans ARE descendants of British people but no longer qualify for British Citizenship, and given that from 1902 onwards all European South Africans were, in some measure, British subjects to different degrees at different times and given that Britain has been the historically dominant European power in the history of South Africa, will Britain sit by and claim to be caught by surprise when millions of European South Africans are slaughtered or will Britain take an active role in providing a means of escape?

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A Prophetic View – “The Almighty Speaks on South Africa”

This message was published on a prophetic email list on Saturday 7th January 2012, the day BEFORE Jacob Zuma led the ANC masses in Bloemfontein singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns”:


“Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nahum and others refer to “the burden of The Almighty the eternally self-existing” with regard to prophetic visions of coming destruction – difficult messages which the prophet was required to give in the hope of turning a people from destruction.

“In recent weeks I have developed such a burden for my home country, South Africa.  The sections that follow outline the picture I have seen and the words that The Almighty has spoken to me:

1.  Grieved by the words of racist songs against people of European descent

“About three years ago I became aware that songs such as “bring me my machine gun” and “kill the white farmer (boer)” were still being sung by people of African descent despite the peaceful change in regime that had taken place.

“With the deep understanding of the spiritual significance of words that I have gained over the years, particularly through my service of The Almighty, I understand that those words result in deep psychological imprinting in young minds and create spiritual force that has to be released by the execution of the words that have been spoken.  No one with the authority to cancel those words has spoken out to cancel those words and thus they resonate constantly in the spirit realm awaiting release and manifestation.  Murder of white farmers continues."

“2.  Secular evidence that the South African economy is facing structural collapse

“Also about three years ago I started to become increasingly aware that at a technical economic and engineering level there were increasing indications of possible structural collapse of the South African economy in a way that would be very difficult to reverse.

“In the past year the rate of occurrence of these indicators has increased dramatically to a point where I now see indications of impending economic failure on an almost daily basis." 

“3.  Troubled by silence in response to statements by Julius Malema – the Hitler parallels

“During 2011 I became increasingly troubled by the utterances of Julius Malema calling for actions that were unsustainable and which, if actioned, would cause economic collapse.  Again these utterances were met with silence but it is certain that they have raised expectations amongst the unemployed and labouring classes, who represent in excess of 50% of the South African population.  These expectations cannot be met at a structural economic level without significant changes in policy and actions which are directly at odds with what is being called for.

“Towards the end of the year, having studied the history of the Second World War in some detail many years ago, I realized that many of the circumstances that gave rise to Adolf Hitler coming to power were in operation in South Africa.

“Then, a few weeks ago, The Almighty said to me “Julius Malema will be President of South Africa before the end of 2021” (less than ten years time)."

“4.  A derelict and desolate Mall and other visions of coming destruction

“Also a few weeks ago we were sitting eating a meal in an upmarket Mall in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

“I looked up and in the Spirit I saw the Mall was deserted and derelict, broken glass, broken furniture and corpses were everywhere, the Mall had been comprehensively vandalized and destroyed.

“In the weeks that have followed I have repeatedly had similar visions.  Other places destroyed, people with their heads hacked off, women with their guts ripped open, overturned and burnt out cars.  The Almighty told me to hold my peace and wait until He gave me permission to record what I was being shown."

“5.  Troubled by parallels with the French and Russian Revolutions and rise of the Third Reich

“Concurrently with this my attention was drawn to the French and Russian revolutions, the rise of the Third Reich and the Cambodian uprising where high levels of unemployment and massive disparities in the distribution of wealth and privilege eventually fuelled popular uprisings of the unemployed and labouring classes and, in some cases, even the artisan classes.

“All of these uprisings were associated with wholesale slaughter and brutality which destroyed many and in some cases nearly all the elite minority.

“A few days ago The Almighty said to me “before the end of 2031 there will be a revolution in South Africa that will combine the worst of the French and Russian Revolutions, the Third Reich and the Cambodian Revolution”.

“6.  The evils of Apartheid revisited together with the role of The Almighty’s servants in its downfall

“In the last few days The Almighty has lead me to revisit the evils of Apartheid and reminded me how His servants were at the forefront of opposing Apartheid and praying for its demise in a peaceful manner which prayers were granted in 1994.

“He also reminded me how perversions of The Almighty’s truths, perversions of the Bible, and false religious teachings were used to justify Apartheid including teachings which held that indigenous African people were NOT descended from Adam and Noah.

“He reminded me that He had rejected the South African government notwithstanding the covenant of European South Africans with The Almighty because they had broken that Covenant and had violated justice and brought the name of the Creator into disrepute.

“The Almighty said to me “I brought an end to Apartheid because of the cries of my people and the injustices performed in my Name”.

“7.  The President of South Africa sacrifices an animal to the ancestors

“Then, two nights ago The Almighty showed me that the African National Congress would offer sacrifices to the ancestors as part of their 100 year anniversary festivities.  Last night I heard the President four times reported as acknowledging the ancestors and not once acknowledging God or the LORD or Jesus even though he had previously declared that the ANC would rule “till Jesus comes”.

“Then, this morning it was confirmed that animals had been offered by the President to the ancestors and that the spirits of the ancestors had been invoked and The Almighty said to me “son of man, do you see how this people have rejected me?  I also now reject them”.

“8.  The Almighty declares utter destruction

“The Almighty states that by 31 December 2031 there will have been a massive revolution in South Africa by the unemployed and the workers.

“The ruling elite, academics, professionals and others in positions of privilege will have been slaughtered.  Virtually all people of African origin outside the borders of South Africa and virtually all those of Asian descent and those of mixed race will be dead.  Many of the indigenous people groups in South Africa itself will have been largely eliminated.

“75% of those who call themselves “white” at the start of the revolution will have been massacred and the remainder will defend themselves in the Western Cape.

“The economy will be in ruins and the people will return to the ways of their ancestors.  The Zulu people will dominate."

“9.  The Almighty is calling the people of South Africa to repent and turn to Him before they are destroyed

“When I asked The Almighty what could be done to prevent this He said to me “let the leaders and the people humble themselves and repent of their evil, of their ancestor worship, of their dishonesty and exploitation and return to serving me that I may relent before this judgment is fulfilled."


“South Africa is on the brink of destruction and must return to serving The Almighty wholeheartedly and without compromise.  All forms of pagan worship must be put away."

“Please pray earnestly for this country."

“May The Almighty bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace."

It is only through massive repentance and seeking after the Almighty that utter destruction can be prevented.

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The basis for Europeans Withholding BEE, AA and tax and Demanding Change


1.    There is NO moral, historical or economic justification for BEE, Affirmative Action or Cadre Deployment – there is absolutely NO reason why Europeans, Asians and people of Mixed Race should continue to hand over their enterprises to incompetent Africans.


2.   Government is failing on a MASSIVE scale to perform its duties as a servant of the tax payers – tax payers therefore have a reasonable basis to redirect taxes due to directly pay for services that Government is supposed to provide – NOT sure you will find a lawyer to back you on this but the principle is ethically valid.


3.    There is a problem with what is advocated here – the response of the ANC Government and their under-cover agents is likely to be vicious – it might be advisable to have your will in order.

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       NEXT PAGE  ==>  Your Options in South Africa

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The Western Cape as a possible safe haven for South African Europeans with the possibility of Secession

In the prophecy reported in

The Almighty is reported as stating that 75% of European South Africans will be murdered and that the only survivors will be in the Western Cape

Other comment relating to the Western Cape is contained elsewhere on this site including

In particular it is important to note that the majority of the population in the Western Cape is not African

There are various groups advocating Western Cape Secession (breaking away) and there appear to be good reasons to go this route but it must NOT be in the form of a UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) -- there must be extensive marketing to the Western World, specifically those countries that are primarily European or of European descent in order to build up considerable international support for such action

Refer to with regard to broadcasting the message

Furthermore, it is vital that this country, IF it is to come about and IF it is to succeed must be a homeland for ALL European South Africans noting that this must include those who are English equally as much as those who are Afrikaans and that in terms of technical racial inheritance the vast majority of so-called "Coloureds" are also European

Any attempt to form a racially exclusive Afrikaner state is doomed to failure


How to get the message across -- the Diffusion of Innovation -- how new messages are propagated

This page discusses the marketing concept -- "The Diffusion of Innovation" in the context of getting the message about South Africa effectively communicated to people who are decision makers and decision influencers around the world in order to garner support for ANC behaviour to be mitigated and contained

One of the biggest problems that I see with regard to those who ARE conscious of what is happening and its consequences is that, for the most part, the message is being communicated to a closed community and largely only being communicated to those who are at least looking or are convinced that there IS a problem

In order to reach those who are not aware or not conscious or sceptical or opposed it is necessary to broadcast the message again and again and again

This is a reflection of a widely known marketing principle known as "The Diffusion of Innovation"

Quoting from Wikipedia at

"Diffusion of Innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. Everett Rogers, a professor of rural sociology, popularized the theory in his 1962 book Diffusion of Innovations. He said diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system. The origins of the diffusion of innovations theory are varied and span multiple disciplines. Rogers (1962) espoused the theory that there are four main elements that influence the spread of a new idea: the innovation, communication channels, time, and a social system. This process relies heavily on human capital. The innovation must be widely adopted in order to self-sustain. Within the rate of adoption, there is a point at which an innovation reaches critical mass.The categories of adopters are: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards (Rogers 1962, p. 150). Diffusion of Innovations manifests itself in different ways in various cultures and fields and is highly subjective to the type of adopters and innovation-decision process."

This is shown diagramatically as follows:


A slightly different representation is as follows:



It is vital to understand from the above that a very small proportion of the total world population will accept a radically different message on first hearing and that the vast majority of the population will simply not engage with or receive a radically different message on first hearing

For this reason, any message that is considered to be of value must be broadcast again and again and again and, as this happens slowly more and more people will take notice of the message, start to engage with the message and eventually IF the message is well formulated, valid and capable of being adopted, adopt the message

This principle dictates the repeated flighting of the same advertisements in the same media at the same time and in the same format again and again and again -- that is the only way that advertising works -- an enrolling and valuable message broadcast repeatedly will, eventually, change behaviour

Lack of awareness of this principle has been one of the biggest mistakes of South African Europeans and particularly South African Afrikaner Europeans throughout history -- they broadcast a message once or twice, the message is frequently harsh, aggressive and full of hurt and anger, and so, as a direct consequence, nobody receives the message and they impute false motive, conclude that nobody loves them and withdraw into their Laager or Trek away into the wilderness convinced that they are unwanted and unloved and through this behaviour they alienate those who should be friends

In reality there is NO conspiracy or dislike -- the people in need simply broadcast an unpalatable message once or twice, felt rejected and walked away

If South African Europeans are going to avoid a situation in which the Western World are oblvious to our plight and therefore do nothing to help us we MUST broadcast an enrolling message and broadcast it again and again and again

For this reason I am appealing to those who CAN see the realities to contact as many people around the world as possible, particularly decision makers and decision influencers, the more these people receive broadly the same message, in a rational and sober form coupled to an appeal for help and practical call to action from more and more people the more likely they are to receive the message and do something about it

See particularly for email addresses for newspapers around the world

and for Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in South Africa

Please send us other email addresses and we will publish them


Conclusions -- The essence of my views on South Africa

Well, that is it, to sum up:


1.  Africans ARE  people just like us

As one of my senior non-commissioned officers, who had previously been virulently racist, said to me after three months in a Township outside of Nelspruit in 1988 “Kommandant, hulle is mense net soos ons” – “Commandant (Lieutenant Colonel) they are people just like us”.

That experience, multipled across hundreds of thousands of young white Citizen Force soldiers was, in my opinion, one of the HUGE reasons for the peaceful transition in 1994 – many, particularly Afrikaans youngsters discovered their common humanity with African people.

I have experienced this myself on various courses and activities over the years and developed warm relationships with African people.


2.  BUT

But, as I have set out throughout this book there are some BIG negative issues that were NOT immediately obvious twenty years ago but which have become massively obvious to me through the DIRECT CONDUCT of the President, Mr Jacob Zuma, his Cabinet and Members of Parliament, their BEE friends, their Cadres and those forced into Affirmative Action positions in order to meet quotas.  There are a diversity of issues which seemingly apply to the VAST MAJORITY of Africans, including lack of relevant early childhood experience, Power-Fear African culture, the Dunning-Kruger effect leading to Arrogant Ignorance, witchcraft and ancestor worship and, seemingly, some level of genetic weakness in the areas of strategic deductive problem solving reasoning and economic creative initiative.  All of these have come together to result in a situation where, frankly, President Zuma and his team are functionally incompetent to lead this country into anything except massive economic collapse and massive racially based genocide.


3.  Statutory Apartheid and Afrikaner Anger and Pride Muddied the Waters

The whole South African situation was MASSIVELY messed up by Statutory Apartheid.  Afrikaners TOTALLY misread the world mood and then made matters far worse with an arrogance and anger that alienated those who should have been allies overseas AND at home – myself being one.  This behaviour – grating hugely against increasing world liberalism and humanitarianism did MASSIVE harm to the South African cause.


4.  The ANC WAS a Paper Tiger

The ANC came into existence on the basis of completely false premises built on arrogant-ignorance (a little knowledge is a DANGEROUS thing) – most of what they claimed in the way of discrimination and oppression were NOT real, they were the consequence of the harsh reality that Africans had NOTHING of economic value in a modern industrial economy when the Europeans arrived here and they STILL lack the ability to create that wealth today.  African poverty is an AFRICAN CREATION it is NOT the consequence of bad behaviour by the white man.  The ANC would have gone nowhere were it NOT for the credibility that Apartheid and Afrikaner bad behaviour gave it.


5.  Destructive Decisions and Actions

The net outcome of all the above is that in the last fifteen years, and most critically the last five years, increasingly destructive, tactical and operational decisions and actions have taken place which are leading to accelerating structural collapse of the South African economy that is likely to see a MASSIVE and IRREVERSIBLE downturn start within five years leading to total economic collapse.  There is a detailed discussion of the factors that are destroying the economy in this book.



6.  Exploding Population  and Collapsing Education

Coupled to the soon to IMPLODE South African economy we are faced with an EXPLODING population and collapsing education system such that the South African African population can be expected to increase by between 20 and 40 million (50% and 100%) in the next twenty years.

These young people will live in poverty, be illiterate or at best marginally literate, they will have heard songs about “shoot the Boer” all their lives, they will have heard lies about whites and Apartheid all their lives and they will have grown up with adults boasting about the barbaric ways they have killed whites.  They will also be steeped in witchcraft and ancestor worship.  Sometime in the next ten to twenty years some spark will ignite this seething cauldron of ignorant anger and an uncontrollable explosion of violence will seek out and destroy Europeans, Asians, people of Mixed Race and Africans from outside South Africa.

A remnant will flee to the Western Cape and successfully defend themselves along strong geographic defensive lines and build a Western TYPE economy there.

Instead of the expected and promised economic boom once the foreigners have left the remains of the economy will have been destroyed and, before long the old animosities between the South African African tribes will bubble to the surface and once most of the tribes have been destroyed the Zulu and Xhosa will battle it out for control of what is left with the Zulus likely to win in the end.


7.  Get out if you can and pray if you cannot...


8.  The Bottom Line

a.    Get involved with politics if you think you can change things.


b.    Liquidate your assets, get them out of the country while you can.


c.    If you have an enterprise open a branch overseas, move your head office there in time and migrate your staff there in time.


d.    Get out of the country any way you can, even Zimbabwe may be an option.


e.    If you cannot leave totally move to the Western Cape.


f.    If you cannot do any of these then get your life right with the Almighty, fast, pray and make earnest supplication, deal with your sin, including the plethora of  doctrinal sins you do NOT know about, form prayer groups, meet weekly for hours and hours and get more and more people of all races to seek the Almighty and pray for a mighty deliverance WITHOUT WEAPONS and without force.


I hope that you have gained value from this book and have a clearer understanding of the issues.


You are welcome to contact me on


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Repent, Fast and Pray and Seek the Almighty for Deliverance

This message was originally issued on 12 December 2012

The message remains valid with the exception of the deadline for 16th December 2012 which was NOT met.  It appears that Jacob Zuma AGAIN led the ANC in singing “shoot the Boer on Sunday 16th December 2012 but, irrespective, this does NOT change this message

the Almighty is STILL calling on His people to turn to Him and seek him with prayers, supplication and fasting

If you think that the essence of this message is valid please forward to all and other believers, particularly Afrikaners, who you think will respond to the call of the Almighty.

In two previous messages I have written about the incident on 8 January 2012 at the ANC Centenary Celebration where Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa and of the ANC, led the singing of a song in which he declared that, amongst other things, the Cabinet would lead the shooting of Boers with machine guns.

Thousands of his followers, including Cabinet members, joined in the singing of this song refer

The Almighty, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth {commonly incorrectly referred to as God, The LORD and Jehovah} states that in terms of the laws of the Spiritual Realm, on that day Zuma formally declared the official policy of the ANC to destroy the (European) in South Africa.

Zuma has also said at another time that it is his intention to “avenge Blood River” and for this reason, and because of the public ancestor worship of Zuma and the ANC on 6 January 2012 and at other times, the Almighty has declared that He is AGAINST Zuma and the ANC.

The Almighty states that although it will appear as a genocidal race war the war is, in fact, between those who seek to serve the Almighty and those who serve Satan through ancestor worship and witchcraft.  Eventually all People of European, Asian and Middle Eastern descent will be destroyed together with all those from the rest of Africa and, ultimately, nearly all non-Zulu people in South Africa.

The Almighty states that this agenda will NOT be overcome by force of arms and that if the people referred to above do NOT want to be destroyed their only options are to leave the country or to turn and humble themselves and turn to the Almighty in deep repentance and prayer and fasting at a level that has not


Wrapping up -- the ANC is destroying the South African economy through lack of basic knowledge and experience, arrogant ignorance, greed and other factors that are collectively giving rise to irreversible economic collapse

It is time to stop blaming Apartheid for the fundamental deficiencies and weaknesses of Africa and time to recognize that it is ONLY through the concerted effort of European South Africans that South Africa has any hope of avoiding massive destruction

It is also time to recognize that the ANC and Africans generally lack the knowledge and experience to run the South African economy and are therefore in the process of destroying it

It is time for all those who can see the truth to stand up and be counted and, in particular, for European governments around the world to change their stance on South Africa as the pending economic collapse will ultimately result in massive poverty and genocide that will shock the world

It is perhaps still possible to take measures to prevent this now but time is rapidly running out


Please visit the rest of this site for more information

At you will find guidelines in terms of Public Relations and Marketing practics to apply in getting an appeal for help out to the Western World in a constructive manner building on the European heritage of the people who are being murdered and forced out of the economy

At you will find over 200 email addresses for Western Newspapers and suggestions with regard to contacting them

At you fill find email addresses of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in South Africa so that you can also contact them

and at for email addresses for all European Parliamentarians

In these latter cases I suggest you appeal for help to stop the murder of Europeans in South Africa and also for relaxation of imigration and citizenship laws in European countries for Europeans who want to leave South Africa

Thank you for your time

Concerned South African

 You are welcome to contact me on



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If none of the above work email me at and I will supply you with a Drop Box login in order to download

Click here to read about the images on the Cover

Do NOT Impute Motive

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda on behalf of the ANC to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer

The counterpoint to this is that the motive of Afrikaner Europeans was ALSO not the motive imputed to them by the ANC and the Western world


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One Hundred Thousand challenged to seek the Almighty Creator at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013

This website evidences the impending utter destruction of South Africa and challenges those who can grasp the seriousness of the situation to come before the Almighty in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013 to cry out for deliverance -- see page

If you have NOT seen this YOU need to!

President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, leads the ANC Leadership and tens of thousands of ANC supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" in Bloemfontein on 8th January 2012 -- it appears that he may well have done this AGAIN on 16th December 2012

If you have NOT seen this you NEED to

This violates his Oath of Office, the Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment

The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

This website and the book that is available for free download here discuss this and many other unpleasant facts that point to some very unpleasant conclusions about the direction that South Africa is going

You can download the video from

or from

Please take some time to engage with the content

The ONLY way that Jacob Zuma and the ANC can reverse this is by a widely broadcast public apology by Zuma and his top ANC Cabinet members broadcast on all TV and Radio Channels and many newspapers and CONCRETE action to bring a halt to ending white murders -- in my mind that requires that the Death Penalty is reinstated

Visit for further toxic songs and further commentary


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Zuma leads tens of thousands in singing about murdering whites -- an in-depth analysis of why this is so destructive

The South African Extreme white murder rate -- what is driving it? -- analyzed in-depth

What was Apartheid Really? -- an in-depth analysis of why Apartheid was NOT what it is widely believed to be



· Preamble

· Simplifying Complexity – my Analytical Approach

· Who AM I?

· What I am Feeling (same as most Europeans?)

· Evidence of Impending Collapse

· The Audience for this Book

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The Intangible Factors Driving South Africa’s Collapse

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·         Words – Harder than Concrete

·         The African Victim Drama and European Rescue Drama Dynamic

·         Communism – Exacerbating Power-Fear and Arrogant Ignorance

·         Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship – Central to Understanding

·         European Fundamentals that Mask the Seriousness of the Situation

                o   Attributes of Europeans and Africans Contrasted

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            o   Afrikaner Racial Hostility, Distrust, Fear and Arrogance – Truth with Wrong Attitude

            o   The Afrikaner Paradox – Blessed AND Persecuted

            o   Apartheid – Afrikaner South Africa’s Public Relations Disaster 

                    o   Critical Population Statistics

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Some Important Principles

·         Creating Wealth in the New South Africa

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·         Did you know? – things that are breaking

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·         Why is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange so Strong?

·         Letter to the Editor of a Professional Journal

·         Letter to the Editor of an Afrikaans Newspaper about Zuma singing Shoot the Boer

·         Why are Europeans NOT much more Energized in Defending themselves?

·         Why did the ANC only really have an impact from the late 1940’s?

·         Lessons from Dingaan and Retief ? Treachery

·         The Battle of Blood River – a Case Study in African Fundamentals

·         What IS Democracy?

·         What the British Brought

·         A Prophetic View – “The Almighty Speaks on South Africa”


Possible Courses of Action

-         Technically Valid Corrective Actions – Envisioning the Impossible

-         What can YOU do?

-         The basis for Europeans Withholding BEE, AA and tax and Demanding Change NOT the way to go

-         Your Options

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        -         Western Cape


Conclusion – The Essence of my Views on South Africa


Fast and Pray -- Some Spiritual Considerations


Follow up -- Developments after completing the book


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