Of Race, Blood Lines and DNA


This article is one in a series that is intended to aid understanding of the spiritual principles behind the judgment that is coming on the believers in South Africa and what is required to avert that judgment and hence the reason for the call for people to focus on crying out to the Almighty Creator for deliverance on 16th December 2013

About ten years ago I asked Father Yah where the different races came from, this article presents what I have learned since then.  As with most things the truth is far removed from worldly understanding.

1. ALL are sons of Adam and Noah

It is vital to understand that NO being has authority on earth UNLESS they are of the bloodline of Adam.

Those that were fathered before the flood by messengers {angels} in the camp of Satan corrupted the earth but had only spurious authority.  Yah brought a flood on earth to utterly destroy these beings at a point where only Noah and his sons were free of the corrupt blood-line.

See detailed material on the flood at http://www.endtimeissueministries.org/Flood.aspx

This flood, which took place approximately 4,500 years ago resulted from an impact by an ice comet that knocked the earth off its vertical axis and out of its circular orbit around the sun such that we moved from an exact 360 days in a year and a uniform climate to what we have today as the earth stabilized rotation and orbit post the impact.

This comet, of modest size, flooded the surface of the earth to a depth of several kilometres of water drowning ALL inhabitants barring Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives such that ALL bloodlines on earth today flow through Adam AND Noah.

Fragments of the comet also struck Mars and destroyed a colony of humans on Mars.

This impact, by causing the earth to swivel on its axis massively disrupted the crust of the earth resulting in an estimated 20,000 volcanoes erupting simultaneously and massive rupturing of the crust together with the up-welling of masses of molten core rock as granite domes and outpourings of lava as basalt plates, flows, etc.

This was coupled with massive tidal waves kilometres high scything around the planet in one continuous uninterrupted flow giving rise to massive erosion and deposition of the earth’s crust.  This gave rise to the sedimentary deposits from which the land forms that exist today are formed.  Sedimentary rocks are proven to exist to at least a depth of 10 kilometres in the Gulf of Mexico and 5 kilometres in the Gold Mines of South Africa evidencing the MASSIVE extent of surface disruption.  This clearly evidences that it is impossible for any land based life to have survived the flood other than those recorded as having been in the ship with Noah.  There is NO evidence of others surviving in ships – no one else believed the warnings.

All claims relating to a partial flood and peoples who are NOT of Adam and Noah surviving are fundamentally false.

What IS true is that the spirits of all the people who lived before the flood and died without relationship with Yah, including the spirits of all the children of Satanic messengers, survived the flood and remained on earth where, over time, they were able to attach themselves to human beings and continue with their Satanic agenda through the people they attached themselves to.  The greatest concentration of these demons is in Africa but they occur across the entire planet.

After some time the massive disruption of the crust of the earth resulted in fractures and, as a consequence of relaxation of restraint on the core, the earth expanded significantly in diameter.  This resulted in the formation of the continents and massive and very rapid drainage of the water on the continents into the sea’s as the continents separated rapidly giving rise to the erosive land forms we see around the world today.

Barring some limited information relating to the pre-flood world all that is relevant to life on earth today pertains to the period from Noah onwards.

Once one fully grasps this picture it will be apparent how entirely foolish it is to base any theory on some form of human like being that survived the flood apart from those of Noah’s party.


2. ONLY sons of Adam and Noah have authority on earth

As mentioned in the article on “Rules of Engagement between Almighty Yah and Satan” only sons of Adam and, be extension, sons of Noah, have authority on earth.

All teachings that Jews and Africans are literally “sons of Satan” or “seed of Satan” are false, if they were they would NOT be in the positions of authority on earth that they are today.

See also The Jews are NOT Genetically of Satan:


and Noah is father to ALL men living:


Note that for the same reason stories that the British Royal Family and other international notables are “shape shifters” some form of other worldly demonic beings who just take on the form of human beings is entirely false.  They would have NO authority on earth if this were true.


3. Decay of man – negative evolution with radioactive influence

The next point that flows from the flood is the reality that mankind has been DECAYING from Adam.  In fact, in a negative sense, the theory of evolution IS valid but is, in fact, a theory of devolution.

Noah’s grave and house have been found and Noah was approximately 6 meters tall so we have dramatically reduced in stature (around 70%) in the last 4,500 years.  We have also declined MASSIVELY in terms of our intellectual and spiritual capabilities see Why Yah could do much greater works thousands of years ago level of anointing and level of prayer:


Note also that the core of the earth is a nuclear furnace, that is why it is molten.  Thus, not only were external radioactive influences brought to earth by the comet but the 20,000 or so volcanoes and other outpourings from the core were subjecting the surface of the earth and ALL living things to massive doses of radiation.  All assumptions of linear nuclear decay on earth for millions or billions of years are entirely false and therefore ALL forms of carbon and other nuclear based dating that assume linear decay are entirely false.

4,500 years ago radioactivity levels were MUCH greater than they are today and they were NOT uniform, some areas had much more nuclear activity than others.

As a consequence of this radioactive exposure both men and animals mutated at some level such that we get diverse species of animals all originating from the limited selection of pairs that were saved by Noah.  Thus all cats come from one pair of cats, etc.

All visible differences between the different people groups of the world can be explained by this factor alone, though there are other factors as well. Simplistically, those who moved into tropical countries with very intense sunlight evolved genetically by selection processes associated with ability to tolerate intense sunlight and the ability to generate high levels of melanin.  Thus the visible attributes of African people versus European people can ALSO be fully explained using this selection model, though more easily explained with both models.

To further complicate matters, at some stage between Noah and Abraham there was a global nuclear war.  Note that the passengers on Noah’s boat brought with them much of the technology and know-how that existed in their world before the flood and, as a consequence, highly advanced civilizations sprung up around the world very quickly as the survivors spread out across the planet.  All the ancient civilizations can be explained through this mechanism.  These civilizations had flying machines, electricity, etc, etc.  Very quickly they came to a point of conflict and many cities around the world were wiped out by nuclear weapons, some remain highly radioactive today see Dead Men’s Secrets (available on Amazon and elsewhere – this book has a wealth of information regarding pre-flood artefacts and is a must read for anyone who is seriously seeking truth)


This radioactive exposure resulted in aberrant human beings that are today dubbed as “missing links” and “cave men” like Australopithecus are in reality mutant survivors of nuclear war.  Possible mutant modifications to species on earth today as a consequence of this exposure is also a possibility.

Thus it is fully possible to explain all differences between groups of human beings simply on the basis of devolutionary modification in the presence of radioactivity over 4,500 years.


4. Three sons, three spiritual and cultural dispensations

Noah had three sons, Shem, Japheth and Ham.  Those three sons are the fathers of the three major spiritual and cultural dispensations on earth today with some blurring at the boundaries.

Broadly the Shemite dispensation is present in the Middle East and Europe, the Japhethite dispensation in Asia and the Hammite dispensation, primarily through Canaan, in Africa.  Each of these broad groups have broadly common physical appearance and broadly common religious and cultural attributes. Each has its unique collection of demons (ancestor spirits).

These three dispensations are the VISIBLE world but, beneath the surface there is ANOTHER REALITY.


5. Blood lines are invisible – where men plant their seed in secret

Blood lines pass from father to son.  Women are grafted into the blood line of the man they covenant with, that is the man to whom they give their virginity or who takes their virginity (limited exceptions in case of truly divorced women) see The Virgin’s Covenant:


Other men who have intercourse with that woman are committing adultery, treachery, contaminating the blood line and, in the process are spiritually joining themselves to every other man that the woman is joined to and so on.  In this regard Father has harsh words for those who condemn homo-sexuality but who commit adultery themselves, frequently through their false teachings.  He states that a man who joins himself to a woman who is joined to another man might just as well be having homosexual (anal) sex with that man, that is how abhorrent He finds the act of two men joining together sexually in SPIRITUAL TERMS, NOT the physical act – whether by direct man to man intercourse OR through a man joining to another man through a woman that they are both joined to.

Blood lines do NOT respect people’s prejudices they reflect that TRUE source of the male seed at all times.

So we have men who are cuckold, their women have sex with other men and then present the child fathered by the other man as the child of the man with whom they dwell or purport to have covenant with.  This is a necessary corollary to the next point.

Many men father children and then move on, frequently with one night stands, sometimes by force, sometimes for money, sometimes for lust.  The children are birthed into the spiritual dispensation of the mother, frequently misrepresented as children of another man.

Other women are witches and actively seek children from unknown men for witchcraft rites and human sacrifices and to gain control over the men.  Many prostitutes and easily propositioned women are witches to this end.

If the child when born is visibly NOT the child of the purported father the child and frequently the mother may be cast out or killed.  Where this happens in a society in which witchcraft and other Satanic practices are common then these obviously mixed race children are frequently sacrificed as human sacrifices in Satanic rites, frequently along with the mother.

However, in many cases the genetic traits of the father are masked by those of the mother.  The genetic traits of African physical appearance, skin colour, facial form, hair are dominant while those of Europeans are recessive in that particular form of breeding across racial lines so that frequently the children of Europeans by African women appear more African than European and are accepted as African.  In such cases they are raised in the spiritual dispensation of the mother and grow up as apparently African people.

Those children that are male then go on to father children with African women and the European bloodline disappears from physical view but remains nonetheless.

Yah says that through this mechanism the true bloodlines of the people of the earth are VERY different from those that are apparently visible such that the blessings of Abraham and Yaakov (Jacob, Israel) have resulted in virtually the entire population of the earth being of Abraham’s seed (bloodline) and a very large percentage are of Israel’s seed so that the promises of Yah to these two men regarding their descendants being as the stars in the sky and the sand of the sea such that they cannot be numbered have literally been fulfilled.  Only the records of the Kingdom of Yah know whose seed each person on earth is.

To better understand.

In the time of Solomon his ships traveled the world, some were away for as long as three years.  They returned bringing all sorts of valuables, etc.  Behind them they left women impregnated in every port such that the seed (children) of the Israelites started to spread over the earth.  Because the Israelite children was blessed and relative to them the other child was cursed the Israelite children proliferated.  When there was illness the Israelite seed lived, the other seed died.  When there was combat the Israelite seed was victorious and the other seed died.  When there was competition for riches the Israelite seed prospered and therefore could afford more wives and more children.  Over time the Israelite bloodlines took over the bloodlines of the nations where they were planted.

Other Israelite travelers planted their seed wherever they went.

At the time of the exile of the Northern Kingdom of Israel the Israelites never returned to Israel, instead they migrated North and then West eventually ending up in Western Europe where the Ten Tribes are still at some level represented, Ephraim by England, Dan by Denmark, Gad by Germany, etc.  As they migrated some stayed behind.  En-route the men copulated with the women in the towns and villages they passed through leaving their seed wherever they went.

At the time of the exile of the Southern Kingdom of Israel which comprised, predominantly Yahoodah {Judah}, many returned to Israel from Babylon but others had intermarried in Babylon and copulated loosely planting their seed there.  Others spread out from Babylon having been assimilated into Babylonian society.

Prior to the exile groups fled.  One group traveled into northern Nigeria and established themselves there inter-marrying with local people and forming a Yahoodite community with African features.

Another group fled by ship and ended up in Central America giving rise to the peoples of Central America.  Others traveled East through Northern Asia and moved into North America forming the so-called American Indians.

And so Israel spread throughout the earth.

The European peoples then traveled the world, planting seed wherever they went and occupied lands and birthed new civilizations in the Americas, Australasia, Africa, etc.

The tradition of clandestinely planting seed through secret sex continued such that Yah says that the majority of apparently African South Africans have European, that is Israelite, bloodlines and that is why the South African African population has grown so dramatically – because they are blessed.  Again, because the children were born to women with dominant African features and raised in African communities they appear African and have largely adopted African customs, culture and spiritual dispensation.  The children with clearly European features were largely murdered in witchcraft rites, frequently along with their mothers.  Yah states that President Jacob Zuma and much of the ANC leadership in South Africa have European (Israelite) bloodlines with Zuma’s bloodline going back five generations to an Afrikaner (Boer) who fought in the Battle of Blood River and who impregnated a Zulu virgin some weeks later.

Accordingly, any judgment on situations based on apparent race is entirely futile.

It is a person’s individual relationship with the Almighty and their conduct which is of consequence today because almost ALL humans are party to the blessings of Abraham and Israel.


6. Yah’s promises and covenants flow DOWN bloodlines

One of the biggest sources of misunderstanding in this age is a failure to recognize that Yah’s promises, blessings and covenants flow DOWN bloodlines.  I am writing what I write today in the office I stand in today because of a Covenant promise made by Yah to Moshe that in this age a son of his through Gereshom would restore truth and bring Satan to trial before the Court of Heaven.

The records of the Court of Heaven have been meticulously maintained such that before I was called tens of thousands of others were called, each in exact sequence to their rank and standing with Yah in the bloodline of Moshe through Gereshom until, when Yah was, to use His words to me when He called me “scraping the bottom of the barrel” because time was running out and there were not many left who were eligible.  In the preceding decades Yah had called men and women many of whom are household names in Western Christian religious society and others were called from all over the world as their turn came and each, in turn, distained the call and rejected it or accepted it for a while and then turned their back on it.

The matters of Yah on earth are extremely complex and known ONLY to Him but we may glimpse them IF we seek His face to gain answers to our questions.


7. Yah judged Miriam for condemning Moshe for taking an African woman

In considering the “race” topic it is vital for those who condemn people based on the colour of their skin to take account of the points above.

It is also vital to understand that race has NEVER been an issue for Yah, it is the spiritual conduct of the person that has ALWAYS been His focus.

To illustrate, Moshe {Moses} took a second woman {wife} who was a “Kushite”, that is a black Ethiopian woman.  Miriam and Aaron, Moshe’s sister and brother argued with him about his African woman and Yah struck Miriam with leprosy.  It is well for those who speak ill of other races and particularly those that make African people out to be sub-human and use other derogatory race based labels to take note of what happened to Miriam.  For Yah the issue is NOT race it is spiritual condition, relationship with Him and observance of His Commandments.

To the extent that the Shemite spiritual dispensation, as represented by the Jews, Christians and Muslims (Arabs) have been most faithful with regard to Yah’s truths they are most favoured. Because the Hammite, primarily African, dispensation has sunk farthest into witchcraft, ancestor worship and other Satanic practices they are most hated.  But, within ALL streams there are those who ARE close to Yah and loved and favoured and those that are far from Yah and close to Satan and who are hated and cursed.

Note that when Yah chose to bring a new anointing to earth to prepare for the 1,000 year rule of man with the Spirit of Yah, and Yah and Satan’s withdrawal from the battle on earth that commenced in 2003 He chose an African emissary in Nigeria, TB Joshua as His instrument see:

Lagos, Nigeria -- Manger Of The Anointing For The Seventh Millennium:


This man walked in this authority as a Levite whose fathers had left Israel and moved to Northern Nigeria as part of the group referred to above.

See also The Spirit Is Moving On The Earth -- Report On Visit To The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria:



8. Israel most prolific and most blessed

From the above it becomes apparent that Israel are the most prolific and most blessed seed on earth such that Yah has clearly kept His promise to Israel (Yaakov).

It is vital to understand that Shem was the most faithful to Yah of Noah’s three sons.  Yah has said to me that He wanted to save ONLY Noah and his wife and Shem and his wife but Noah pleaded for Japheth and Ham to be saved too.  Yah regrets His leniency because it has given rise to major problems subsequently.

Of the children of Shem one branch was most true to Yah and retained the original language given by Yah at the beginning, a branch of this branch was most faithful and retained that language and gave birth to Abraham who in turn was most faithful and gave rise to Isaac and then to Israel (Yaakov), through him to Levy and Yahoodah and then Moshe and then Dawid and then Yahooshua who ushered in a new covenant that was easier for men to observe see:

How did Yahooshua {Jesus} accomplish what he did?:


and So what IS special about Yahooshua REALLY?:


a.  Yahoodites (Jews), most blessed as individuals

Within Israel a core of the Yahoodites {sons of Judah}, commonly known as Jews, have been most rigorous in keeping the essence of Yah’s Commandments notwithstanding their error in rejecting Yahooshua and in placing excessive regard to the written scrolls.

They have also held fast to Yah’s promises with regard to wisdom and financial blessing and therefore they occupy disproportionate positions of wealth and power in Western society.  Yes, some have entered into the Satanic, secret societies, etc but many continue to serve Yah to the best of their ability through obedience and are blessed as a consequence.

Those who are in serious sin are blessed in this life because they are subject to Yah’s blessings AND because the forces of darkness relish having them in their grip and therefore do nothing to oppose them.  These will be judged, as will ALL men, on the Day of Judgment and those who are without relationship with Yah or who have committed the sins for which there is no forgiveness will be utterly consumed in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone.

Note that there are ALSO Yahoodites amongst all other groups on earth for the reasons of bloodline propagation mentioned previously and they are blessed in all of these situations.

Complaining as some uninformed people do about this blessing and blaming it on a Jewish conspiracy that has somehow placed these men and women in positions of privilege and wealth is extremely unwise.  Cursing them is even MORE unwise.


b.  Ephraimites (English), most blessed as a visible grouping

Within the balance of visible Israel, primarily the Europeans, Ephraim (England / Britain) have been most faithful and most blessed and for this reason English is THE language of trade today, the British Empire spread over the entire earth and prospered, etc.  To the extent that they fell away from the core of their calling the Empire has fallen into disrepair and fallen away but to blame the prosperity of the British Empire on some form of conspiracy is to attribute too much power and influence to men and ignore the power of blessings from Yah.

Those who curse Ephraim, like those who curse Yahoodah would do well to take note, they are setting themselves up against Yah.


9. Ishmaelites (Arabs), not understood by Israel and hated by Israel

The other branch of Abraham through which Yah’s promise to Abraham to multiply seed is kept is through Ishmael, the Arab peoples.

When Sarai sent Hagar and Ishmael away Abraham strongly requested a blessing for Ishmael and Yah HAS blessed Ishmael.  That is why they have the oil wealth.

Having sent Yahooshua as prophet to Israel and having had him rejected by Yahoodah and then those who followed the teachings of Yahooshua falling away to form what is today known as Christianity where they use wrong names, worship Jesus, worship the Book {Bible} and fell into all sorts of sin and error Yah sent Mohammed through Ishmael to call the people back to Him.  See Is Allah God and Yah?:


See Important truths relating to the matters of Yah the eternally self existing:

http://www.endtimeissueministries.org/Articles/ArticleViewPage/tabid/124/ArticleId/207/2010-01-01-Important-truths-relating-to-the-matters-of-Yah-the-eternally-self-existing.aspx for a discussion of some of the lost truths of Yah.

The conflict between Christianity and Islam today is the conflict between Ishmael and Isaac.  Both sides today have major error but, overall, the Muslims today are closer to Yah than the Christians.


10. Afrikaners (Boere) – Europeans grafted into Afrika with SOME who seek the Creator but mixed with toxic error

As a special case of the above threads we have the Boere or Afrikaners (NOT exactly the same), Europeans who fled to South Africa to escape religious persecution in Europe because they were closer to Yah in important respects such as the true Name than most in Europe and Satan wanted to eliminate them.  These came primarily from France, Germany and Holland but there were some from other countries as well.

They banded together to “escape” English domination in the Cape Province and decided to form their own “African tribe” and called themselves “Afrikaner”. In taking this label these people have grafted themselves into the African spiritual dispensation such that slowly but surely they are being drawn into Afrika and its ways and its demons and curses.

Amongst this group today are some of those who are closest to Yah on earth as a group -- Yah says that in percentage terms there are more Afrikaners and particularly Boere who are close to Him than in any other people group on earth.  That is NOT to say that they are VERY close to Yah, simply that they are, on balance, closer to Yah than any other group.

For this reason the Satanic forces on earth want to destroy this group and have gone out of their way to plant error and sin to counterbalance the relationship with Yah and dedication to His Commandments.  They have been significantly successful in a number of ways but primarily in one, harsh racial prejudice coupled to what Yah terms “perversion of the bible” to justify regarding visibly African people as sub-human and excluded from the Covenants of Yah.  It is important to note that these harsh false teachings are, for the most part NOT held by those that are close to Yah but those who hold to these toxic teachings are interspersed with those who are close to Yah although to some extent those close to Yah DO tolerate and condone these teachings.

Note also that those who are close to Yah are primarily women and those that are toxically racist are primarily men.  This is a classic case of wheat and tares – the two are growing together and only Yah knows the difference.  The tares in this group have the trappings of religion, they claim the bible as authoritative but they pervert the principles of the bible to “prove” that African people are NOT subject to the same laws as they are and can therefore be treated differently.

These toxic false teachings have repeatedly brought judgment on this group but they are unable to see that they are being judged because, coupled with their error is harsh arrogant pride and self-righteousness as well as a deep root of rejection and persecution.  So they have convinced themselves that they are right and everyone else is wrong and therefore their losses and their suffering are a consequence of conspiracies against them by the “Jews”, the “Anglo’s”, the “Communists”, the “ANC”, etc.

In association with these errors Yah says that many of the men have convinced themselves that sexual intercourse with an African woman is NOT really intercourse because these women are, in their opinion, children of Satan and destined for destruction with no hope of redemption and excluded from the body of believers.  So, since they see them as in a sense non-entities sex with them means nothing, carries no penalties and since these same men have it that a “bastard” is a child of mixed race and excluded from the covenant and NOT a child of illegitimacy, that is a woman in covenant with another man, it is somehow in order to father children and totally discard them and their mothers to whatever fate awaits them, which, if the child shows European characteristics, is frequently a brutal and sadistic witchcraft death directed at gaining power over the father.  Yah says that for some of these men sex with an African virgin is seen as LESS sinful than masturbation to release their sexual tension!  Yah says that through this some of these men have fathered “dozens of children”! Note that other Europeans have also done this but have, for the most part, been more willing to accept responsibility for their children.

In doing this these men bring Yah into disrepute with the “African” people and have stored up huge wrath for themselves in the books of account in heaven.

Since the African genes relating to appearance are dominant and those relating to European appearance are recessive the majority of these children appear African and have therefore survived such that Yah states that the “vast majority” of South African Africans today are of RECENT Israelite stock, that is sons of Afrikaners, this includes President Zuma.  Thus the great sin of Apartheid was that it banished their OWN bloodline in large measure.

To compound matters, these men have sent their covenant women i.e. wives (many of the African women so used were virgins) away together with their children or kept them in bondage in primitive “servants quarters”.  In some cases they have used these women again and again as it has suited them.  In other cases they have sent them away only to have sex with their daughters years later or for their sons to have sex with their fathers wives.  Yah has shown me this through a series of visions in recent weeks.  European, primarily Afrikaner men, in smart cars in townships late at night, in groves of trees in the countryside, in their own beds when their wives are away, etc.  I have seen the women and children gruesomely murdered in witchcraft rites.  And I have felt Yah’s wrath towards these men who so pervert His commandments and bring Him into disrepute.

In sexual intercourse a replication of demons takes place.  The demons on the woman clone onto the man and vice versa.  The consequence is that the European demons, who are accustomed to a reasonable standard of living are sent away into primitive conditions and the African demons bring their experience of witchcraft and primitive conditions into the homes of the European men and onto their European wives and children leading to a degradation of the people to African standards of brutality and other conduct.  The European demons on the African people are ANGRY and want revenge!

Furthermore, since most African people secretly know about the situation but cannot prove it they harbour great anger and resentment for the wrong treatment of themselves, their mothers, their sisters and their daughters.  This is building towards a massively explosive situation in addition to all the factors discussed on the South Africa – The REAL Issues website http://south-africa-the-real-issues.org/

Thus Yah finds Himself today with a great dilemma, because of relationship, as explained in the article on Rules of Engagement between Almighty Yah and Satan


Yah is desirous of helping those who are crying out to Him BUT He is constrained by the massive level of sin that is so interspersed amongst them for the tares is truly totally intermingled with the wheat in this situation.

For this reason, because of those that have been crying out to Him He has called for 100,000  people to gather in terms of the Blood River covenant without this the judgement will be HARSH.


11. The South African situation

IF at this time you are a woman who is close to Yah and you are joined to a man who has embarked on some of the extremely sinful pursuits outlined above such that he is far from Yah and either has never had a relationship with Yah or has lost all relationship and been rejected because of his many adulteries, Yah states that you may well have a basis to come to Him for divorce provided you understand that you will NOT find a man as close to Yah as you are refer to The dilemma of the Isaiah 4:1 phenomenon:


If you are one who is guilty of race based sin, recognize the validity of what is presented here, recognize that you need to REPENT, that is turn around and go the other way.  You need to forsake your false and perverted teachings.

If you have entered into blood covenant with African women by taking their virginity you need to go out and find them and bring them into your home and make right with them.  If you have fathered children by these women you need to do the same.  You need to come clean with your legal wife about your betrayal of your monogamous covenant with her and the demons and curses that you have brought upon her and her children.  Yah says that the righteous anger of your African children and their mothers and relatives is rising to heaven AGAINST you and the bloodletting of recent years will be as NOTHING UNLESS you repent now.


12. Focus on Yah and His knowledge

The bottom line?

Forget about race!

Focus on YOUR relationship with Yah and that of your house.

Test the spirits.

Be aware that some people are much closer to Yah than others and, IF you truly desire to draw close to Yah surround yourself with like-spirited people and then share your truths with those who are NOT as close but do NOT join yourself to them in marriage or intermingle with them in other ways.  In practice the ONLY way you can do this is to pray regularly “Father, I come to you in the name of Yahooshua and I ask you to bring the people that YOU want into my life and take the people that You do NOT want in my life out” – any attempt to figure this out in your own discernment and intellect WILL result in pride and error.

I encourage you to rethink your views on the whole matter of race.  Trust Yah to guide you in your relationships and recognize that the earth is FULL of sin and error and race is NOT the prime indicator of this, race is a smokescreen that Satan has very effectively used to deflect people from the real issues, level of relationship with and service to Yah versus level of relationship with and service to the Satanic realm.  Choose YAH!

May Yah the eternally self-existing, the Almighty Creator bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

May Yah judge me severely and correct me harshly and show me the level of my present deception and how to correct it with regard to everything that I publish on this list. 

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If you have NOT seen this YOU need to! Zuma sings shoot the Boer

President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, leads the ANC Leadership and tens of thousands of ANC supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" in Bloemfontein on 8th January 2012 -- it appears that he may well have done this AGAIN on 16th December 2012

If you have NOT seen this you NEED to

This violates his Oath of Office, the Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment

The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

This website and the book that is available for free download here discuss this and many other unpleasant facts that point to some very unpleasant conclusions about the direction that South Africa is going

You can download the video from https://www.box.com/s/yfricz1py78hitx4aal7

or from https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxX3T4bXCWezYjVHQzNBU3hLTWM/edit?usp=sharing

Please take some time to engage with the content

The ONLY way that Jacob Zuma and the ANC can reverse this is by a widely broadcast public apology by Zuma and his top ANC Cabinet members broadcast on all TV and Radio Channels and many newspapers and CONCRETE action to bring a halt to ending white murders -- in my mind that requires that the Death Penalty is reinstated

Visit http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Home/ZumaSings.aspx for further toxic songs and further commentary


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Website Contents

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Do NOT Impute Motive -- the ANC and the Afrikaners

About the Cover


Zuma leads tens of thousands in singing about murdering whites -- an in-depth analysis of why this is so destructive

The South African Extreme white murder rate -- what is driving it? -- analyzed in-depth

What was Apartheid Really? -- an in-depth analysis of why Apartheid was NOT what it is widely believed to be



· Preamble

· Simplifying Complexity – my Analytical Approach

· Who AM I?

· What I am Feeling (same as most Europeans?)

· Evidence of Impending Collapse

· The Audience for this Book

· The Level of Murders of Europeans

· Race – The Unmentionable Fundamental that is Driving it ALL

· To my African Countrymen – WHY I am Alienated

· Why am I so UNSETTLED?

· 10 Concrete things the ANC is doing that are causing Irreversible Economic Damage

· There ARE Highly Intelligent and Highly Capable Africans – BUT…


The Critical Issues

·         The Critical Issues Overview

·         Mythology

                o   SA Myths Debunked

                o   What the White Man Brought to South Africa

o   The Truth about Exploitation, Oppression, etc

o   Erroneous Thinking in terms of Majority Rule

o   Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment are Complete Misnomers

o   The Black Settlement Phenomenon – Total Lack of Creativity and Initiative – Social Helplessness

o   How is Prosperity Created?

o   How is Poverty Created?

o   The ANC is Founded on a Fundamentally False Premise

·         Economic Meltdown -- The Time Trajectory of Strategic Collapse

·         The ANC’s REAL Agenda?

·         Black Population Explosion

·         The Collapse of Education

·         South Africa is NO Longer a Democracy

·         Other 


The Intangible Factors Driving South Africa’s Collapse

·         The Dunning-Kruger Phenomenon ? Arrogant Ignorance and Other Destructive Consequences

·         Understanding Early Childhood Learning and its Impact on South Africa

·         Understanding “Power-Fear” and its Negative Consequences for South Africa

·         The African “Garden of Eden” Mindset (Money Grows on Trees)

·         Greed Versus Prudence

·         Understanding versus Rote Learning

·         Assets and People do NOT EQUAL Wealth

            o   The Land Issue

            o   Asset Obsession and things that are NOT Wealth

            o   Different Definitions of Wealth – Another Point of Difference

·         Genetics?

            o   Major Gaps in African Deductive Reasoning – Cause and Effect, etc

            o   Is the Manifest Cause and Effect Cognitive Gap Throughout Africa Evidence of a Genetic Short Coming?

·         Words – Harder than Concrete

·         The African Victim Drama and European Rescue Drama Dynamic

·         Communism – Exacerbating Power-Fear and Arrogant Ignorance

·         Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship – Central to Understanding

·         European Fundamentals that Mask the Seriousness of the Situation

                o   Attributes of Europeans and Africans Contrasted

                o   Psychodynamics of Africans and Europeans

o   European Fundamentals – Towards Understanding South Africa 2013

o   Mistakes the Europeans (especially Afrikaners) made

o   The 2%:12%:86% Wealth Creation Phenomenon amongst Europeans

o   Fundamental European Values at a Wealth Creator, Wealth Developer Leadership Level

o   What South African Europeans do Instinctively to Accommodate Africans

·         Liberalism

            o   Incorrect beliefs of Liberal, Christian Europeans

            o   Liberalism – Seriously Clouding the Issues

·         The Religious Dimension

·         Apartheid

            o   Overarching Headlines a Week after Reading the book “Bulala” by Cuan Elgin

            o   Thoughts after Reading Bulala – A True Story of South Africa by Cuan Elgin

            o   What WAS Apartheid? – REALLY?

            o   Afrikaner Racial Hostility, Distrust, Fear and Arrogance – Truth with Wrong Attitude

            o   The Afrikaner Paradox – Blessed AND Persecuted

            o   Apartheid – Afrikaner South Africa’s Public Relations Disaster 

                    o   Critical Population Statistics

                    o   White Unemployment

                    o   Afrikaner Alienation

Some Important Principles

·         Creating Wealth in the New South Africa

·         What is an Economy? – REALLY?

·         The Fundamentals of Mining

·         What is the Purpose of Government?

·         Why South Africa could NOT have Grown much more before 1980


Other Considerations

·         Did you know? – things that are breaking

·         An Alternative Summing up

·         Why is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange so Strong?

·         Letter to the Editor of a Professional Journal

·         Letter to the Editor of an Afrikaans Newspaper about Zuma singing Shoot the Boer

·         Why are Europeans NOT much more Energized in Defending themselves?

·         Why did the ANC only really have an impact from the late 1940’s?

·         Lessons from Dingaan and Retief ? Treachery

·         The Battle of Blood River – a Case Study in African Fundamentals

·         What IS Democracy?

·         What the British Brought

·         A Prophetic View – “The Almighty Speaks on South Africa”


Possible Courses of Action

-         Technically Valid Corrective Actions – Envisioning the Impossible

-         What can YOU do?

-         The basis for Europeans Withholding BEE, AA and tax and Demanding Change NOT the way to go

-         Your Options

-         Defensive Actions to Consider

 -         Get the message across

        -         Contact Newspapers around the World -- nearly              300 eMail Addresses

        -         Contact Europeans Parliamentarians

        -         Contact Diplomatic Missions 

        -         Western Cape


Conclusion – The Essence of my Views on South Africa


Fast and Pray -- Some Spiritual Considerations


Follow up -- Developments after completing the book


Click here to download free pdf eBook -- South Africa -- The Real Issues (24 MB)

The ENTIRE book is ALSO presented on this site so that you can read on-line -- there are links in the Table of Contents to all pages

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