Rules of Engagement between the Almighty and Satan


Rules of Engagement between the Almighty and Satan

This article is one in a series that is intended to aid understanding of the spiritual principles behind the judgment that is coming on the believers in South Africa and what is required to avert that judgment and hence the reason for the call for people to focus on crying out to the Almighty Creator for deliverance on 16th December 2013

This article follows on from the article about “The REAL Battle” and should also be read in context with the two articles on “Life WITHOUT Sin” – links at the end of this article.

There is almost universal confusion regarding what is really going on in the world.  People brand particular groups of people as “good” or “evil” and take up aggressive positions in support of these judgments in the process totally ignoring the commandment NOT to judge and the principle that “as you judge so will you be judged”.


The Essence of the Contest

If we reduce the situation to its fundamentals they are as follows:

1.  Yah, the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth was lonely so He decided to create intelligent beings with their own will who would have the capacity to choose whether to have a relationship with Him or not and with whom He could enter into intelligent conversation and do things with.

2.  He started by creating a number of spirit beings to assist Him.  The first of these beings assisted Yah in an executive capacity – i.e. as in “execute”, “get things done” and in due course came to earth as a human being with the name Yahooshua meaning “Yah is salvation”, commonly but incorrectly known as “Jesus”.

3. He also created “messengers” {angels} as servants and assistants.  With three messengers in overall command or “Archangels” (effectively generals), commonly known as Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer each with an army of many millions of messengers under their command.

4.  He then proceeded to set about creating an environment in which the end goal of his creation would dwell, planet earth.

5. In order to create the necessary gravitational and environmental conditions for the beings that He was creating He had to first create a Universe in which to situate one planet with very specific conditions.

6.  Having created the correct gravitational and environmental conditions Yah then proceeded to progressively design increasingly more complex creatures, both plant and animal to dwell on earth as the environment stabilized and matured.

7.  Finally He created human beings, Adam and his first woman, Lilith and placed them on earth.  Lilith subsequently fell and followed Satan and Chavah {Eve} was created to replace her.

8.  Prior to the previous step there was a rebellion in the Court of Yah when Lucifer rebelled.  The third of the messengers under command of Lucifer followed him in this rebellion. Pride was the essential factor in Satan’s fall.

9.  Eventually Satan, as he was to become known, was cast to earth together with those who followed him.

10. Before this happened, Lucifer was convicted of rebellion and sentenced to be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone together with those who followed him to be utterly consumed.

11. At his trial Lucifer challenged Yah and claimed that IF he (Lucifer) were to be placed on earth together with the human beings that Yah was about to create he, Lucifer and those following him, would mislead men to such an extent that after 7,000 years there would NOT be a SINGLE man on earth who would serve Yah and obey Yah.  He challenged Yah to give him this seven thousand years to prove that he (Lucifer) was correct and, IF he failed he would then accept the sentence that had been handed down.  BUT, if Lucifer were correct and at the end of the seven thousand years there was NOT a man without sin and serving Yah then Lucifer and all those who would then follow him would rule on earth for eternity.

12. Yah accepted the challenge and added some terms, these included that after six thousand years IF there were a man serving Yah who was in right-standing in the Court of Heaven and who was in sufficient relationship with Yah to exercise authority to call the Court of Heaven to order to sentence Lucifer (Satan) then Lucifer would be bound and cast into the Pit for 1,000 years and Yah would refrain from any direct intervention on earth for the last 1,000 years but would operate ONLY through those who were at some level filled with His Spirit.

13. This would give a period of 1,000 years for the servants of Satan and the servants of Yah to battle it out to restore truth and for the servants of Yah to be in a position that at least one man would be in right-standing and ALIVE ON EARTH such that after the 1,000 years were up he could call for judgment on the entire earth.  The goal of Yah’s servants in the 1,000 years would be to restore truth and the goal of Satan’s servants would be to drag every single one of Yah’s servants into sufficient error that NOT ONE of them would be able to call for judgment because they would themselves be guilty of sin and therefore servants of Satan.

14. The essential basis of evaluating the situation would be ten laws or Commandments, commonly known today as “The Ten Commandments” AND relationship with Yah as evidenced by infilling with the Spirit of Yah and personal relationship.  If there were NOT A SINGLE man who satisfied these conditions at the end of either the 6,000 years or the 7,000 years then Satan would be found to have won the contest and would rule on earth for eternity together with the messengers who had followed him and the spirits of ALL the human beings who had submitted to him throughout the period – these spirits are the demons or ancestor spirits.

15. All those who had relationships with Yah and had served Him on earth at some level would be entitled to enter Heaven and spend eternity with Yah.

16. However, there was a further clause, since Yah is uncompromisingly righteous Satan reasoned that if he and those who followed him were to face utter destruction in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone if Satan lost the contest then it was only right that those who to some extent followed Satan in sin, even though they had some level of relationship with Yah should have a PART in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone commensurate with whatever unconfessed sin they had on the Day of Judgment if Yah won the contest.  Yah agreed.

It is VITAL to understand the above in order to understand life on earth today.

Note that Satan LOST the first round up to the end of the first 6,000 years when there WAS a man in right standing and relationship who was able to convene the Court of Heaven and have Satan sentenced for 1,000 years in the Pit.

To sum up, Satan is seeking to lead EVERY human being into sufficient sin and sufficiently far from Yah that there is NO ONE at the end of the 7,000 years to call on Yah for judgment.  Yah is seeking to lead as many as possible into right standing in order to satisfy His desire to have fellowship and relationship with intelligent beings who exercise their discretion, intellect and will to serve Him to the end.  Note that at some level Yah has had interaction with every human being on earth in every age in terms of sharing knowledge, even the most extreme Satanists and witches have knowledge from Yah in what they do.  AND Yah desires that EVERY person should come to repentance and be saved BUT He is constrained by what human beings pray and do.

Note that ONLY human beings have authority on earth during this period.  Neither Yah NOR Satan can do ANYTHING on earth unless they do it through a human being who is alive at that point in time.  Yah influences human beings through relationship, Satan influences them through manipulation, control, deceit, fear, etc.  This is why it was necessary for Yahooshua to come to earth as 100% human, if he were not he would have NO authority on earth. For more on this, see

Those that satisfy the criteria of faithfulness and obedience will spend eternity with Yah in Heaven and those that do NOT will either spend eternity on earth with Satan OR will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone on the Day of Judgment to be utterly consumed depending on whether Satan defeats Yah in this contest – thus it is UTTERLY FALSE to say “look at the back of the book – we win” – Satan is doing everything he possibly can to delude human beings into believing that everything is “OK” and they have nothing to worry about.

Categories of Human Being

In order to better understand the situation on earth today, it is vital to under-stand that there are different categories of human being.  These categories are determined SPIRITUALLY and NOT in terms of physical appearance or other physical attributes:

1.  Anointed ones

Personal relationship with Yah demonstrated by some level of infilling of His Spirit – these are “the anointed ones” – {the christs}.  Of these approximately 5,000 are today having a material impact on the events on earth countered by approximately 5,000 highly illuminated ones who are serving Satan and who are filled with demons.  Note that it is possible for one of these anointed ones to fall away at a level where they come to serve Satan at a deep level but, up to a certain point, there is a possibility that with the right intercession Yah can bring them back.  Most of these anointed ones are in serious error at this time particularly relating to worshipping Jesus, the names, the bible, the Sabbath, etc.

Yahooshua is the example, the role model, for this group of people (the way).

2.  Intellectual believers in Yah

Head knowledge of the things of Yah but NO relationship and NO infilling with the Spirit of Yah.  These people have some intellectual recognition of the reality of the Creator but are NOT in relationship with Him and therefore rely on intellect and other people to guide them instead of turning to Yah directly.  A huge number of people who rely on the bible fall into this category.  Most of these people have a “betrothal” portion of Yah’s Spirit, they have recognized His existence but have no relationship.  All of these people are in serious error and many have fallen away to a point where in practice they are serving Satan more than Yah.  Many of them follow their demons and intellect, speak against Yah’s anointed ones and eventually blaspheme the set-apart Spirit of Yah and are rejected. More on this at

These people generally totally misunderstand what is happening on earth and some of them make very harsh, pride filled grossly wrong judgments based on their mistaken interpretation of the bible.  Most of these people have more of a relationship with the bible than they do with Yah.

3.  Good unbelievers

Generally “good” people.  The vast majority of people on the planet.  Just doing what they do according to the norms of their society.  Heavily demonized and in general deception. They think it is “OK” just to live a “good” life because, after all “God understands”.  From Yah’s perspective these people are serving Satan more than they are serving Him – they will become demons when they die and will be cast into the Lake of Fire on the Day of Judgment IF Yah is victorious.

4.  Intellectual servants of Satan

Head knowledge of the things of Satan but NO relationship with Satan and NO material infilling with demons (demon possession).  These are the run-of-the-mill junior witches, wizards and warlocks, etc.  They know about the things of Satan and pay lip-service to serving him but they lack the power – just as ineffective as the category 2 believers.

5.  Illuminated ones

Those deeply committed to serving Satan, know who he is, have met him at some level, actively invite demons to possess them and constantly seek higher levels of illumination. Drink human blood, eat human flesh, at the upper end of the scale regularly offer human sacrifices, women have given birth to children that they have eaten, probably killed and eaten parents, brothers and sisters, etc.  As mentioned above, Yah says that there are about 5,000 who are really having an impact on the world.  They are distributed throughout society, some are visibly evil at a level where they keep a low profile but the vast majority simply look like average human beings.  Some of them even host quite respectable TV shows, are in governments, etc.  Please see

Satan is the role model for this group.

Note that there are ALSO anointed ones serving Yah in all walks of society albeit many are in more humble low key situations.

Sometimes even the most intensely evil are brought back to Yah through intense intercession and witness by Yah’s servants.  Others commit sins that are beyond salvation and then, knowing that their fate is irrevocably tied to Satan’s success, become more intensely committed.

Simplistically the above can be presented graphically by the following diagram.  The anointed ones are on the far right hand side seeking to draw close to Yah.  The illuminated ones are on the far left hand side seeking to draw close to Satan.  Categories 2 and 4 are on the sloping portions of the curve and the bulk of the population, category 3 is on the more or less level portion in the middle.  Yahooshua is at the extreme right and Satan at the extreme left.


In all the above Satan’s stratagem is to infiltrate sin and error into the entire human population, and so we find that almost EVERY person on earth has some level of sin and error, and most have CONSIDERABLE error.  Even those that APPEAR GOOD are actually in serious error, even those in close relationship with Yah largely have serious error.

In every case the forces of darkness get people to focus on the error and sin in the lives of others when, in fact, the only sin and error that they should be concerned with is that in their OWN lives and they should seek the truth and good in the lives of others that they can learn from – refer to

Note that apart from Satan EVERY human being has SOME truth and some good and, apart from Yahooshua, every human being has SOME error and some evil.

From this it will be apparent that today virtually the entire population of the planet is at some material level serving Satan MORE than they are serving Yah.

Drawing close to Yah can be likened to seeking to climb the mountain shown here.  It is very difficult to climb and it is very easy to slip down away from Yah.


Judgment in this life

All human beings on earth are subject to judgment in this life although the forces of darkness focus most of their attention on group 1 above, the anointed ones, and leave the rest alone most of the time although there is constant dispute, murder, accidents, etc taking place but in a more random manner with least attention on Group 5. More on this at

Note that the servants of Satan in category 5 are seeking to draw more and more other people into category 4 and then to 5, but are also seeking to lead ALL the others into sin and error but, again, the MAIN focus is the anointed ones because IF all the anointed ones can be destroyed Yah’s ability to operate on earth is almost totally eliminated.  An anointed one, because they have some measure of infilling of Yah’s set-apart Spirit are, in a very real sense, Yah living on earth.  Without those people Yah is almost totally powerless.

Yah’s blessings and Satan’s Curses

Yah’s blessings flow over the entire planet by inheritance, thus the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov / Israel {Jacob} flow throughout the Shemite people in physical manifestation primarily to the Europeans and the Arabs (blessings of Abraham and Ishmael) while the curse of Canaan flows primarily to the African people.

The entire blood line relationship is extremely complex and couples with the spiritual dispensations and cultures associated with tribes and nations of the world.  So the African people are of the Canaanite spiritual dispensation but are largely of the Israelite bloodline through inter-breeding – more on this at

The life of every individual is a massively complex web of illegitimate conceptions, blessings and curses such that different people live with different spiritual states even though they appear to be closely related.  In all these things matters are NOT as they appear.

We can cut off the curses by praying in the name of Yahooshua PROVIDED we first recognize our sin and repent of it (turn around from it).  You must have a revelation of the authority of Yahooshua on earth in order to do this.

Note that Satan counterfeits blessings by refraining from seeking judgment and by refraining from killing, stealing and destroying in the lives of his servants and those who are NOT serving Yah in order to create the ILLUSION that they are being blessed.  Thus, many of those on earth today who are extremely successful and prosperous ALSO have major sin and those who are truly seeking to serve Yah are, for the most part, struggling to survive or living very modestly.

Judgment at the end of the age

UNLESS Satan wins at the end of the 7,000 years ALL the judgments that are due WILL come upon the offenders when they come before the Throne of Yah to be judged assuming that they have NOT transgressed to the point where they do NOT even quality to be judged – the “tares” or “chaff” or “goats” of the parables.  These will be cast into the fire without judgment because they never had a relationship with Yah or having had a relationship sinned to the point where they were rejected for eternity.

Those that DO qualify for judgment, that is those with some level of relationship with Yah, in other words those that at the very least have chosen to believe IN Him will face a spectrum of outcomes ranging from the “Outer darkness” which is reserved for those who believed in Him just enough to make it into Heaven but did NOTHING for Him or in obedience to Him through to those who sit on High Thrones with Yahooshua for eternity, those who OVERCOME SIN in this life, the ones who do the hard work of dealing with sin.  In an intermediate state towards the Outer Darkness are the “Foolish Virgins” those who believed but did very little with their lives and then, towards the thrones various levels of nobility for those who at some level made the effort to serve Yah and overcome sin in their lives.  These states are described in some detail in “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner.  is a partial extract of the final book, the full book is available from Amazon at

The key message of The Final Quest as I see it is presented in “Where will YOU spend eternity” – note that this ebook is based on the incorrect understanding that people rejected by Yah will burn for eternity when, in fact, they will be utterly consumed in the fire

Note that, with the exception of those who OVERCOME in this life, ALL others will spend time in the Lake of Fire BEFORE they enter Heaven.  Note also that women are judged based on their submission to their covenant man {husband}.

I pray that this article will cause you to see the situation on earth very differently.


The REAL Battle


Life WITHOUT Sin – Amplification

The last two articles are VITAL to understanding how to come to be one of those anointed ones who are REALLY making a difference and pleasing Yah.

May Yah the eternally self-existing, the Almighty Creator bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

May Yah judge me severely and correct me harshly and show me the level of my present deception and how to correct it with regard to everything that I publish on this list. 

For more information go to:


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The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

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