Other considerations with regard to what is presented here


This section discusses a diversity of factors to be taken into consideration in interpreting the South African situation.

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Other Considerations


·         Did you know? – things that are breaking


·         An Alternative Summing up


·         Why is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange so Strong?


·         Letter to the Editor of a Professional Journal


·         Letter to the Editor of an Afrikaans Newspaper about Zuma singing Shoot the Boer


·         Why are Europeans NOT much more Energized in Defending themselves?


·         Why did the ANC only really have an impact from the late 1940’s?


·         Lessons from Dingaan and Retief ? Treachery


·         The Battle of Blood River – a Case Study in African Fundamentals


·         What IS Democracy?


·         What the British Brought


·         A Prophetic View – “The Almighty Speaks on South Africa”


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Did you know? – Things that are breaking

These are just the things that I have directly heard of or experienced, I am sure that you have your own horror stories. I have NOT catalogued them but just listed them as they come to mind.  Some of these are mentioned elsewhere in this book but many are only listed here.  Many of these you can find with Google.

Many of the problems reported here do NOT occur in the Western Cape and other areas controlled by the Democratic Alliance bringing the incompetence and negligence of the African National Congress into sharp focus.


1.    Over 68,800 whites murdered since 1994, some say 30,000 -- a report of 165,000 turns out to be a typing error for 165,000.


2.    Over 3,000 farmers murdered most barbarically, over 10,000 assaulted.


3.    Gang rapes of white males in Police cells are common.  Most claim to be falsely accused.  This appears to be another form of ANC mandated black on white violence.  May relate to whites who do NOT show “proper respect” to Police – it pays to be polite – remember Power-Fear.


4.    There are regular reports of rapes of white women by police officers and traffic officers.


5.    South Africa is listed as a level 5 Genocide country by Genocide Watch.


6.    Jacob Zuma led the ANC leadership and tens of thousands of supporters in singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” on 8th January 2012.


7.    Jacob Zuma is reported to have said that his goal is to “avenge Blood River”.


8.    Jacob Zuma and the ANC practice Ancestor worship and witchcraft.


9.    Jacob Zuma has built a militarily secure complex at Nkandla, Zululand for his personal dwelling with bullet proof glass and an underground bunker – which war is he preparing for?


10.  R1.5 billion of Government money, fraudulently channelled through a front company used to build a highway to Nkandla for Zuma.


11.  The ANC continues to maintain Umkhonto we Sizwe as a military wing in uniform – to fight what war?


12.  The ANC continues to have a spear in its logo although it is supposed to be a political party.


13.  300,000 jobs have been lost in the manufacturing sector in recent years and this is mostly NOT due to global recession.  Many claim it results from ANC interference in the economy, primarily through Cadre deployment and Affirmative Action putting incompetent people in charge of operations.


14.  Corporates are hoarding piles of cash, presumably because of lack of confidence in the South African Government.




15.  South Africa has lost two thirds of Gold production since 1994 and it is projected that the Gold Mines may close totally within five years


16.  Two operating and profitable Gold Mines (one only recently completed) bought by Black Empowerment Group Aurora were stripped of their equipment (sold as scrap) and the funds taken by relatives of Jacob Zuma and Nelson Mandela while workers went unpaid – no material legal consequences even though a raft of laws have been broken – refer programme on Carte Blanche.


17.  An incident in which a young black Affirmative Action mine inspector climbed through barriers into a disused part of a mine – seemingly a preplanned incident – he seemed to know exactly where to go – and came back with an unused fuse – a safety infringement – he shut the mine down for a week – when mine management tried to meet with his boss to get the mine reopened they were kept waiting for about three hours and then told to meet with the official who had caused the problem – risk of putting the mine out of business.


18.  An incident at a clothing factory where a young black Affirmative Action labour inspector shut a struggling garment factory down because they were paying their 300 workers below the minimum wage because of competitive pressures from China and elsewhere.  The factory never reopened and the workers never found alternative employment and therefore now have NO wage – no comprehension of economic realities.


19.  Richards Bay coal line running at 75% of capacity because of Cadre Deployment – billions of Rands in Foreign Exchange revenue lost.


20.  South African Bureau of Standards – issuing certificates to sub-standard products resulting in a flood of cheap imports – production of local manufacturer down by 25% with corresponding loss of foreign exchange AND jobs.  Many other cases.


21.  Government agencies taking excessively long to pay suppliers.  Recent report of the SABS taking a year to pay a service provider.  I have had to fight to get paid on a number of occasions.


22.  Retailed of specialist consumer products sold primarily to white executives sales dropped markedly because so many customers have left the country.


23.  Between one and three million whites have left the country since 1994.


24.  Some reason to question the census figures.


25.  Over 300,000 whites unemployed because of forced Affirmative Action, living in poverty – some say the number is MUCH higher.


26.  Railway pensioners in poverty because of ineffective Cadre management of pension fund.


27.  Wine bottled in Europe because South African labour costs are too high.


28.  Reported that 800 graduate Professionals (Engineers, Doctors, etc) leaving South Africa every month.


29.  It is alleged that 2 million African refugees were recorded as tourists in 2011 massively distorting tourism figures and damaging tourism investors who over capitalized for an imaginary demand.  This may have happened in other years as well.  Points either to incompetence or intentional inflation of figures.


30.  Over 5 million refugees from Africa in South Africa, many involved in Crime, may be more – massive drain on resources.  Probably NOT all counted in the census.


31.  Witwatersrand University now ranked about 350 in the world, thirty years ago it was ranked with the top Universities in the United States and Britain.


32.  South African education now ranked 144 in the world, once a much higher standard.


33.  Public healthcare is crumbling, thousands of doctors have left the country and there is gross mismanagement due to Cadre deployment and Affirmative Action.


34.  Deaths in hospitals are rapidly increasing due to lack of doctors, lack of medication, poor hygiene, etc.


35.  Extravagant hospitals are built for which there are no doctors, nurses, or administrative staff, they stand empty.


36.  Public education is crumbling, thousands of teachers have left the country and there is gross mismanagement due to Cadre deployment and Affirmative Action.


37.  Now Government wants to take from the private sector and mess with Model C schools that are still working.


38.  Prisons are massively overcrowded and not nearly enough prisons have been built to accommodate the out of control crime rate.


39.  Rioters recently burned down a section of a maximum security prison in protest against food standards.




40.  Jail standards in other cases are so high that murders live under much better conditions than the families of the people that they murdered and can even get University Degrees while in Jail.


41.  Extravagant facilities, like this incomplete and unused museum and cultural centre relating to the Vredefort Dome, which has been standing unused for four years and is progressively getting overgrown with weeds – see photo below.  Estimated to have cost at least R30 million.  Requires intellectual input to populate and run it – presumably no budget or budget misappropriated.



42.  Road repairs are started and not completed because of bad administration of funds and Tender Fraud and mismanagement – stand in disrepair for years.


43.  Other roads crumbling for lack of routine maintenance – will now have to be rebuilt from scratch at orders of magnitude higher cost and disruption than routine maintenance.


44.  Most roads in Johannesburg have not received routine maintenance for twenty years – massive deterioration and potholes are looming – there is NO WAY of reversing this.


Alligator cracking (so named because the pattern resembles the skin of an alligator or crocodile) in a major intersection in Johannesburg.  Been like this for a number of years and progressively deteriorating.  The cracks form because bitumen evaporates causing the road surface to become brittle and shrink.  These cracks should be sealed every year before the start of the rainy season by labourers pouring heated liquid bitumen into the cracks.  This keeps water out of the foundation of the road thereby preventing the formation of potholes and prevents traffic from breaking the edges of the cracks thereby progressively widening them as can be seen in the photo above.

Without this maintenance roads eventually degenerate into a sea of potholes as can be seen throughout Africa.  So we see that thousands of simple low skill jobs have been scrapped to finance extravagance and, at the same time, the life of road assets across the country is radically reduced.  A properly maintained road should last for every, as most of the roads in South Africa have, a badly maintained road can collapse in a decade or two.


45.  In addition to the above roads should be sprayed with bitumen and chip applied about every ten years.  This has also not been done with the result that road surfaces are becoming increasingly brittle such that in the not too distant future we can expect an EXPLOSION of potholes.


46.  Pothole in a Johannesburg street.  Potholes are formed when water enters the foundation of the road through cracks and cannot drain so that as cars pass over the point in the rain hydraulic pressure forces material out of the road into the street.  Once potholes are formed they can never be fully repaired without ripping up the road and rebuilding from scratch which is an EXTREMELY costly and disruptive process.


Potholes also cause tyre and suspension damage – a form of indirect tax paid by road users for the incompetence and negligence of roads agencies.

Insurance company repairing potholes for free as a form of advertising forced to stop “because they had not complied with tender procedures” – there was NOTHING to tender, they were doing it FREE!  Completely irrational and incompetent bureaucracy!


Ravelling – breaking out of the stone chips on the surface of the road because the bitumen has become too brittle.  This causes vibration and excessive suspension wear – the M1 South in Johannesburg immediately South of the Braamfontein on-ramp is an example where ravelling is causing the road surface to totally disintegrate.


47.  Road Islands full of weeds in Johannesburg and many other places.  Low paid workers lose jobs and area devalued by ANC Municipal neglect.



48.  Traffic lights out, increased delays and accidents because of poor quality workmanship on maintenance and repairs.


49.  Road accidents because of inadequately trained drivers, fraudulent drivers licences, unroadworthy vehicles and fraudulent road worth certificates.


50.  Reports that the Gauteng eToll will generate R80 billion in revenue when the revenue to repay the debt is R30 billion INCLUDING finance costs with the remaining R50 billion to go to the ANC and others of their preferred elite.


51.  Shops in Pilgrims Rest told to close because tenders awarded to lowest bidders – i.e. those who were going to pay the least for the use of the facilities – had to go to court before the officials involved understood their mistake.


52.  Piles of files scattered all over the floor in a High Court registry, cannot find files.


53.  Transformers not serviced and therefore they blow up or break down – massive consequential damage costs that are only now starting to surface – degradation will accelerate and there is NO WAY of reversing this, new transformers have to be installed.  This is why you see portable generating sets in suburbs around Johannesburg while new transformers are built to replace units that have burned out.


54.  Electricity distribution infrastructure not properly maintained, progressively degrading.


55.  Over 600 Rhinos killed in South Africa in 2012 and Government apparently unable to stop the carnage – but South African blacks believe that muti from Rhinos is powerful and the President engages in witchcraft so …?



56.  Black matric marks are manually upgraded so that children who would get 30% for a properly moderated exam get 70% and are functionally illiterate in the subjects concerned – particularly a problem with Mathematics.


57.  Child with 25% AVERAGE promoted to Grade 8 in a Soweto school.


58.  Over 300,000 children of school going age NOT at school.


59.  R35 BILLION per annum spent on child support grants that stimulate black teenagers to breed resulting in a substantial increase in population growth and NO increase in economic activity – paid to stay at home and breed.


60.  Women who have disabled children get twice the money – so they are abusing drugs, alcohol, knitting needles into womb, etc in order to get disabled children.  Then, because the system is so badly administered they register the child, get an automatic monthly payment running and dump the child outside an NGO or other organization that will NOT know the identity of the child so the woman continues to draw the grant indefinitely!!


61.  R30 billion EXTRA proposed for a youth dole that will incentivise even more black youths to make NO attempt to find work – increased taxes are mooted.


62.  National Health Service mooted, to compensate for the public health service the ANC has destroyed – taking from Private Sector – increased taxes are mooted.


63.  Affirmative Action Project Manager works highly experienced consultant off a project by scheduling meetings when the consultant is not available – Project Manager who is at least twenty years younger than the consultant decides after two meetings that he does not need the consultant.  Project not complete a year later.


64.  Young Affirmative Action employee starts shouting at a senior consultant in a project meeting telling him what to do after the Affirmative Action employee arrived an hour late for the meeting and does not have the qualifications to hold an opinion – then accuses the consultant of “undermining” him – consultant leaves never to return despite having the knowledge and experience to add considerable value.


65.  Affirmative Action Project Manager working to a tight deadline says to vendor offering a genuine price “your price is too high, cut it by half”.  The vendor has better things to do so does not come back.  Project stands.


66.  South African Air Force have no money for fuel to fly their billions of Rands worth of Fighter Jets because of bad financial control and despite spending hundreds of millions of Rands on executive jet flights for the Minister of Defence.  Pilots run risk of losing licenses and risk of deterioration of planes standing without proper maintenance.


67.  Nearly new Naval ships unable to go to sea because of engine problems, one has to return to the manufacturer for repairs – can only be the consequence of improper or inadequate maintenance by inadequately qualified Affirmative Action deployees.  These engines should last for many decades with proper maintenance.


68.  Seventy five year old Dakota – a Museum piece that should only be flown at air shows and similar on a now and again basis, pressed into service on routine operational duties over the Drakensberg in bad weather and crashes killing all on board.  This was a totally inappropriate deployment for such an old aircraft in such bad weather conditions.  SAAF announces an investigation into technical problems – likely problem is Affirmative Action personnel deploying the plane inappropriately and, according to one report, improper and inadequate maintenance.  Allegedly much of the Air Force is grounded due to improper maintenance resulting from forcing out European technicians so they had to use this plane and Affirmative / Cadre officers are alleged to have force the white pilot to fly an unsafe route in unsafe weather with an unsafe plane because it was carrying medicine for Nelson Mandela that should have been supplied using other logistics routes.


69.  Telkom has lost 20% of its customers in ten years owing to poor service standards resulting from excessive Affirmative Action.


70.  Business organization using Affirmative Action technicians – total chaos in the computer room and totally inappropriate actions – business nearly crippled.


71.  Government Agency accounting systems – consultant finds that the under-qualified Affirmative Action Finance Manager is screaming at her staff such that they are too scared to use the system – Affirmative Chief Executive fires the consultant for reporting this.  Two years later the Manager is suspended for Fraud and theft.


72.  Professor at a University responsible for computer operations finds that Affirmative Action technicians cannot solve the problem, brings in white technicians who solve the problem in a couple of hours – head of the campus institutes disciplinary proceedings against the Professor for “racial discrimination” – Professor resigns and leaves the country.


73.  African Professor wants to put in an offer on a house.  Estate Agent tells him his price is way below what the seller will accept, buyer goes to seller and tries to cut the agent out, seller refuses to agree and refuses offer.  Black buyer lays charges of racism against the white seller and white agent – the offer was NOT market related – this is typical of the arrogance that underpins the vast majority of black allegations of racism against whites – they do NOT understand and do unreasonable and stupid things but their automatic answer is “racism”.


74.  Total collapse and squalor of large parts of Hillbrow, Joubert Park and neighbouring areas in Johannesburg – gone from respectable middle class areas to slums in twenty years resulting from mismanagement by Johannesburg Metro.


75.  Transkei and Zululand, greatest black populations, least white presence EVER, many of those in Government including past and current presidents – greatest poverty clearly evidencing that Africans cannot run their own areas effectively and yet those same people expect to run the country and achieve a different outcome.


76.  Zebediela Citrus Estate, once the largest in the world, handed over to Africans, now desolate see white paper at




77.  Eskom power collapse about five years ago – incompetence on the part of Government – plants shut down and never reopened, massive economic damage, major investments lost and now electricity costs are running out of control with further massive negative impacts on export prices and global competitiveness.


78.  Rumours allege that Eskom is pushing the maintenance of boilers to much longer periods than is safe and then forcing the maintenance periods to much shorter than is safe with the result that it is only a matter of time before major boiler failures endanger Power Stations and electricity supply with the risk of major damage to the economy and even collapse of the electricity grid.


79.  Electricity prices are running out of control and massively damaging competitiveness of high electricity use industries and mines.


80.  High tech entrepreneurs are leaving the country, firstly because they cannot get the necessary skills because they are leaving and secondly because of legislated BEE and Affirmative Action which are totally unreasonable and unachievable for high technology companies.


81.  Government proposed to change the governance of a mission critical regulatory body in order to “bypass racial discrimination” because Affirmative candidates were being rejected as unsafe to practice in the field – people could get killed – liberal and committed white professional who argued for safety standards to the relevant Portfolio Committee returned demoralized and exhausted after a week of racial abuse by black members of parliament.


82.  Loyal white Government officials dismissed on trumped up charges for whistle blowing on tender fraud.


83.  White Government official institutes tough compliance control with regard to procurement, suddenly faced with trumped up charges by an ANC aligned official.  Charge sheet is almost illiterate but the case continues to be pressed.


84.  Government officials given five year contracts since 1994 so that white officials can be conveniently replaced by blacks.  Result is that virtually all institutional knowledge with regard to running the organs of Government has been lost, officials are in constant fear of finding the next appointment in case they are edged out by an Affirmative Action appointment, which is happening at an accelerating rate.  Many are demotivated, many have left Government and many have left the country.  More will follow.


85.  Goodman Gallery faced harsh threats of violence by ANC for displaying an inappropriate picture of President Zuma – issue is HOW it was handled – immediately marches and threats of violence – that is the African way that so many whites and Indians fear.


86.  Private construction company bankrupt because of failure of Government to pay R200 million – way overdue despite all reasonable efforts.


87.  ANC people gearing quotes by huge amounts to make huge profits for themselves using Government money to fund their extravagant life styles.


88.  Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis reported at the ANC Congress in December 2012 indicating the gross and totally inappropriate levels of consumption expenditure within the ANC associated with gross fraud and theft.


89.  Welfare organizations and charities historically funded by Government (read European run Government twenty years ago) are increasingly having funding cut.  Contrast this with the excesses of the previous point in order to get some view of the morality of the situation.



90.  Government projects over-run by years and millions because of incompetent Affirmative project managers.


91.  Blue Light Convoys for all sorts of Government Officials at ALL levels.  Massive waste of tax payer’s money, reckless driving, accidents caused, people killed, huge frustration and resentment.


92.  Frequently no attempt at time management.  Meetings start hours late.  President Zuma sets this example constantly at huge cost and disruption.


93.  Government research agency displaces European researchers and replaces them with Affirmative Action personnel.  The result is badly designed and inappropriate surveys badly administered and badly analysed that result in completely inappropriate findings which then inform Government policy making and legislation further contributing to major problems in the country.


94.  Department of Home Affairs take three to four months to provide a detailed Birth Certificate, a computer printed document – alternatively you can pay an “agent” at the entrances to the premises R1,000 to get it within a week – STILL delivered by the Department of Home Affairs through the good offices of associates of the agent WITHIN the Department.


95.  Turbine Accident at Duhva Power Station in 2010 / 2011 – 1,500 MW of generating capacity lost – Affirmative Action technician error – theoretically impossible:

Before                                                                   After



Close up of the damage, note that the shaft, hole on the left, is about 300 mm diameter – see shaft bottom right – this is a massive machine – see the size of the worker in the photo top left

Things to note:

  •  Allegedly there were three over-run controls, of which two were deactivated because an Affirmative Action technician wanted to test if the third was working – it was NOT, hence the accident – this is totally UNACCEPTABLE technical practice.


  •  The photographs were allegedly taken by a disaffected and marginalized European technician.


  •  This incident was kept completely covered up and never made it into the Newspapers – one of numerous incidents not reported on.


  •  It probably cost about R50 million and probably took at LEAST two years to replace this unit – it could NOT have been repaired.


  •  This unit alone produced enough electricity to run a significant town full time, or a significant mine shaft or a whole range of heavy industry full time so the real economic damage was potentially massive.


  •  This capacity was taken out through Affirmative incompetence / negligence at a time when South Africa was experiencing major electricity supply shortages.


  •  Note that furnaces and plants were shut down and investments cancelled as a consequence of the electricity crisis that were NEVER reopened or reinstated!


96.  Affirmative Action technician leaves bolt in turbine at Koeberg after routine maintenance because he does NOT follow laid down procedures, turbine starts up and disintegrates, takes over a year to replace, during the height of the electricity crisis.  Official announcement ignores the true cause.


97.  South Africa’s international Credit Rating downgraded from AAA some years ago to BBB which is apparently not much higher than JUNK status – a measure of just how badly things are deteriorating as viewed by the international financial community.


98.  We continue to live behind high walls and security gates with burglar alarms – a measure of how we view the security situation.


99.  Affirmative Action pilot takes wrong turning on airfield at night, puts engines into reverse and backs the plane into a ditch, trashes the engine – reverse thrust on engines is to slow the plane on landing NOT to reverse the plane like a car – there are no view finders, windows or mirrors – aeroplanes are designed to be reversed using tractors / tugs – total technical incompetence, millions of Rands write off.


It has subsequently been asserted that this was NOT an Affirmative Action related incident -- click here to read the detail and make your own assessment

100.   Etc, etc, etc – everywhere I look things are collapsing and, I suspect, now that YOU have read this list YOU have more horror stories to add.

An Alternative Summing up

 Following are some other factors that are pointing to irreversible economic collapse:

1.  Loss of wealth creators and sustainers

Fundamentally a Western economy prospers on the basis of about 2% of the population who have the knowledge, experience, aptitude and flair to identify and execute wealth creating activities.  These people are supported by approximately 12% of the population who have the knowledge, experience, aptitude and flair to convert these visions into reality and keep them running effectively.  It has been said that “the rest of the people do NOT even know that the economy exists” – relating to the tendency of the poor and the working class to believe that they create the wealth when, in fact, they just show up and perform the jobs that have been conceptualized and created by the 1% and the 12%.

Historically in South African society the 2% and 12% have virtually all been People of European Descent (PED), commonly called “white” and it remains so today, except that this group of people are leaving in greater proportions because they are the very people who can easily relocate and establish themselves elsewhere in the world because, in most economies outside of Africa, they are in great demand.

The performance of the last 150 years clearly evidences that there are very few Indigenous African People who know how to create wealth other than by taking it over by force, including force of legislation as in so-called “Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment” (BBBEE), Cadre Deployment and Affirmative Action and by stealing it as is rife in Government today.  These models are NOT sustainable and will collapse, sooner rather than later.


2.    Widespread unconscious incompetence – The Dunning-Kruger Syndrome

The Dunning-Kruger Syndrome or Effect is the situation in which people who are unconsciously incompetent believe they are competent and therefore make mistakes but do not recognize them as mistakes and regard any person who tries to correct them as “racist” or some other destructive label.

The harsh reality is that (barring a few exceptions) almost the entire ANC Government, their Cadres and Affirmative Action appointees are at some level subject to the Dunning-Kruger Syndrome with the result that even low level operational people make highly damaging decisions from time to time.

Examples include a 1,500 MW Generating set disintegrated because an African technician disabled a governor and let the set run so far out of speed range that the entire set disintegrated in an almost impossible manner – see photos in previous section.  Another Affirmative Action person left a bolt in a turbine at Koeberg with the result that the entire turbine disintegrated and the generating set was out of service for over a year at the time of the electricity crisis.  An Affirmative Action aircraft pilot who tried to REVERSE a Boeing 737 Freighter on the ground by putting the engines into reverse thrust and backed the plane into a ditch and the put the engines on full power and sucked stones into the engines – the plane was a write off.  The incidents are far too numerous to catalogue here but each destroys value irreversibly – see previous section.

Then things have gone a step further – organizations that are run by Africans insist on doing away with low wage positions and squandering money on under-utilized earth moving and other high capital cost items while the ditch diggers, tree pruners, bitumen sprayers, etc sit at home without work.  There is NO comprehension of the need to create employment with low wage work that correlates with the massive level of unemployment – something the Europeans realized but were slandered for “exploiting the poor”.

Given that South Africa is now ruled by an elite that is systematically doing things that are progressively trashing the economy, it becomes apparent that South Africa is heading for collapse.


3.    There was NOTHING here in the first place

Fundamentally, at the moment the Europeans set foot in South Africa, there was NO infrastructure, no technology, no writing, no technical vocabulary, nothing except primitive savages living in primitive huts and wearing animal skins, as Jacob Zuma so enjoys reminding us.


The Europeans came from very advanced societies with advanced technology, major road infrastructure, large and sophisticated buildings, advanced culture (music, etc), education, etc – as a consequence they brought with them all the knowledge, experience and technology that has given rise to the current economy and it continues to be the case that the Africans continue to rely on Europeans to create what they want. 

Consider Big Ben, the  clock on top of the Elizabeth Tower in London, a complex, sophisticated and structurally advanced landmark constructed by Europeans in 1858, twenty years after Blood River – contrast this with African Technology of the time.



Consider also the Palace of Westminster which houses British Parliament, REBUILT in 1834 FOUR YEARS BEFORE BLOOD RIVER, replacing a building built in the 1500’s which in turn replaced a building built in the 11th Century.  Contrast this with African technology of those times.




The myth that Europeans stole it all from Africans is massively dangerous because it prevents Africans from recognizing the massive damage they are doing to the economy and changing direction by taking measures to retain the Europeans instead of driving them out.

The vast majority of Africans have a huge amount of learning to do but those in power do NOT recognize this and so the inevitability of collapse grows greater.


4.    Blaming Apartheid and ignoring the obvious

Africans continue to blame Apartheid for their problems, their lack of education, their poverty, etc.

As with the previous point this highly dangerous belief blinds people to the reality that the Europeans came here bringing technology, method, knowledge, etc BUT they had to build everything from scratch and the Africans provided only labour and did not take what they learned and go away and create their own economic activity.

For the most part Europeans did NOT oppress Africans, Africans suppressed themselves through their ignorance and inability to recognize that there were critical aspects that they did not know and did not understand.

Accordingly, instead of engaging with the Europeans to develop their cognitive reasoning and deductive skills, developing creative initiative, learning to manage and motivate people positively and not in Power-Fear manoeuvres, learning to manage time and cash, they sat back, lived in poverty and blamed the Europeans for somehow NOT generating the surplus wealth to hand out on demand.

Yes, there WERE aspects of Apartheid that were wrong – but how much of that was response to the arrogantly stupid behaviour of Africans with a little bit of education and no ability to actually effectively perform the tasks they were given?

If Africans recognized that they still have a LOT to learn from Europeans we would get somewhere but there is NO indication that this is likely to happen.


5.    ANC Government at all levels is becoming dysfunctional

Government at ALL levels is becoming dysfunctional; billions of Rands have been squandered on inappropriate luxury, revelry, etc.  Billions more have been lost to corruption and graft as well as outright theft.  Throughout the ANC controlled parts of the country core infrastructure is decaying as a consequence of a lack of maintenance and, in the years ahead, roads, electricity, water and sewerage reticulation, amongst others, will all become more and more unreliable and eventually collapse.


6.    The foundations are crumbling

Fundamental elements of what is necessary for a vibrant and growing economy are being destroyed by Cadre deployment, Affirmative Action, inappropriate and destructive laws and policies, etc, etc.  300,000 jobs have been destroyed in the Manufacturing Sector and yet the ANC continues to champion increasingly generous Minimum Wages that are unsustainable and progressively putting more and more enterprises out of business.  South African wine is bottled in Europe because our labour costs push our competitiveness out the window and so on and so on in just about every area of the economy.  Those businesses that have closed down are unlikely to reopen, often the people who created them have left the country or their morale is broken and they will never take the risk again in South Africa.

The whole concept of risk and reward has been massively compromised.

Those industries that are NOT yet in this predicament have it looming large, as we saw with the Mining Industry in 2012.

One has only to look at the rest of Africa to see what is looming here – I once believed that South Africa was “too advanced” and had sufficient Europeans to avoid the fate of the rest of Africa, I overlooked the massive capacity of incompetence in government to destroy even the most vibrant economy.

Widespread corporate collapse is looming.


7.    The loss of European knowledge and experience is reaching catastrophic proportions

Over the last twenty years somewhere between one and three million Europeans have left the country.  It appears that Government does NOT want the accurate statistics to be known.  Reports indicate that between 30,000 and 68,800 Europeans have been murdered, most of them brutally, in the past two decades, another statistic that Government conceals.

This psychosis is massively crushing creativity, work ethic and morale and also draining the economy of the powerhouse of well-motivated, innovative and effective Europeans that built the present economy.

One estimate suggests that of the order of 25% of ALL professionally qualified people have left the country in the past two decades and other reports speak of substantial on-going departures, one report speaks of 800 a month.

The consequence of this is that the capacity of the economy to sustain itself has been massively undermined and, again, collapse is imminent.


8.    African Population growth is out of control – a massive genocidal revolution is inevitable

Finally, population growth is out of control.  One report states that in the recent census there were 10.9 million under the age of 5 indicating a birth rate of about 2.2 million per annum which are largely Africans since the European birth rate is low and Europeans are leaving.

This graph from Wikipedia suggests a lower population growth rate but whatever the actual figure it is substantial.  The last figure in the graph is six years ago suggesting that growth in the last few years MAY be associated with the Child Support Grant.




If the census figure of about 2 million per annum is vaguely accurate we are looking at the African population doubling from 40 million to 80 million in twenty years.  With the collapse of the education system and decline of the economy it is reasonable to expect the vast majority to be semi-literate or illiterate and living in poverty.

Keep in mind that the handover to African rule was NOT brought about by International Pressure or by ANC successes, it was a consequence of a strategic appraisal by the South African Defence Force Command Structures around 1980 at which point it was concluded that the African population was growing so fast that the Europeans would never win the war and that control should therefore be handed over in a controlled peaceful manner.  This was communicated to confidential Command Council meetings around the country by the Chief of the Army (General Constant Viljoen) at that time.  Progressive moves to hand over were then instituted with the final handover being fumbled on some key points by liberals who believed the best of their African negotiating partners.

On top of this, this exploding population will grow up with the lies about Apartheid, the “white man brought nothing”, “the white man stole everything”, etc.  As well as so-called “struggle songs” like “I” and “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” – sung recently by President Jacob Zuma and tens of thousands of ANC Supporters at the ANC Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on 8 January 2012 and, apparently, at the ANC Congress on 16th December 2012, also in Bloemfontein.

Taking account of these factors, in the absence of some massive positive action, the scale of which I cannot begin to imagine, a massive uprising resulting in millions of deaths is inevitable.  This will start with killing the Europeans, then People of Asian Descent, then People of Mixed Race, then Africans from outside South Africa and then, finally, destruction of most of the smaller African tribes in South Africa culminating in a bitter war between the Zulu and the Xhosa for control of the country.

Paradoxically, it looks increasingly as though the South African economy will fall FURTHER than most other African economies.

Why is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange so Strong?


1.    Manufacturing has lost 300,000 jobs since 2010.





2.    Mining is in massive decline, Gold production is down by two thirds and the Gold Mining industry may collapse in five years – yet the ANC continues to demand greater shares in mining.





3.    The balance of payments is deteriorating – exports are DOWN and imports are UP but the ANC continues to do things to cripple export capability while its Cadres indulge themselves in Lamborghinis and Maseratis and other expensive cars and unnecessary imports cripple local manufacturing capability.





4.       BUT the JSE remains strong.






5.   There are HUGE sums of money in African hands as windfalls from BEE with no material economic effort required to obtain it.


6.   There are further huge sums of money in African hands from Tender Fraud, kickbacks, general fraud and outright theft, which money has required even less effort to obtain it.


7.   The people who hold these funds are economically inexperienced and lacking in real economic knowledge, intuition and wisdom.


8.    They have learned that the stock market can be highly profitable and have experience of good returns over much of the last twenty years and they are therefore chasing shares.


9.    I suspect, but cannot prove, that the knowledgeable money is quietly and cautiously exiting the market while moderating supply so prices remain high.


10.  The possibility of a sudden uncontrolled crash when some factor triggers a sudden and dramatic decline in prices is increasingly probable.  In such event these inexperienced investors are likely to panic and crash the market further instead of sweating out the correction (which is unlikely to be a correction but an all-out crash).


11.  From what I can see this crash is NOT more than five years away and it could even happen NEXT WEEK.

Letter to the Editor of a Professional Journal

The following letter was written following an extremely anti-white article in a Professional Magazine, the editor declined to publish this letter for fear of negative repercussions.

The article that this letter responds to reported that three “black” graduates had left the Engineering profession and sought work in other industries as result of alleged harsh racial attitudes on the part of senior white engineers and cited various statements made by these graduates to prove their case.  Based on my own experience it was palpably obvious that the allegations were completely unfounded and false, and, accordingly, I wrote the following letter:


“To the Editor …,

Dear Sir,

Racism in our magazine

I read your piece "…” this evening and have been lying awake unable to sleep I am so greatly disturbed by what you write for I am one of those senior white engineers that you slander in your article.

I want to offer you some thoughts for consideration to rebut the statements made in your article.

When I was deciding what to study at University, my father, a Chartered Accountant, said to me "son it is less important what you study than that you go to University – they will teach you to think".

He was right, I no longer practice in formal Engineering yet I still hold myself to be an Engineer and I am daily grateful for all that I learned at University.

Many of those who graduated with me also left the profession, but all of us are proud of our engineering heritage, NONE of us blame the senior members of the profession for our decision to pursue different occupations.  The fact that the black people you associate with find it necessary to blame senior engineers for their decision to leave the profession and the fact that you present their excuses and blame as FACT stuns me!

Sir, in the world I live in, as one who is immensely proud of being a Professional Engineer and who constantly champions the "disciplines of engineering", I suggest for your consideration that successful senior engineers stand for ethics, integrity, accountability, … the senior engineers that I know are all men and women of the highest calibre and I assert without fear of contradiction that every one of the senior white engineers who read your article will be grievously hurt and insulted by your article.  We do NOT do race, we do excellence and professional accountability!

We live in a harsh world where small errors cause large failures with huge consequences and potentially loss of life.  We live in a world of precision, of check and double check.  We live in a world where our signature on a drawing, specification or report  can mean professional banishment and even imprisonment if we are found to be negligent and yet you have the temerity to suggest that our critical evaluation of our subordinates is racist!?




You have introduced race into the hallowed halls of my professional journal, I will now respond.

It is so that different people have different aptitudes and different knowledge and experience sets.

I believe that people of ALL colours CAN become highly competent engineers, let nothing that follows be interpreted differently.  However, they must be properly trained.  To be properly trained they must first own their ignorance!  The problems illuminated by your comments and addressed in this response occur with different levels of intensity ranging from not at all to extremely intense and they occur with people of all race groups to varying degrees.  It is a reality that they are most prevalent and most severe in the group you refer to as "black" – that is "Indigenous African People" as they are referred to in certain race orientated legislation.

I have written at length about the importance of early childhood knowledge and experience that is far more significant than race.  Yes, there is a strong correlation with race but it applies just as much to whites raised in sub-optimal surroundings as it does to blacks.  The difference is that if, as a white senior engineer I encounter an incompetent white junior I give him a firm talking to once or twice and then I assist him to leave my employ and go somewhere else where he will not threaten lives with his incompetence.  If I treat a black man the same way I am branded a racist and told that I have to nurture him and stroke him and pander to his ignorance (as in your article) because if not I will face economic sanctions by government and possibly even criminal events that threaten my wife and children!  That is the harsh reality that we live with as whites in South Africa today.

But, "discrimination", "disadvantage", etc I hear you cry.

What discrimination and disadvantage?

What I do today I developed myself, I did NOT steal it from a black man, my father was a Chartered Accountant, he did NOT steal that from a black man, my grandfather was an importer, he did NOT steal that from a black man – so I have nothing to be ashamed of, I have built my business working six day weeks, sixteen hour days, sinking every spare cent into research and development and now somehow I am a racist because I refuse to hire some incompetent person on the basis of their skin colour, rather than hire on the basis of ability to add value to my business?

Harsh reality is that when the white man arrived in South Africa there was NO technology, NO infrastructure, NO commerce, NO formal agriculture, NO writing, NO mathematics, etc – the white man brought all these things from countries with impressive structures, infrastructure and technology going back hundreds and even thousands of years – why are we wrong for being proud of our heritage and why is it OUR fault because "Indigenous Africans" do NOT have such a heritage?

I grew up with exposure to engineering, I was designing and building things when I was six years old, I was an engineer BEFORE I set foot in University; University simply gave me the formal knowledge to design and build much more sophisticated structures and systems building on centuries of formal learning in white society.  A University degree does NOT entitle a black person to be an engineer, it entitles them to work their butts off the way I and all my peers did in order that we might, by dint of QUALITY hard work, qualify for that exalted title "PrEng"!

I learned things like the management of time, resources, finances, self-discipline, accountability, motivating investments from my parents BEFORE I was nearly old enough to enter University.  I had read hundreds of books, I had achieved high marks for projects at school to high standards.  I had sat at dinner with my parents peers and learned how to respectfully engage in conversation with them.  All of us "white"(your language) engineers had this asset base when we walked onto campus for the first time at some level, so do our children and grandchildren bring this knowledge and experience with them to campus.

Fact is that many black people do NOT learn all, or even many, these things or have these experiences before they arrive at University and the Universities, despite massive political interference, do not recognize the need to teach these things to people from so-called “disadvantaged backgrounds”.  How then does a person from such a background presume to demand equal treatment when they are not equipped to do the work and THEIR government does not dain to teach them?

Regarding language, how is it my fault if a man comes to me with a so-called “Degree” but does not understand what I say and cannot write a meaningful report?  I recently had a "graduate" with a Bachelor's degree travel the country with me at company expense to attend the SAME presentation ten times and yet in the end he was unable to produce a cogent technical report on what he had heard TEN times.  If he was white I would have told him in no uncertain terms that he was in the wrong place but, because he was black, I had to be "diplomatic" and write a detailed outline for him.  He messed up filling in the gaps in that as well and having wasted weeks the document was too late to be relevant and still not up to standard.

I spent many hours of non-billable time over and above the time he spent shadowing me attempting to mentor and teach someone who could not be taught.  At the outset I explained the need for him to take notes, he took a few scrappy and meaningless notes.  I explained why he should ask questions.  He did NOT ask questions and when I asked if he had questions he answered "no", he claimed he understood everything.  I arranged matters so that he could travel with me in order for him to engage with me and learn from me but he made no attempt to respond to my attempts to engage with him.

Eventually I requested that he was removed from my project having confronted the harsh reality that I could not teach him because he was not teachable and that he would not help me in any constructive way with routine "menial?" work.  There were other incidents where he wasted hours of time, missed deadlines, dropped balls and generally messed up before I reached the point of requesting his removal.  I gave him the best I could but he was not able to gain from the opportunity.  There have been other cases with other black people.

BUT he remains with the company in order to meet racial quotas and, like the men in your article, finds himself doing "menial" tasks because that is all he is able to do!

At the same time I spent about eight hours over a period of several months with a white graduate of the same age who went off and ON HIS OWN produced an excellent piece of computer software on time and within budget that exceeded my expectations.  Which man do you think I would rather invest in?

But Apartheid!!

What about Apartheid?

Yes there were things that were wrong – but remember, black people lost the war and the history of war around the world for thousands of years tells us that there is no obligation on those who win wars to help those who lose them.   It does happen but nowhere in the rule book is this stipulated as a requirement.  We are thirty years past the point at which the South African government started dismantling Apartheid and pushing affirmative action, we are seventeen years into black government and the legacy we sit with is the legacy of lack of knowledge that existed when whites arrived in South Africa.  The key thing you can lay at the door of Apartheid is that whites did not try as hard as they might have done to advance blacks and, yes, there WAS unacceptable repression and violence.  I grant you that, BUT we have apologized, we have eaten humble pie, we have handed over our nation and our government to black people who are increasingly breaking down the economy and infrastructure and adopting an increasingly hostile attitude toward us.

Furthermore I never supported Apartheid, I voted against it, my father voted against it, my parents engaged in all sorts of activities to uplift and develop black people.  I was also discriminated against because I was English but it did not hold me back.

There is a harsh reality, seventeen years after the end of World War Two Germany had in large measure rebuilt its economy and went on to become one of the leading economies in the world through hard work, careful management of finances, etc.  Black South Africans who had a thriving economy handed to them on a plate seventeen years ago are still whining about Apartheid and continuously passing legislation and engaging in corrupt practices that are breaking down what we handed to them.  Apartheid is no longer a valid excuse.

While we are on the subject of "menial", in my experience as an engineer, there is no such thing as "menial" – every task is important no matter how basic and a good engineer will muck in and do whatever is necessary for the project to be completed on time and within budget to requirement.  "Menial" is language of the proud, only an arrogant person regards some form of activity as "menial" and that, sir, is a major problem with black people – because they have now presumed to be important they become arrogant and impossible to teach – not all, but many.

Note also that engineering is fundamentally about attention to detail.  It is so that junior staff on a project DO have to do high detail, repetitive work but that work is critical and requires engineering training in order for the person doing the work to identify anomalies and ensure the detail is precise.  Large structures and systems fail because of small detail errors – study the literature.  If that is what your friends are complaining about then, sir, those people are NOT engineers and never will be!

Note also that in Banking, Insurance and Brewing people are not placed at risk of death or harm as a consequence of negligence or incompetence and there are large indirect safety nets and cushions.  If you understood the harsh realities of Engineering you would understand that those who opt out of Engineering to move to Banking, Insurance and Brewing do so to industries where any lack of competence is not so glaringly brought into focus.

I also draw your attention to the reality that no matter what form of Engineering Enterprise your friends were employed in, those senior engineers need to show a positive return on money expended on salaries.  Putting black juniors onto "menial" tasks because of racial ugliness does NOT pay their salaries so I conclude from own experience that in all likelihood your friends were so incompetent that there was nothing else they could be used for and their employers took a massive loss in order to meet affirmative action quotas.  I submit that no engineer in his right commercial mind will devalue a competent resource in the way you suggest was done in those cases.

Furthermore, I, and I have it the vast majority of my peers and colleagues, are people of goodwill, we desire the best for our junior staff, we believe the best of people, we will go the extra mile but, as in the case above, when the graduate is so lacking in basic knowledge and experience that we cannot gainfully use them in any shape or form, we are left with little choice but to let them go or use them in low level positions because we are not equipped to fill the gap of cultural deficiencies going back generations.

Returning to language, it is a choice on the part of black parents to raise their children to speak English as first language or teach them their "mother tongue", it was the choice of our black government to introduce Outcomes Based Education and champion "mother tongue education" and in the process trash all that was working.  Yet somehow I am racist when the products of these decisions by black people fail to make the grade?

Furthermore only 9% of South Africans are white, how on earth is it the responsibility of that 9% to make good the lack of technical knowledge and lack of technical heritage of the remainder of the population who never had it in the first place?

We can share, we can do our best to teach but at the end of the day we have to make a living and we have to make sure that what we do is of a sufficiently high standard that lives are not placed at risk or commercial damage caused and we retain our licences.

Much of the problem stems from the Dunning-Kruger effect which is summarized as: "a cognitive bias in which unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to appreciate their mistakes.  The unskilled therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their ability as above average, much higher than it actually is, while the highly skilled underrate their own abilities..." (Wikipedia and other sources) – thus the incompetent (black in terms of your definition) grossly over-estimate their own knowledge and experience and under estimate the knowledge and experience of their superiors (whites by your language) and put the consequences of their incompetence down to discrimination thereby disempowering themselves and their superiors from doing anything to improve the situation.

I first experienced Dunning-Kruger "in my face" some years ago when in facilitating strategic planning sessions using numeric measures of performance I found black delegates rating the performance of their organization at 7 or 8 out of 10 while their white colleagues rated the SAME organization at 4 to 5 out of 10.  It was a massive problem, the blacks were sitting back complacently believing they were doing an excellent job and the whites were frantically doing all in their power to improve a situation, which in their opinion, was heading for catastrophic demise!

In the case of the graduate that I attempted to mentor above I rate him at perhaps 2 out of 10 where 0 is could not be worse and 10 is could not be better, he was busy planning to enrol for a Master's degree so I assume he rated himself at about 7 out of 10.  He did not have the most elementary appreciation of what he did not know and I suspect that had I tried to really make him aware of it he would have accused me of being racist!  For all I know he messed up various tasks I gave him because he regarded them as menial and beneath his dignity!?

The Dunning-Kruger effect is evident throughout South African society and is in the process of destroying our economy.  The probability of massive economic collapse within five to twenty years is significant and increasing.

Over one million whites have left the country, 800 graduate professionals are leaving monthly.  Articles like yours can reasonably be expected to accelerate the Exodus; you have certainly materially diminished my will to believe the best!

Then, relating to your slanderous attack on me and my peers you overlook another fundamental – people who are good with technology are NOT good with people in the same way that people who are good with people are not good with technology.  So senior technologists, the engineers you attack, are not well equipped to handle conflict and confrontation and so, for the most part, we back off.

Add to this the reality of harsh racially inspired sanctions and penalties and a thinly disguised fear of physical retribution and what are we left with?  Because I have concerns that we are not living in a true democracy any longer, and that business trauma and possibly violence are real, I have eventually decided to request that this letter be published under a non-deplume and I have chosen not to tell my wife I am writing it.

What does that say about these "disadvantaged" ones whose cause you champion?

It is time for blacks to cease demanding things that they are NOT entitled to and start behaving like whites – work hard without complaining, accept that if someone else gets promoted above you it is because they are BETTER than you are and therefore YOU work harder, YOU ask intelligent questions, YOU focus on improving yourself instead of blaming me for your incompetence – go to night school if necessary!

There ARE ways of dealing with the Dunning-Kruger problem – undertake critical issues analysis of the non-academic skills that successful white (your language) engineers have and that black (your language) would-be engineers lack and put them through a one or two year foundation laying course before admitting them into first year University.  BUT, this requires that our black government and black people recognize that Dunning-Kruger is real, that most blacks are inadequately equipped for the work they aspire to do and that such investment of time and money is necessary and, in fact, essential.  I have tried on several occasions to promote such a concept but it seems that no one is interested.  There is an opportunity for you and others to promote such a concept and I will willingly provide input to a properly funded results orientated initiative that is willing to be frank about the nature of the problem and seek ways to resolve it – in other words, an engineering initiative.

Sir, you are employed to represent ALL the members of our Profession and further OUR BEST INTERESTS and that includes me and all my white colleagues.  Your article is an affront to technical accuracy and an affront to those you are supposed to represent.  An engineer of character on hearing stories such as those you air publicly would intervene with the organizations concerned and seek to learn the truth and resolve the problem, engage with other senior engineers in order to facilitate and to understand but NOT chase the story like some immature news hound and report something which even the most elementary consideration must indicate is racially based slander of the worst order.

I consider this entirely unacceptable and, accordingly, together with this letter to the editor I am submitting a second letter to the … Council requesting that you be censured and put on notice that recurrence of this abhorrent behaviour will result in termination of your appointment.

Sir, if you are to deserve the high office that you hold, funded by those you attack, I challenge you to step up to the plate and right now apologize to us senior white engineers for your insensitive racist remarks at our expense, take a stand against empty racist entitlement and start preaching a message of competence, hard work, diligence and accountability for all – it is time we start treating blacks like whites instead of holding pity parties such as you are guilty of in your article.

Letter to the Editor of an Afrikaans Newspaper about Zuma singing Shoot the Boer

This letter was written in early December 2012 after I became aware of the video of Jacob Zuma leading the leadership of the ANC together with tens of thousands of followers in singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” at the ANC Centenary event in Bloemfontein (Mangaung) on 8th January 2012:


The editor …

Dear Sir,

Plaasmoorde – Dis veel wreder as ander

And Jacob Zuma sings “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with Machine Guns”

I write with regard to your article on Wednesday 28 November 2012 Plaasmoorde – ‘Dis veel wreder as ander’.

I would like to draw your attention to the video clip at



In this clip, taken on Sunday 8th January 2012 at the ANC Centenary celebrations in Mangaung (Bloemfontein), we see President Jacob Zuma together with a panel of dignitaries leading thousands of ANC supporters including MK soldiers in uniform in the singing of a song which in summary states “the cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns”.

I came across the clip a few weeks ago and am greatly surprised that there has not been an outcry in the press about this incident.  Apparently white reporters and possibly all reporters were excluded from the session.

You may say that the settlement reached between the ANC and Afriforum and others in October nullifies this situation but I suggest for your consideration that it does NOT.

In saying this I submit the following for your consideration:

1.    This is the PRESIDENT of South Africa leading the singing NOT Malema or some other junior leader;

2.     It is taking place as part of a formal mass celebration by the ruling ANC involving thousands of people;

3.    It seems probable that most of the ANC Leadership were present, meaning most of the Cabinet;

4.    This is NOT a “struggle song” – at the time of “the Struggle” the Cabinet was made up of the people that the song says are going to be machine gunned – therefore this is a song being sung in the POST STRUGGLE ERA about the post struggle cabinet WITH the complicity of that Cabinet;

5.    The settlement in October related to general singing of such songs, as I understand it, it does NOT cater for the legal issues associated with the PRESIDENT leading the singing of this song in public;

6.    In singing this song President Zuma violates his oath of office – he should be impeached and removed from office;

7.    In singing the song President Zuma AND the Leadership of the ANC AND the ANC as a political party violate the constitution and should be prosecuted;

8.    Singing of the song was in direct contravention of the Court ruling last year (2011) and shows total disrespect for the Law;

9.    To say that this is “just a song” is disingenuous in the EXTREME – our entire society operates on words, we are taught using words, we find our way to destinations using words, computers operate using words, buildings are built using words, etc, etc.  Psychologists operate using words and words drive Psychology – the words sung under the direction of President Zuma mandate millions of people to shoot Boers (Afrikaners);

10.   Since the Afrikaners are inter-married with other European Nationalities, work amongst us and live amongst us an instruction to shoot Boers is an instruction to shoot ALL people of European descent irrespective of their origins – after all, we all look much the same;

11.   I submit for your consideration that there is a DIRECT CORRELATION between the singing of this song and song’s like it and the horrific farm murders that you reported;

12.   Note the presence of Umkhonto we Sizwe soldiers in Uniform at an ANC gathering – this is supposed to be a political party that has laid down its arms – yet it still has soldiers in a formal uniform who cavort in front while their Commander in Chief instructs them to machine gun Boers – this is totally unacceptable – those soldiers were supposed to be integrated into the SANDF and those soldiers have NO business being in uniform at a political gathering – I suggest for your consideration that the presence of these soldiers is a DIRECT indication of hostile intent on the part of the ANC towards the Boers;

13.   The procession of soldiers carrying what some people say is a cake and others say is a coffin clearly indicates that the singing of this song was PLANNED and PREMEDITATED and NOT some spontaneous outpouring;

14.   It has been reported that Jacob Zuma has stated publicly that it is his intention to “avenge Blood River” – that again supports the view that the singing of this song is NOT just some harmless ditty, it is a calculated move to motivate ANC supporters to prepare for war;

15.   Consider also Jacob Zuma’s private residence at Nkandla – with an underground bunker, linked by tunnels and bullet proof glass and a security complement – for a PRIVATE HOUSE – South Africa is supposedly at peace, supposedly we have NO enemies in the world, there is no military force in Africa other than Nigeria, Egypt and Lybia which could possibly threaten South Africa and there is absolutely NO indication that they are in ANY way hostile to South Africa – there is ONLY ONE conclusion that one can draw and that is that Jacob Zuma is preparing for war WITHIN South Africa!;

16.   I submit for your consideration that this is prima facie evidence that the ANC has a long term agenda to destroy people of European descent and that they will succeed unless there is massive and effective PEACEFUL opposition and the truth is exposed.

No Mr Editor, this song, sung by the President, constitutes a DECLARATION OF WAR on all people of European descent whether we want to accept that or not – the challenge is what will we do – what will  YOU do?

Do you keep silent?

Or do you investigate relentlessly until you have the evidence you need to expose this terrible hidden agenda?

What do we, as people of European descent, do?

We have a choice – actively expose and oppose this agenda of violence or be surprised when the Holocaust strikes – we have to see the parallels between what the ANC are doing and what the NAZI party did in Germany in the 1930’s relative to Jews.

So, do we continue in the stupor of trust that pervades our Society or blow the whistle?

Surely it is time for voluble protest, for taking this video and all other evidence that surely exists to international forums and to the embassies of all nations whose nationals originally contributed to the formation of the people of European descent who live in South Africa.

Should we consider active acts of opposition? – such as refusing to comply with the harsh and unconstitutional Affirmative Action legislation and giving priority to employing the hundreds of thousands of Europeans in this country who are unemployed because of these harsh and unjust laws?  Do we refuse to engage in BEE any longer?  Do we withhold taxes?  These are perhaps the only concrete measures available to us in terms of concrete opposition but they may well make the situation worse.

Alternatively, do we, as a European race, collectively turn to the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and cry out for deliverance – next Sunday, 16th December, is the Day of the Vow – I suggest that all who believe and love this country should turn to the Almighty and cry out to Him for deliverance starting now and building constantly until a critical mass of prayer, fasting and supplication is reached.

Yours faithfully

Disillusioned South African – please use this nom de plume

Name withheld for Professional and Security Reasons

Why are Europeans NOT much more Energized in Defending themselves?

 The question arises “Why are Europeans so inactive?”

1.    Fatigue – we are NUMB with what we are experiencing and the barrage of bad news 

2.  A Stupour of Trust exists – we are conditioned by our upbringing to “believe the best of people” – it is unthinkable that Zuma actually DOES mean to shoot Boers – even though the massive genocide statistic CONFIRMS that this IS his intention.

3.    We cannot imagine it is possible so we cannot see it.

4.    We know that African people cannot perform up to standard so we are accustomed to compensating for them, making allowances, giving another chance, showing generosity and compassion.

5.    We think that our bad experiences are local, we are the ONLY one’s – it MUST be going better for others.

6.    So busy with the increasing pressures of our increasingly difficult work situations that we cannot step back and think clearly and then DO something.

7.    We really do NOT understand – what is happening is so far outside our paradigms that we cannot compute it and do NOT know what to do.

8.    Denial – do NOT know what we would do if what we suspect REALLY is true – so we block it out and avoid the unpleasant evidence.

9.    We are peace loving – we cannot visualize a harsh and violent intent and do NOT know how to respond.

10.  Fatalistic – we cannot see anything that we CAN do and so we lose ourselves in our work and families and resign ourselves to whatever tomorrow brings knowing that we cannot change anything – we have LOST CONTROL in a country that has LOST DIRECTION and is heading for a catastrophic melt-down we do NOT want to comprehend is possible – or WORSE STILL, it is being STEERED in that direction.

11.  We are SCARED – we have witnessed the savage response of the ANC to “The Spear” painting.  We know of the farm murders and think that maybe they offended their black personnel.  We are scared that if we make too much noise we will be taken out or our wives and daughters raped and barbarically tortured.  We do NOT know where to turn.






My father spent four years in a Nazi Prisoner of War camp because he volunteered to fight the atrocities of the Nazis – I cannot sit quietly by and therefore I have chosen to write this book in the hope that some will be galvanised into constructive action and that others will flee before it is too late.

Why did the ANC only really have an impact from the late 1940’s?

Somebody asked me a few weeks ago why the ANC really only started to have an impact in the 1950’s given they existed since 1912.  This is my response:

1.    African people in general have little ability to meaningfully organize with few exceptions 

2.   Originally the ANC was “tilting at Windmills” – most of what they claimed only existed as figments of their imagination through “arrogant ignorance” – the Dunning-Kruger effect.

3.   Statutory Apartheid in the aftermath of the German Holocaust was totally unacceptable and garnered huge revulsion from Europeans around the world and huge support for the ANC.

4.    Statutory Apartheid alienated Asians (particularly Indians) and people of Mixed Race (Coloureds) and forced them to align with the ANC which they would probably NOT have done otherwise as there is no love lost between most of them and the African people.  Many Indians are EXTREMELY critical of Africans.

5.    The rise of African Americans in the USA gave the ANC hope and support and powerful people in the USA to assist them – note that many “Black Americans” would be coloured by our standards.

6.    Resurgence of Liberal thinking in Europe and the USA after World War 2, which has always tended to favour blacks.

7.    Increased favour towards the Theory of Evolution that saw South Africa viewed as “The Cradle of Humankind” and South African Africans therefore somehow have some special status.

8.    Shocking public relations by the Afrikaner people – refer section on this topic.

9.    Rise of global Communist aspirations, particularly in the USSR, Cuba and China who saw the ANC as a useful ally against a pro-Western country with rich resources and therefore strongly supported the ANC – the “war” in the 1970’s and 1980’s was NEVER against the ANC in material form, they were a Paper-Tiger, the war was against the Communist forces, particularly the Russians and Cubans in Angola.

10.  But it was statutory Apartheid more than anything else that provided the ANC with support and credibility.

Lessons from Dingaan and Retief ? Treachery


1.    The following account is taken from


“On that cloudless morning, Retief, after saddling up, was asked to report with his men and servants to the parade ground so that the king could wish them farewell. As a mark of respect they were asked to leave their guns outside.

“The Boers, seated on the ground were surrounded by a large group of dancers that performed a long dance, gradually moving away from and towards them. Dingane also joined in but at one point he stopped, raised his arm to absolute silence and shouted again and again ‘Bulalani abathagathi!’ – Kill the wizards!

“The Boers were immediately set upon, each by a dozen warriors and bound. One, who had a pocketknife, managed to dispatch a couple before he succumbed. The whole group, including the thirty servants was dragged, struggling, down the hill, across the stream and up to kwaMatiwane where they were clubbed or skewered to death. Retief was the last to die and had to witness the death of his comrades and of his son. After he was put to death, his heart and liver were removed and presented to the king.”

2.    There is NO dispute that a treaty WAS signed – there were other Europeans present.

3.    There is NO dispute amongst diverse sources that Dingaan put Retief and his party to death.

4.    There is NO dispute that most died an agonizing death with sharpened stakes thrust into their abdomens through their anuses.  Some say that they were subsequently disembowelled while still alive.

5.    Apologists for Dingaan say they were killed because they offended against Tribal Customs and seem to suggest that Retief should have known better and that somehow it was his fault that over 10,000 armed men brutally killed 70 who had laid down their arms in good faith – symptomatic of a syndrome where from a Liberal perspective it is ALWAYS the white mans fault.

6.     All agree that Dingaan proclaimed them to be Wizards (Tagati).

7.   Some Apologists for Dingaan DENY the existence of a Peace Treaty made before the slaughter while Afrikaners claim that the document was found on Retief’s dehydrated corpse some time later – see below:


8.    http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Verdrag_tussen_Retief_en_Dingane_1838.jpg


A key conclusion from this incident is that some (many?) Africans have NO qualms about breaking a treaty when it suits them and that, accordingly, Jacob Zuma leading his leaders and tens of thousands in singing “shoot the Boer” may reasonably be seen as a clear statement of intent – Zuma has, after all, descended from the same tribe as Dingaan and has, allegedly, vowed to “avenge Blood River”.  So why should we doubt that this IS his intention?

The Battle of Blood River – a Case Study in African Fundamentals

Jacob Zuma is reported to have said that it is his goal to “avenge Blood River”.  Having recently read a graphic account of the battle and the events leading up to the battle, this got me thinking – following are some points:

1.    The battle came about because of Dingaan’s treachery after signing a Peace Treaty, see previous item, and was directed at destroying the Boers totally.

2.    The small party of 474 Boers took up a totally DEFENSIVE position in the form of a laager of canvas covered wooden wagons (very FLAMMABLE).

      Image from http://voortrekker-history.co.za/blood_river_great_trek.php 

3.    From the diagram above, which is accurate, I have visited the site, it is apparent that head-on attacks in broad daylight were foolish in the extreme – there are any number of other manoeuvres that could have been gainfully employed to attack the laager with much less loss of life and much greater success.

4.    Between 6,000 and 15,000 African warriors are estimated to have been involved in the attack – the attack was ENTIRELY initiated by the Zulus, they could have waited and besieged the laager for weeks if necessary.  They could have attacked at night.  They could have found ways to set fire to the laager, they could have...

5.    Wave upon wave of warriors advanced into point blank rifle range and were mown down by individual shots and grape shot from a few small artillery pieces.  One has to wonder at why basically intelligent men would do this – presumably the barbaric deaths they would die if they disobeyed orders and / or the witchcraft induced blood lust and belief in their invincibility overcame rational thought?  Or perhaps an inability to associate cause and effect?

6.   Parallels with Sharpville where 6,000 armed rioters attacked the police station and kept on coming despite fatalities and Marikana where hundreds of armed rioters, psyched up the previous day by a witchdoctor attacked heavily armed police, are worth keeping in mind.  To what extent is it the fault of DEFENDERS with guns when assailants just keep on coming and leave one with NO OPTION but to open fire – given that a gruesome death waits if one does not?  And yet the ANC turned Sharpville into some form of Afrikaner assault on Africans!

7.    Having lost so many, if the Zulus had continued to press the attack they would have overwhelmed the Boers shortly as the Boers were running out of ammunition – this suggests a serious lack of tactical appreciation on the part of the Zulu Commanders.

8.    Yes, it IS possible that the Almighty played a role in this victory and, I am sure, from a Boer perspective, this looked like a miracle and it might have been BUT from a simplistic military appraisal perspective it looks like well-disciplined fighters, strategically positioned and excellently commanded, overcoming a massively stronger force from within a DEFENSIVE position and speaks more to the limited strategic and reasoning ability of the assailants than it does to a miracle.

9.    Note also that African apologists claim that the reason the Africans lost the Battle of Blood River was “because the whites had guns” – one almost gets the impression that somehow the whites should feel guilty for having guns.

Note that gunpowder based hand held pistols and rifles were in existence in Europe from as early as the 17th Century, years before the Europeans came to South Africa in significant number, and LONG before 1838.  So, when Africans complain that “Europeans had guns” as an excuse for losing the Battle of Blood River they once more resort to a victim drama which reflects their lack of technology and inadequate inventiveness.  But, now that the European has made guns available they want to “avenge Blood River” instead of appreciating how much they could learn from Europeans by partnering with them.

Fundamentally the Africans LOST at Blood River because of their own lack of technology and strategic and tactical incompetence.  It is time to STOP lying about African weaknesses so that they can decide to learn from those who are massively more advanced than they are in just about every area.

10.  The fact that Jacob Zuma today, nearly two hundred years later, sees fit to speak of avenging this defeat, accomplished through the lack of competence of his own forebears, speaks volumes regarding the ANC’s alleged commitment to “Reconciliation” and gives cause for GREAT concern regarding the future of South Africa.

What IS Democracy?

The ANC constantly refers to “Democracy” but what IS it and do WE have it?

1.    Universal suffrage in a society in which the level of education and financial contribution is roughly uniform so that the voters pay for what they vote for – missing in South Africa – the people who pay the taxes are effectively a disenfranchised minority while the voters elect people who steal the tax money or use it for completely inappropriate purposes that hinder future tax revenue generation. 

2.    Universal respect for the law and support for the maintenance of law and order.  Totally missing in South Africa insofar as murder, rape and assault are concerned.  It increasingly seems that opponents of the ANC may die mysteriously and the South African Police Service and Courts are so ineffective (or deliberately obstructive?) that murderers have nothing to fear.  Singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” shows total disregard for the law and gives a clear message to all black Police, Magistrates, etc.

3.    Universal respect for the rights of others was present in the Old South Africa to a reasonable extent with some limitations.  It is increasingly missing today.  I seriously question whether I truly have the right to stand on a soap-box in the middle of a South African city and say what I have said in this book without some nasty consequence, if nothing more than arrest and harsh treatment but quite possibly a brutal death together with my loved ones – writing and publishing this book is, for me, a deeply considered moral choice with very serious consideration of the risk I am taking.

4.   Democracy is NOT a winner takes all and destroys what the losers have built up situation, as we are increasingly experiencing in South Africa.

5.    Democracy is NOT a screen to hide behind while introducing extreme Communism, as is happening in South Africa.

6.   Democracy is NOT a screen to hide behind will introducing harsh tribalism, as increasingly seems to be happening here.

7.    Democracy includes the freedom to express contrary opinions and to criticise.  Consider the ANC’s response to the painting of Zuma “The Spear”.  While I think the painting WAS in BAD taste the reaction of the ANC and the level of threats was totally contrary to what I understand Democracy to entail.

8.    The ANC exploited Democracy to secure control and are now systematically destroying Democracy.

What the British Brought to South Africa

As a person of British descent, while writing this book the inevitable question arose – “what DID WE contribute?”

1.    Liberal contention in the early days after the Cape became British such that those from other parts of Europe, particularly Dutch, German and French settlers eventually left the Cape and amalgamated to call themselves Afrikaners.

2.    Imperial domination leading to genocide in the second Anglo-Boer War (ended 1902) in which about 24,000 Afrikaner women and children died in horrible conditions in Concentration Camps.  The war seemingly largely about satisfying some British egos?

3.    Then almost immediately (1910) formed the Union of South Africa, which to some extent gave the Boers what they had fought for in the first place.

4.    Britain provided a huge component of the commercial and industrial capability of the South African economy – I have lived most of my life in this sector of the economy.

5.    Accepted the decision of the Afrikaner majority to elect the National Party in 1948 and allowed Apartheid to develop.

6.    Granted independence to the Republic of South Africa, under Afrikaner, National Party control, in 1961, effectively giving the Afrikaners all they fought for in the Boer War.

7.    Intervened with sanctions and liberal sentiments in the 1970’s and 1980’s thereby playing a significant role in the ANC coming to power.

8.    The question now is, given that many South Africans ARE descendants of British people but no longer qualify for British Citizenship, and given that from 1902 onwards all European South Africans were, in some measure, British subjects to different degrees at different times and given that Britain has been the historically dominant European power in the history of South Africa, will Britain sit by and claim to be caught by surprise when millions of European South Africans are slaughtered or will Britain take an active role in providing a means of escape?

A Prophetic View – “The Almighty Speaks on South Africa”

This message was published on a prophetic email list on Saturday 7th January 2012, the day BEFORE Jacob Zuma led the ANC masses in Bloemfontein singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns”:


“Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nahum and others refer to “the burden of The Almighty the eternally self-existing” with regard to prophetic visions of coming destruction – difficult messages which the prophet was required to give in the hope of turning a people from destruction.

“In recent weeks I have developed such a burden for my home country, South Africa.  The sections that follow outline the picture I have seen and the words that The Almighty has spoken to me:

1.  Grieved by the words of racist songs against people of European descent

“About three years ago I became aware that songs such as “bring me my machine gun” and “kill the white farmer (boer)” were still being sung by people of African descent despite the peaceful change in regime that had taken place.

“With the deep understanding of the spiritual significance of words that I have gained over the years, particularly through my service of The Almighty, I understand that those words result in deep psychological imprinting in young minds and create spiritual force that has to be released by the execution of the words that have been spoken.  No one with the authority to cancel those words has spoken out to cancel those words and thus they resonate constantly in the spirit realm awaiting release and manifestation.  Murder of white farmers continues."

“2.  Secular evidence that the South African economy is facing structural collapse

“Also about three years ago I started to become increasingly aware that at a technical economic and engineering level there were increasing indications of possible structural collapse of the South African economy in a way that would be very difficult to reverse.

“In the past year the rate of occurrence of these indicators has increased dramatically to a point where I now see indications of impending economic failure on an almost daily basis." 

“3.  Troubled by silence in response to statements by Julius Malema – the Hitler parallels

“During 2011 I became increasingly troubled by the utterances of Julius Malema calling for actions that were unsustainable and which, if actioned, would cause economic collapse.  Again these utterances were met with silence but it is certain that they have raised expectations amongst the unemployed and labouring classes, who represent in excess of 50% of the South African population.  These expectations cannot be met at a structural economic level without significant changes in policy and actions which are directly at odds with what is being called for.

“Towards the end of the year, having studied the history of the Second World War in some detail many years ago, I realized that many of the circumstances that gave rise to Adolf Hitler coming to power were in operation in South Africa.

“Then, a few weeks ago, The Almighty said to me “Julius Malema will be President of South Africa before the end of 2021” (less than ten years time)."

“4.  A derelict and desolate Mall and other visions of coming destruction

“Also a few weeks ago we were sitting eating a meal in an upmarket Mall in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

“I looked up and in the Spirit I saw the Mall was deserted and derelict, broken glass, broken furniture and corpses were everywhere, the Mall had been comprehensively vandalized and destroyed.

“In the weeks that have followed I have repeatedly had similar visions.  Other places destroyed, people with their heads hacked off, women with their guts ripped open, overturned and burnt out cars.  The Almighty told me to hold my peace and wait until He gave me permission to record what I was being shown."

“5.  Troubled by parallels with the French and Russian Revolutions and rise of the Third Reich

“Concurrently with this my attention was drawn to the French and Russian revolutions, the rise of the Third Reich and the Cambodian uprising where high levels of unemployment and massive disparities in the distribution of wealth and privilege eventually fuelled popular uprisings of the unemployed and labouring classes and, in some cases, even the artisan classes.

“All of these uprisings were associated with wholesale slaughter and brutality which destroyed many and in some cases nearly all the elite minority.

“A few days ago The Almighty said to me “before the end of 2031 there will be a revolution in South Africa that will combine the worst of the French and Russian Revolutions, the Third Reich and the Cambodian Revolution”.

“6.  The evils of Apartheid revisited together with the role of The Almighty’s servants in its downfall

“In the last few days The Almighty has lead me to revisit the evils of Apartheid and reminded me how His servants were at the forefront of opposing Apartheid and praying for its demise in a peaceful manner which prayers were granted in 1994.

“He also reminded me how perversions of The Almighty’s truths, perversions of the Bible, and false religious teachings were used to justify Apartheid including teachings which held that indigenous African people were NOT descended from Adam and Noah.

“He reminded me that He had rejected the South African government notwithstanding the covenant of European South Africans with The Almighty because they had broken that Covenant and had violated justice and brought the name of the Creator into disrepute.

“The Almighty said to me “I brought an end to Apartheid because of the cries of my people and the injustices performed in my Name”.

“7.  The President of South Africa sacrifices an animal to the ancestors

“Then, two nights ago The Almighty showed me that the African National Congress would offer sacrifices to the ancestors as part of their 100 year anniversary festivities.  Last night I heard the President four times reported as acknowledging the ancestors and not once acknowledging God or the LORD or Jesus even though he had previously declared that the ANC would rule “till Jesus comes”.

“Then, this morning it was confirmed that animals had been offered by the President to the ancestors and that the spirits of the ancestors had been invoked and The Almighty said to me “son of man, do you see how this people have rejected me?  I also now reject them”.

“8.  The Almighty declares utter destruction

“The Almighty states that by 31 December 2031 there will have been a massive revolution in South Africa by the unemployed and the workers.

“The ruling elite, academics, professionals and others in positions of privilege will have been slaughtered.  Virtually all people of African origin outside the borders of South Africa and virtually all those of Asian descent and those of mixed race will be dead.  Many of the indigenous people groups in South Africa itself will have been largely eliminated.

“75% of those who call themselves “white” at the start of the revolution will have been massacred and the remainder will defend themselves in the Western Cape.

“The economy will be in ruins and the people will return to the ways of their ancestors.  The Zulu people will dominate."

“9.  The Almighty is calling the people of South Africa to repent and turn to Him before they are destroyed

“When I asked The Almighty what could be done to prevent this He said to me “let the leaders and the people humble themselves and repent of their evil, of their ancestor worship, of their dishonesty and exploitation and return to serving me that I may relent before this judgment is fulfilled."


“South Africa is on the brink of destruction and must return to serving The Almighty wholeheartedly and without compromise.  All forms of pagan worship must be put away."

“Please pray earnestly for this country."

“May The Almighty bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace."

It is only through massive repentance and seeking after the Almighty that utter destruction can be prevented.

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Do NOT Impute Motive

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda on behalf of the ANC to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


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If you have NOT seen this you NEED to

This violates his Oath of Office, the Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment

The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

This website and the book that is available for free download here discuss this and many other unpleasant facts that point to some very unpleasant conclusions about the direction that South Africa is going

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