An Alternative Summing up


 Following are some other factors that are pointing to irreversible economic collapse:

1.  Loss of wealth creators and sustainers

Fundamentally a Western economy prospers on the basis of about 2% of the population who have the knowledge, experience, aptitude and flair to identify and execute wealth creating activities.  These people are supported by approximately 12% of the population who have the knowledge, experience, aptitude and flair to convert these visions into reality and keep them running effectively.  It has been said that “the rest of the people do NOT even know that the economy exists” – relating to the tendency of the poor and the working class to believe that they create the wealth when, in fact, they just show up and perform the jobs that have been conceptualized and created by the 1% and the 12%.

Historically in South African society the 2% and 12% have virtually all been People of European Descent (PED), commonly called “white” and it remains so today, except that this group of people are leaving in greater proportions because they are the very people who can easily relocate and establish themselves elsewhere in the world because, in most economies outside of Africa, they are in great demand.

The performance of the last 150 years clearly evidences that there are very few Indigenous African People who know how to create wealth other than by taking it over by force, including force of legislation as in so-called “Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment” (BBBEE), Cadre Deployment and Affirmative Action and by stealing it as is rife in Government today.  These models are NOT sustainable and will collapse, sooner rather than later.


2.    Widespread unconscious incompetence – The Dunning-Kruger Syndrome

The Dunning-Kruger Syndrome or Effect is the situation in which people who are unconsciously incompetent believe they are competent and therefore make mistakes but do not recognize them as mistakes and regard any person who tries to correct them as “racist” or some other destructive label.

The harsh reality is that (barring a few exceptions) almost the entire ANC Government, their Cadres and Affirmative Action appointees are at some level subject to the Dunning-Kruger Syndrome with the result that even low level operational people make highly damaging decisions from time to time.

Examples include a 1,500 MW Generating set disintegrated because an African technician disabled a governor and let the set run so far out of speed range that the entire set disintegrated in an almost impossible manner – see photos in previous section.  Another Affirmative Action person left a bolt in a turbine at Koeberg with the result that the entire turbine disintegrated and the generating set was out of service for over a year at the time of the electricity crisis.  An Affirmative Action aircraft pilot who tried to REVERSE a Boeing 737 Freighter on the ground by putting the engines into reverse thrust and backed the plane into a ditch and the put the engines on full power and sucked stones into the engines – the plane was a write off.  The incidents are far too numerous to catalogue here but each destroys value irreversibly – see previous section.

Then things have gone a step further – organizations that are run by Africans insist on doing away with low wage positions and squandering money on under-utilized earth moving and other high capital cost items while the ditch diggers, tree pruners, bitumen sprayers, etc sit at home without work.  There is NO comprehension of the need to create employment with low wage work that correlates with the massive level of unemployment – something the Europeans realized but were slandered for “exploiting the poor”.

Given that South Africa is now ruled by an elite that is systematically doing things that are progressively trashing the economy, it becomes apparent that South Africa is heading for collapse.


3.    There was NOTHING here in the first place

Fundamentally, at the moment the Europeans set foot in South Africa, there was NO infrastructure, no technology, no writing, no technical vocabulary, nothing except primitive savages living in primitive huts and wearing animal skins, as Jacob Zuma so enjoys reminding us.


The Europeans came from very advanced societies with advanced technology, major road infrastructure, large and sophisticated buildings, advanced culture (music, etc), education, etc – as a consequence they brought with them all the knowledge, experience and technology that has given rise to the current economy and it continues to be the case that the Africans continue to rely on Europeans to create what they want. 

Consider Big Ben, the  clock on top of the Elizabeth Tower in London, a complex, sophisticated and structurally advanced landmark constructed by Europeans in 1858, twenty years after Blood River – contrast this with African Technology of the time.



Consider also the Palace of Westminster which houses British Parliament, REBUILT in 1834 FOUR YEARS BEFORE BLOOD RIVER, replacing a building built in the 1500’s which in turn replaced a building built in the 11th Century.  Contrast this with African technology of those times.


The myth that Europeans stole it all from Africans is massively dangerous because it prevents Africans from recognizing the massive damage they are doing to the economy and changing direction by taking measures to retain the Europeans instead of driving them out.

The vast majority of Africans have a huge amount of learning to do but those in power do NOT recognize this and so the inevitability of collapse grows greater.


4.    Blaming Apartheid and ignoring the obvious

Africans continue to blame Apartheid for their problems, their lack of education, their poverty, etc.

As with the previous point this highly dangerous belief blinds people to the reality that the Europeans came here bringing technology, method, knowledge, etc BUT they had to build everything from scratch and the Africans provided only labour and did not take what they learned and go away and create their own economic activity.

For the most part Europeans did NOT oppress Africans, Africans suppressed themselves through their ignorance and inability to recognize that there were critical aspects that they did not know and did not understand.

Accordingly, instead of engaging with the Europeans to develop their cognitive reasoning and deductive skills, developing creative initiative, learning to manage and motivate people positively and not in Power-Fear manoeuvres, learning to manage time and cash, they sat back, lived in poverty and blamed the Europeans for somehow NOT generating the surplus wealth to hand out on demand.

Yes, there WERE aspects of Apartheid that were wrong – but how much of that was response to the arrogantly stupid behaviour of Africans with a little bit of education and no ability to actually effectively perform the tasks they were given?

If Africans recognized that they still have a LOT to learn from Europeans we would get somewhere but there is NO indication that this is likely to happen.


5.    ANC Government at all levels is becoming dysfunctional

Government at ALL levels is becoming dysfunctional; billions of Rands have been squandered on inappropriate luxury, revelry, etc.  Billions more have been lost to corruption and graft as well as outright theft.  Throughout the ANC controlled parts of the country core infrastructure is decaying as a consequence of a lack of maintenance and, in the years ahead, roads, electricity, water and sewerage reticulation, amongst others, will all become more and more unreliable and eventually collapse.


6.    The foundations are crumbling

Fundamental elements of what is necessary for a vibrant and growing economy are being destroyed by Cadre deployment, Affirmative Action, inappropriate and destructive laws and policies, etc, etc.  300,000 jobs have been destroyed in the Manufacturing Sector and yet the ANC continues to champion increasingly generous Minimum Wages that are unsustainable and progressively putting more and more enterprises out of business.  South African wine is bottled in Europe because our labour costs push our competitiveness out the window and so on and so on in just about every area of the economy.  Those businesses that have closed down are unlikely to reopen, often the people who created them have left the country or their morale is broken and they will never take the risk again in South Africa.

The whole concept of risk and reward has been massively compromised.

Those industries that are NOT yet in this predicament have it looming large, as we saw with the Mining Industry in 2012.

One has only to look at the rest of Africa to see what is looming here – I once believed that South Africa was “too advanced” and had sufficient Europeans to avoid the fate of the rest of Africa, I overlooked the massive capacity of incompetence in government to destroy even the most vibrant economy.

Widespread corporate collapse is looming.


7.    The loss of European knowledge and experience is reaching catastrophic proportions

Over the last twenty years somewhere between one and three million Europeans have left the country.  It appears that Government does NOT want the accurate statistics to be known.  Reports indicate that between 30,000 and 68,800 Europeans have been murdered, most of them brutally, in the past two decades, another statistic that Government conceals.

This psychosis is massively crushing creativity, work ethic and morale and also draining the economy of the powerhouse of well-motivated, innovative and effective Europeans that built the present economy.

One estimate suggests that of the order of 25% of ALL professionally qualified people have left the country in the past two decades and other reports speak of substantial on-going departures, one report speaks of 800 a month.

The consequence of this is that the capacity of the economy to sustain itself has been massively undermined and, again, collapse is imminent.


8.    African Population growth is out of control – a massive genocidal revolution is inevitable

Finally, population growth is out of control.  One report states that in the recent census there were 10.9 million under the age of 5 indicating a birth rate of about 2.2 million per annum which are largely Africans since the European birth rate is low and Europeans are leaving.

This graph from Wikipedia suggests a lower population growth rate but whatever the actual figure it is substantial.  The last figure in the graph is six years ago suggesting that growth in the last few years MAY be associated with the Child Support Grant.


If the census figure of about 2 million per annum is vaguely accurate we are looking at the African population doubling from 40 million to 80 million in twenty years.  With the collapse of the education system and decline of the economy it is reasonable to expect the vast majority to be semi-literate or illiterate and living in poverty.

Keep in mind that the handover to African rule was NOT brought about by International Pressure or by ANC successes, it was a consequence of a strategic appraisal by the South African Defence Force Command Structures around 1980 at which point it was concluded that the African population was growing so fast that the Europeans would never win the war and that control should therefore be handed over in a controlled peaceful manner.  This was communicated to confidential Command Council meetings around the country by the Chief of the Army (General Constant Viljoen) at that time.  Progressive moves to hand over were then instituted with the final handover being fumbled on some key points by liberals who believed the best of their African negotiating partners.

On top of this, this exploding population will grow up with the lies about Apartheid, the “white man brought nothing”, “the white man stole everything”, etc.  As well as so-called “struggle songs” like “I” and “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” – sung recently by President Jacob Zuma and tens of thousands of ANC Supporters at the ANC Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on 8 January 2012 and, apparently, at the ANC Congress on 16th December 2012, also in Bloemfontein.

Taking account of these factors, in the absence of some massive positive action, the scale of which I cannot begin to imagine, a massive uprising resulting in millions of deaths is inevitable.  This will start with killing the Europeans, then People of Asian Descent, then People of Mixed Race, then Africans from outside South Africa and then, finally, destruction of most of the smaller African tribes in South Africa culminating in a bitter war between the Zulu and the Xhosa for control of the country.

Paradoxically, it looks increasingly as though the South African economy will fall FURTHER than most other African economies.


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