Closing the Book on South Africa

South Africa: Closing the Book



This article was written several weeks ago for an overseas newspaper and is presented with limited modification.

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Nelson Mandela is dead.

Some anticipate a “night of the long knives”.

What is the reality?

The African majority is firmly in the saddle, in Government at all levels, in Parastatals and increasingly  through Black Economic Empowerment, in the Private Sector.

Superficial monitoring of newspapers like Business Day provides daily reports of corruption and the impact of Government Policy that is progressively damaging the economy.

Less visible are the countless small businesses that are in duress or just quietly closing their doors and the large number of mid-size businesses that are slowly but surely contracting and hemorrhaging capital as they try to stay afloat in the mistaken belief that the low visibility depression that is running in South Africa is a cyclical event that will turn.

The real severity of the situation is masked by huge buoyancy in some sectors marked by massive flows of cash into sectors of the economy through fraud, tender-preneuring, etc as the coffers of Government are looted wholesale.  BEE shareholders with large sums of hand-out wealth keep the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Buoyant and boost the property market fueled by a mistaken belief that these markets somehow magically create wealth.  The South African Rand is similarly artificially buoyed although starting to slide at an accelerating rate.

All of this is underpinned by a phenomenon that few understand, the long term inertia of societies and economies that is illustrated in the graph below:

Despite reports to the contrary, the South African economy was structurally sound prior to 1994, a large amount of wise long term investment in infrastructure, education, etc was starting to bear fruit notwithstanding the artificial cap of sanctions.  From shortly before 1994 these restrictions were lifted and this was followed by an inflow of sympathetic investment and increased trade which dramatically stimulated the economy.

This boom, which resulted from the solid foundations laid BEFORE 1994, has continued to today although, at a structural level as shown in the diagram, it has now levelled off and is on the point of dramatically collapsing.

This situation is the consequence of the gross lack of knowledge and experience of the new Government and all the people who have been forced into all sectors of the economy to varying degrees.  It took time to mobilize the full force of BEE, Cadre Deployment (allocation of positions of privilege on the basis of ANC allegiance) and Affirmative Action.  It has taken further time to actively force highly experienced and qualified Europeans out of Government and Parastatals at all levels and to start actively forcing Affirmative Action into the Private Sector.  Beyond this the further inertia of things that WERE working well has also taken time to slide quietly into progressive collapse at different levels in different organizations.

Diverse socialistic agenda’s that have been sapping the economy of working capital through unproductive grants, like the “Child Support Grant” that is sapping R36 billion per annum that should be going into high value activities and has turned child bearing into an industry are having an increasing impact.  The available statistics are questionable and uncertain but indications are that the African population is growing at between 1 and 2 million per annum, more meaningfully 10 to 20 million per 10 years (i.e. 25% to 50%).  Concurrently the ANC Government have all but destroyed the education of the lower classes through idealistic policies, forcing out competent European educators and gross mismanagement, for example the ongoing failure to deliver textbooks to large parts of the poorer sector.

In this process somewhere between 600,000 and 800,000 competent Europeans have been forced out of the economy, particularly out of the State sector into poverty and are living in squatter camps.  Of the order of another million Europeans and a significant number of competent Asians and Africans have left the country.  Statistics are unreliable because of people with more than one passport, people operating partly in South Africa and partly overseas, etc.  The former group were in large measure keeping the wheels of government running smoothly, the latter group were and continue to be in large measure those who are upper and middle income earners, business people, entrepreneurs, consultants.  Anyone who has portable knowledge and experience and either the physical or intellectual capital to move or who is entitled to citizenship elsewhere and can simply leave.  One analysis, based on the number of pets leaving the country, suggests that as many as 300,000 more may have left in 2013.

Together this haemorrhaging of experienced and capable people from the economy to be replaced by people with limited knowledge, experience and aptitude who have been forced into their positions in order to comply with ANC edict and racial quotas is progressively crippling the economy.  In many areas the Public Sector is operating more on the basis of legacy capability than the competence of the people who now form the core of many organizations.  In other areas enterprising business people have filled the gap, as with the massive number of security companies compensating for Police inadequacy.

To better understand the above consider the following:

A fundamental component of a learning economy is early childhood experience.  The behaviour and ability of an adult is in large measure formed by critical events in the first five to seven years of life.  The majority of African Cadres and Affirmative appointees lack the early childhood experience to equip them for their tasks.  This includes ongoing insistence on “mother tongue education” which massively compromises young minds by equipping them with a first language that is commercially and technically irrelevant such that for the rest of their lives they are forced to operate with a “second language” that many never master because of its much greater technical complexity and nuance.

Another factor in the contraction that has been taking place for the last fifteen years is the Dunning-Kruger phenomenom “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes. “ (Wikipedia).  More bluntly this results in what might be termed “arrogant ignorance” and is a major factor in the grossly inappropriate actions of the ANC.

A further factor is the “Power-Fear” culture of Africa whereby people gain power through manipulation, fear and promises and hold onto power in the same way.  There is no thought to competence, only allegiance.   This is evident throughout Africa and most visibly in Zimbabwe.

What is best termed “the Garden of Eden mind-set” or “entitlement” is also at work at a major level.  At the time Europeans arrived in South Africa the most advanced technology was grass huts, crude spears and low temperature crude pottery.  Food and necessities quite literally “fell out of the tree” and Africans subsisted largely with what they found in their surroundings.  There was no written language, their spoken language was non-technical, there was no mathematics or other advanced knowledge and no significant technical ability and no material ability to design, build, develop or progress in any way.  They had been living in these primitive conditions for thousands of years while Europeans and Asians had developed sophisticated technologies and societies steeped in learning.  There is a widespread belief amongst Africans that is frequently evident in the utterances and writings of even the most educated that things are simply handed out, NOT carefully conceptualized, progressively refined and earned through hard creative effort.  There is an intense need to own things rather than knowledge and ability that is well demonstrated by the land invasions in Zimbabwe and much of ANC policy.

This extends into what might be called “greed versus prudence”, profligate spending when they have money and crying for help and blaming others when the money is exhausted.

There are other factors as well, see for a comprehensive analysis.

All of these factors together have generated the economic collapse of every economy in Africa that has been “Africanized” and they are working together to achieve the unthinkable in South Africa, the total collapse of a sophisticated “first world” economy.

The final component of this particular element of the jigsaw puzzle is a total lack of cognitive and deductive reasoning that would enable the leaders of the ANC to look at failed experiments in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa and recognize that kicking the Europeans out only leads to poverty and collapse.  This lack of cognitive ability extends to being unable to see the consequences of their failed policies and actions and insistence on intensifying the very things that are causing deterioration of the economy. 

Rushton and Jensen ( through an in-depth study of the same phenomenon amongst African Americans in the USA have clearly established that this lack of cognitive deductive reasoning is in large measure genetic.  This can be understood by examining the brutal murder of those who in any way threatened the position of reigning kings in Africa in previous centuries, as evidenced by the documented conduct of Dingane and others who brutally murdered those who showed initiative or questioned the status quo.

The combined impact of this entire spectrum of factors is that the Government of South Africa and, increasingly the South African economy have been handed over to people who think that owning the economy is all that is needed in order to benefit from it, who lack the knowledge and experience to run it effectively, who are arrogant in their ignorance, are obsessed with power, have no appreciation for the talents that create wealth and lack the cognitive deductive ability to discern their error.

We thus are faced with a situation where, on the one hand the South African economy is facing structural collapse and on the other hand an artificial bubble of false affluence is masking the reality.  It is only a matter of time before the bubble bursts at which point the Rand, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the South African property market will all collapse, more or less together plunging the economy into massive depression and collapse.  This will probably be accompanied by a panic flight of those Europeans who can still get out leading to further collapse.

This situation on its own will be disastrous, however, there is another side to it, massive expectations have been raised amongst less educated Africans who make up the bulk of the population.  Various grants, free housing, etc have delivered benefits that were NOT earned and which are NOT sustainable.  When the economy goes into free-fall these benefits will evaporate.

Concurrently Julius Malema and his “Economic Freedom Fighters” together with many ANC leaders and cadres are talking up a storm of unachievable economic expectations coupled to increasingly vicious anti-white race hatred.

Inevitably, once the economy has collapsed such that the largess of the ANC falls away the uneducated and expectant masses will flock to Malema.  Malema as president in around 2019 is a distinct possibility.  When Malema proves incapable of delivering on his meaningless and uninformed promises a mass uprising will follow that will make the French Revolution look mild.

There is an added toxic element in the mix.

While most of what is being laid at the door of Apartheid by the ANC today is false, the Apartheid Government built schools, towns, roads, etc in African areas where none existed before, this other dimension is lurking in the shadows waiting to explode.  In considering Apartheid it is important to recognized that in 1868 the European population of South Africa and the African population were approximately equal, both under 1 million – black majority rule is a fallacy.

Apartheid was, in fact, a response to the explosion of the African population whose mortality rates were reduced through European medicines and care, coupled to barbaric murders, crime and ongoing influx of uneducated primitives who wanted part of the affluence that their own leaders were unable to provide.


Behind Apartheid lies an evil side that is not widely visible but is well known to Africans although they seldom talk about it to Europeans or even to journalists.  A racially promiscuous bent amongst certain Afrikaner men that has resulted in many apparently African people having European, primarily Afrikaner, fathers at some level in the last 200 years.  It turns out that there is a component of the Afrikaner population who subscribe to a set of values that have taken Bible verses and twisted them in various ways to “prove” that Africans are sub-human, children of Satan or in other ways not worthy of being regarded as human beings.  A further distortion of Bible verses is used to support a mind-set that says that sex with an African woman is NOT actually sex with a human being and is therefore really only a more pleasant form of masturbation.  In some circles, it is viewed as being more acceptable to have convenience sex with a black girl than masturbate.

A direct consequence of this is that huge numbers of African women have been impregnated by primarily Afrikaner men and abandoned to their fate.  It happens that because the genes for African appearance, skin colour, hair form, etc are dominant , the majority of these children appear African although they may have paler skin colour and European bone structures and body shape, and intellect.  It also happens that where a child is born that is clearly European the child and the mother have traditionally been murdered in witchcraft rites and therefore the fornication is hardly visible.

The women clearly cannot afford to talk about what has happened.  The men clearly do not talk about it and so it is hardly known.  But, amongst Africans there is an awareness that this is prevalent although they do not know the full extent.  This evil, fathering children as a sexual convenience on the basis of perversion of Bible verses and then sending them and their mothers off to at best subsistence tribal existence and at worst barbaric death, is a festering spiritual and psychological sore that is unique to South Africa in terms of its magnitude.  One report even suggests that Jacob Zuma is five generations removed from a European Afrikaner father who sought sexual relief with a young Zulu virgin.  Malema too is rumoured to have European blood in his heritage.

This justified racial anger is in large measure behind the barbaric murder, rape and assault of primarily Afrikaners and other assaults on Europeans that are widely reported with thousands being barbarically murdered yearly.  One recent report saw an elderly man forced to watch while his wife was repeatedly raped and then he was murdered by having his teeth pulled out one at a time with pliers until he died of pain.

This then, was the true evil of Apartheid, discrimination by Europeans against their own children and mistresses and it is another source of the huge anti-white anger that is boiling in the melting pot of South Africa waiting for the right spark to ignite it.  A devastating Civil War that will almost totally destroy the country is looming within ten to twenty years.

Thus the sins of a subset of the European population are dramatically fueling the coming explosion.  The question for all who read this must surely be “what about the rest?”  What about the millions of middle of the road “moral” Europeans who are facing almost certain death not to mention the millions of Africans who are not members of the dominant and most combat orientated tribes, the Zulu and Xhosa, who will be eliminated in the final conflict between those two powerful groups.  It is no wonder that Jacob Zuma has built a fortress for his retirement.

I suggest for your consideration that there is a moral imperative for every country of Europe or European origin including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, etc to find ways of carefully and selectively relaxing immigration laws to allow South Africans of European descent to exit as refugees as a matter of urgency.  I am not sure that anything can be done to prevent the Africans doing what Africans do best, destroying what the Europeans have built up,


This article marks the closure of this project

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