Possible courses of action in response to what is presented here


There are a number of alternative courses of action that can be taken.  This section explores most of the options with a view to equipping you to take a robust view of your future direction.

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Possible Courses of Action

 -         Technically Valid Corrective Actions – Envisioning the Impossible

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 -         The basis for Europeans Withholding BEE, AA and tax and Demanding Change NOT the way to go

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One Hundred Thousand challenged to seek the Almighty Creator at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013

This website evidences the impending utter destruction of South Africa and challenges those who can grasp the seriousness of the situation to come before the Almighty in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013 to cry out for deliverance -- see page http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Gathering16Dec2013.aspx

Technically Valid Corrective Actions – Envisioning the Impossible

There are a number of possible courses of action from a strictly technical (not necessarily practical) perspective:


1.    There IS a problem

Recognize that there IS a problem and the SCALE of the problem.


2.    State of economic emergency – seek international (European) guidance

Declare a state of economic emergency, establish a Government of National Unity with a President that represents the interests of those that pay the majority of the taxes and is well educated and be brutally frank about the issues, particularly African short comings, and seek help from Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other advanced economies for advisors, etc.


3.    Tough on crime – death penalty for murder and rape

Publicly declare murder to be unlawful, publicly rescind and APOLOGIZE for all “struggle” songs and especially “shoot the Boer”, etc.  Reintroduce the death penalty with expedited trials and executions for murder and rape.  Bring in police, judges, etc from countries mentioned above (NOT Africa).  Prison camps and chain gangs to supplement inadequate prison capacity so that ALL prisoners serve FULL term.


4.    Terminate ANC BEE, Cadre and Affirmative Action policies

Halt BEE, Cadre Deployment and Affirmative Action and seek help from abovementioned countries to evaluate, demote or dismiss those NOT competent to perform their tasks.  Especially at Parliament level and heads of Government Departments at all levels.  Reinstate whites unfairly dismissed.  Stop contract appointments in Government.  Offer positions to qualified whites who have left.


5.    Compulsory mentoring and coaching

Introduce compulsory mentoring, coaching and supervision of all under-qualified Africans and other race Cadres and Affirmative Action appointees by mature, highly experienced, strategically, economically and technically savvy Europeans with immediate effect – all the way to the top.  Contract in advisors from expatriate South Africans and the countries listed above.


6.    Penalize wrong government behaviour

Introduce harsh penalties for Tender Fraud, general fraud, theft, etc in Government at all levels.  Confiscation of assets, lengthy periods of service on chain gangs housed in tent camps in arduous conditions for those convicted. Public repentance of those in high office and pardon for complete confession.  Lose assets – hugely difficult to do in practice.


7.    Stop all land grabs and associated talk, etc

Formally change legislation to stop all land-grab activities, farm transfers, etc.  Hands off the mines.  Cease ALL measures creating doubt and uncertainty.


8.    Eliminate destructive grants – low income labour instead

Terminate Child Support Grant, free housing for those who do not work, and other grants for non-workers.  Eliminate minimum wages and use of machines where manual labour can be used, even at low rates.  Use the money saved to institute mass low income employment, road construction, etc – get paid for manual labour NOT sitting at home.  Introduce a statutory limit of one child per woman for all women earning less than R5,000 per month or similar quantum coupled to compulsory sterilization after one child.


9.    Stabilize education

Cease all measures that are destabilizing education.  Cease all interference with schools that ARE working effectively.  Introduce external moderation of exams.  Cease marking up results and return to 50% average as minimum for a matric.  Seek help from the countries listed above to raise standards.  Abolish mother tongue and African language education as quickly as possible.  Develop computer aided methods of education delivery under supervision of under-qualified teachers.  Recruit teachers from the countries mentioned above until teachers in South Africa reach agreed minimum standards.  Make Outcomes Based Education WORK.


10.  Stabilize healthcare

Terminate all discussion of a National Health Service and stop interference with healthcare.  Seek help from the countries above with regard to professional and administrative capability.


11.  End to Communism

Cease all communist and socialist interference with the economy, professional standards, etc


12.  Close early-childhood learning gaps

Establish a Research Institute to determine early childhood learning gaps amongst low income people, particularly African people, relative to European benchmark.  Develop and deliver foundation courses in these areas to all schools and Universities and workplace learners.


13.  Close occupational critical knowledge and experience gaps

The same Research Institute as above to research Critical Knowledge and Experience for major occupational and professional disciplines in the main-stream economy, undertake gap analyses and provide foundation courses, etc as above.  Apply accelerated critical knowledge and experience development.


14.  Other

There are many other things that could and should be done but the above are the items that will make the biggest difference.


15.  Minimum twenty tough years

Expect at least twenty years of harsh conditions before the economy turns around and reasonable level of African engagement at senior levels starts to become effective.  It will probably take 50  years before the South African “dream” starts to be realized and 100  years before South Africa is inclusively prosperous at level that includes the ENTIRE population.


IF all the above are undertaken wholeheartedly with substantial international support South African CAN be turned around.  Without this I can see NO basis for anything other than a serious economic collapse and revolution.

What can YOU do?


1.    Verify the validity of the fundamentals in this book and choose to speak the truth without fear or rancour.  Stand up for what is right – get off the back-foot and defensive and refute the lies and tell the truth without arrogance or aggression.


2.    Campaign actively for a move to censure and impeach Jacob Zuma and other Cabinet members for singing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns”.  Take the matter to the Constitutional Court and prosecute the ANC as well for their role and for having an armed force.  If necessary take this to the United Nations Commission for Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights.  LOUD OBJECTIONS are called for.


3.   Actively and vigorously campaign to have competent persons appointed into key positions of Government institutions, parastatals, etc where incompetent Cadres and Affirmative Action persons are damaging the economy – relevant industry leaders to judge whether the incumbents are competent or not.


4.   Actively (or passively) refuse to comply with unreasonable and unjust Affirmative Action quotas and apply recruitment strictly on a competence (knowledge, experience, aptitude and proven ability) basis.  Demote or dismiss incompetent Cadres and Affirmative Action appointees.  IF your conscience leads you provide suitable long term mentoring rather than dismissal.  Apply the standards that made this economy the 27th largest in the world a few years ago.  Introduce rigorous competence based recruitment and interviewing techniques.


5.   Refuse to engage in ANY further BEE transactions and terminate or curtail all BEE relationships that are harming or draining your enterprise.


6.    Actively seek to employ deserving unemployed Europeans.  Where white’s pension funds have been pillaged, provide some measure of support to those who have lost their pensions.


7.    Unite with others in business and opposition politics to force Government to fulfil its obligations as the agent of the people who pay its salaries to do what they cannot do and campaign for people with the necessary competence to run these functions and for incompetent Cadres and Affirmative Action appointees to be dismissed.


8.    Do the same at local Government level but get more directly involved.


9.    To the extent that it is necessary, consider redirecting your tax payments to fund the above initiatives insofar as you can evidence that Government is in default in its responsibilities.  Could be a difficult and dangerous action.


The ONLY language that bullies understand is tough talk and tough actions and that is what African Power-Fear is all about – until we stand up and are counted they will continue to walk all over us.

The basis for Europeans Withholding BEE, AA and tax and Demanding Change not the way to go


1.    There is NO moral, historical or economic justification for BEE, Affirmative Action or Cadre Deployment – there is absolutely NO reason why Europeans, Asians and people of Mixed Race should continue to hand over their enterprises to incompetent Africans.


2.   Government is failing on a MASSIVE scale to perform its duties as a servant of the tax payers – tax payers therefore have a reasonable basis to redirect taxes due to directly pay for services that Government is supposed to provide – NOT sure you will find a lawyer to back you on this but the principle is ethically valid.


3.    There is a problem with what is advocated here – the response of the ANC Government and their under-cover agents is likely to be vicious – it might be advisable to have your will in order.

Contact European Parliamentarians and ask them to Investigate the truth and take action based on what they find

On the page http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Actions/ContactEuropeanParliamentarians.aspx are email addresses of over 600 members of the European Parliament.

If you feel strongly about what you encounter on this site then we encourage you to email as many of these Parliamentarians as possible.

Do NOT be strident or demanding or insulting -- simply tell them your reality, refer them to this website if that seems appropriate and ask them to investigate the situation and take action based on what they find.

It seems to me that the appeal should relate to the following:

1. Intervention to support the ANC Government to take active measures to bring down the murder rate of Europeans;

2. Relaxed entry requirements and refugee status for Europeans in South Africa to return to the countries from which they originated even if many generations ago;

3. Relaxed citizenship provisions for Europeans in South Africa in the European countries from which they originate; and

4. Other measures or aid that these governments may be willing to consider.

This list is also available for download in an Excel Spreadsheet and also a file with Comma Separated Values for importing into most bulk mailing software.

Click here to download the Excel Spreadsheet

Click here to download a file containing the Comma Separated Value data for import into your email software

If you have difficulty downloading the files please email us at Disillusioned@south-africa-the-real-issues.org

See also http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Home/Aboutbulksharing.aspx for suggestions about bulk sharing,

Your Options


1.    Get involved in politics, join the Democratic Alliance -- the only opposition party that MIGHT have critical mass and critical competence – and do all the things set out in the section “What can YOU do?” – my view – it might work but probably too little too late – see 6.1 above.


2.    Do nothing, believe the best, trust the ANC and the bona fides of Africans generally (after all most of them are nice people) and hope it will all work out – my view – the economy will eventually collapse and coupled to the exploding African population and struggle rhetoric you will eventually DIE a barbaric death.


3.  Go to the opposite extreme and engage in armed resistance and rebellion – my view – you are totally outnumbered, the world community will NEVER support you and you will bring harsh and barbaric counter measures on yourself, your family and your community – you WILL die horribly in time.


4.    Join the ANC, commit 100%, become actively involved at a level where you will be safe – that means YOU sing “the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns” at the TOP of your lungs and when the machine guns are handed out you are in the front of the queue – my view – I doubt many will manage this and, WHEN you get found out you will probably die a horrible death along with your family and friends.


5.    Position yourself close to some strong ANC leader and position yourself as a trusted advisor and confidante and ally.  Keep your mouth shut, keep a low profile and be careful about who you associate with, communicate with, exchange emails with, etc – my view – it could work, some in Zimbabwe have apparently managed this but chances are your ally will fall into disfavour at some stage or you will let something slip – dangerous.


6.    Move to the Western Cape, give the Democratic Alliance your FULL support – time, effort and finances and back them 100% to build a strong Provincial Government.  Be prepared to kick the South African Parliament out and secede.  Build a Defence Force, relocate manufacturing and other industries into this region – my view – a definite option IF you can find some way to make the move – strong defendable perimeter and I very much doubt that the present South African National Defence Force has the will or the capability to successfully attack through the mountains – remember Blood River – BUT be careful how you manage International opinion.



7.    Get out of the country any way you can, Citizenship by Descent of a European country is FIRST prize but only works for one generation born here – depends on country, buy Citizenship, prices varies from country to country, Portugal and Thailand are reputed to both be affordable with reasonable living standards.  Remember that right now “living standard” is NOT the primary consideration, “anywhere except South Africa” is the first consideration although I would suggest that  much of Africa is NOT viable though some are saying that Zambia, Mozambique and a few others are options.  Somebody even suggested the other day that the way things are going here you are better off in Zimbabwe!  The USA has a lottery for Green Cards (Citizenship – beware of scams on the Internet), Canada is reputed to be keen IF you have the skills.  Find any way of getting a work permit anywhere in the world and take it from there.  Find family who will sponsor you, etc.  If you have an enterprise migrate this to another country as quickly as you can starting NOW -- my view – the WAY TO GO IF you can manage it – certainly the route I hope to follow – BUT there are millions of European, Asian and Mixed Race South Africans who do not have the resources, the contacts, the finances, the … to do this.


8.    Depending on your lineage, even if it goes back 300 years go to the country that your ancestors came from and appeal to them for special consideration and clemency to make a way for you and others of your lineage – my view – IF presented carefully it MIGHT work – you may have to SWEAT until things get a lot worse here but you would be doing yourself a favour to make contact with the local Consulate or Embassy and build relationships with the people there and make them aware of your desire to return to the land of your origins – applies whether we are talking Europe, Malaya, India, etc.


9.    IF you believe that there IS an Almighty Creator and that He DOES answer prayers then ACTIVELY go out and find ALL like-minded people in the country – remember that ALL believers, INCLUDING African believers are enemies of the witchdoctors and are likely to end up dying horrible and barbaric deaths so do NOT get into race stuff here – start prayer cells, get more and more people to meet – investigate your doctrines and get rid of all the lies – this is NO TIME to be precious about pagan feasts like Christmas and pagan names like Jesus and God – set yourself apart, seek the Almighty like you never have before – prayer, fasting and supplication – IF you can get enough people together it IS possible that the Almighty can turn this situation around – He has said CLEARLY to me that He IS willing.


 There is a document on the Website http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org that outlines much of what needs to be done – my view – it could work although I personally doubt that there are enough people who will take this seriously and do the HARD YARDS that will be necessary over a period of years for the Almighty to be able to move at the level that is required AND remember this is NOT about guns, civil disobedience, etc – WE HAVE THE RULERS WE DESERVE!!!

Defensive Actions to Consider

Given that there is likely to be a crash in foreign exchange and the stock market any time in the next five years, could be next week, there are some measures you should consider seriously.


1.    Get out of the stock market and related instruments – they are almost certainly close to peaking – sell while the prices are high.  At the very least a correction is be highly likely, EVEN in a stable economy – put the cash somewhere safe.


2.    Get out of property, particularly second homes, etc, downscale, rent – minimize your exposure and put the cash somewhere safe.


3.    If you have an enterprise, open a branch overseas, work to move your head office there and to migrate your staff there over time.


4.   Trim your life-style drastically, cut costs to the bone, sell the fancy car and buy a cheaper but reliable one, anything to increase liquidity.


5.    IF you do NOT want to sell your house then maximize the bond and take the money off-shore and, if necessary, bring money back to pay the bond – there is a reasonable prospect of a healthy forex advantage with a declining Rand – be careful where and how you invest overseas – think this one through carefully with a competent advisor.


6.    Once you have liberated surplus cash get it OUT OF THE COUNTRY while you can – be careful where you go – Switzerland, Germany, UK, and Australia are probably reasonably good options – NOT my field – find a trustworthy advisor, possibly spread your risk – might look at blue chip investment stocks in your target country but 50% to 75% in physical gold, silver and platinum might be a good option given the current global situation.  Property in those countries might also be an option.  In moving significant funds offshore look for ways you can tie this to property and citizenship assuming you have liberated a fair chunk of cash.  I hear you need about R600,000 in Portugal and Thailand, lot more in Britain, USA, Australia, etc – cut your coat according to your cloth – one bedroom home in Thailand is probably better than bleeding to death from wounds caused by rough “traditional weapons” or having pages from your Bible stuffed down your throat until you suffocate.

How to get the message across -- the Diffusion of Innovation -- how new messages are propagated

This page discusses the marketing concept -- "The Diffusion of Innovation" in the context of getting the message about South Africa effectively communicated to people who are decision makers and decision influencers around the world in order to garner support for ANC behaviour to be mitigated and contained

One of the biggest problems that I see with regard to those who ARE conscious of what is happening and its consequences is that, for the most part, the message is being communicated to a closed community and largely only being communicated to those who are at least looking or are convinced that there IS a problem

In order to reach those who are not aware or not conscious or sceptical or opposed it is necessary to broadcast the message again and again and again

This is a reflection of a widely known marketing principle known as "The Diffusion of Innovation"

Quoting from Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_of_innovations

"Diffusion of Innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. Everett Rogers, a professor of rural sociology, popularized the theory in his 1962 book Diffusion of Innovations. He said diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system. The origins of the diffusion of innovations theory are varied and span multiple disciplines. Rogers (1962) espoused the theory that there are four main elements that influence the spread of a new idea: the innovation, communication channels, time, and a social system. This process relies heavily on human capital. The innovation must be widely adopted in order to self-sustain. Within the rate of adoption, there is a point at which an innovation reaches critical mass.The categories of adopters are: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards (Rogers 1962, p. 150). Diffusion of Innovations manifests itself in different ways in various cultures and fields and is highly subjective to the type of adopters and innovation-decision process."

This is shown diagramatically as follows:

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_of_innovations 

A slightly different representation is as follows:


from  http://www.empowernetwork.com/enjoyyourown/files/2012/08/bellcurve-accelerating-diffusion-of-innovation.jpg

It is vital to understand from the above that a very small proportion of the total world population will accept a radically different message on first hearing and that the vast majority of the population will simply not engage with or receive a radically different message on first hearing.

For this reason, any message that is considered to be of value must be broadcast again and again and again and, as this happens slowly more and more people will take notice of the message, start to engage with the message and eventually IF the message is well formulated, valid and capable of being adopted, adopt the message.

This principle dictates the repeated flighting of the same advertisements in the same media at the same time and in the same format again and again and again -- that is the only way that advertising works -- an enrolling and valuable message broadcast repeatedly will, eventually, change behaviour.

Lack of awareness of this principle has been one of the biggest mistakes of South African Europeans and particularly South African Afrikaner Europeans throughout history -- they broadcast a message once or twice, the message is frequently harsh, aggressive and full of hurt and anger, and so, as a direct consequence, nobody receives the message and they impute false motive, conclude that nobody loves them and withdraw into their Laager or Trek away into the wilderness convinced that they are unwanted and unloved and through this behaviour they alienate those who should be friends.

In reality there is NO conspiracy or dislike -- the people in need simply broadcast an unpalatable message once or twice, felt rejected and walked away.

If South African Europeans are going to avoid a situation in which the Western World are oblivious to our plight and therefore do nothing to help us we MUST broadcast an enrolling message and broadcast it again and again and again.

For this reason I am appealing to those who CAN see the realities to contact as many people around the world as possible, particularly decision makers and decision influencers, the more these people receive broadly the same message, in a rational and sober form coupled to an appeal for help and practical call to action from more and more people the more likely they are to receive the message and do something about it.

See particularly http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Actions/ContactNewspapersaroundtheWorld.aspx for email addresses for newspapers around the world.

and http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Actions/ContactDiplomaticMissions.aspx for Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in South Africa.

Please send us other email addresses and we will publish them.

Contact Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in South Africa and ask them to Investigate the truth and take action based on what they find

The e-mail addresses of all the Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in South Africa:


The Western Cape as a possible safe haven for South African Europeans with the possibility of Secession

In the prophecy reported in http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Considerations/APropheticView.aspx

the Almighty is reported as stating that 75% of European South Africans will be murdered and that the only survivors will be in the Western Cape.

Other comment relating to the Western Cape is contained elsewhere on this site including http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Actions/YourOptions.aspx

In particular it is important to note that the majority of the population in the Western Cape is not African...

There are various groups advocating Western Cape Secession (breaking away) and there appear to be good reasons to go this route but it must NOT be in the form of a UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) -- there must be extensive marketing to the Western World, specifically those countries that are primarily European or of European descent in order to build up considerable international support for such action.

Refer to http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Actions/Getthemessageacross.aspx with regard to broadcasting the message.

Furthermore, it is vital that this country, IF it is to come about and IF it is to succeed must be a homeland for ALL European South Africans noting that this must include those who are English equally as much as those who are Afrikaans and that in terms of technical racial inheritance the vast majority of so-called "Coloureds" are also European.

Apparently there are complexities in terms of International Law with regard to a separate state on the basis that there is no claim for inheritance on the part of Europeans in the Western Cape, I remain convinced that a carefully thought out marketing campaign could, over time enable an independent country in the Western Cape.

Any attempt to form a racially exclusive Afrikaner state is doomed to failure.


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NEXT PAGE:  Conclusions -- The Essence of my views on South Africa  ===>

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Fast and Pray and mobilize 100,000 to seek the Almighty

Ultimately the only real solution will be found if those people who are in danger from the present situation turn to the Almighty in sufficient numbers, constantly examine themselves, ask the Almighty to show them their sin and fast and pray constantly for deliverance

The Almighty has said that IF 100,000 believers assemble in Pretoria on the Day of the Covenant 2013 having dealt with their sin and humble themselves before Him and cry out for mercy the weight of those prayers will be sufficient to turn the tide of darkness in South Africa in support of a major work of deliverance

The sections under http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/FastPray.aspx discuss the spiritual situation in detail and also discuss the hidden and little known sins that will have to be dealt with for the Almighty to be enabled to move dramatically in the situation

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Do NOT Impute Motive

From consideration of the current situation in South Africa it is very easy to infer a hidden agenda on behalf of the ANC to destroy Europeans in South Africa, however I have come to understand that this is NOT the case, refer


The counterpoint to this is that the motive of Afrikaner Europeans was ALSO not the motive imputed to them by the ANC and the Western world


One Hundred Thousand challenged to seek the Almighty Creator at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013

This website evidences the impending utter destruction of South Africa and challenges those who can grasp the seriousness of the situation to come before the Almighty in Pretoria on Monday 16th December 2013 to cry out for deliverance -- see page http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Gathering16Dec2013.aspx

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If you have NOT seen this YOU need to!

President Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, leads the ANC Leadership and tens of thousands of ANC supporters in singing "The Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns" in Bloemfontein on 8th January 2012 -- it appears that he may well have done this AGAIN on 16th December 2012

If you have NOT seen this you NEED to

This violates his Oath of Office, the Constitution, and, and, and -- it is a basis for impeachment

The agreement reached in October does NOT neutralize the culpability of the PRESIDENT doing what you will see here

This is NOT a "struggle song" -- the Cabinet during the struggle was made up of Boers -- this is a MODERN song

There is a direct correlation between this and the massive rate of white murders discussed in this book and on this site (between 68,800 and 165,000 since 1994)

There are OTHER very unpleasant unavoidable conclusions to be drawn

Note the enthusiasm of the participants and then ask yourself what conclusion you draw!

This website and the book that is available for free download here discuss this and many other unpleasant facts that point to some very unpleasant conclusions about the direction that South Africa is going

You can download the video from https://www.box.com/s/yfricz1py78hitx4aal7

or from https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxX3T4bXCWezYjVHQzNBU3hLTWM/edit?usp=sharing

Please take some time to engage with the content

The ONLY way that Jacob Zuma and the ANC can reverse this is by a widely broadcast public apology by Zuma and his top ANC Cabinet members broadcast on all TV and Radio Channels and many newspapers and CONCRETE action to bring a halt to ending white murders -- in my mind that requires that the Death Penalty is reinstated

Visit http://www.south-africa-the-real-issues.org/Home/ZumaSings.aspx for further toxic songs and further commentary


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Zuma leads tens of thousands in singing about murdering whites -- an in-depth analysis of why this is so destructive

The South African Extreme white murder rate -- what is driving it? -- analyzed in-depth

What was Apartheid Really? -- an in-depth analysis of why Apartheid was NOT what it is widely believed to be



· Preamble

· Simplifying Complexity – my Analytical Approach

· Who AM I?

· What I am Feeling (same as most Europeans?)

· Evidence of Impending Collapse

· The Audience for this Book

· The Level of Murders of Europeans

· Race – The Unmentionable Fundamental that is Driving it ALL

· To my African Countrymen – WHY I am Alienated

· Why am I so UNSETTLED?

· 10 Concrete things the ANC is doing that are causing Irreversible Economic Damage

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The Critical Issues

·         The Critical Issues Overview

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o   Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment are Complete Misnomers

o   The Black Settlement Phenomenon – Total Lack of Creativity and Initiative – Social Helplessness

o   How is Prosperity Created?

o   How is Poverty Created?

o   The ANC is Founded on a Fundamentally False Premise

·         Economic Meltdown -- The Time Trajectory of Strategic Collapse

·         The ANC’s REAL Agenda?

·         Black Population Explosion

·         The Collapse of Education

·         South Africa is NO Longer a Democracy

·         Other 


The Intangible Factors Driving South Africa’s Collapse

·         The Dunning-Kruger Phenomenon ? Arrogant Ignorance and Other Destructive Consequences

·         Understanding Early Childhood Learning and its Impact on South Africa

·         Understanding “Power-Fear” and its Negative Consequences for South Africa

·         The African “Garden of Eden” Mindset (Money Grows on Trees)

·         Greed Versus Prudence

·         Understanding versus Rote Learning

·         Assets and People do NOT EQUAL Wealth

            o   The Land Issue

            o   Asset Obsession and things that are NOT Wealth

            o   Different Definitions of Wealth – Another Point of Difference

·         Genetics?

            o   Major Gaps in African Deductive Reasoning – Cause and Effect, etc

            o   Is the Manifest Cause and Effect Cognitive Gap Throughout Africa Evidence of a Genetic Short Coming?

·         Words – Harder than Concrete

·         The African Victim Drama and European Rescue Drama Dynamic

·         Communism – Exacerbating Power-Fear and Arrogant Ignorance

·         Witchcraft and Ancestor Worship – Central to Understanding

·         European Fundamentals that Mask the Seriousness of the Situation

                o   Attributes of Europeans and Africans Contrasted

                o   Psychodynamics of Africans and Europeans

o   European Fundamentals – Towards Understanding South Africa 2013

o   Mistakes the Europeans (especially Afrikaners) made

o   The 2%:12%:86% Wealth Creation Phenomenon amongst Europeans

o   Fundamental European Values at a Wealth Creator, Wealth Developer Leadership Level

o   What South African Europeans do Instinctively to Accommodate Africans

·         Liberalism

            o   Incorrect beliefs of Liberal, Christian Europeans

            o   Liberalism – Seriously Clouding the Issues

·         The Religious Dimension

·         Apartheid

            o   Overarching Headlines a Week after Reading the book “Bulala” by Cuan Elgin

            o   Thoughts after Reading Bulala – A True Story of South Africa by Cuan Elgin

            o   What WAS Apartheid? – REALLY?

            o   Afrikaner Racial Hostility, Distrust, Fear and Arrogance – Truth with Wrong Attitude

            o   The Afrikaner Paradox – Blessed AND Persecuted

            o   Apartheid – Afrikaner South Africa’s Public Relations Disaster 

                    o   Critical Population Statistics

                    o   White Unemployment

                    o   Afrikaner Alienation

Some Important Principles

·         Creating Wealth in the New South Africa

·         What is an Economy? – REALLY?

·         The Fundamentals of Mining

·         What is the Purpose of Government?

·         Why South Africa could NOT have Grown much more before 1980


Other Considerations

·         Did you know? – things that are breaking

·         An Alternative Summing up

·         Why is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange so Strong?

·         Letter to the Editor of a Professional Journal

·         Letter to the Editor of an Afrikaans Newspaper about Zuma singing Shoot the Boer

·         Why are Europeans NOT much more Energized in Defending themselves?

·         Why did the ANC only really have an impact from the late 1940’s?

·         Lessons from Dingaan and Retief ? Treachery

·         The Battle of Blood River – a Case Study in African Fundamentals

·         What IS Democracy?

·         What the British Brought

·         A Prophetic View – “The Almighty Speaks on South Africa”


Possible Courses of Action

-         Technically Valid Corrective Actions – Envisioning the Impossible

-         What can YOU do?

-         The basis for Europeans Withholding BEE, AA and tax and Demanding Change NOT the way to go

-         Your Options

-         Defensive Actions to Consider

 -         Get the message across

        -         Contact Newspapers around the World -- nearly              300 eMail Addresses

        -         Contact Europeans Parliamentarians

        -         Contact Diplomatic Missions 

        -         Western Cape


Conclusion – The Essence of my Views on South Africa


Fast and Pray -- Some Spiritual Considerations


Follow up -- Developments after completing the book


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