Appendix G: Satan’s most effective lies


Today is the Day of Trumpets, a high Sabbath and a time for breaking through spiritually.

As I lay in bed this morning I found myself pondering the question “what are Satan’s most effective lies?” – in other words the lies that are most directly sending people to destruction on the Day of Judgment -- the following list is what came up for me:

  1. Lies about the Day of Judgment

Many people believe that there is NO Day of Judgment or that they will not be judged.  Many Christians believe that they are exempt from the Day of Judgment when, in fact, they will be the people who are judged most harshly.

By getting people to believe they can live their lives as they please Satan scores a major victory.

  1. Lies about the importance of words and personal opinion

Many people do not understand the importance of words, we will be judged for EVERY word we utter, words give permission to the Satanic and demonic realm to act in our lives.  On Saturday night there was a concert at the sports club across the road from where I live and one of the musicians was belting out at top volume “I am on the highway to hell” with absolutely no comprehension of the curse that he was speaking out over his own life and causing all those at the concert who sang along with him to speak out over their own lives.

Reducing words like “hell” and “damn” and other curse words to “just swear words, nobody takes them seriously” results in a situation in which people are constantly speaking out curses over themselves and others.

Sloppiness with words is a huge source of victory for the forces of darkness, even the greeting “take care” is a curse because it tells the person over whom it is spoken to take a burden of care.

Coupled to this dangerous use of words is the widespread view that we are entitled to have our own views of the Creator, etc with no adverse consequences when the fact is that there is only ONE reality and truth and that is the reality and truth of the Almighty Creator and if we choose to align ourselves with beliefs that are contrary to His ways and will we WILL be condemned on the Day of Judgment.

  1. Lies about sex and virginity in particular

The single most effective lies of Satan are the lies about sex and virginity.  the Almighty has said that more people will burn in the Lake of Fire for transgressing these laws than for any other transgression.

The Almighty created women as virgins.  The shedding of blood associated with the taking of virginity causes a blood covenant to come into existence.  This covenant can only be broken under very specific circumstances with very specific prayers.

In the absence of these prayers and circumstances any other man who has intercourse with that woman commits adultery with her and they will both burn for at least a season in the Lake of Fire.

Note that it is technically possible for a man to take the virginity of more than one woman and that the doctrine of forced monogamy is therefore false.  In practice in this age men and women are mostly incapable of entering into a covenant relationship with multiple women but this does not alter the fact that the Almighty created man and woman to be able to do this.

Coupled to this is the lie that the Pastor / Priest / Rabbi / Magistrate / Mullah / whoever, has the authority to proclaim a man and woman husband and wife even when the woman is in covenant with another man who took her virginity.  These people who take this official right on themselves will face particularly harsh judgment for having misrepresented their authority.

Compounding the above, sexual love making is highly pleasurable and therefore just about all human beings actively desire it and at some level seek it – there is a point at which sexual desire becomes almost impossible to resist.  Many religious groupings adopt puritanical standards that ultimately lead to people discarding the truths of the religion together with the false teachings about sexual love making.

  1. Lies told by leaders

At one end of the extreme we have the lie which says that an individual can believe whatever suits then with no adverse consequences -- at the other extreme, which is the vast majority of people, people abdicate their responsibility for what they believe in favour of belonging to some religious grouping and simply believing what the Pastor / Prophet / Priest / Rabbi / Mullah / whoever teaches them, oblivious to the fact that on the Day of Judgment we will each stand before the Judgment Seat ALONE and give account for our lives and what we believed.  The people who led others astray with their false teachings WILL be subject to a harsher judgment but those who followed them will ALSO be judged individually.

  1. Lies about the name of the Creator

The true Name of the Almighty Creator is “Yah the eternally self-existing” or “the Almighty” as His essential name.  Calling Him God, or the LORD, or Elohim, or Allah, or Hashem or G_d or whatever is an insult to him and breaks the third commandment AND opens the door for Satan to steal the worship and obeisance due to the Almighty because these other names have pagan or other roots and are NOT valid names for the Almighty.

For many years the Almighty DID extend grace to those who used these wrong names but at the turn of the millennium that grace was withdrawn and those who use those names today are worshipping Satan and / or demons and will be judged accordingly.

In addition, many people use derivatives of “the Almighty” for “yes” or use names like “” on the Internet or “the Almighty” as a new Internet Service – all of these uses of words that sound like the Almighty or Yahooeh are blasphemous and will result in at least a part in the Lake of Fire.

  1. Lies about the bible and other books

Many people believe that “The Bible is the Word of God”, this is false, the bible is simply a collection of writings, some of which are to some degree inspired by the Almighty or about the lives of people who at some level served the Almighty but it is NOT THE WORD of the Almighty or anything that approximates that.  the Almighty has inspired billions of pages and it is a gross insult to limit Him to one “little book” (His words to me).

Building huge and complex teachings on the semantic interpretation of text in the bible is a massive mistake; the same applies to other books, like the Quran which are accorded similar reverence.

  1. Lies about Jesus and the Trinity

In the “Christian” area one of the most pervasive lies is the lie that Jesus is God and that there is a Trinity.

Firstly, his name was Yahooshua, which means “the Almighty is salvation” so, by the very definition of his name, Yahooshua was NOT the Almighty.

Secondly, he was a human being, the result of a creative miracle much LESS significant than the creative miracle whereby Adam was created or the miracle whereby Chavah {Eve} was created – yes, he WAS filled with the Spirit of the Almighty and thus the Almighty spoke through him and performed miracles through him but that same anointing is available to YOU today IF you will truly seek the Almighty fully.

Thirdly, “Trinity” is a pagan, that is Satanic, concept.

  1. Lies about set-apart {holy} days and other days

Another suite of pervasive lies relate to the set-apart {holy} days, the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday), Passover, Pentecost, the Day of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of Tabernacles (particularly the first and eighth days) – we are commanded to observe all of these and will be judged severely every time we break any or all of these Sabbaths.

In addition, there are the false Sabbaths of Sunday, Christmas and Easter, all of which are pagan and all of which give honour to Satan and his demons and all of which carry judgment if we observe them in any shape or form.

  1. Lies about the Ten Commandments in general

Finally there are all the other lies relating to the Ten Commandments which are broken wholesale by just about every religious grouping on the planet today.  Because of the lies listed above most people actually believe that they are KEEPING the Ten Commandments.  At the simplest level there is a commandment “thou shalt NOT bear false witness”, in other words “do NOT lie”, Revelation 21:8 states that “ALL liars … shall have a part in the Lake of Fire” – so as long as Satan can get us to believe any of these lies he is starting to become mighty one {god} over us.


All of these lies separate human beings from the Almighty Creator, lead them into sin and set them up to burn for at least a part of eternity (Revelation 21:8) or be utterly destroyed in the fire.  I have much information relating to the subjects discussed above – email me for information.

May the Almighty bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

18 September 2012

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